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Summerset Isles

"Ancestors" Music Box An Altmeri-styled music box that, when wound, plays a tinkly "Ancestors' Waltz."    
"Ancient Ezduiin" Painting Framed painting of the site of Ezduiin, depicting it as it appeared before it was ruined in the Mallari-Mora incident.    
"Fists of Thalmor" Seal Stamp A bronze seal stamp embossed on its face with a "Fists of Thalmor" symbol.    
"Lay of Firsthold" Music Box Clockwork music box of brass and tin that plays the "Lay of Firsthold" while tiny swan ships sail in a circle.    
"Summer Sun" Music Box Wind up this mechanical contraption and it plays "The Summer Sun Sets on Summerset."    
"Unforeseen Queen" Homecoming Banner Bright silk banner displaying the Altmeri eagle, prepared for Ayrenn's return to Summerset by way of Firsthold.    
Alchemical Igniter This gold-plated device, designed to ignite a smoking pipe, was crafted by the great Telenger, and bears his mark.    
Aldmeri Ceremonial Saber A purely ornamental saber. The refined artistic design is matched only by the fragility of its construction.    
Aldmeri Cutlery This Aldmeri cutlery is finely filigreed and fit for the Queen herself.    
Aldmeri Nautical Waystone A magical stone used to guide Aldmeri ships to their destinations in ancient times.    
Aldmeri Ship Model A perfect scale model of one of the ships of the Aldmeri fleet.    
Aldmeri Snuff Box Made specially for Aldmeri officers of high-breeding, this snuff box is lined with gold and covered in Dominion motifs.    
Aldmeri War Toys These tiny Aldmeri soldiers and siege engines are molded brass. They fit within a simple silk pouch.    
Altmer Heritage Stacking Puzzle Stacking puzzle or game in which pieces representing ancestors are stacked in pairs. Breeding mismatches result in tumbles.    
Altmer Travel Mug A sturdy drinking cup designed to withstand the rigors of travel, made of pewter or wood, and decorated with High Elf symbols.    
Amberware Peacock Pitcher Delicate ceramic pitcher in the shape of a peacock, from Culinary Imports in Skywatch.    
Ancient Brass Sackbut Antique brass trombone engraved with flowing floral motifs, said to have been found in Torinaan.    
Ancient Rilis Guard Binder Ancient and fragile copper buckler, originally carried by a member of the Royal Guard of Kinlord Rilis, the First of Firsthold.    
Antique Rilis VIII Hunting Horn Antique gold-filigreed minotaur hunting horn dating from the reign of Kinlord Rilis VIII.    
Auri-El Priestess Worship Wings Wide shoulder-mounted worship wings constructed from the many-colored flight feathers of thousands of jungle birds.    
Banker's Everfull Double Inkwell Bronze pen-stand, engraved "Skywatch Coinhouse," with two auto-replenishing inkwells, one black, one red.    
Battlereeve Urcelmo Doll This surprisingly accurate wooden doll faithfully captures Battlereeve Urcelmo's likeness.    
Blue Satin Goblin House-Slave's Suit Blue satin sailor's-suit with white lace trim, for a Goblin slave serving the nobility on feast days.    
Bolt of Royal Cloth-of-Gold Bolt of glimmering cloth-of-gold, with a repeating embroidered pattern of the Seal of House Rilis.    
Book of Erotic Stories A collection of erotic fiction, featuring pairings of prominent Aldmeri Dominion figures, including Queen Ayrenn and Urcelmo.    
Bottle of Kinlord's Flagstaff Vigor Pills Large green-glass bottle of Kinlord's Flagstaff vitality lozenges, "concocted from rare ingredients" by Aldmeri Essences.    
Bottle of Vintage Sylph-Mead Unopened bottle of vintage sylph-mead, quite valuable to connoisseurs, from the now-abandoned Glister Vale Hiveworks.    
Box of Calligrapher's Pen Nibs Ivory box containing copper pen nibs of assorted widths, labeled "Property of the Altmeri Embassy Clerks' Office."    
