Items of the Second Era: Valenwood

“Cheesemaker of Goldfolly” Engraving Framed engraving of the famous scene showing the making of bat-cheese from the long-lost giant dairy bats of Goldfolly.
“Daily Jagga Shot” Matching Glass Set Set of seven enameled mudcrab-chitin shot glasses, with gilded rims, one for each day of the week.
“Hearty Hoarvor” Jagga Tankard Tankard made of alit cuir bouilli infused with the distinctive aroma of jagga; displays the crest of the “Hearty Hoarvor.”
“King Camoran” Music Box A small wind-up device that plays the propaganda tavern song “King Camoran, It’s You I’m Adorin’.”
“Undead Repelling” Arkay Talisman Pouch talisman bearing the symbol of Arkay, said by the Keepers of the Ossuary of Telacar to repel the undead.
“Watching Silvenar” Hand Mirror Ivory-handled hand mirror in which the viewer always sees the beatific face of the Silvenar over her shoulder.
“Where’s Falinesti?” Boardgame Folding boiled-leather board with pouch of turquoise game pieces for the “Where’s Falinesti?” casual boardgame.
“Xarxes’ Memory” Worship Candle Leg-sized tallow candle, the kind used in the annual “Rites of Xarxes’ Memory” at Southpoint Cathedral.
Air Plant Shoulder Harness Leather harness supporting four small ceramic pots for sacred epiphytes, air plants collected from Treehenge.
Amber Bedside Grub-Cage Carved amber grub-cage with chrysoberyl stopper for containing live snack-larvae.
Antique Clyster with Platinum Filigree Antique Bosmeri First-Era tin clyster with platinum filigree, reinforced croc-leather spout, and ivory pump handle.
Assortment of Cosmetic Horns Cuir-bouilli box containing various prosthetic forehead-horns, with beetle-glue to affix them.
Autographed Green Lady Silhouette Silhouette graven on copperplate of the late Green Lady, personally autographed by Her Verdant Highness.
Baandari Elder’s Bear-Fur Fez Glossy black bear-fur fez with squirrel-tail tassel in the style favored by the Master Pedlars of Redfur Trading Post.
Baby Ape Dress-Up Doll, with Clothing Mummified baby ape with painted-on Elven features and a varied wardrobe of rich and exotic doll garments.
Bat-Bone Whistle A light and delicate bone from a giant bat, carved into a harmonious whistle by a Wood Elf crafter.
Blank Marbruk Builder’s Permit A permit to build in the city of Marbruk. It could be worth a lot to a forger.
Blessed Horker Tusk on Gilt Plaque Horker tusk carved with spiraling prayers to Y’ffre with three blessings from the Silvenar, mounted on a gilt wall plaque.
Bolt of Iridescent Spidersilk Bolt of iridescent spidersilk from the Scuttle Pit. It seems to be every color at once, or no color at all.
Bone Carved Handbroom A Wood Elf’s handbroom, carved from the bone of a small animal. Its bristles are hair.
Bone Carving Tools A Wood Elf’s tools for carving implements out of bone.
Bone Dishware Bosmer dishes, carved from the bones of large game.
Bone Orchard Memorial Arrow After burial in the Bone Orchard, the bereaved family is presented with a memorial arrow made from the deceased’s ulna.
Bosmer Cutlery A set of finely shaped cutlery made entirely of silver. Sets like these are highly valued by Bosmer who follow the Green Pact.
Bosmer Fishing Rod An ingenious mechanical fishing rod carved from bone.
Bosmer Wood Polish An aromatic lacquer used to polish wooden tables and chairs.
Bosmeri Noble’s Omnium-Gatherum Combination folding corkscrew, pipe-cleaner, and crystal quizzing glass, with the crest of House Caerllin, in a chamois pouch.
Bottle of Vintage “Old Repugnant” Rotmeth Unopened bottle of Old Repugnant rotmeth, vintage 544, “Green Leaf Brewers, Cormount.”
