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Items of the Second Era

Zenimax Online Studios; Lady Nerevar ed.

This page contains a collection of stealable items from Elder Scrolls Online alongside their descriptions. They are sorted by province of origin for convenience, but, in-game, each item can be found anywhere in Tamriel.

Aldmeri Dominion Banner A silk banner bearing the symbol of the Aldmeri Dominion. The gold embroidery indicates its owner's prominence.
Aldmeri Tea Cozy This tea cozy is patterned with the golden eagle of the Aldmeri Dominion.
Amethyst-Studded Correspondence Bag A lavishly decorated sack for carrying letters and other correspondence, it bears the symbol of the Aldmeri Dominion.
Bosmer/Khajiit Gemstone Chess Set Chess set of 16 malachite Bosmeri pieces and 16 tiger's-eye Khajiiti pieces, with turtle-shell board that folds into a box.
Dominion Eagle-Head Peatfire Andiron Shovel-ended wrought iron peatfire andiron, with gilt Dominion eagle-headed handled, inscribed "Altmer Embassy."
Dominion Envoy's Official Security Pouch Sealable message pouch of waterproof leviathan hide displaying the golden eagle of the Dominion, for envoy's correspondence.
Golden Letter Opener Taken from a well-stocked Aldmeri tradeship, this tool has Dominion heraldry emblazoned on the handle.
Live-Catch Rodent Trap Portable wooden trap for live-catching rodents, made at the Old Sawdust Mill.
Official Dominion Stationery A forger could use this stationery to make a tidy sum of money.
Queen's Tour Schedule An unauthorized list of stops and schedules for Queen Ayrenn's tour of the Dominion. Worth much to the Veiled Heritance.
Tattered Flag A folded linen flag bearing the golden crest of the Aldmeri Dominion. This was likely taken from an alliance command vessel.
Trader's Levy Tassel A tassel hung from clothing to denote a merchant's good standing with the Queen's Collector of Taxes and Tariffs.
Treaty Documents A copy of Dominion treaty documents, valuable to forgers.
Ancient Ayleid Amphora Blue-glazed pointed-bottom urn with two handles, inscribed with the Ayleidoon "E" for Erokii.
Ancient Ayleid Coin This was likely found near Carzog's Demise. After all these centuries, the metal still gleams in the light.
Ayleid Alphabet Pocket Translations Although it touts itself as a guide, this small pamphlet only translates Ayleid letters into the common alphabet.
Ayleid Carving This carving is not authentic, but it looks close enough to the real thing to be valuable nonetheless.
Ayleid Flesh-Sculpting Flenser Ancient, corroded flenser as used by Ayleid "flesh sculptors," engraved with the Ayleidoon "N" for Ne Salas.
Ayleid House Idol An antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass, modeled after idols discovered within Ayleid ruins.
Ayleid Paperweight Retrieved from the ruins at Salas En. No one knows its original purpose, but it makes a great paperweight.
Ayleid Ritual Fetish A rare fetish usually found in Ayleid ruins. It would be valuable to scholars studying the ancient Elves.
Broken Crystal Key to Silyanorn Key carved from some kind of blue crystal, with one tooth broken off, engraved with the Ayleidoon "S" for Silyanorn.
Constellation Coaster Tiles Set of twelve glazed ceramic drink coasters based on the Ayleid constellation tiles of Veawend Ede.
Corner of Bewan's Fabled Trinimac Altar Broken chunk of sculpted marble, glowing slightly, said to have come from Bewan's long-lost altar to Trinimac.
Depleted Welkynd Stone Dull welkynd stone, depleted of the ancient magicka that once made it glow, engraved with the Ayleidoon "L" for Loriasel.
Hectahame Sketch An artist's rendering of the mysterious ruin of Hectahame.
Indecipherable Metallic Book Book of strange, indecipherable runes printed on thin foil pages of an unknown metal, labeled "Found in Gandranen."
Leather Laces These laces are just wide enough to see the Ayleid letters burnt into them.
Lorkrata Hills Keepsake A small stone, possibly Ayleid in origin, found in the Lorkrata Hills and kept as a memento.
Nilata Crystal Shard This is a lifeless shard broken off an Ayleid crystal in the Nilata Ruins.
Statuette of Trinimac Statuette of Trinimac the Warrior carved from rose quartz, from the abandoned temple vaults of Bewan.
Untranslated Ayleid Book Rare book from the Reliquary of Stars, bound in mysterious leather, and written in untranslated Ayleidoon.
Unusual Stone from the Lorkrata Hills This stone might be an Ayleid relic … or not. Stones of this kind are highly sought after for their colorful striations.
Welkynd Chip Paperweight Taken from a keystone outside the great Ayleid ruin of Betnikh. It still glows a faint blue and emits a low hum.


"Eel-Strangler" Serving Platter Traditional platter depicting a triumphant Lord Zuthorix the Eel-Strangler, who slew his enemies with conger-eel garrottes.
"Key" to Sanguine's Demesne Carnelian cut into the shape of a key, engraved "The Key to Sanguine's Demesne, Where Fantasy is Reality."
"Stay Moist!" Brief-Axiom Wall Mosaic Flexible "Brief-Axiom" mosaic of colored stones embedded in crocodile hide, with turquoise chips spelling out "Stay Moist!"
Ancient Saxhleel Statue Likely taken from one of the Argonian ruins near Hissmir, this statue depicts a crouching Argonian holding a stylized turtle.
Argonian Affirmation Board A board of heavy, inlaid wood, set in a series of octagonal patterns. Used for various Argonian meditative exercises.
Argonian Alchemist Rack Stands-In-Thought crafts these fine, wooden racks to hold and organize jars full of alchemy components.
Argonian Cologne A small glass bottle filled with a strong-smelling liquid. It's a scent that only Argonians could find alluring.
Argonian Darkwood Tabletop The top of an Argonian-crafted table, probably made in Murkmire and shipped to Dhalmora along with a parcel of slaves.
Argonian Fruit Bowl A wooden bowl crafted by and popular with Argonians, some Dark Elves have begun to use these distinctive bowls to store fruit.
Argonian Nightmare Trap Sold exclusively by a Hlaalu trading agent in Black Marsh, this Argonian effigy wards off bad dreams and night terrors.
Argonian Reading Glass A polished and shaped piece of glass attached to a bone handle.
Argonian Scale Scraper A metal blade especially designed to groom an Argonian's scaly body by removing mites, dirt, and residual build-up.
Argonian Seed Toys These tiny figurines of animals and Argonians carved from gorapple seeds fit within a simple leather pouch.
Argonian Sipping Cup Imported from Black Marsh, this crimson-wood cup is designed to be spill-proof for the use of young children.
Argonian Spice Shaker A ceramic container with shaker holes in its lid, designed to hold spice and dispense small amounts.
Argonian Tail Band A band of colored leather worn as a decorative element on the tails of some Dhalmora Argonians. This one has bells attached.
Argonian Tail Stocking A specialty item with strategically placed pouches to hold warmed stones. Some Argonians just can't abide a cold tail.
Beetle Puffs Pastry Pan This pastry pan makes a dozen sweet beetle puffs, a Dhalmora delicacy favored by Argonians and other adventurous eaters.
Black Marsh Transportation Guide A hand-drawn map of the various underground expressways formed by the roots of the Hist trees and the common routes for traders.
Bronzed Egg Tooth A prized childhood keepsake, coated in bronze.
Chieftain's Heirloom Toad-Atlatl Enameled flinging-stick ending in a shallow cup, used in the traditional Murkwater game "The Toad Flies at Dusk."
Clam-Shell File An attractive file used to dull (or sharpen) an Argonian's claws.
Commemorative "Broken Shackles" Medal Bronze medal depicting a set of broken shackles, inscribed "Jubilee Day 572, Lukiul Uxith."
Conjectural Diorama of Silyanorn Scale model in precious woods of the Barsaebic Ayleid city of Silyanorn, the predecessor of modern-day Stormhold.
Copper Horn Caps While the "capping" fad has largely passed, there's still a market for horn adornments in Black Marsh.
Crafter's Ruler Cuts-with-the-Grain swears by this measuring stick, which is engraved with the words "measure twice, cut once."
Crawling Night Pillow Dhalmora Argonians fill their pillows with live centipedes—they love the sensation of wriggling creatures against their heads.
Crimson Ship Ticket A ticket for passage on the Crimson Ship, never used by its owner.
Deluxe Dark Elf Pantomime Joke Book Leather-bound joke book of wordless cartoons all mocking Dark Elves, their customs and personal habits; "Stormhold, 2E 578."
Dhalmora Leather Snuggle Dhalmora Argonians find the feel of these thick, leather blankets oddly comforting on cold, lonely nights.
Dhalmora Scorpion Trap A Dhalmora Argonian invention, this contraption is placed near your sleeping area to attract and capture unwanted scorpions.
Disturbing Argonian Portrait An Argonian family portrait, you find something about it to be mildly disquieting about the way the eyes follow you as you move.
Dreugh-Shell Sithis Spoon Open-bottomed "Sithis Spoon" of Bogmother dreugh-shell, used in the ritual of the Empty Feast of Nullity.
Drinks-Not Book Mark Drinks-Not-Investments, the bank in Dhalmora, distributed these stylish leather book marks to promote business.
Ebony Sithis Idol This small ebony statue depicts Sithis as a bare-skulled figure clutching an Argonian egg.
Elaborate Hist Centerpiece An imposing willow wood sculpture. Small polished jades have been inset between the roots to represent eggs.
Elegant Velvet-Lined Tail Lifter Elegant folding tail lifter made of flexible spry-wood inlaid with red cedar, with a velvet-lined lift-cuff.
Engraved Copper Plates A set of burnished copper flatware. Each piece has been stamped with the mark of the famous Argonian smith, Haj-Ja.
Erotic Argonian Etchings A set of limited-edition etchings of Argonian erotica. It is impossible to discern the gender of the participants.
Eye of Sithis See-All Some Dhalmora Argonians believe this serpent-eye gem, when placed beside their beds, will watch over them during the night.
Fin Polish A lacquered wooden jar filled with a smooth, waxy substance. Guaranteed to enhance the appearance and health of Argonian fins.
Fine Fishbone Head-Spine Snood Semi-rigid snood worn while sleeping to prevent disarrangement of an Argonian's head-spines.
