Items of the Second Era: Skyrim

"Deceiver's Dice" GameA travel-sized version of the Nord drinking game played in taverns and inns throughout Skyrim.
"Sheep, Sheep, Goat" GameA travel-sized and much less rowdy version of the Nord drinking game, made popular at the Sober Nord Inn.
Aklief's Alabaster AleA tasty brew with a hint of fruit and spice, bottled and sold by Aklief at Nimalten's Riverside Inn.
Aleeto's Invigorating TinctureA popular salutary said to treat numerous romantic ailments, sold exclusively at the Uncanny Alembic in Fort Amol.
Aleeto's Soothing Lip BalmA salve that helps seal in moisture to protect lips from the drying effect of cold wind, concocted by Aleeto of Fort Amol.
Ancient Map of Eastern SkyrimThis antique map from the time of Queen Freydis is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age.
Antler-Fur's Choice Drinking MugThe select ale brewed at Fort Amol's Deldwine's Inn is only served in these mugs. They are decorated with tiny antlers.
Atmoran Dagger HiltThe hilt of an ancient Atmoran dagger, retained as an heirloom by some Nord household.
Balynor's Worm RepellentWandering merchant Balynor's odiferous ointment, applied liberally, keeps a lot more than just Worm Cultists away.
Battle Scarf of the RiftStylish neck wrapping sold exclusively by Tolfari the Tailor as a military accessory, though most say it just gets in the way.
Bleakrock Crow Trio PlatterA platter designed to serve crow three ways: stuffed, roasted, and boiled. Crafted by the artisans of Thonarcal's Timberworks.
Bloodthorn YokeA chain of braided, thorn-covered vines that bites into the flesh, supposedly worn by members of the Bloodthorn cult.
Bottle of First Era Ice WineThis extremely rare vintage from the Stormcloak Vineyards is worth more as an antique than as a consumable beverage.
Broken Nord HelmA cloven Nord helmet, mounted on a cracked longboat oar.
Butterfly KiteAn expertly crafted kite shaped like the blue butterflies of Skyrim—quite popular with homesick Nords visiting Auridon.
Cardinal-Feather QuillA common writing instrument, crafted from the feather of an Eastmarch cardinal.
Clerk's Gull-Feather QuillA common but well-made quill, crafted using a seagull feather, can be found atop desks throughout Eastmarch.
Cold-Moon Inn DiceA pair of loaded dice from the Cold-Moon Inn in Windhelm.
Covert Riften CorrespondenceThis message details supply routes between Windhelm and Riften. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Crispy Rabbit FryerA specialized cooking device, perfect for preparing one of the prime food sources available in the Eastmarch wilderness.
Curtain of ClawsA room-dividing curtain consisting of row upon row of oversized claws, said to have been crafted by a hagraven in the Rift.
Cyrodiil Service MedalThe Skald-King honors soldiers who return from the War of Three Banners with one of these prestigious gold medals.
Dark Elf Aphrodisiac FlaskAn imported Dark Elf alchemical concoction in a silver flask, believed to aid older Nords with their nocturnal responsibilities.
Dark Witness War PaintThis tin of deep blue war paint is a favorite among Reachmen from the Dark Witness clan.
Decorative Nord NettingA common net decorated in the Nord style, with sea shells, feathers, beads, and other trinkets, creating a hanging work of art.
Depressing Stuffed GoatA prized pet goat, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Riften citizens will go to hold onto the past.
Diamond-Studded Kyne Lapel PinAn exquisite lapel-pin, in the shape of Kyne's soaring hawk and studded with diamonds, is a favorite accessory for any Nord.
Dibella's Bosom Night FavorA bust of the god of beauty and erotic instruction, kept in Nord bedchambers to make nightly activities more ... invigorating.
Diminutive Mundus StoneA wandering merchant who visits Eastmarch once every season sells these small, stone paperweights in the shape of Mundus Stones.
Dragon Cult Walking StickThis walking stick features a coiled dragon wrapped around the shaft and probably belonged to an illegal worshipper of Alduin.