Bronze Blue Bunting Perch Broad-based bronze bird perch for a blue bunting, with a slim brass chain and anklet, engraved "Brightsteel Armory" underneath.    
Brown Bear Sleeping Furs Bear-fur sleeping blanket, lined with flannel in a floral print. A label reads "Snip and Stitch Outfitters, Skywatch."    
Canonreeve's Ruby-Throated Nonesuch Moonstone-fretted silversilk ruby-throated nonesuch. The amber tail-label reads "Property of the Thalmor."    
Canonreeve's Silken Handkerchiefs Pair of off-white silken handkerchiefs, trimmed with lace and embroidered with the arms of the Dawnbreak Canonreeve.    
Canonreeve's Silken Parasol Silk-paneled sun umbrella displaying the symbol of the Thalmor, from Island Woodworks in Skywatch.    
Castle Rilis Brass Candelabra Antique three-armed brass candelabra, in the "Sinuous Serpent" style, recovered from the ruins of Castle Rilis.    
Clockwork Brass Alarm Rooster Clockwork brass rooster that crows thrice at dawn, with three volume settings, from Swan's Grace Enchantments.    
Clockwork Toy Soldier This wind-up clockwork toy was crafted by Telenger the Artificer himself, and was probably gifted to the child of a noble.    
College of Aldmeri Propriety Acceptance Letter A letter of acceptance into the Thalmor training program at the College of Aldmeri Propriety.    
Commemorative Skywatch Festival Dice A pair of brass dice, whose poor construction tends to favor one side. Gamblers would pay a fair price for these.    
Counterfeit Dominion Passport A high quality forgery of a passport bearing Thalmor Inner Council seal. Smugglers would pay dearly for this.    
Crystalline Glass A glass that bears Altmeri writing in golden text across the bottom.    
Delicate Ceramic Bud Vase White and rose pink bud vase of subtle floral curves, from Skywatch Mercantile.    
Dimly Glowing Malondo Stone Nearly-depleted Malondo Stone emits a faint golden glow; engraved "Souvenir of Quendeluun."    
Double-Sided Nightcap Toasting Mug Rare double-sided amberware mug, used by kinlords and kinladies for toasting each other with a nightcap at bedtime.    
Dressmaker's Sewing Mannequin An adjustable lady's mannequin dress form bearing the insigna of Queen Ayrenn's Royal Dressmaker.    
Eagle's Strand Welcome Mat Tawny welcome mat woven of saltrice straw, with a pattern depicting Eagle's Strand.    
Elaborate Model Swan Ship Model, in wood, fabric, and twine, of a Firsthold swan ship, detailed down to the tiny ballistas on the poop.    
Envelope Opener with Rilis Sigil This platinum-chased envelope opener bears the sigil of House Rilis on its pommel.    
Errinorne Ancestry Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry depicting the noble ancestry of House Errinorne, dating back to the Late Merethic Era.    
Errinorne Impskin Wallet Pouch-wallet of finest lavender impskin, embossed with the sigil of House Errinorne of Skywatch.    
Ever-Blooming Bonsai Tree Rectangular pot containing a living bonsai, a miniature Auridon Gorapple perpetually blossoming pink blooms.    
Eyes of the Queen Disguise Kit A kit of false beards, mustaches, noses and other prosthetics. A small marking indicates it was made for the Eyes of the Queen.    
Fine Porcelain Chamber Pot A prime example of High Elf craftsmanship, this pot appears to have been recently cleaned. The only scent you detect is roses.    
First Auridon Marines Medal A sterling silver veteran's medal presented to those who have served in the First Auridon Marines.    
Firsthold Painting A richly textured oil painting of the first settlement of Auridon.    
Fish Ephemera Counter-Censer Nautilus-shaped silver incense burner, used on fishing parties by Thalmor Canonreeves to mitigate piscine odors.    
Forged Painting A very good forgery of a very famous Aldmeri painting.    
Galatite Manacles A sturdy pair of High Elf manacles. The key appears to be missing.    