Flawless Black Pearl A large and well-polished swamp pearl from the heart of Black Marsh.
Folio-Binding Kit with Head-Needle Fine snakeskin sewing kit for binding folios of parchment, with an Argonian head-spine needle.
Frog Gig with Folding Haft Xal Ithix-style barbed four-tined frog gig, with double-hinged folding haft made of Mud Tree bamboo.
Gerent's Quilted Sponge-Blanket Quilted sponge-blanket displaying the sigil of the vicecanons. It is best used for staying moist while sleeping.
Glazed Chiminea Beautiful Argonian motifs cover this small cooking oven.
Gold Counter's Promissory Drinks-with-Toes distributes these tokens of obligation to remind bank customers of their dealings with Drinks-Not-Investments.
Golden Mudcrab Plaque Gilded mudcrab mounted on dreugh-shell plaque, inscribed "Best in Class, Sunscale Strand Mudcrab Heave."
Gray Mire Angler's Creel Argonian-made croc-hide creel for stowing caught fish; includes stiffened safety-pocket for extra hook storage.
Greymist Falls Scrimshaw Tusk Delicate scrimshaw carving on imported horker tusk depicting a couple picnicking at Greymist Falls.
Haj-Mota Serving Bowl This large bowl was fashioned from the shell of a baby Haj-Mota.
Hissmir Cypress-Wood Lute Ten-stringed lute of resonant swamp-cypress wood, made by the famous Hissmir luthier Sings-Backward.
Hist Bookends A pair of masterfully carved bookends that resemble a tangle of Hist roots.
Hist Tree Crystal Orb Crystal orb containing a tiny sculpture of the Percolating Mire Hist Tree; when inverted, small white flakes shower down.
Hoarvor-Proboscis Mud Snorkel Night-snorkel to enable breathing when sleeping immersed in mud, a hoarvor proboscis engraved with paeans to Padhome.
Incomprehensible Argonian Game A game, you think, of ancient Argonian design. The rules are incomprehensible, but the carved monster pieces are nice.
Intricate Fishing Basket An expertly coiled basket made from river cane and red wasso—popular with Argonian fishwives.
Jade Cameo Sculpture This lovingly polished relief sculpture depicts an Argonian in profile.
Keeper's Everfount Inkplume Writing plume of endless ink used by Hatching Pool Keepers to keep records of eggs and their hatchlings.
Keeper's Licorice Worm Dowsing Rod Orichalc dowsing rod used for finding the underground teeming-holes of licorice worms, which Keepers feed to hatchlings.
Kothringi Abacus from Zuuk Portable Kothringi abacus employing varnished sphere-scarabs as slide-beads. The four bottom central beads are marked Z-U-U-K.
Kothringi Dream Catcher Small bits of string and beads are woven together into a small circle. There is a single black feather attached at the bottom.
Monsoon Celebrant's Helical Foont-Pipe A hollow spiral blowpipe, made of the horn of an unknown sea creature, used for foonting to welcome the annual monsoon.
Mudcrab Shell Cracker This essential Argonian tool for obtaining the succulent meat inside a steamed mudcrab can be found throughout Bal Foyen.
Murkmire Spice Grinder A wooden device for grinding spices, this one was made by Argonian crafters and imported from Black Marsh.
Naga-skin Bandit Blotter Felt-lined absorbent blotter made from the soft-scaled underbelly of a condemned Naga bandit.
Obsidian Night-Spectacles Broad pince-snout spectacles of thin but dark obsidian, worn for the Argonian practice of "Walking with Sithis."
Ooze-Blender with Spiral Spinner Fine ceramic ooze-blender jar with central rotating spiral spinner, engraved "Sundry Swills, Alten Corimont" on the bottom.
Ornamental Box of Family Egg-Shards Thornwood box with mother-of-pearl inlay containing a selection of family egg-shards going back several generations.
Pejureel's Party Platter Chef Pejureel in Dhalmora sells a surprising number of these turtle-shell platters. Perfect for any party.
Polished Wooden Spoon A stained and polished Saxhleel ladle, highly sought after by many Imperial chefs.
Porcelain Snake Sweat Jar A decorative porcelain jar, used to store and dispense a favorite beverage of Dhalmora Argonians: tasty snake sweat.
Ranic's Leather Oil A jar of oil intended for use on leather. Many Dhalmora Argonians use it to keep their scales smooth and shiny.
Raw Silk Linens Rough-spun linens gathered from an Argonian caterpillar farm.
Replica Chid-Moska Xanmeer Small replica of a xanmeer carved in soapstone, engraved "Chid-Moska" underneath, with an "X" crudely carved at the apex.
Sap-Speaker Moppet Doll A doll modeled after an Argonian Sap-Speaker, albeit with a large head and smaller body, rarely seen this far from Murkmire.
Seashell Wind Chimes When Iron-In-Blood takes a break from crafting weapons, he makes these delicate chimes from local seashells.
Shadowfen Mud Collection Collection of eight sealed glass jars, each containing a sample of mud from a different region of Shadowfen.
Shrew-Skull Jar-Top Opener Fancy jar-top opener that uses the open-mouthed skull of a giant shrew, labeled "Courtesy of Beleth's Swamp Food."
Small Copper Theilul Still Compact copper apparatus for distilling moon-sugar cane into theilul, the dark Argonian rum.
Stormhold "Stingaree" Tail Prosthesis Fancy lacquered giant-wasp thorax with flexible bands for tail attachment, worn in the "Fredas Night Stingaree."
Stormhold-Style Silver Slide-Flute Slide-flute, silver, of the type used for playing the traditional jig "Dancing on Eggs" in the Stormhold Fredas Night Stingaree.
Stout Grass Rope A coil of strong, fibrous rope. This sturdy weave is an old Argonian secret.
Swamp Eel Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roasted swamp eel at Argonian feasts.
Teeba-Hatsei Ball This remarkably heavy ball is used in the popular Argonian sport of Teeba-Hatsei, or "Hip and Tail Ball."
Teeba-Hatsei Hip Pad Worn by Murkmire "hip-and-tail-ball" players, this padding of wood and dried wasso leaves is a conversation piece in Bal Foyen.
Thick Quill Pen This quill was drawn from the corpse of a mighty Hack-Wing.
Vicecanon's Cloth-of-Gold Armband Symbol of office for a Vicecanon of Stormhold and "All Surrounding Domains Appertaining Thereto," says the label.
Wamasu-Hide Tarpaulin This sturdy tarp is tightly stitched and extremely durable.
Wasp-Wing Betrothal Veil Heirloom Argonian betrothal veil woven of the wings of Shadowfen wasps, both ordinary and giant.
White Rose Warden's Knout Brooch White Rose Prison Warden's symbol of office, a platinum brooch in the shape of a truncheon ending in a short three-lashed whip.
Winter Warding Talisman A talisman sold in back alleys, it supposedly keeps Argonians warm despite the cold of the Rift, but keep a blanket handy.
Xal Thak Dental Marimba Small marimba, with mallets, made of carefully-selected resonant reptile teeth on a nonatonic scale.
  Ceremonial shovel used to add a final pat of muck to a mud-house, with "Forsaken Hamlet" crudely scrawled on the blade.
  Crystal water bowl intended as a "live inkwell." It holds a single black marsh-squid as a living source of ink.
"Imperial" Lawn Statue Small painted statue of a Cyrodilic knight standing with one arm outstretched, holding a ring to tie to a mount's reins.
All Flags Navy Campaign Ribbon Rare vintage officer's campaign ribbon for participation in the naval assault on Thras in 1E 2260.
Antique "Fort Zantonius" Serving Platter Antique Imperial brass serving platter, with wooden handles, engraved with an image of (now-ruined) Fort Zantonius in its prime.
Ayleid White-Gold Compass An antique compass of silver and gold that always points towards the White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil.
Black Horse Courier Bridle This black leather bridle has silver buckles and the insignia of the Black Horse Couriers etched into the leather.
Bottle of First Era Collequiva An extremely rare vintage, sought after by former Imperial nobility. The symbol of a peach is etched into the bottle.
Child's Ambiguous Doll It isn't clear if this tiny burlap monstrosity represents a frost troll or Clivia Tharn. Its steel button eyes could be resold.
Cloven Centurion's Scutum This cracked Imperial shield is hundreds of years old. A fragile heirloom, now useless for the battlefield.
Colorful Pottery This colorfully painted pottery depicts the fall of the Reman Empire.
Colovian Cipher Device A brass cylinder of rotating disks, engraved with letters and connected by a central axle, used to decipher Colovian messages.
Commemorative Imperial Coins These coins depict the first emperors of Tamriel: from Alessia to Savirien-Chorak.
Crocodile Gravy Boat A gravy boat in the shape of a crocodile, crafted by artisans from central Tamriel.
First Era Imperial Seal An ancient seal bearing the image of Saint Alessia. She's depicted cradling the mythical Amulet of Kings.
First Teeth Pouch A satin draw-string "First Teeth" pouch, in the Imperial tradition. It could be resold once the teeth inside are discarded.
Gold Coast Cleaning Oil A small bottle of oil used by the Gold Coast mercenaries to clean and oil their leather armor.
Gold Coast Ink Stamp A stamp used by the Gold Coast Mercenaries to seal their correspondences.
Gold Coast Spyglass This spyglass was originally intended for nautical use. The symbol of the Gold Coast Trading Company is stamped onto the side.
House Tharn Family Crest This highly-detailed embroidered crest of House Tharn, dating back to the First Era, is of great historical and artistic value.
Imperial Sceptre A rod made of solid gold and adorned with silver etches and jewels. It probably belonged to royalty.
Imperial Strife Board A board of heavy, inlaid wood, set in a series of triangular patterns, used to play the Imperial game, "Strife."
Imperial Writ of Loyalty This writ says the bearer is loyal to the Empire and must be treated accordingly. It's signed by Magus-General Septima Tharn.
Imperial-Style Brass Candlestick Brass candlestick for holding a medium-sized candle, in the Nibenese style, possibly from Fort Zantonius
Jar of Pretty Seashells A glass jar filled with pink and orange shells, labeled "Strident Coast."
Magus-General's Saddle This fancy Imperial saddle is made from fine leather and ebony adornments. It's also shaped to fit Septima Tharn's arse.
