Jewelry Crafting Survey: Alik’r Desert

Resource cache uncovered: In a granite lith, south of Satakalaam, between the Thief and Yldzuun.

Surveying so close to a hazardous ruin and a clutch of murderous harpies was nerve-wracking, I should say. I may be many things - scholar, explorer, tradesperson — but an adventurer I am not, and the guide and escort I had hired lost his way and presumably died horribly more than a day prior to finding this location.

Thankfully, I'm fairly canny, and prepared myself with numerous trinkets and distractions to cover my escape. I don't know if any harpies noticed me prior to setting out decoys and bombing my escape route, but they CERTAINLY didn't see me as I fled. And flee I did, I'm not too proud to say!

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