Ixtaxh Explorer’s Journal, Page 1

Author (in-game): Anonymous

It seems my companions were right. Nothing can prepare someone for a journey into the Ixtaxh xanmeer. I entered the ruin scant minutes ago, and already find myself utterly lost. What’s more, I’ve found almost nothing of value! Had I come here seeking brittle bones and cracked pottery, I would not be disappointed. Alas, I came seeking treasure.

Perhaps I have not ventured deep enough. I know I should seek some means of escape, but I find the idea of leaving empty-handed totally unacceptable. I must find something, however small.

I’ve heard rumors of some crystal tucked away in the bowels of this place. The Kuju-Jas, or Kajip-Xat, or some other (similarly unpronounceable) crystal. Finding something like that might make this entire misadventure worthwhile.

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