Box of Y’ffre’s Sacred Incense Meerschaum box containing twelve sticks (a year’s supply) of the Verdant Incense of Y’ffre, one for each month’s firstday.
Bramble-Band of Brackenleaf’s Briars Armband of living, interwoven bramble-vines. It symbolizes those brave enough to qualify as one of Brackenleaf’s Briars.
Branch of Falinesti One of many counterfeit branches of the legendary moving tree of Falinesti.
Broken Ornamental Half-Helm Half-helm, broken, ornamented with semi-precious stones, with maker’s-mark of “Defender’s Domain.”
Butcher’s Tools A perfect set of Wood Elf butcher’s tools.
Cache of Forbidden Fruits Jade box labeled “Jathsogur Smoking Powder” containing an assortment of taboo sweets: candied plums, cherries, and apricots.
Camoran Bat-Wing Bumbershoot Ivory-handled black folding umbrella fashioned from the waxed wings of giant bats, with the red Camoran Royal Seal.
Camoran Chamberlain Badge Platinum lapel badge displaying the sigil of the Camoran Dynasty, as worn by the royal chamberlains.
Camoran Coronation Banner Carefully-folded royal banner with silversilk embroidered fringe, from Aeradan Camoran’s coronation.
Camoran Dynasty Private Stock Bugsmoke Pouch containing a double-handful of the special bugsmoke mix prepared exclusively for the royal family.
Camoran Throne-Tattoo Codex Gilt-edged hand-drawn folio depicting the Wood Elf tattoo patterns that may only be worn by members of House Camoran.
Carved Bone Sand-Shaker A small bone box with pierced lid for sanding finished documents, carved with images of Imga.
Ceremonial Shawm for Royal Feast Days Double-reed bass shawm, of highly-ornamented alit bone, as played during fetes by the Royal Elden Root Consort.
Champion of Silvenar Figurine with Gold Spontoon Late-First-Era ceramic figurine of a Champion of Silvenar, gilded and bearing a solid-gold spontoon.
Cloisonne Thunderbug-Head Spittoon Enameled head-carapace of a thunderbug, with mandibular spout and leather anti-skid feet, labeled “Phynaster’s Stride, Haven.”
Common Wood Elf Insults It would be better not to repeat the insults contained in this book. The inside cover claims it is of a very rare edition.
Corimont Mouth-Plover Cage Sturdy birdcage for a Corimont Mouth-Plover, which high-status Argonians use to clean their fangs after dining.
Corundum Tooth File A popular Wood Elf luxury item. Perfect for achieving a clean, predatory smile.
Crimson Cove Torrid Tango Scrimshaw Scrimshaw leviathan tooth, carved to depict two Bosmer dancing the Torrid Tango, signed “Cap’n Kathner.”
Crimson Sealing Wax A stick of cherished Grahtwood beeswax, dyed a deep red.
Cut-Glass Slug Terrarium with Elden Tree Delicate terrarium for pet slugs with three cut-glass sides and a ceramic Elden Tree sculpture for the slugs to climb on.
Dancing Duo Green Lady Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional iridescent green garb of the Green Lady, used in the Memorial Duo Dance.
Dancing Duo Silvenar Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional cloth-of-silver robes of the Silvenar, used in the Memorial Duo Dance.
Dancing Mammoth Music Box Music box that, when wound, plays “Threnody for King Eplear” as three clockwork mammoths dance around Treehenge.
Dancing Spriggan Thumb Puppet Ingenious spriggan puppet carved from articulated bone by Menthorn of Haven; pressure on the base makes the puppet “dance.”
Deck of Commemorative Playing Cards Stiff parchment playing cards with an image of the Green Lady and Silvenar on the backs to commemorate the Handfasting.
Deepwoods Thunderbug Serving Platter Serving platter of lacquered thunderbug carapace, painted to depict the Green Lady Shrine in Deepwoods.
Ebony Treehenge Bookends A pair of heavy ebony bookends, each cast in the shape of the Green Lady Treestone from Treehenge.