Matching Imperial Spice Shakers A set of ivory spice shakers, in stylized shapes of Imperial Knights, made exclusively by crafters in Cyrodiil.
Morihaus' Sled Horn An ancient Atmoran sled horn, rumored to have been blown by Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne during his taking of the White-Gold Tower.
Phial of Leovic's Blood This tiny phial contains blood of the former Emperor Leovic, supposedly collected at his regicide.
Ruby-Encrusted Tea Set An ancient tea set bearing a representation of the Imperial ruby on every piece.
Seventh Legion Horseshoes These steel-plated horseshoes were forged by Imperial smiths for members of the Seventh Legion.
Seventh Legion Lantern This lantern is forged from Dwarven Steel and engraved with the words: "For your loyalty to the Empire, from Septima Tharn."
Seventh Legion Sash This elegant sash is handed out to Imperial agents so that when the legion arrives, they can prove their loyalty.
Seventh Legion Trowel This silver trowel is used by Imperial archaeologists working as part of the Seventh Legion.
Silver-Plated Tweezers A pair of gleaming tweezers marked by the Imperial ruby. It's possible they once belonged to an Imperial surgeon.
Tasseled Pillow A large pillow emblazoned with the Imperial ruby. Created from a lavish, finely-spun material, it is soft to the touch.
Tharn Family Scroll Case This ostentatious scroll case is used by members of the Empire's ruling family to exchange correspondences.
Vial of Soil from Hrol's Hillock This vial of soil is purportedly from the hillock King Hrol fertilized before his death.
White Rose Prison Tapestry Rolled-up Imperial tapestry depicting a fortification in a teeming swamp, embroidered "Souvenir of White Rose Prison."
White-Gold Wax Tablet A tablet that functions as a portable writing surface. Markings across the top indicate it came from the Imperial Palace.
Wooden Toy Sword This toy sword was carved to match an Imperial gladius. A fence could resell it to bandits in need of training swords.
A nail thought to be from the horseshoe of Silvermere, ridden by Emperor Reman during his campaign against the Akiviri invaders.
This gold embroidered tablecloth was designated for the dining table of Imperial Magus-General Septima Tharn.
Bjoulsae Racing Oar Racing rowboats up and down the Bjoulsae River has been a popular pastime for centuries. This oar was made for this purpose.
Bjoulsae River Ladle This long-armed ladle was designed for drawing water from the deepest part of the Bjoulsae River.
Covenant Blue Sash A silken sash, dyed a deep ocean blue.
Covenant Chamber Pot This silver plated chamber pot is engraved with the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant. Fortunately, it has never been used.
Covenant Commemorative Saucer This saucer was decorated with the royal crest to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Covenant Tankard A standard-issue steel tankard. No Daggerfall Covenant officer would be caught dead in the field without one.
Crystal Candlestick Holder A distinctive parasol with dangles and frills, made popular by wealthy matrons during the first Daggerfall Covenant.
Dagger Whiskey Distiller A distilling device for making tasty and potent Dagger whiskey (a favorite among the Covenant) in the comfort of your own home.
Daggerfall Covenant Correspondence Sheets A stack of stationery featuring the embossed seal of the Daggerfall Covenant. What it was doing in Eastmarch is anyone's guess.
Daggerfall War Toys These tiny Daggerfall soldiers and siege engines carved from wood fit within a simple wool pouch.
Lady Laurent's Silk Kerchief The renowned voyager employs these kerchiefs to keep her hands clean in old tombs. Stibbons has lost hundreds of them.
Lady Laurent's Trowel This ornate but rugged trowel is made of Dwarven steel. It's one of several made for Lady Laurent.
Letter of Marque This letter authorizes a ship captain to attack and loot Dominion ships in support of the Sentinel Navy.
Perfumed Letter from Lady Laurent Famed explorer Lady Clarisse Laurent wrote and signed this letter, seeking funding for her latest dungeon-delving expedition.
Pouch of Parrot Food Captain Lerisa's love of pets is well-known. This mixture of exotic seeds and nuts was made special for her prized parrots.
Sapphire-Studded Book Bag A lavishly decorated sack for carrying around books or other personal objects. It bears the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Sea Drake Flask This silver flask was given to every member of Captain Helane's crew before their maiden voyage. Only a few remain.
Sea Drake Sextant This finely tuned sextant bears the mark of the Sea Drakes and was likely owned by one of Captain Helane's midshipmen.
Tarnished Medal of Valor A golden emblem bearing the Covenant's heraldry, cast aside and forgotten.
Tarren Tolk's Tall Tales Amusing and often bawdy anecdotes and fables detailing a Breton's adventures in Alik'r.
Ancient Dwarven Chalice An ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel. It was recovered from the Dwemer ruins of Bthanual.
Dwarven Cog Wrapped in a Note The note reads, "See? I told you! There's Dwarf stuff for the taking in the Armature! —Zendrinn"
Dwarven Puzzle Box Imported puzzle box of Dwarven metal, in a pouch made from the most exquisite mouse fur.
Dwarven Steel Griddle A griddle purportedly found in an ancient Dwemer ruin. According to an inscription on the handle, the Dwemer enjoyed pancakes.
Dwemer Bauble A small spherical device of Dwemer origin that whirs and hisses. Its intended use is a mystery.
Dwemer Coin Collection A scattering of what appear to be ancient Dwemer coins, set and displayed as a collection.
Dwemer Hammer Hilt The hilt of an ancient Dwemer warhammer, retained as an heirloom by some Dark Elf family.
Dwemer Tonal Diagram A schematic utilizing the principles of tonal architecture, indecipherable by any but the lost Dwemer people.
Elaborate Blueprints These sketches are the handiwork of the scholar, Neramo. The images depict the inner workings of a Dwemer automaton.
Gold Finger Cymbals A pair of decorated cymbals emblazoned with Dwemer runes. As valuable to scholars as the gold from which they're made.
Inscrutable Dwarven Device with Blinking Gem Dwemer device, purpose unknown, with seven pistons and a blinking red gem, from the Inner Sea Armature.
Sotha Sil Statuette of Dwarven Metal Dwarven-metal statuette of Sotha Sil as a Dwarven Centurion, inscribed "Crafted by Zephalas at Armature's Upheaval."
Unusual Stone from Northwind Mine This stone might be an ancient Dwemer relic -- or not. Its strange glowing specks make it quite valuable.
Alabaster Bandit Whistle Since bandits began appearing in Bleakrock, many citizens have begun to carry around whistles to sound when they require aid.
Argonian Desk Reference This text contains highly inaccurate translations of Nord and Dark Elf phrases into simple Argonian words.
Banner-Torn Brews Decorative Stopper The topper on this empty jug is extraordinary—a porcelain pig with a barrel of Aera's Ale around its neck.
Banner-Torn's Everfull Flask Sjarla Banner-Torn, Bleakrock's brewer, distributes these flasks with the promise to fill them whenever you have gold to pay.
Bleakrock Braid Memento A lock of thick, auburn hair, tied in the distinctive Bleakrock Braid and saved in remembrance of someone dear.
Bleakrock Docks Wind Chimes These wind chimes once hung at the Bleakrock docks, but the workers demanded they be removed because of the annoying noise.
Bleakrock Isle Scenery Painting A small painting in a frame that sits on a nightstand, it shows a distinct piece of Bleakrock scenery by the artist Oro.
Bleakrock Snow Bucket A metal bucket with a lid, residents of Bleakrock fill it with anything they want to keep cold and then shove it into the snow.
Bleakrock Trading Hall Shopping List A list of supplies someone plans to pick up at the Bleakrock Trading Hall.
Brass Pen and Ink Stand Brass stand for holding writing plumes and an inkwell, engraved "Sabiru's General Goods, Fell's Run" on the bottom.
Captain Rana Jinx Doll A stuffed doll made of rags, crudely modeled to represent Captain Rana. Multiple needles skewer its head and torso.
Captain Rana's Patrol Schedule An unauthorized record of Captain Rana's personal patrol schedule. It appears the people of Bleakrock like to keep track of her.
Cargo Manifest for Shad Astula Though the academy only caters to the Pact, they purchase from the lowest bidder. Rival schools would pay highly for this.
Charm of Ill Omens A small charm, reportedly found in Hozzin's Folly, it is said to bring dark thoughts and ill fortune to whoever possesses it.
Chipped Stone from Skyshroud Barrow This piece of cracked masonry contains etchings that identify it as originating at Skyshroud Barrow in Bleakrock.
Commemorative Pact Mudcrab Claw A mudcrab claw inscribed with the dragonhead of the Ebonheart Pact, Fetches-Glitter distributes these to honor the alliance.
Deathclaw Ordure A hunter in Bleakrock sells these petrified piles produced by the giant bat as good luck charms of a sort.
Deldwine's Unusual Vintage A foul-tasting liquid that turns one's urine the same color of ink used by Pact officials. Desperate forgers might pay for this.
Ebonheart Commemorative Plate This plate, decorated with the seals of Morrowind, Skyrim, and Black Marsh, commemorates the formation of the Ebonheart Pact.
Ebonheart Guard Canteen A standard-issue drinking container provided to guards serving the Ebonheart Pact.
Essence of Bleakrock A wild and wintery cologne for the discerning Nords of Bleakrock, it's surprisingly crafted from a recipe by Biiri the Dark Elf.
Holgunn's Unexpurgated Beetle-Shot Proclamation A rare proclamation of Fish Stink Tavern's Beetle-Shot cocktail as the official drink of the Pact—rescinded the next day.
Horseshoe from the Hot Iron A lucky horseshoe, crafted at the Hot Iron in Bleakrock, it appears to be well made.
Hozzin's Snowshoe A single contrivance consisting of a frame of stretched-leather thongs that, in pairs, enable a wearer to walk across deep snow.
Linnea's Luscious Foot Polish A popular foot ointment made and sold exclusively at Linnea's Liniments, it can even be found in homes as far away as Windhelm.
Linnea's Wolf's Blight The Bleakrock alchemist makes extra gold selling pouches filled with various herbs that supposedly ward off wolves.
Majolrun's Warming Bath Stones Majolrun of Bleakrock makes a nice side business by providing stones enchanted to keep bath water and bedsheets warm and comfy.