Dragon Gravy BoatA gravy boat in the shape of a dragon, crafted by Ceramic Masterpieces of Skyrim.
Dragonshrine ChaliceA sculpted dragon claw grasps the stem. This one of several discovered in and around Skyshroud Barrows.
Dragonshrine Woven MatA woven placemat crafted by Riften artisans and bearing the distinctive landscape of a dragonshrine grotto.
Earthenware Mead DecanterA ceramic decanter, crafted in the flamboyant style of the Eastmarch Nord clans and sold at Voljar's Meadery.
Earthenware Riften Chamber PotA lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich earthenware in the Nordic design, never used. You think.
Engraved Mammoth Tusk Hair PinsIntricately carved hair pins, made from expensive mammoth ivory, depict highlights of the Skald-King's life in minute detail.
Essence of MammothAn expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Windhelm, popular with wealthy maidens and matrons for special occasions.
Essence of the RiftA distinct and fragrant cologne for the discerning Nord, it's surprisingly crafted from a recipe by Darva the Dark Elf.
Etched Troll ToothA large tooth taken from the mouth of a troll. An unknown scrimshander etched Kyne's War Prayer into the enamel.
Fallowstone Hall Signet StampA metal sealing wax stamp bearing the official seal of Fallowstone Hall.
Fanciful Map of the RiftThis map from the time of King Einar is notable for its depiction of fantastic creatures along the edges of the parchment.
Fancy Skald-King TableclothNords don't usually bother with such things, but when they decide to use a tablecloth, one depicting King Jorunn is a favorite.
Fancy Windhelm Pommel CozyNo one who's anyone walks the streets of Windhelm without a cozy to keep their weapon pommel warm and comfy.
Faux Fox Fur HandkerchiefJosee Maviniele, the tailor in Windhelm, sells these simulated fox fur handkerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing.
Feast of Dibella CenterpieceMany Nord families display this silver mirror in the shape of a moth for the annual Feast of Dibella celebration.
First Edition FjokkiA rare copy of the first edition of "The Art of Love and Swordplay" by Fjokki the Bard.
First Era Rank InsigniaA rank insignia bar from the First Era, when a now-forgotten king tried to fancify and standardize Nord military wear.
First Era Riften Warm Milk ServiceAn antique service from the First Era for preparing and serving warm milk, obviously a Nord family heirloom.
Flagon from the Withered TreeThe famous tavern in Riften distributes these souvenir flagons featuring an engraving of a withered tree to favored customers.
Fort Morvunskar TentA small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Morvunskar.
Frost Troll Ragamuffin DollSomeone in Windhelm thought these scary, raggedy dolls would be popular with children.
Garden Troll Varmint DefenderCarved from ironwood by the Matrons of Shor's Stone, these friendly trolls are happy to protect your garden from unwanted pests.
Gaudy Konunleikar Serving BowlThis is one of two dozen silver-plated serving bowls used at the Skald-King's banquets during the Konunleikar celebration.
Giant's Lucky ThumbA petrified thumb, taken from an unlucky giant and now considered a good luck charm by some superstitious Nord.
Giantskin PouchNord clerics who follow the older traditions use these bags to hold ritual components for religious ceremonies.
Golden Braid BandA band of pure gold, designed to secure and decorate the hair braids or beard braids of stylish Nords.
Haunted Wood CandlestickThis candlestick, decorated with dancing spriggans frolicking in the Haunted Wood, was purchased at the Tree's Bounty.
Hircine-Blessed SkewersThough they were made by a Dark Witness Briar Heart, these ebony meat skewers are much prized by hunters everywhere.
Holy Symbol of JhunalA religious icon bearing an owl, the symbol of the god of knowledge, it's rare to find one of these among the warlike Nords.
Horker Tusk Drinking HornA sturdy Nord drinking cup. Perfect for beer, mead, or ... well, it's mostly for mead.
Illicit Letters from NorthpointRomantic correspondence between a foreign dignitary and a wealthy jarl in the Rift. Blackmailers would pay dearly for this.