Edifying Illusio-Scope Bulging device with inward-facing goggles and a crank that, when turned, shows the viewer moving images of Bosmer procreation.
Elaborate Clockwork Hurdy-Gurdy Fine string instrument that can be played with a bow, or cranked to automatically play the Camoran March.
Elden Tree Golden Acorn Plaque Fist-sized golden acorn mounted on a wall plaque, reading “Winner, Annual Elden Tree Speed Climb.”
Embroidered Silk Silvenar Pillow Silk-covered throw-pillow with embroidered scene showing a procession of Spinners being carried through Silvenar.
Erotic Green Pact Drawings A collection of plant life drawings that are strangely suggestive.
Exotic Bosmer Spice Shakers Something smells … off … about these spice shakers, but they should fetch a good price from gourmets.
Falinesti Idol A small carving of the mysterious moving tree of Falinesti.
Feathery Finery Shawl Wood Elves consider this shawl made of blue-bunting feathers to be stylish, while most everyone else think it looks ridiculous.
Filigreed Falinesti Acorn A fist-sized acorn preserved with a coat of dark lacquer and trimmed with gilt edging around the cap.
Fine Ceramic Wash Bowl Heirloom personal wash bowl painted with scenes from “The Naming Story of Y’ffre” around the rim.
Fine Waterproof Stilt-Boots Waterproof snakeskin stilt-boots for fishing in the shore-swamps, crafted at Vineshade Lodge.
Golden Holy Symbol of Y’ffre This solid gold symbol bearing the symbol of Y’ffre, the Forest God, was sparingly distributed to his priests, the “Spinners.”
Golden Royal Fishing Statuette Gold-plated statuette of a leaping trout engraved “Royal Camoran Fishing Tournament, 2E 561.”
Graht-Oak Rolling Pin This heavy rolling pin crafted from the trees of Valenwood has some heft, perfect for flattening dough.
Great Seal of Silvenar Heavy, fist-sized silver stamp embossed with the Municipal Seal of Silvenar, which still shows traces of green wax from use.
Green “Official Decree” Inkwell Jade inkwell containing the green iridescent ink used for writing official decrees from the Silvenar.
Green Lady Corkscrew A brass corkscrew with a jade handle shaped in a stylized representation of a reclining Green Lady.
Green Lady Fertility Fetish An exaggerated jade statuette from the Green Lady Shrine in Deepwoods.
Green Pact Prayer Card Several prayers to the Green are inscribed on this card, which is made from very finely-cut bone.
Greenshade Tunnel Map An extremely detailed map of the cave networks under Greenshade. It would be useful to anyone traveling in secret.
Handmade Green Lady Doll A handmade child’s doll with intricate embroidery and beading, fashioned to look like the Green Lady.
Hollow Scorpion Carapace Wood Elves make a game of trying to hollow out a scorpion carapace without damaging the shell. This one survived intact.
Hunter’s Hircine Good-Luck Talisman Small brass totem of an antlered Wood Elf, with a green gem pendant on its chest.
Imported Bosmeri Eye-Spoons Incomplete set of 5 copperplate Bosmeri pointed eye-spoons, in display case labeled “Ottaesa’s Imports.”
Imported Steel Desktop Book Stand Steel desktop stand for holding a book open for reading, inscribed “Imported by Orabess, Cormount.”
Jagga Tart Fluted Ring Pans Fluted ring pans for making jagga tarts, a Wood Elf delicacy consisting of fermented pig’s milk and squirrel preserves.
Jagga-Junga Nesting Mugs Set of eight jagga mugs, each larger than the last, for the progressive drinking game Jagga-Junga; the largest is for spew.
Jaqspur Captain’s Arboreal Spotting Scope Brass folding telescope with wristband, used by arboreal archers for spotting targets; made by Greenwarden Forge.
Jester’s Day Dribble Tankard Hilarious joke tankard with a dribble-hole below the brim, bearing the crest of The Sloshing Tankard Inn.