Morrowind Fungus Grater Captain Rana had a number of these graters sent to Bleakrock so its residents would never be without perfect fungus shavings.
Nam-Li's Immodest Fables Amusing (and often bawdy) anecdotes and tall tales detailing an Argonian's adventures in Morrowind.
Nord-to-Dark Elf Concordance A list of common Nord words and sayings, translated into phrases more palatable to Dark Elf sensibilities.
Pact Correspondence Pouch The leaders of the Ebonheart Pact often exchange important correspondences in fancy leather pouches.
Rabbit Roasting Pan A favorite meal throughout Bleakrock Isle, this deep porcelain casserole is the perfect size to hold a stuffed rabbit.
Slaughterfish Cooking Rock A wide, flat, well-oiled rock that makes a perfect cooking vessel for splayed slaughterfish, a Bleakrock delicacy.
Spider-Web Cocoon This fist-sized spider-web cocoon from northeast Bleakrock appears to be intact. An alchemist would pay well for this.
Three Banners War Pact Propaganda A broadsheet trumpeting the Ebonheart Pact's claim to the Imperial throne, written in flowery, adjective-laden language.
Alabaster Scrying Basin with Bug-Parade Brim Scrying basin carved from alabaster, brim carved with a line of marching caterpillars, engraved "KA" for Karthdar Artisans.
Ancient Pa'alatiin Chalice An ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel, it is believed to be from the time of the Khajiiti state of Pa'alatiin.
Antique Khajiiti Teapot This finely polished teapot is covered in Khajiiti motifs and smells faintly of sweet grass.
Arenthian Squeeze Box A hand-held musical reed instrument played by squeezing it in and out, like a bellows. Popular with Colovian travelers.
Baandari Finger Puzzle A popular children's toy with a sinister history. Its ability to tangle up hands has made it a popular tool for thieves.
Baandari Horse Pillow This padded pillow filled with seagull feathers and butterflies keeps a Baandari trader comfortable on long journeys.
Baandari Ledger This ledger contains evidence of illegal trading by the Baandari. It could be quite valuable to a rival.
Baandari Moon-Sugar Basters These basters are sold by the Baandari for the express purpose of basting roasted meats repeatedly with moon-sugar syrup.
Baandari Pottery Colorful, painted pottery in the Baandari style.
Baandari Stoneware Bowl Calendar Baandari serving bowl and calendar, with two banded rim-rings where stones are placed representing Jone and Jode.
Baandari Trading Post Parasol Khajiiti reed-and-papyrus folding parasol, with "Compliments of the Baandari Trading Post" on the handle.
Baandari Trick Dice A pair of Baandari dice. They seem unevenly weighted to favor one side.
Ball of Royal Ochre Mohair Yarn Ball of top-quality mohair yarn, dyed with the rare and valuable Torval Royal Ochre pigment.
Bamboo-Twig Whisker Snood Semi-rigid cheek cauls of flexible bamboo twigs with fur pins; worn to keep whiskers from bending while asleep.
Ban Daar Puzzle Box An intricately-fashioned box, thought by the Khajiit to bestow good fortune upon anyone who can remove the luck charm inside.
Bottle of Catnip Perfume Delicate perfume bottle containing aromatic catnip fragrance, from The Hissing Phial.
Bottle of Red Claw Polish Bottle of bright crimson claw polish, with applicator brush, for use when both moons are dark ("Sangiin's Midnight").
Brass Khajiiti Finger-Pen Brass nib that fits over a Khajiit's index fingernail, converting it into a fountain pen.
Brass Senche-Tiger A skillfully-crafted brass model of a crouching Senche-Tiger. Its sharp teeth and fully articulated jaw can crack walnuts.
Canebrake Market Bamboo Fruit Box An empty bamboo box labeled "Canebrake Market," with partitions intended to hold candied pieces of fruit.
Cathay-raht Bedroom Accoutrements Brightly painted Khajiiti paraphernalia for playing "Hircine's Tiger Hunt," a popular bedroom game.
Claw Sharpeners These are very fine claw sharpeners, useful especially to Khajiit.
Consistently Imprecise Compass This compass reliably points east-northeast. Carried by Khajiiti travelers who want future pickpockets to get lost.
Curious Khajiiti Pipe This stylish glass pipe smells faintly of moon sugar, and has a thin blue residue on the rim of the bowl.
Dancing Day Silk Veils Long veils of crimson, scarlet, and lemon yellow, for doing the sprightly Mistral Tarantella on Dancing Day.
Dark Moon Temple Bell Ancient bronze bell stolen from the Temple of the Dark Moon. It probably lacks the traditional theft-curse placed on such items.
Deadwood Knickknack A chunk of deadwood carved to resemble a monkey and mounted to a block for display, most likely by a Khajiit, just because.
Do'Krin Monastary Candle Snuffer A sterling silver instrument bearing the imprint of the Do'Krin Monastary, used to safely extinguish candles.
Do'Krin Monastary Tapestry A finely-woven tapestry depicting Alkosh, the First Cat, and the creation myth of the ja-Kha'jay, or Lunar Lattice.
Do'Krin Prayer Beads Prayer beads carved at Do'Krin Temple. They are valued for their pleasant musk scent.
Elsweyr Serving Ladle This fine wooden serving ladle is painted with a pattern that resembles a senche-tiger's stripes.
Embroidered Silken Baandari Pillow Silken pillow embroidered to depict the Great Gate of Corinthe, labeled "Property of Silver Moons Inn."
Enameled Clay Catnip Pipe Catnip pipe painted with images from the tale "How Khenarthi Taught the Clouds to Dance."
Extensible "Strangler Teaser" Pole Seven-part extensible rod of horn and antler, used by the youth of Karthdar in their charming game of "Strangler Teaser."
Fine Steel Skinning Kit An imported Khajiiti skinning kit, only lightly used.
Five Claws Cards An ornate set of Khajiiti playing cards, used in a variety of games in which the highest hand is a Five Claw Flush.
Five-Pronged Pirate Hook For a Khajiiti pirate, one claw is never enough.
Fur Grooming Kit The perfect kit for dapper cats and feline dandies.
Fusozay Cushion A Kahjiit novelty cushion that, when placed on a chair and sat upon, produces an embarrassing flatulence sound.
Gaudy Baandari Budi Shawl Linen shawl with a bright floral print, typical of Baandari Pedlars, and labeled "Serious Stitchery, Redfur Trading Post."
Glass Spice Shakers A pair of spherical glass shakers painted to resemble the Tamrielic moons. They appear to be of Khajiiti origin.
Gobbet Bowl with Hackwing Picks Coral-rimmed bowl with bird-bone fang-picks. After meals, diners pick uneaten food from their fangs and place it in the bowl.
Golden Azurah Icon Golden icon depicting Azurah as a Khajiit with eight-pointed pupils in her wide, oversized eyes.
Golden Rid-Thar-ri'Datta Idol A golden idol fashioned in the likeness of Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, the first Mane of the Khajiit.
Golden Spikeball This solid-gold decorative spikeball is awarded annually to the most valuable Spikeball player at Hadran's Caravan.
Grandma Singa's Hairball Remedy A bottle of Singa-dra's Digestive Aid and Hairball Remedy Elixer. Now in delightful Cod flavor!
Grooming Brush This bronzed Khajiiti hand-brush is perfect for grooming both fur and manes.
Hadran's High Roller Chips The highest denomination of gambling chips from Hadran's Caravan, worth a great deal at the betting tables.
Imported Bronze Grit Sieve Bronze sifter for removing lumps from a grit-box, engraved "Imported from Senchal by Ranabi" on the handle.
Imported Khenarthi's Wool Blanket Soft ivory-colored blanket of wool from Khenarthi's Roost. The label reads "Imported by The Handy Haversack."
Intricate Spring Trap This incredibly complex mouse-trap is of Khajiiti design, but features a great many Dwemer parts.
Ja'khajiit Picture Book A simple picture book with ten images of mischievous kittens. Each picture is composed of a single unbroken line.
Jone and Jode Bell A silver bell engraved with an image of the big moon and the little moon. Khajiit ring it to ward off night spirits.
Khajiit Monkey Call A simple aerophone bearing the mark of a Khajiiti hunter, it produces an amazingly lifelike monkey call.
Khajiit Tail Sling A snake-skin sling that supports the proud Khajiit tail. It protects tails from injury or cradles injured tails while they heal.
Khajiit Travel Skillet No Khajiit journeys into the wild without sticking one of these cooking vessels in her pack. Perfect for making fried sweetcake.
Khajiit Windowsill Sun Reflector A mirrored plaque placed on a windowsill, reflecting sunlight into a dot that senche-tigers (and some Khajiit) love to chase.
Khajiiti Cast-Iron Baking Pot Cast-iron casserole pot with cover for slow-baking sweet pastries, labeled "Property of Sathram Slave Quarters."
Khenarthi's Roost Paperweight Chunk of rose quartz cut into the shape of the island, inscribed "Compliments of Mistral Treasury" on the bottom.
Long-Handled Mudcrab Flipper Broad wooden spatula with long bamboo handle; used by Roost beachcombers to flip mudcrabs onto their backs.
Lucky Senche-Tiger Claw A claw with three naturally occurring, parallel streaks on one side. Said to impart good fortune upon the owner.
Moon-Sugar Sipping Cup Imported from Senchal, this tawny-clay, spill-proof cup allows young Khajiit cubs to discover the wonders of moon-sugar tea.
Moon-Sugarcane Machete Broad-bladed steel tool for harvesting moon-sugarcane. "Windcatcher Plantation" is burned onto the haft.
Pamphlet of Erotic Engravings Khajiiti pamphlet showing various forms of erotic dalliance, illustrated by stylized drawings of astoundingly lithe cat-people.
Pearl-Handled Hairbrush A fine quality hairbrush with a pearl handle. Upon closer inspection, the bristles appear to be made from giant whiskers.
Pet Monkey Red Vest and Fez Tiny embroidered red vest and tiny red fez with yellow tassel; a label inside the lapel reads "Noryariel, Tailor."
Play Sword This wooden saber is remarkably well-made. Perfect for the young and aspiring warrior, waiting for the call of Rahni'Za.
Polished Woodblock Stamp This hand-carved stamp produces an ornate Khajiiti design when inked and pressed to paper.
