From the journal of Logang Foxbite

Released In:
Author (in-game): Logang Foxbite

Don’t think I’ll be having problems with the wolves that were scaring up the chickens now. Heard a commotion outside early this morning, so I grabbed a torch and my axe and ran out there. I about dropped ‘em both when I spotted, not more than a stone’s throw away, a giant surrounded by the pack. I’ve never seen a giant this far south; I don’t know what he was doing down here.

Behind him, lying down, was young tyke of a mammoth. I couldn’t tell if it was hurt or dead, but the wolves were trying to get at it, hopping in and out and dodging the giant’s club. Well, wasn’t long before a swing of that thing (big as a tree trunk) caught a wolf square in the side and sent it flying up over a tree! The rest of the pack turned tail after that! I did the same—wasn’t going to risk being out there with an angry giant—and he and the calf were gone before mid-day.

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