Kollopi Root Mouth Freshener The dry taste of the kollopi root may not be pleasant, but it absorbs all odors, leaving one’s breath smelling perfectly fresh.
Kwama Scrib-Head Bugsmoke Ashtray With the failure of the Burroot Kwama Mine, the owners tried to recoup by fashioning items from kwama carapaces.
Large Rotmeth Fermentation Alembic Sizeable double-glass alembic for fermenting meat juices to make rotmeth; etched “Made by Enthoras, Master Alchemist.”
Leather Flask The leather surrounding this flask is supple to the touch, and enscribed with intricate Bosmeri writing.
Living Model of Elden Root This painstakingly accurate model of the city of Elden Root was created using an actual, still-living miniature tree.
Longhaven Saddle A master-crafted saddle that is as comfortable to sit on as its gold embroidery is valuable.
Magnificent Grahtwood Beetle Collection Glass-covered box containing a collection of over a hundred mounted beetles, arranged in prismatic order from red to violet.
Mahogany “Dancing Duo” Serving Platter Serving platter of imported mahogany, painted with a stylized depiction of Silvenar and Green Lady dancing a sarabande.
Mammoth-Rib Nord-Striders A pair of curiously straightened stilts, taken from the ribcage of a living timber mammoth—an odd gift of the Green.
Maulborn Plague Seal An engraved seal bearing the official stamp of the Maulborn, used to mark those afflicted with the Llodos plague.
Meerschaum Sweetgnat Kiseru Long-shanked, small-bowled pipe carved from meerschaum, used in Karthdar for smoking small dried bugs like sweetgnats.
Moonhenge Meditation Mat A colorful mat used by devout Wood Elves to meditate at the mystical spot known as Moonhenge.
Mudcrab Shell Dinner Plates A set of sturdy dinner plates fashioned from genuine mudcrab shells and engraved with Wood Elf symbology.
Mudcrab-Chitin Rotmeth Pitcher Chitin rotmeth pitcher, with spout-strainer to keep in the chunks, etched “Phynaster’s Stride, Haven.”
Mummified Monkey Paw Considered an item of good fortune by the Wood Elves, this mummified monkey paw is nevertheless kind of creepy.
Mystic Moons Torchbug Lanthorn Filigreed mesh torchbug cage with attached juice-dripper vial and embossed tag labeled “Mystic Moons Imports—Vulkwasten.”
Nightmare Nuzzle A rag doll in the shape of a stylized ghost, Wood Elves take the nuzzle to bed when they want to experience bad dreams.
Nimare’s Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, crimson horseshoe bears the brand of Nimare’s Noble Steeds in Marbruk and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Noble’s Comb and Brush Set Jade comb, ivory-handled hair brush, and silver-plated scissors, in a lacquered box embossed with the arms of House Dothriel.
Ornamental Taxidermied Alit Head Carefully-preserved alit head, tanned skin stretched over skull, painted with Green Pact symbols, with emeralds for eyes.
Pactbreaker’s Arm-Flute A flute carved from the arm-bone of someone who broke the Green Pact. Now quite illegal, but still valued by collectors.
Pair of Crystal Jagga Chalices Jagga chalices, used for traditional wedding toasts, inscribed “Congratulations Thalrinel & Dardir.”
Pair of Elden Tree Scroll Weights Smooth marble weights, oval, for holding a scroll open on a desk, each engraved with an image of the Elden Tree.
Pearl-Oyster Eternal Waterfall Sculpture Copper-tube eternal waterfall sculpture, with pearl-inset oyster basins and Dwemer everpump, from Greenwarden Forge.
Porcelain Beetle Tureen The top of this well-crafted porcelain beetle can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate Wood Elf serving dish.
Potted Valenwood Flytrap A rare carnivorous plant found only in the deepest forests of Valenwood. Its leaves are a powerful aphrodisiac.
Pouch of Amber Buttons A handful of buttons, fashioned from ancient graht-oak resin.
Rare Fossil This well-preserved ammonite was likely found on the beaches outside Haven.