Portrait of the Mane The great spiritual leader of the Khajiit is here captured in simple artistic style.
Rahni'Za Whetstone An expertly cut whetstone, given to students at the Rahni'Za sword school.
Rajhin Desk Idol A hand-carved idol of the trickster god. Said to ward away thieves when its belly is regularly rubbed.
Rajhin's Final Cups This is supposedly one of the clay cups used in the fabled drinking contest between the Khajiiti trickster god and Sanguine.
Rajhin's Shadow Pocket Idol A small figurine carved to depict one of Rajhin's shadows. When carried, the owner is said to be safe from pickpockets.
Red Squirrel Paw The preserved paw of a rare red squirrel, considered by many Khajiit to be a good luck charm.
Renrijra Captain's Perspective Glass Fine brass folding telescope of Khajiiti manufacture, marred slightly by salt-water corrosion.
Rubber Squeeze Mouse Realistic squeaking mouse, twice life-size, fashioned from cooked gray rubber at The Hissing Phial.
Senche Whisker Brush The head of this beautifully carved ink brush is composed of hundreds of genuine Senche whiskers.
Senche-Jaw Hairbrush A hairbrush made from the jawbone of a senche-tiger.
Senche-Skin Overnight Bag This fancy luggage item is made from the skin of a Senche Tiger. The tiger's claws and teeth are used as fasteners.
Senche-Stalked Earplugs A pair of earplugs which hiss softly when senche-tigers approach within thirty paces. Indispensable for light outdoor sleepers.
Senche-Tiger Saddle If someone were to ride a senche-tiger, this is what they'd use.
Senche-Tiger Training Harness A training harness, only slightly gnawed.
Set of Syrup Dram Glasses Set of seven cut-glass jigger cups, used for sipping fermented syrups, from the Vitriarch at Cat's Eye Quay.
Seven Satin Tail-Bows Seven superb tail-bows, each in the traditional color associated with a day of the week.
Silk Sugar Dauber A square of folded silk used to daub moon-sugar onto Khajiiti tongues. Called a "hairball hankie" by ignorant foreigners.
Skooma Pipe This skooma pipe would sell well on the black market.
Stonefire Molag Bal Effigy A likeness of Molag Bal, intricately carved from solid obsidian with ruby eyes. Used by Stonefire Cultists in dark ceremonies.
Stuffed Mouse Toy A favorite among playful Khajiit, crafted by stuffing a dead mouse with cotton and sewing a small bell to its tail.
Suthay-raht Riding Crop Riding crop made of a tanned and cured Khajiit's tail, ending in six short knotted leather strips.
Teahouse Comfort Fan This simple silk fan is imprinted with an ancient Khajiiti rune, quite fashionable at the tea parlors of Dune.
The Wilderflowers of Elsweyr An illustrated guide to the various species of wildflowers found throughout Elsweyr, hand-painted by the artist Guta-dar.
Thizzrini Grand Champion Medal This medal, in the shape of a three-sided pyramid, is engraved with depictions of a swordmaster, sorceror and summoner.
Three-Temples Picture Book "Khenarthi's Roost: Isle of Three Temples," a folio of engravings depicting ancient sacred sites.
Thulie's Five Card Wisp Master System This foolproof system for beating the Five Card Wisp dealers at Hadran's Caravan is enciphered. Code book sold separately!
Top Quality Clamming Fork Short-handled steel spade fork for digging up clams, with non-warping mangrove handle, from Moonfire Forge.
Twelve Moons Sweet-Box This lacquered wooden box contains twelve separate partitions for different varieties of moon-sugar.
Two Moons Key An ornamental key from Two Moons temple. Con artists could convince a mark that it opens something valuable.
Two Moons Platter A silver-plated platter embossed with the images of Jone and Jode.
White Senche Tiger Rug A tiger skin rug made from a large and very rare white senche tiger.
Woven Baandari Blanket This Baandari-style blanket has a colorful and exotic look.
Wrought-Iron Claw File A double-sided claw file. One side is coarse, the other fine. Engraving on the handle says "Moonfire Forge."
  Antique brass spoon with retractable fork tines, said to have been found deep in the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
  Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a monkey, Khajiit regularly apply generous amounts behind their tail and ears.
Abecean Whale Buckle Wax This lacquered wooden jar is filled with pale buckle wax, likely harvested from a local Abecean whale.
Albatross Feather Pen A popular writing implement, especially among Redguard sailors.
Alik'r Bath Rug A fine bath rug, imported from a small boutique in Sentinel. It features an attractive yet simple Redguard design.
Alik'r Royal Comb This is one of Duchess Lakana's precious grooming implements.
Alik'r Spice Decanters A pair of Redguard containers designed to hold rare and expensive Alik'r spices.
Alik'r Spice Grinder Imported from Alik'r, this spice grinder can be set to produce the exact level of coarseness your recipe demands.
Alik'r Spice Jar A container for holding spices, crafted and sold by a friendly Redguard trader in western Rivenspire.
Alik'ri Glassware A pair of wine glasses made from the finest desert crystal.
Ancient Yokudan Arrowhead This antique arrowhead may have aged, but the quality craftsmanship of the fletchers from Old Yokuda is still clear.
Ancient Yokudan Chalice This centuries-old golden cup is in near pristine condition and as such can be sold for a great deal of gold.
Ancient Yokudan Coin A tarnished Yokudan coin. The profile of an ancient warrior is just barely visible on its worn surface.
Ancient Yokudan Flute Though it's similar to the modern instrument, no one living knows exactly how to play this antique golden flute.
Ancient Yokudan Relic All that remains of this once proud statue is the head. Its stone face, eroded by time, still bears a scowl.
Ansei's Meditation Stone These massive egg-shaped crystals were used by the Ansei centuries ago and were passed down to their descendants.
Antique Hallin's Stand Flag This flag flew over Hallin's Stand centuries ago when the city was part of the kingdom of Sentinel.
Antique Hookah This elaborate waterpipe is unique to Craglorn. Stylized Nedic motifs have been etched into the silver trim.
Apex Tower Silver Flask A silver drinking flask bearing the symbol of the Apex Tower in Elinhir.
Ash'abah Blanket This coarse, but finely woven blanket was crafted by the Ash'abah to keep them warm on cold nights in the desert.
Ash'abah Friendship Coin The Ash'abah give these coins out to friends and allies to whom they owe a debt.
Ash'abah Moon Salve The Ash'abah use a secret formula to create this mixture. When smeared on exposed skin, it protects one from sun blush.
Asha'abah Roasting Tongs King Fahara'jad gifted several of these gold tongs to Ash'abah tribal leaders after they slew the infamous necromancer, Suturah.
Aswala Grandee's Saddle To promote their horse-breeds, the Aswala family gifted these bejeweled saddles to several prominent nobles.
Aswala Lucky Horseshoe Visitors to the famous Aswala Stables once purchased horseshoes such as these. They were thought to bring good fortune.
At-Tura Scimitar Sheath Count Hosni at-Tura is known for keeping a vast collection of ornate scimitar sheaths from all over Hammerfell.
At-Tura Stationery Count Hosni at-Tura had his insignia stamped onto these papers to be used for his personal correspondences.
Badge of the Ra Gada This ancient military badge was given to the warlords of the Ra Gada when they first arrived on Tamriel's shores.
Banner of the Na-Totambu This is an archaic flag, carried by servants of the Na-Totambu when they first arrived on ships from old Yokuda.
Belkarth Broadsheet A broadsheet featuring news of Craglorn and the Three Banners War, published irregularly and often woefully out of date.
Belkarth Oven Mitt This heavy woolen glove is perfect for pulling kebabs out of a hot clay oven.
Blackcaster Mage Insignia A small seal that bears the image of one of the Apex Towers in Elinhir.
Blackcaster Mage's Spellbook A book with no markings identifying its owner. It contains component lists for spells, and is wrapped in Elinhiran leather.
Blessed Astrolabe After its blessing by a priest of Tava, it is bad luck for this silver astrolabe to be touched by any but royal naval officers.
Bloody Fist Armband A blood-red armband worn by Headman Bhosek's most trusted warriors.
Bone Dice A set of dice made from bones and fashioned in a tradition that honors the Yokudan god of souls.
Bountiful Silver Plate This large, silver plate is engraved with an image of Morwha, the Yokudan goddess of fertility.
Broken-Toothed Ivory Comb A fancy comb of Redguard design, a few of its teeth have broken off and are missing.
Burnished Judgment Badge A badge worn by the famed Justices of Bergama. A fence might be able to ransom this back to its original owner.
Camel Whip A finely woven leather whip, made for directing Craglorn camels.
Caravan Scrip A promise of payment that identifies itself as issued by the Dragonstar Caravan Company.
Celestial Spice Shakers Spice shakers depicting the Warrior, Thief, and Serpent, crafted before the true extent of the Celestial situation was known.
Conch Shell Inkwell This small conch shell, taken from the beach at Stros M'kai, was turned into a fetching inkwell.
Corporate Seal This heavy brass seal bears the mark of the Dragonstar Caravan Company.
Courtesan's Appointment Book This little book lists the clients of a popular courtesan in Hallin's Stand, making it almost priceless to a blackmailer.
Cracked Yokudan Memory Stone Unstable images and vague, distant voices swirl and flicker around this broken relic.
Crispy Frog Fryer A common outdoor cooking device, perfect for preparing one of the prime food sources available in Craglorn's wilderness.
Crossed Scimitars Buckle A metal buckle bearing the image of crossed scimitars, a symbol with profound meaning to Redguards.
Crossroads Tavern Dice A pair of dice from the Crossroads Tavern in Belkarth.
Crown Seal This seal is used to mark correspondences between high-ranking Crown nobles.
Crude Tooth Paperweight This grisly paperweight features a molar taken from a Dogeater Goblin perched atop a resin block.
Derali Lizard Leash This leash was used by one of the most prominent lizard-racing families in all of the Alik'r.
Desert Glass Decanter A beautifully crafted vessel. Iridescent red flecks can be seen in the glass.
Diamond-Tooth Cat Comb This extravagant jeweled comb was one of several created for Queen Jezerei, also known as the "Strumpet Queen."
Dishonored Potion Opener This potion opener is decorated with a crude depiction of Satakal as a serpent, with fangs exposed.
Divad Hunding's Petrified Finger This petrified finger allegedly belonged to the legendary Sword-Singer Divad Hunding.
