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Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

Joto is a Khajiit mage of Stros M'Kai Mages Guild. She helped Iszara when Iszara was looking for an alternative way to resurrect Prince A'Tor. Joto told Iszara that the only way to resurrect the Prince was by asking the Necromancer N'Gasta. However, to confront N'Gasta, Iszara needed to arm herself with the Flask of Lillandril. Somehow the Imperials knew this meeting and Joto was captured when searching for the Flask of Lillandril. Impatiently, Iszara went to N'Gasta unarmed, and was captured. Joto was killed by Dram, the Dunmer Assassin, after telling the story to Cyrus.