Red Sateen Vestments of Z’en Red vestments of a Priest of Z’en, worn when declaring a Wood Elf Mourning War begun or ended.
Royal Camoran Travel Teapot Self-heating brass travel pot for boiling beetle-tea, bearing the sigil of the Royal House of Camoran.
Royal Mahout’s Ceremonial Ankus Bejeweled ankus of the First Era formerly used on holidays by a mahout of the Royal Camoran Timber Mammoth Corps.
Royal Wasp Wrangler’s Capture Net Collapsible net of strong Scuttle Pit spidersilk for live capture of giant wasps by the Camoran Royal Wasp Wrangler.
Scorpion Shell Peeler A double-bladed Wood Elf tool for peeling the carapace from a scorpion to get to the succulent meat inside.
Scorpion Shell Pig-Milk Pitcher A decorative pitcher made from a scorpion’s shell, used to store and dispense milk produced by Wood Elf hogs.
Seaside Sanctuary Harbor Rights A forger or a smuggler could make some coin selling these docking rights to Woodhearth’s harbor.
Set of Chamois Hand-Towels A set of four fine deer-chamois handtowels, stamped on the corners “Trader’s Rest, Velyn Harbor.”
Set of Four Guar-Egg-Poaching Ramekins Four star-shaped enameled ceramic ramekins for poaching bantam guar eggs, from the Southpoint Inn.
Set of Monkeybone Bug Tweezers Case of six fine tweezer utensils used for eating live bugs, carved from flexible monkeybone and inscribed “Silvenar Supplies.”
Set of Silvenar Marrow Spoons Set of six heirloom silver-plated marrow spoons, each stamped with the Great Seal of Silvenar in its bowl.
Set of Six Frog-Kebab Skewers Set of fancy frog-kebab skewers of twisted wrought iron, from the Greenwarden Forge in Elden Root.
Signed “Trees of Brackenleaf” Folio Signed folio of engravings depicting the leading trees of Brackenleaf, with their names and brief histories.
Silver “Perchance Acorn” Puzzle Game Classic Wood Elf acorn-hiding puzzle game, with acorn, cups, and board of silver, engraved “Silversmith Menthorn, Haven.”
Silver Boar Censer A silver, boar-shaped censer used to burn animal fat in various Green Pact rituals.
Silver Hoarvor Pipeworm Canister Noble’s silver canister in the likeness of an engorged hoarvor, and filled with the finest Strid-Bottom Pipeworm.
Silver Horseshoe Serves little function, but worth its weight in silver and it’s studded with jewels that mark it as property of Camoran royalty.
Silver Vinedusk Ranger Birdcall A silver birdcall gifted to members of the Vinedusk Rangers by King Camoran, and used to send innocuous signals.
Silver-Plated Juggling Forks Set of three long silver-plated forks for the juggling game “Forks Akimbo,” popular at Redfur Trading Post.
Snakeskin Umbrella A clever Wood Elf invention, designed to keep travelers dry during rainstorms.
Spinner’s Ceremonial Gilding Gilded accessories attached to a Spinner’s ceremonial portage. Often provided as gifts on festival days.
Spinner’s Ceremonial Portage Harness Hand-tooled timber-mammoth-leather harness for carrying a Spinner between two porters.
Spinner’s Ivory Silvenar Puppet A painted ivory marionette in the image of the Silvenar, with jointed limbs for simulated bowing and blessing.
Spinner’s Ruched Silken Furbelow A Spinner’s ruched and flounced furbelow of turquoise silk and golden chamois, with gilt edging.
Spinner’s Skin Drum Upon the death of a revered spinner, a skin drum is occasionally commissioned to celebrate the spinner’s life.
Sterling Silver Orc-Forged Candlestick Portable silver candlestick, with finger-ring and tallow candle, etched underneath “Shakul, Barkbite Forge.”
Stinkbug Ink A rare Bosmer ink. When exposed to heat, the shimmering of the ink almost makes up for the horrid smell.