Dragonstar Arena Consolation Prize The steel-dipped spine of a failed Dragonstar Arena competitor. Typically presented to next of kin, or sold on the black market.
Dragonstar Arena Tankard A gaudy drinking vessel bearing the symbols of the recently opened Dragonstar Arena, sold to audience members as souvenirs.
Dragonstar Arena Token This token was used for betting at the Dragonstar Arena—until they stopped accepting tokens. Now it's a collectors item.
Dragonstar Caravan Banner A banner emblazoned with the Dragonstar Caravan emblem. It would be quite useful to a smuggler.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Inkwell A bottle of ink bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company, distributed as a promotional item.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Obligation A token bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company that identifies the bearer as owing a debt to the organization.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Placemats Woven placemats bearing the seal of the Dragonstar Caravan Company and distributed as a promotional item.
Dragonstar Enforcer Badge Thuggish Dragonstar caravan enforcers all wear this badge. It's become a symbol of the harsher side of commerce.
Dragonstar Picnic Basket Burzgrag in Dragonstar packs and sells these picnic baskets for miners and others who work outdoors for long hours at a time.
Duneripper Drinking Horn This is a nearly indestructible drinking horn made from the spine of a Duneripper.
Duneripper Scale Kneepads These kneepads were designed to protect the knees of the workers who tiled the royal palace in Sentinel.
Earthenware Decanter A ceramic decanter, crafted in the stark style of the local Iron Orc tribes but sold by merchants in Belkarth and Dragonstar.
Embroidered Hand Towel Embroidered with an image of the Crimson Ship, this hand towel is a reminder to those in Hammerfell of the Day of Shame.
Engraved Alik'r Walking Stick This is one of a handful of walking sticks King Fahara'jad gave as gifts to the nobles of Wayrest at his daughter's wedding.
Engraved Redguard Flask A rare flask engraved with an ouroboros and distributed to members of the elite 1st Redguard Horse Brigade.
Engraved Silver Flagon This imposing tankard has the seal of the Screaming Mermaid engraved on it.
Exile's Bedroll This Redguard bedroll was used by the exiles who fled from Hallin's Stand and sought safe harbor from the King of Evermore.
Explorer's Pick This sturdy pick was given to all of Headman Bhosek's engineers. It probably saw ample use outside the Bthzark ruins.
Fahara'jad Coronation Portrait This rare painting depicts the coronation of King Fahara'jad. Its frame is made of orichalcum.
Fahara'jad Lineage Plaque This golden plaque is engraved with the names of King Fahara'jad's ancestors.
Fahara'jad Royal Pardon Signed by King Fahara'jad, this document can get a criminal released from jail.
Fahara'jad's Nostril Spacers Snoring runs in Fahara'jad's family, so he had hundreds of these ebony nostril spacers made to use at night.
Fahara'jad's Rod Replica A replica of the royal staff carried by King Fahara'jad, this rod is often given as a gift by Forebear nobles to their children.
Faralel's Night Cream Imported from distant Alik'r, this expensive moisturizing cream is believed to keep Dark Elves looking young and beautiful.
Faux Fennec Flesh Handkerchief Yahiri the Tailor in Belkarth makes and sells these simulated Fennec hide kerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing.
Festival of Blades Bowl This porcelain bowl depicts the events celebrated by the Festival of Blades: a Redguard fights against a race of giant goblins.
Fine Altmer Dishware These extravagant porcelain plates look very out of place in Stros M'Kai.
Gargoyle Head Spice Shakers These gargoyle heads from southern Bangkorai were hollowed out to hold spices. The spice can be poured out from the eye sockets.
Gilded Souvenir Spoon This gold-trimmed spoon was purchased as a souvenir from the city of Elinhir.
Gilt Star-Gazer Sigil A shining seal worn by senior members of the academic order known as the Star-Gazers.
Gladiator's Brand A strange Daedric seal. Rumor has it that gladiators of Dragonstar Arena all bear this mark.
Glowing Shard A sharp glowing shard of arcane enegy collected outside of Spellscar.
Gold-Embroidered Pillow Case King Fahara'jad invites many young ladyfriends to the palace. They receive a valuable pillow case when they depart.
Golden Monkey Statuette Legend says hundreds of baby monkeys were turned to gold in Bergama by an evil Orc sorcerer. This may be one of them.
Golden Sword-Singer Bust This golden bust was modeled after the head of one of the most notable Sword-Singers in the history of the Alik'r.
Grandee Zizeen Teacups These expensive teacups were given to Crown loyalists who supported Zizzeen in his failed attempt to win the throne.
Grandeya's Diamond Hand Mirror A small but extremely valuable mirror decorated with gold and diamonds.
Guzzard-Feather Quill A common writing instrument, crafted from the feather of a Craglorn guzzard.
Hadoon's Fateful Dice A set of loaded ebony dice that always roll 1.
Hall of Heroes Prayer Beads These ivory prayer beads came from the necropolis in Southern Bangkorai. The centerpiece is a crude likeness of Makela Leki.
Hallin's Stand Resistance Plates Nobles in Hallin's Stand use these silver plates, engraved with the insignia of Sentinel, to show their true loyalties.
Hallin's Stand Silver Platter This large silver platter is engraved with an image of the majestic city in Southern Bangkorai.
Hallin's Stand Spittoon A grandee from Hallin's Stand had dozens of these golden spittoons made for his friends.
Hand-Carved Abecean Whistle A small whale-bone whistle, carved to resemble a reclining mermaid. A popular item in Saintsport.
Heavy Wooden Spyglass A gift from Bhosek to his most trusted lieutenants. While the wood is beautifully carved, the optics are far from precise.
High Priest's Ephod Keepsake A gold-embroidered cloth triangle from an ephod once worn by the High Priest of Satakalaam.
High Priest's Sash A gold-embroidered sash, modeled after the one worn by the High Priest of Satakalaam.
Hoonding's Golden Quill This quill pen is wrapped in gold and inscribed with a Frandar Hunding quote: "The pen is like the sword, but weaker."
Hoonding's Prayer Stone A smooth stone engraved with a quote: "Be resolute, fear no sacrifice, and surmount every difficulty to win victory."
Horse-Hide Falconer's Gage This triple-layered glove was crafted for a Forebear noble and decorated with a depiction of Tava.
Hunding Prayer Beads The centerpiece of these prayer beads is a small crystal sword. The beads were crafted to pay homage to Divad Hunding.
Imperial Napkin Holders These expensive ebony napkin holders were a gift from a Colovian noble to High King Amdashir of Hammerfell.
Imported Feather Dangle Stick Inlaid wood dangle stick with a rare Craglorn fell runner feather on the end of its string.
Iron Orc Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Dragonstar thought this creepy, poorly-stitched doll would be adored by children. They were quite wrong.
King Makala's Ear Piece One of several small golden ear pieces once used to augment the hearing of Hammerfell's infamous ruler.
Kozanset Feather Quill This long feather quill appears to have been plucked from an adolescent harpy.
Kozanset Ornate Feather Quill This long feather quill appears to have been plucked from a mature harpy.
Kozanset Window Sundial This small sundial is designed to sit in a window and help the chefs at the Kozanset ovens monitor their cook-times.
Lighthouse Tapestry A finely woven tapestry depicting the Saintsport Lighthouse at dusk.
Local Troll Lantern A lantern made from the ribs of a troll. The label insists the troll was hunted locally in Bangkorai.
Looted Brass Lantern This sturdy brass lantern was pried off the deck of the Maiden's Breath. Even damaged, this lantern is quite lovely.
Magnifica's Nail Trimmer A small, golden device used by Hammerfell's nobles to trim their nails.
Magnifico's Flask Made from valuable quicksilver and decorated with jewels, this flask was a gift from King Fahara'jad to a Forebear Magnifico.
Makela Leki Figurine This small, silver figurine was made by students of the school at Leki's Blade.
Mantikora Teeth A fine leather pouch filled with the massive molars of a full-grown mantikora.
Maritime Hourglass This small brass hourglass was likely taken from the Maiden's Breath. Its fine gray sand counts thirty minutes before expiring.
Midnight Boot Polish This tin of boot polish was custom-made from exotic ingredients for Count Hosni at-Tura.
Miniature Mundus Stone Model A wandering merchant who visits Craglorn once every season sells these small, stone paperweights in the shape of Mundus Stones.
Monkey-Hide Parasol An umbrella used in the Alik'r to protect exposed skin from the sun. It is no longer used exclusively by nobles.
Morhwa's Milk Pitcher A fine ceramic milk pitcher with a painting of the four-armed teat god.
Motalion Reverence Token This valuable golden token was stolen from a crypt in the Motalion Necropolis.
Mourning Springs Crystal Flagon Etched-glass flagon once used for "taking the waters" at the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
Mudcrab Shell Powder Case The women of the Alik'r desert often powder their noses before social engagements. They store their powder in mudcrab shells.
Mummified Hand A dried-up Anka'Ra hand taken as a trophy. It didn't just move ... did it?
Ogondar's Unusual Vintage An inexpensive but tasty wine bottled and sold at Ogondar's Winery, northeast of Belkarth.
Old Yokudan Coin Collection A scattering of ancient Yokudan coins, set and displayed as a collection.
Olive-Wood Dustpan A lacquered wooden dustpan, cut from a Craglorn olive tree.
Onsi's Diamond Grindstone Made from hard stone and gems mined from Onsi's Breath, this grindstone can sharpen a blade for the finest cut in Bangkorai.
Pearl-Handled Mudcrab Cracker This rare, jeweled mudcrab cracker is from a set used in the kitchen at the palace in Sentinel.
Pomegranate Distiller An implement used to ferment pomegranate juice and distill it into Alik'r's most popular variety of wine.
Princely Soup Spoon When Prince Azah was a child, he liked to use different spoons to taste each bowl of soup on the table before choosing one.
Queen Maraya's Scarf This colorful adornment was sewn from the finest silks sold in Sentinel.
Quicksilver Anchor This exquisite little anchor was designed to be ornamental. It features a depiction of Tava wrapped around the shank.
Red Asp Courting Oil This oil creates an intoxicating aroma. The Red Asp and his colleagues use it for wooing women and disabling their enemies.