Inaccurate Riften MapThis map of Riften contains glaring mistakes and was supposedly commissioned on Thane Unnvald's orders to confuse the Worm Cult.
Ink of a Different ColorAn unusual ink, crafted by the alchemists of the Uncanny Alembic in Fort Amol, great for writing letters of distinction.
Intense Incense of MaraA more powerful and extremely prohibited version of the common calm-inducing scent that permeates most Nord bedchambers.
Invitation to the Thane's FeastAn embossed and elegant invitation to the Thane's exclusive annual Riften dinner festival.
Invitation: Drinks with the JarlsAn invitation to attend a casual gathering with the jarls of the Rift. It appears drinks will be consumed in large quantities.
Ivory-Handled WhiskA staple of every Nord kitchen, this gravy whisk features a polished ivory handle decorated with Nordic patterns.
Jarl's Best Sleeve PinAn ornate pin, traditionally worn on the right sleeve. It identifies the wearer as a favored servant of a jarl.
Jarl's Favorite Silver Soup SpoonSome jarl, his name lost to time, proclaimed he would only eat soup with a silver spoon. Now, many Nords follow the tradition.
Jarl's Manor Monogramed Bed SheetsA set of luxurious bed sheets from Riften, monogramed with the initials of one of the local jarls.
Jarl's Silver Carving PlatterCommemorative silver carving platters, bearing the crest of a specific jarl, are crafted on his or her coronation day.
Konunleikar Book Mark KeepsakeThe Mages Guild distributed these stylish leather book marks in honor of the Skald-King's Konunleikar celebration.
Konunleikar Certificate of MeritParticipants in any of the Konunleikar games received a Certificate of Merit, signed by Thane Mera and suitable for framing.
Konunleikar Drinking HelmThe Royal Crafters only made a handful of these commemorative helmets that feature four mugs of ale and a straw to drink from.
Konunleikar Festival BasketFertab in Windhelm packs and sells these festival baskets, full of everything necessary for a long day of celebrating.
Konunleikar InvitationAn invitation to an exclusive Konunleikar party limited to Windhelm's most important movers and shakers.
Lineage of Clan IronhandOfficial papers that detail a claim to the Skyrim throne by Clan Ironhand. Is someone trying to promote Thane Unnvald?
Love-Lost ComforterA comforter quilted by We Who Lost Battle Maidens in the most-recent wars. Such sewing circles exist throughout Skyrim.
Magnifying MonocleA single round of magnifying glass, just like the one used to aid Thane Unnvald's tired eyes in Riften.
Mammoth PaperweightA small, heavy mammoth of shaped glass, used to keep papers and other documents from scattering in a cold wind.
Mammoth-Hide BlanketOnly the children of jarls, thanes, and wealthy merchants could afford an ostentatious blanket made from the hide of a mammoth.
Mammoth's Foot Lucky CharmA rare, left-footed charm crafted by Jorven Oldhammer, studded with nine bluesnow diamonds—one for each of the Nine Holds.
Map of Eastern SkyrimA map showing the current borders of Eastern Skyrim, though it appears to have a number of errors and inconsistencies.
Mara Fertility FetishFlower-spouting fertility statuette, usually found on shrines dedicated to Mara throughout the Skyrim territory.
Mara's Floral Star VaseA traditional Nord wedding gift, the four-pointed floral star is a popular symbol associated with Mara, the goddess of love.
Marcy's Kawala TeaThis packet of tea comes with its own tea strainer, because the Kawala Tea of Marcy is not strained.
Matching Mammoth Tusk Spice ShakersMammoth tusk spice shakers, in the stylized shapes of a fox and a bear. Made exclusively at the Ringing Anvil in Riften.
Miniature Bronze Mead CaskA limited-edition bronze cask, once filled with Voljar's Special Recipe. Produced for the meadery's two-hundredth anniversary.
Mystical Mysteries Table MatA woven placemat crafted by Skyrim artisans and bearing the distinctive symbols associated with Saerdor the Mystic.