Stuffed Monkey A lifelike doll intended for Wood Elf children. This is definitely an actual stuffed monkey.
Sturdy Wood Elf Waterskin This supple waterskin was fashioned from a wild boar’s stomach.
Tall Trunk Rotmeth Flask Silver-chased leather flask embossed with an image of the Tall Trunk Tavern and the words “Galithor’s Tall Trunk Rotmeth.”
Tanglehaven Scalp-on-a-Stick Scalp dangling from an arm-bone, used for playing the traditional Tanglehaven game “Which Head, Whose Head?”
Tattooed Mammoth-Ball Trophy Grapefruit-sized leather ball, hairy, tattooed with “Silvenar Rangers, Mammoth-Ball Champions, 2E 565.”
The Key to Velyn Harbor Large hollow brass key that can be played like a fife, engraved “First Seed Presentation: The Key to Velyn Harbor.”
Thunderbug-Shell Pipe An enameled bug-smoking pipe with a capacious bowl formed from a thunderbug’s carapace.
Timber Mammoth Ivory Comb A fine-toothed ivory comb carved with a relief showing King Aeradan accepting the Camoran crown.
Transferable Promissory Note I.O.U. drawn on the general funds of the Treasury of the Tree, made out to “Bearer.”
Treehenge Compass Twig Gilded graht-oak twig; suspended from a short cord, it turns slowly and stops, always pointing toward Treehenge.
Treethane’s Ceremonial Gorget Symbol of office, a Treethane’s neckpiece, sporting an avian design picked out in iridescent feathers of green and turquoise.
Treethane’s Ebony Baton of Office Treethane’s symbol of office, a ceremonial ebony baton with a gold finial anchoring the Seven Gold Chains of Responsibility.
Treethane’s Seal A replica of Treethane Fariel’s official seal. A forger would find this quite valuable.
Treethane’s Splinted Thunderbug Sash Treethane’s crimson sash of enameled thunderbug splints, traditionally worn for Y’ffre’s Naming Day.
Troll Skull Slumgullion Serving Bowl Serving bowl made from a troll skull, with jawbone ladle, for serving Jaqspur’s Slumgullion, i.e., Whatever-We-Caught-Soup.
Twig-of-Falinesti Compass A twig hangs from a silken strand. Supposedly from Falinesti; said to always point to the Walking City, it spins uncertainly.
Velyn Harbor Leviathan Oil Lamp Lamp for burning leviathan oil. Inscribed on bottom: “Another Fine Product from Trader’s Crescent.”
Velyn Harbor Mages Guild Stationery Two-score sheets of fine stationery, blank except for the symbol of the Mages Guild and script reading “Velyn Harbor Guildhall.”
Vinedusk Rangers Tent A small collapsible tent bearing the symbol of the Vinedusk Rangers.
Warped Oaken Flatware These plates appear to have been “sung” into existence using Wood Elf magic.
Wasp Netting A mesh made from ogre sinew. Some Wood Elves swear it provides unmatched protection from the giant wasps of Green’s Marrow.
Wilderking Doll Myth or reality? This child’s doll depicts the legendary Wilderking as an enormous Elf with antlers.
Wilderking Sketch A rare sketch of the legendary Wilderking, and worth a great deal to collectors and myth-hunters.
Wood Elf Dance Shawl Traditional attire for engaging in Wood Elf ritual dances, the frolicker usually wears this diaphanous cloth—and nothing more.
Woodhearth Nose Flute “Woodhearth” style three-finger-hole nose flute with flaring mouth.
Woodhearth Sewer Map A smugglers’ map of the Woodhearth sewers.
Y’ffre Camp Guardian Wood Elves construct these tiny effigies of sticks and twigs, bless them to Y’ffre, and place them to protect their camps.
Y’ffre’s Bones Prayer Dice Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to Y’ffre, though few besides Wood Elves know how to interpret them.
You-Know-What Distiller A distilling device for making potent You-Know-What whiskey (a favorite among the Wood Elves) in the comfort of your own home.

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