Red Asp Riding Crop When he wants to make an impression, Ufa the Red Asp wields an ornate leather riding crop decorated with rubies and silver trim.
Red Brittle Serving Platter A beautiful platter crafted from red brittle, probably from before the dangers of unstable nirncrux were fully documented.
Redguard Messenger Pouch A large messenger pouch bearing the water symbol of Ra'Gada, the Warrior Wave. Used to carry letters and other correspondence.
Redguard Salted Mutton Platter A platter designed to serve salted mutton, made in the distinctive style of the crafters of Sentinel.
Redguard Swordmaster's Flask A silver flask engraved with the crossed scimitars of a Redguard Master of the Swirling Blades.
Ruby-Studded Book Cover This fancy book cover was among several King Fahara'jad gifted to the scholars who supported his claim to the throne.
Satakalaam Love Pouch Satakalaam nobles anonymously place scintillating notes in each others' love pouches as part of a bizarre adult game.
Seafoam Earplugs Made from hardened seafoam, some Redguards use these to keep bugs from crawling into their ears while they sleep.
Secret Roads Map This map locates several hidden passes and caves that run though the mountains between Hallin's Stand and Satakalaam.
Sentinel Cutlery A set of expertly crafted Redguard cutlery, imported from Alik'r for use only by the most discerning chefs.
Sentinel Guard Captain's Badge A badge carried by high-ranking officers of the Sentinel Guard.
Sentinel Guard Patrol Schedule This document contains details about patrol routes and shift schedules for the Sentinel Guard.
Sentinel Guard Signaling Mirror This small hand mirror was made so the Sentinel Guard can communicate across long distances.
Sentinel Lion Medal A Redguard medal bearing the image of a lion on the front and a Sentinel maker's mark on the back.
Sentinel Sipping Cup Imported from Alik'r, this cerulean-clay cup is designed to be spill-proof for the use of young children.
Set of Four Gilane Goblets Four fine glass goblets with gilt brims, imported from Gilane in southern Hammerfell.
Silken Dueling Towel When Alik'r nobles engage in a duel, it is customary to bring a dueling towel to wipe sweat from one's brow.
Silver Censer This silver vessel is etched with maritime motifs and filled with rich Alik'ri incense.
Silver Crown Candelabra Each of the eight candle holders in this candelabra are molded into a likeness of one of the Crowns' gods.
Silver Kebab Sticks A valuable set of kebab sticks often used by Crown nobles when eating goat.
Silver Sandal Spikes Footracing is a common sport in parts of the Alik'r and some runners use these sandal spikes to get a competitive edge.
Silver Serving Platter A grand silver platter with an etched rendering of Elinhir on the face.
Star Map A detailed map of the Tamrielic sky, prepared by members of the Star-Gazer Order.
Star-Gazer Medal A large, ebony medal with three constellations carved into the back of it, representing the Warrior, the Mage, and the Thief.
Star-Gazer's Lapel Pin An ornate pin, traditionally worn on the right side of the chest, that identifies the wearer as a member of the Star-Gazers.
Star-Gazer's Optical Instrument A spyglass specifically designed to gaze into the night sky and chart the movement of the stars.
Star-Gazer's Walking Stick Sings-to-Stumps, a Belkarth carpenter, crafts these simple walking sticks for Star-Gazers and anyone who does a lot of walking.
Star-Gazers' Observatory Stationery Common parchment sheets bearing the embossed seal of the observatory in Belkarth.
Steel Marlinspike A flawless steel pin used to mend rope. It was likely given as a gift to Captain Kaleen's most talented seamen.
Stone Warrior's Hand This life-like stone hand was broken off a statue in Southern Bangkorai. It's hard to imagine that it was sculpted.
Stuffed Bergama Lizard Stuffed lizards are a common gift for children in the Alik'r. They sometimes even wear tailored clothes.
Stuffed Camel Head A stuffed and mounted camel head, the eyes surprisingly alert and bright, covered with a fine layer of dust.
Stuffed Sentinel Cat Fahara'jad's daughters adopted many stray cats. The girls loved them so much, that when they died, he had them stuffed.
Supple Nord Blade Polisher An exquisitely worked strip of tiger hide, treated with an oil of giant blood and ground chicken wings. Worth every gold piece.
Supple Redguard Blade Polisher An exquisitely worked strip of lion hide, treated with an oil of snake venom and ground beetle carapace. Worth every gold piece.
Sword Master's Letter Opener This letter opener, shaped like a scimitar with a ruby hilt, is presented to Redguard officers to open official correspondence.
Sword-Disciple's Jewelled Pommel A pommel fashioned in the Yokudan style, and possibly constructed in that faraway land.
Sword-Singer's Finger-Weights These small weights help strengthen the fingers of students at Leki's Blade.
Tall Papa's Starry Tapestry This tapestry was fashioned by a Crown artisan to depict the starry sky over the desert.
Tava's Prayer Beads A string of pink pearls, accented by an olive-wood medallion carved to resemble a bird.
Three Banners War Memorabilia Mementos recovered from fallen warriors in the Three Banners War and preserved for posterity by a Craglorn relic hunter.
Token of the Red Asp The Red Asp of Hallin's Stand gives tokens to those whom he feels he owes a personal favor.
Umeen's Uplifting Unguent A popular ointment said to treat numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by Umeen at the Gem & Flask in Belkarth.
Vial of Sand from the Far Shores This small vial of sand allegedly came from the Aetherial realm the Redguards call the "Far Shores."
Vial of Stardust A vial full of a gleaming dust. It serves no function, but a Star-Gazer or similar scholar pays well for such curiosities.
Wamasu Hide Frilly Parasol Imported from Craglorn at great expense, this covering provides protection from sun and rain, and features a bone-grip handle.
Warrior Wave A small, carved ball of polished topaz, designed to represent Ra'Gada, the Warrior Wave.
Woven Yokudan Rug
Yldunz Candleholder Fashioned from a Dwemer gear and other trinkets, this decorative candleholder is a popular gift in Sentinel.
Yokeda's Emerald Helm-Jewel A large emerald attached to a small gold plate, designed to be the front piece of a First Era Yokeda's Helm.
Yokudan Cutlery This set of ancient forks, knives, and spoons was finely crafted, but is now valued for its age rather than its usefulness.
Yokudan House Idol An antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass, modeled after the house idols popular with the Yokudan people.
Yokudan Prayer Shawl An ancient shawl that bears the image of sword-wielding figures. Collectors and academics would pay handsomely for it.
Yokudan Style Flatware Cutlery modeled after Yokudan silverware and sold by Thalia the Blacksmith in Belkarth.
Yokudan War Drum A large drum that features several different Yokudan sword designs carved in its side.
Yokudan Warrior Statuette A miniature statue shaped to represent a Yokudan Sword Saint performing an ancient sword technique.
Worn by members of a secret cult of Sep, this strap is lined with silver barbs designed to dig into the wearer's chest.
"Frolicking Trolls of Eastmarch" A copy of this whimsical painting depicts how Bretons imagine the frost trolls of Skyrim: smiling and dancing in the snow.
"Traitor's Tor" Game A travel-sized version of the strategy game that re-creates the last battle in Ranser's War.
Amber Wyrd Charm A good luck charm crafted and blessed by the Wyrd Sisters. It is rare to find such a charm outside the forests of Daenia.
Amorous Incense of Mara An expensive and illegal fragrance used to enhance romantic activity in the bedchambers of wealthy Bretons.
Ancient Breton Deed This document is very old and nearly illegible. The varying ages of the inscriptions imply a rich history of lies and forgery.
Ancient Direnni Chalice An ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel, it is believed to be from the time of the Direnni Hegemony.
Ancient Map of Evermore This antique map shows how the city was arranged when it was first built centuries ago.
Ancient Map of High Rock This ancient map is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age.
Angof's Angry Vines Despite the probable danger, some citizens have begun collecting clippings of Angof's vines to display in their homes.
Antique Breton Hourglass Crystal-clear glass reveals that this impeccably crafted hourglass somehow survived the Seamount invasion of Betony.
Antique Map of High Rock An antique map from the time of the Direnni Hegemony. Though inconsistent with modern maps, the calligraphy is beautiful.
Arkay's Blessed Lantern A lantern used by gravediggers at Pelin's Graveyard. The light is said to turn back the undead—primarily by crooked merchants.
Arzhela's Ivory Prayer Beads The queen has made a habit of handing out these valuable prayer beads to mourning mothers and wives in Evermore.
Azurite Figurine This valuable figurine was among several made by the monks at Pariah Abbey to honor Azura.
Bacon Jerky Drying Rack When the rich and famous brave the wilderness, they bring along Swineherd Wickton's patented drying rack for a taste of home.
Bangkorai Garrison Towels These thick, warm towels were taken from the baths at Bangkorai Garrison.
Bard Hjalif Snow-Song Porcelain Doll When High King Emeric took offense and outlawed dolls with his likeness, an enterprising merchant in Northpoint made a change.
Bazgara's Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, silver horseshoe bears the brand of Bazgara's Horses in Daggerfall and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Bear-Skin Rug A remarkable bear-skin rug made from an excellent specimen hunted in the Daenia forests.
Bearskin Blanket This large, thick bearskin was earned by a trophy hunter who ventured into Fallen Grotto.
Beldama Foot Rub One of Glenumbra's wandering merchants sells this soothing foot ointment, said to be made by the Wyrd Sisters of Daenia.
Bird Call Whistle A simple aerophone bearing the mark of the Beldama Wyrd Sisters, many foresters carry these to attract birds and fowl.
Bjoulsae River Sand Scrub The fine grains of sand gathered from the bottom of the Bjoulsae River are excellent for keeping one's face looking young.
Blood-Curse Charm A talisman sold in the alley behind Occult Obsession in Shornhelm, it is said to ward off the blood-curse ravaging Rivenspire.
Blood-Curse Talisman A talisman sold in all of Rivenspire's cities, they began appearing shortly after the start of the so-called blood-curse.
Bloodthorn Ampoule A stoppered vial wrapped in thorny vines that bears the symbol of the Bloodthorn cult. It probably contains something dangerous.
Bolt of Silk Sarsenet Bolt of fine fabric, apricot-colored silk sarsenet, bound in a broad ribbon labeled "Northpoint Imports."