Nocturnal Nord Hair NetThe only way to protect Nord braids from pillow hair is by using one of these silver mesh hair nets while sleeping.
Nord Battle WrapsThese leather wrappings bind and encase wounded body parts so a Nord or like-thinking warrior can rush back into battle.
Nord Ear-Hair ClipperA set of tiny shears designed to keep a Nord's thick ear hairs neat and trim.
Nord Fermenting JugA jug used to ferment homemade alcohol, usually decorated with animals native to Skyrim or scenes of famous Nord battles.
Nord Fondue PotA small copper pot used to serve melted cheese, and eaten by dipping bread into it with long-stemmed forks.
Nord Gold-Plated Snow JarsWealthy Nord households take the tradition of saving snow from each year's Wintertide Festival in sealed jars very seriously.
Nord Guessing CupsA set of three identical metal cups, Nords use them to play the popular game of "Chase the Pea." Which cup is the pea under?
Nord Helmet Serving BowlThis Nord helmet has been refashioned into a serving bowl, with the horns trimmed and shaved so the bowl sits level on a table.
Nord House GodAn antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass. It depicts one of the "testing gods" the Nords try to keep appeased.
Nord Salted Mutton PlatterA platter designed to serve salted mutton, made in the distinctive style of the crafters of Riften.
Nord Scrimshander's ToolsA set of tools used to carve large mammoth tusks, made in the Nordic style.
Nord Sharpening StoneA whetstone etched with Nord symbology, used to grind and hone the edges of steel tools and implements.
Nord SnowshoesA well-crafted pair of Nord snowshoes with intricately-woven mesh and polished bentwood frames.
Nord Sweat CologneAn expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Riften, popular with wealthy Dark Elves who want to unleash their inner Nord.
Nord Trunk GuardianA Skyrim tradition comes to Morrowind in the form of this tiny trunk guardian statue, guaranteed to protect your stored goods.
Nordic Bath RugA fine bath rug, imported from a small boutique in Eastmarch, features an attractive yet simple Nordic design.
Nordic Clan NeckerchiefA triangular piece of cloth, decorated with the markings of a Nordic clan, usually worn about the leader's neck.
Nordic Hammer Hair PinsFancy hair pins with a hammer head and pointed handle, a popular Nordic symbol, found in homes throughout the Rift and beyond.
Nordic Night CandleA traditional night candle, rumored to repel draugr. Also provides a sense of security for Nords who are afraid of the dark.
Nordic Rabbit Fur BedrollA compact bedroll, accented with rabbit fur in the Nord style. No backpack should be without one.
Orcthane's Victory FlagSome Stormfist Brigade supporter jumped the pig and created a limited number of flags proclaiming Fildgor's victory over Jorunn.
Orkey's Undead OusterA small pouch containing items blessed by a priest of Orkey, it is said to ward off all sorts of undead creatures.
Ornate Tapped Vein TankardThe Tapped Vein Tavern in Shor's Stone uses specially crafted tankards engraved with the famous motto: Drink, Die, Drink Again.
Painting of the Brief QueenA hauntingly beautiful Queen Nurnhilde stares out from this painting. Every wealthy household owns a copy of the Brief Queen.
Perplexing Ancient Nord GameA game (maybe?) of Nord design, discovered near Skyshroud Barrows. There are no instructions, but the board is nice.
Personal Record of HonorAn ongoing chronicle of a prominent Nord's personal legend, including significant successes and failures.
Pinewood Nibble BowlNo prominent Nord household is complete without a set of pinewood nibble bowls—perfect for all-day snacking.
Pinewood Party PlatterA large, rectangluar platter of pinewood, perfect for piling high with Nord delicacies for the next Konunleikar.
Polished Dragon-Scale Writing TabletThe polished scale of some huge creature (probably a dragon), used as a portable writing surface by some scholarly Nord.
Precious Kynesgrove Prayer BeadsRare mother-of-pearl prayer beads, dedicated to Kyne and crafted by the keepers of Kynesgrove for wealthy patrons.