Genuine Psijic Stole Simple attire may have belonged to a member of the Psijic Order, secretive monks devoted to the esoteric study of the Elder Way.    
Goblin-Sized Weighted Shackles Heavy leg-irons for restraining Goblin slaves who are flight risks. Etched with the symbol of The Watcher's Forge, Skywatch.    
Gold-Framed "Two Beacons" Diptych Diptych, two oil paintings in a dual gilded frame, one of the South Beacon at dawn, the other of the North Beacon at night.    
Gold-Plated Napkin Holder Set A very rare set of gold-plated napkin holders used at the feast celebrating the coronation of King Hidellith.    
Guarskin Conga Drums Pair of conga drums with guarskin heads, made by Ebonheart Argonians but in Dunmeri style for sale to the Dark Elves.    
Guide to Approved Methods of Procreation Illustrated folio from the Thalmor depicting methods of coition "that properly reflect our Altmeri heritage."    
High Elf Lineage Toys Tiny, wood-carved High Elf aristocratic figures that fit within a silk pouch and help teach the complexities of heritage theory.    
High Elf Songbook The songs are written in Old Aldmeris, and would be of great value to historians.    
High Kinlady's Diamond-Tipped Spurs Diamond-tipped silver spurs for the riding boots of a High Kinlady, in the style worn in Skywatch and Firsthold.    
High Priest's Orison Orrery Jeweled rotating and counter-rotating orrery, used by Altmeri high priests to determine which Aedric planet to worship.    
High Priest's Portable Auri-El Altar Elaborate tin folding altar to Auri-El, gilded and bejeweled, with a relief of Auri-El's Bow that emits a golden glow.    
Kinlord Rilis Nesting Dolls Thirteen nesting dolls of painted bamboo, representing Kinlord Rilis the First through Thirteenth.    
Kinlord's Pearlescent Inkwell Bottle of rare pearlescent ink, as used by Altmeri Kinlords to calligraph official decrees on blue silk.    
Marble Bust of Prince Naemon Bust of Queen Ayrenn's younger brother sculpted from white marble by Aurelenya of Firsthold.    
Marble Bust of Queen Ayrenn Bust of the Queen of Alinor sculpted from white marble by Aurelenya of Firsthold.    
Marine Officer's Platinum Whistle Platinum three-note officer's whistle, engraved with the seal of the First Auridon Marines.    
Miniature Lighthouse A miniature of one of the beacons of Auridon.    
Miniature Portrait of Queen Ayrenn The queen has never looked more stunning in two dimensions than in this locket-sized portrait.    
Naemon Commemorative Matriculation Token Gold token commemorating Prince Naemon's matriculation to the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth in 2E 573.    
Nobles' Soil-Repelling Dreugh Wax Jar of expensive mildly-enchanted soil-repelling boot polish, made from rare dreugh wax by Starfall Arcana.    
Ornate Shaving Mirror An ornate hand-held shaving mirror crafted from fine silver and inscribed the names of Aldmeri deities.    
Overlook Inn Royal Stirrup Cup Crystal-and-silver stirrup cup sporting the royal seal, traditionally presented at the Overlook Inn before a House Rilis hunt.    
Painting of King Hidellith Framed oil portrait of Queen Ayrenn's father, the late King Hidellith.    
Painting of the First Altmeri Landfall Gilded sunwood framing an oil painting depicting the ships from Aldmeris at Nine Prow Landing, with Torinaan stepping ashore.    
Perpetual Motion Gyroscope This remarkable toy will spin forever, with no apparent source of power. It bears the mark of Telenger the Artificer.    
Phaer Tapestry This tapestry is elegantly woven, depicting an idyllic scene in the village of Phaer.    
Quartz Crystal Tower Paperweight Quartz paperweight in the shape of a miniature Crystal Tower; glows faintly in the dark, gradually changing colors.    
Queen's Eye Toy Figures A complete set of figurines for children to act out the adventures of the Queen's Eye.    
Quire of Official Thalmor Stationery 24 sheets of highest-quality vellum, each bearing the distinctive eagle watermark of the Thalmor.    
