From the journal of Aretille, High Elven scholar

Released In:
Author (in-game): Aretille

The Bosmer seem to have no word for “lost.” They also seem to have very little respect for punctuality, as I’ve discovered in my time with this caravan. When I mentioned to the Elf that seems to be in charge here that we’re more than a week past our scheduled arrival time, he just shrugged and said “The trail took longer to find us this time.” What piffle!

I hope that one of the Dominion’s first priorities will be establishing some actual trade routes through this miserable forest. No wonder the Wood Elves are so far behind us, living here amongst all the bugs and beasts, refusing to even build proper roads. It’s a shame they are so complacent about taming Valenwood, but our influence will certainly speed up the process!

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