Prince Adrien's Silken ScarfWhen her son came of age and joined in the war, the queen made him wear flashy scarves so the king could protect him in battle.
Queen Freydis' Curly RingletsA lock of curly red hair sealed in a jar, proclaimed to be from the head of Queen Freydis of Eastern Skyrim.
Queen Mabjaarn's Risque EtchingWild and carefree before taking up the crown, this revealing etching of Mabjaarn Flame-Hair is credited to Fjokki the Bard.
Queen Nurnhilde's Nail ClippingA locket with a nail supposedly clipped from the corpse of Queen Nurnhilde before her interment.
Rabbit Meatball Frying PanA frying pan that features multiple ball-shaped indentations for preparing perfect rabbit meatballs for hungry Nords.
Rabbit-Fur Ear WarmersA set of rabbit-fur muffs designed to protect the ears from the harsh and biting cold of the Rift.
Raven-Feather PillowA small head pillow filled with fluffy raven feathers and featuring a traditional Nord design of clinking, overflowing tankards.
Riften "Hunting Horn"A horn made from a mammoth tusk. Silver filigree lines the rim. The hidden compartment within smells faintly of skooma.
Riften Cavalry SaddleA saddle bearing the mark of the once-famous Riften Cavalry that used to patrol roads throughout the Rift.
Riften Jarl's StampAn official stamp created especially for the jarls of Riften. Forgers would find this extremely valuable.
Riften Location TalismanA small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward the city of Riften.
Risque Boudoir PortraitA portrait of a buxom young Nord wearing nothing but a horned helmet and a provocative smile.
Royal Accolade of the HuntA golden recognition medal from the Skald-King, awarded to the master hunters of Skyrim.
Rustic Wooden Mead MugsCrafted by woodworkers at Sand and Dust, these oversized drinking vessels were popularized by Thane Unnvald at his inauguration.
Saarthal Burial UrnA relic from the first city built by Atmoran settlers in Skyrim, destroyed by the Snow Elves in the Merethic Era.
Saltrice Paddy Muck ShovelMuck shovel with a solid Nord-forged blade, and coralwood haft with "Hrogar's Hold" burned into the wood.
Savage Nord False Beard and MustacheComically hirsute false beard and mustache, worn when playing the "Strapping Skyrim Skald" game.
Scent of Serenity Silvered Pill TinA pill tin bearing the mark of the Scent of Serenity alchemy shop in Riften, provided to its most exclusive customers.
Set of Chamois Hand-ClothsA set of four soft deer-chamois hand-cloths, stamped on the corners, "Riverside Inn, Nimalten."
Shor's Stones TokensA collection of Shor's Stones tokens, obviously important to their owner, such as gaudy cloth patches and other nostalgic items.
Shrunken Hagraven HeadAn ancient, shrunken head of a Hagraven, thought by Reachmen to be a powerful talisman of good luck.
Signed Heraldic DocumentThese blank heraldic documents are signed by Thane Unnvald of Riften. They would be worth a small fortune to a forger.
Signed Konunleikar Event ScheduleA broadsheet featuring the daily schedule of events for the Konunleikar festival. This one was signed by King Jorunn.
Skald-King Commemorative PlateA hand-painted souvenir plate commemorating the coronation of Jorunn, the Skald-King.
Skald-King Moppet DollA silk doll fashioned after Jorunn the Skald-King, albeit with an enlarged head and disproportionately smaller body.
Skald-King's Drinking HornKing Jorunn gifted each Tribunal leader with an ornate drinking horn, which was duplicated and sold to Mournhold's elite.
Skald-King's SonnetJorunn rarely gets to flex his bardic muscles any more, but he sometimes pens a poem as an acknowledgment for a personal favor.
Snow-Bourne PlateAn elegant crystal dinner plate bearing the crest of the Snow-Bourne clan, probably brought all the way from Windhelm.
Snow-Squatter's WrapSome say only milk-drinkers use these fur-lined wraps when relieving themselves at night, yet most Nords keep one by the door.