Reliquary with Ancient Prophet's Finger Holy reliquary, a small glass-covered box containing one of the fingerbones of the Prophet Ciroloth of Ancient Quendeluun.    
Rilis Tabard A hand-embroidered coat of arms.    
Roast Peacock Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve peacock roasts prepared for High Elf festivals and banquets.    
Royal Battlereeve's Command Baton This symbol of command for a Royal Battlereeve is fashioned of yellow sunwood and capped with a glowing Malondo Stone.    
Royal Hussar's Wing Sashimono Feathered back-banner shaped like a great eagle's wing, worn by the Royal Altmeri Hussars.    
Royal Masquerade Invitation A gold-filigreed invitation to the Grand Masquerade of Alinor, a High Elven event that only takes place every 150 years.    
Royal Progress Commemorative Brooch Silver and diamond brooch worn to celebrate Queen Ayrenn's current Royal Progress through Auridon.    
Royal Rilis Galliard Carpet Hand-knotted wool carpet used for dancing the Royal Rilis Galliard, with footprints indicating proper foot placement.    
Set of Crystal Dram Glasses Set of six crystal shot glasses engraved with an image of the Overlook Inn.    
Seventeen Songbird Warble-Fife Small flute that can be played seventeen different ways to imitate and attract every species of songbird native to Auridon.    
Shimmerene Magnifying Glass Magnifying lens of imported Shimmerene glass in a brass setting with a carved tigerbone handle.    
Ship In A Bottle A finely-crafted model of the Abecean Monarch, an Altmer ship of the All Flags Navy, constructed inside a small-necked bottle.    
Silk Map of Summerset Isles Sailors and collectors alike would covet this delicately woven map of the Summerset Isles.    
Silver Gravy Boat The craftsmanship of this vessel is exquisite. It appears to be the work of a Skywatch silversmith.    
Skywatch Festival Advertisement A hand-drawn advertisement for the celebration in Skywatch.    
Sload Pustule Lancet A rare item of Sload manufacture, left behind after their long occupation of Errinorne Isle.    
Summerset Isles Map Scroll A wooden scroll case containing a beautifully hand-painted cloth map of the Summerset Isles.    
Summerset Isles Nautical Depth Chart A highly detailed nautical chart of ocean depths and hazards in the strait separating Auridon and Summerset.    
Summerset Silk Neckerchief A colorful cloth made of the finest Summerset silk and worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to protect from sea spray.    
Summerset Vintage A very old, very valuable bottle of Summerset wine.    
Swan-Satin Bathing Thong Sleek and sensuous singing-swan style satin string sporting silver sequins, from Snip & Stitch, Skywatch.    
Thalmor Authenticated Silk Sheets These sheets are fit for Queen Ayrenn herself to lie on.    
Thalmor Canonreeve's Sigil Pendant Jeweled eagle pendant worn as a symbol of office by a Canonreeve of the Thalmor.    
Thalmor Signet Set A small gold case containing a set of official Thalmor signet stamps and a parcel of sealing wax.    
The Egg of the World Crystal replica of the fist-sized gem Kinlady Entila Errinorne was searching for in the mine now called Entila's Folly.    
Veiled Heritance Codebook A codebook used by the Veiled Heritance to communicate in secret.    
Visual Guide to Auridon Flora A handy guide to Auridon plants. Of interest to poisoners is the chapter "A Publication of Malefic Aldmer Essences, 2E 561."    
Vulkhel Guard Harbor Painting The detail of this painting is so vivid, one can practically hear the waves lapping against the docks.    
Willow Branch Toasting Fork Iron toasting fork wrought into the shape of a delicate willow branch, from the Guard's Forge.    
Windup Flying Nightingale Delicate clockwork nightingale that, when wound up, can fly across the room, singing; labeled "Galarniel, Firsthold Artisan."    
Wizard's Ruby Syrabane Talisman Ruby talisman carved to represent the Ring of Syrabane, said to increase the efficacy of spells, from the Eldritch Seal.