Sober Nord ObligationA token bearing the mark of the Sober Nord in Windhelm. It identifies the bearer as carrying a tab at the tavern.
Sovngarde Woven Place SettingsWoven placemats decorated with idyllic scenes of Sovngarde. They are too beautiful for common Nord feasts.
Stormfist Brigade Silver FlaskA silver drinking flask bearing the symbol of the Stormfist Brigade from western Skyrim.
Stormfist Style FlatwareCutlery produced by Stormfist clan artisans, most likely dating back to before the reign of Jorunn the Skald-King.
Thane Fjora's Winner's CupA small trophy, awarded for winning the annual riddle contest sponsored by the Lady of Nimalten.
Thane Icehammer DollOnly the children of opulence own a Thane Icehammer doll—complete with oozing side wound and extra-sharp battle-axe!
Thane Jeggi's Drinking TankardA large, ornate flagon bearing the mark of Thane Jeggi Gap-Tooth. It is said he has these hidden throughout the Nine Holds.
Thane Unnvald's Potent ProclamationThe Thane of Riften continues a long-standing tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Thane's Falcon Feather QuillA writing instrument made from the majestic feather of a falcon, most often used by the thanes and jarls of the Rift.
Thane's Owl-Feather QuillQuills crafted from the feathers of snow-owls are for the exclusive use of the Thanes of Skyrim.
The Bastard's Last Will and TestamentMany versions of the last will and testament of Yoregg the Bastard have turned up, but none have been deemed authentic. Yet.
The Brief Queen in ProfileA portrait of Queen Nurnhilde, dressed in full battle regalia, depicting her calm reflection before the siege of Windhelm.
The Brief Queen Porcelain DollOnly a handful of these haunting figurines were crafted and sold before the Skald-King took offense and outlawed the dolls.
Thulvald's Ebony Log SplitterA triangular ebony wedge, perfect for splitting wood. It bears the symbol of Thulvald's Logging Camp.
Tribunal Walking StickVivec gifted Jorunn and his thanes with ornate walking sticks, which were duplicated and sold to Windhelm's elite.
Trinket of Queen FreydisA small, topaz bead said to have fallen from Queen Freydis' battle cloak during her bid to conquer Cyrodiil.
Unspoiled Spidersilk NapkinsFancy and delicate, almost every wealthy Nord household owns a set—but, being Nords, they never use them.
Venison Jerky Drying RackWhen the wealthy brave the wilderness, they bring along Chef Alskar's patented venison drying rack for a taste of home.
Voljar Gift CertificateA certificate that can be redeemed at Voljar's Meadery in Eastmarch for bottles or casks of mead.
Voljar's Corkscrew with Inlaid HandleThis limited-edition corkscrew celebrates the famous meadery's one-hundredth anniversary.
War Trophy of Kyne's AdmirationFor defeating twelve or more enemies while fighting to defend Skyrim's honor, a Nord warrior received this cup of distinction.
White Lion TankardAn iron-wood cup, carved to resemble a white lion's head. A maker's mark on the base indicates it was crafted in Lower Yorgrim.
Windhelm Salad TongsIt is now common practice for Nord households to stock a set of salad tongs for use when unexpected Dark Elf visitors drop by.
Wool-Filled PillowEastmarch sheep produce a soft, fluffy wool—perfect as a filling for these comfortable travel pillows.
Yorran's Yarns of Cyrodiil, Illustrated EditionAmusing and often bawdy anecdotes detailing a Nord's adventures in the Imperial City, complete with explicit illustrations.
Ysgramor's Palace TalismanA small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward Ysgramor's Palace in Windhelm.
 A chunk of stone from the damaged Palace of Ysgramor. A number of these have illegally found there way into Nord homes.
 A framed display of various snowflakes, lovingly mounted and catalogued by a diligent Nord – before they melted.
 A heavy earthenware crock tinged with gold, designed to store strong and pungent Nordic cheeses – without stinking up the house.
 A stuffed doll made of rags, crudely modeled to represent Jorunn the Skald-King, multiple needles skewer its head and torso.
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