Bottle of First Era Blood Wine An extremely rare vintage from the Ravenwatch Vineyards. The symbol of a heart is etched into the bottle.
Breton Cheese Grater A device for grating hard cheeses, crafted in a style made popular by the elite of Daggerfall.
Breton Funeral Urn An urn containing the ashes of a beloved member of a Breton family.
Breton Love Charm A charm believed to improve the love life, especially popular among Breton nobles and merchant lords.
Breton Travel Mug A sturdy pewter mug designed to withstand the rigors of travel. Decorated with symbols familiar to anyone from High Rock.
Bronze Crosswych Alarm Gong A bronze gong and hammer, small enough to fit on a bedside table, makes a noise loud enough to wake the soundest sleeper.
Bronze Windowsill Sundial A sundial made of bronze, small enough to sit on a windowsill, used to track cooking times in complex Breton recipes.
Bronzed Baby Teeth A jar containing the bronzed teeth of young children, saved as remembrances in the Breton tradition.
Burial Mound Etchings Etchings from the ancient crypts at the base of Cath Bedraud.
Cabbage Slicer To the untrained eye, this bronze cabbage slicer appears to be of Dwemer design. Everyone else knows they're made in Daggerfall.
Cambray Hills Academy of Art Sketchbook A sketchbook bearing the mark of the famed art school in central Glenumbra, partially filled with nature drawings.
Carpenter's Folding Saw Portable, folding wood-saw, with "Hammer and Saw, Shornhelm" etched on the handle.
Case of Fine Shaving Articles Leather shaving kit containing a boarbristle brush and a straight razor from The Fighting Edge in Shornhelm.
Casimir Porcelain Dessert Bowl A bowl specifically crafted for serving and consuming the elaborate cakes and confections that King Casimir loves.
Ceramic Shornhelm Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich Breton earthenware, only slightly used.
Chef Xavier's Better Spatula An improved version of the essential cooking utensil, crafted and sold by Chef Xavier of Daggerfall.
Chriane's Infused Libation An tasty liquor with a hint of herbs, bottled and sold by Gerrald Chriane in Shornhelm.
Chriane's Mulled Wine Companion One of Gerrald Chriane's much-sought-after goat-head goblets, recommended for enjoying Saturalia Bitter Mulled Wine.
Cloven Silver Circlet An old circlet likely worn by some of Betony's lesser royalty, split in twain by an axe strike and mounted to a plaque.
Cologne of Cumberland This bottle of sweet smelling oil is an exquisite cologne mixed by the royal alchemist for the noble families of Cumberland.
Commemorative Corkscrew After King Ranser's defeat, Emeric threw a party for the nobles of High Rock and handed out these as party favors.
Courtesan's Client List This small book belongs to one of Wayrest's courtesans. A blackmailer would pay well for this list of wealthy clients.
Covert Daggerfall Correspondence This message details supply routes between Stormhaven and Glenumbra. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Covert Shornhelm Correspondence This message details supply routes between Shornhelm and Northpoint. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Creepy Stuffed Crow A prized pet crow, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Rivenspire citizens will go to hold onto the past.
Crocodile Charm A charm made from the skin and teeth of a crocodile. They are distributed to the Dro-Dara Plantation's most esteemed visitors.
Crosswych Knotted Rope A length of rope featuring Crosswych knots tied off at regular intervals, making it excellent for climbing.
Crystal Quizzing Glass Crystal magnifying lens mounted on a long brass handle, microscopically inscribed "Davynu's Workshop."
Culanda Reading-Wand Ivory wand surmounted with a glowing culanda stone, labeled "Property of Stormhold Mages Guild."
Curious Royal Painting A painting of an unnamed ancestor of King Casimir. The eyes seem to follow you wherever you go.
Curious Steel Platter Upon close inspection, this centuries-old platter was originally an ornate Breton buckler. Now it's only good for serving food.
Curtain of Crocodile Teeth A room-dividing curtain crafted with rows of giant crocodile teeth, said to have been crafted by the hags of Hag Fen.
Cyrodiil Medal of Honor High King Emeric honors soldiers who return from the War of Three Banners with one of these prestigious silver medals.
Daggerfall Adventurers Club Lapel Pin An ornate pin, traditionally worn on the left collar, it identifies the wearer as a member of Daggerfall's Adventurers Club.
Daggerfall Covenant Hair Pins Fancy hair pins bearing a lion, the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant, found in homes throughout Rivenspire and beyond.
Daggerfall Guard Captain's Whistle A silver whistle engraved with the Daggerfall crest. Many citizens have cheap brass replicas to alert the Guard in an emergency.
Daggerfall Guard Patrol Schedule An unauthorized list of guard patrols and schedules for the Daggerfall Guard during the Bloodthorn crisis.
Daggerfall Royal Stamp This official stamp belongs to Daggerfall's royal family. It could be extremely valuable to a forger.
Dark Witness Skulker's Paste A tin filled with a thick, black-blue paste. Used by the Dark Witness clan, primarily during night-time raids.
Decorative Manicure Set Leather case containing nail clippers, file, and scissors, all in fanciful bird shapes, from Hammer and Saw.
Depleted Enchanting Crystal Enchanting crystal, dull and depleted, mounted on a wrought-iron gem stand engraved "Stoneglow Enchantments."
Diamond Knitting Needle When her children were young, Queen Arzhela liked to personally knit all their clothes. The king gave her many of these needles.
Dreugh-claw candle holder This exquisite candle holder comes from a set that was gifted to Lord Farangel of Menevia.
Dried Royal Bouquet This bouquet of desiccated flowers was carried by one of the bridesmaids at King Emeric's wedding to Queen Maraya.
Duke Sebastien's Distinguished Decree The Duke of Camlorn continues a long-held tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Duke's Edition Plush Towels Bits & Pieces in Aldcroft sells these luxurious bath towels featuring the Duke of Camlorn's crest woven into the design.
Eamond and Arzhela Spice Shakers These rare porcelain spice shakers are painted to look like the king and queen. They were given out at the couple's wedding.
Edrald's Extravagant Party Allurement Nobles throughout Rivenspire often save the lavish invitations to the annual costume party held at Edrald Estate.
Embossed Lion Guard Stationery Special parchment with an embossed Lion Guard symbol, used for official correspondence and documentation.
Embroidered Tavern Pillow Pillow or seat-cushion embroidered with an image of the Dusklight Inn of Hoarfrost Downs.
Emerald-Infused Salts The finest of Wayrest have recently embraced the practice of pouring packets of this expensive powder into their baths.
Engraved Golden Flask This is one of several extremely valuable flasks personalized for the merchant-lords of Stormhaven.
Essence of Ravenwatch House Ravenwatch has been manufacturing and selling this fragrant cologne since before the rise of King Ranser.
Evermore Officer's Sundial This small sundial has diamonds on the gnomon. King Eamond required his generals carry these to ensure their punctuality.
Evermore Parasol Citizens of Evermore traveling into Southern Bangkorai often carry these parasols to protect themselves from the desert sun.
Exquisite Harpy Feather Quill Lord Diel of Daggerfall gifts a limited number of these rare writing instruments every year to colleagues and associates.
Fanciful Map of Rivenspire This map from the time of King Ranser is notable for its extended borders, displaying Ranser's intentions at the time.
Fell's Run Champion Mug A pewter tankard awarded to the weekly winner of the Fell's Run Drinking Competition.
Fine Arkay Talisman This golden talisman may have been worn by Frederique Lynielle. The clasp is broken, but it remains a beautiful piece.
Fine Ceramic Leviathan Pitcher Enameled pitcher in the shape of the legendary leviathan Ithguleoir, said to haunt the seas beyond Northpoint.
Fine Direnni Decanter This delicate vessel dates back to the Direnni Hegemony. Some kind of ancient glamour must be keeping it intact.
Fine Steel Paper Opener A small, dull sword-shaped opener for cutting open envelopes and untrimmed books; engraved "The Fighting Edge, Shornhelm."
Firebrand Lantern A wrought iron lantern bearing the heraldry of the Knights of the Flame.
Firebrand Prayer Book A small book of prayers collected by the Knights of the Flame and gifted to the head of their order.
Firebrand Sealing Wax The Knights of the Flame use this specific type of wax to seal their correspondences.
Firestarter Kit in Waterproof Pouch Waterproof pig-bladder pouch labeled "Oldgate Meat Hut" containing flint, steel, and a quantity of tinder.
First Era Rivenspire Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Breton family heirloom.
Flask from the Dead Wolf Inn The famous tavern in Shornhelm distributes these souvenir flasks featuring an engraving of a dead wolf to their best customers.
Flayed Flag of Camlorn A fragment of the flag of Camlorn, said to have been carried into war during the Battle of Granden Tor.
Forebears Prayer Dice Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to the Eight of the Forebears, but mostly used in games of chance in Glenumbra.
Framed Butterfly Display A framed display of various butterflies, indigenous to the moors and meadows of Rivenspire.
Framed Duchess Portrait This painting features the late Duchess of Wind Keep—a beautiful woman with eyes that betray a quiet grief.
Frozen Man Folding Fan A decorative hand fan. Unfolding it reveals a scene depicting the legend of the Frozen Man who supposedly haunts Orkey's Hollow.
Garrison Commander's Canteen This bejeweled canteen is engraved with the royal symbol of Evermore.
Garrison Commander's Seal A copy of the seal used by the Bangkorai Garrison's commander to correspond with Evermore.
Giant Bat Skull Paperweight Exotic paperweight made from the skull of a giant bat from Shadowfate Cavern.
Giblets' Particular Food Bowl An ornate bowl with the name "Giblets" stenciled on one side. Rumors claim that many such bowls are hidden around Daggerfall.
Giraud Family Portrait This large portrait features all the members of a large family who were once prominent farmers in Northglen.
Glenmoril Wyrd Leg Cologne The sisters of the Glenmoril Wyrd mix a pungent concoction of herbs and apply it to their legs for the pleasure of their wolves.
Glenumbra Moors War Toys Tiny soldiers and siege engines, carved from ivory and modeled after the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, held in a fox-fur pouch.
Gold-Trimmed Dust Cloth The Merry Maids of Daggerfall use these distinctive dust cloths when cleaning the homes of wealthy nobles in the city.
Golden Anvil of Zenithar A small, golden anvil, awarded to members in good standing of the Daggerfall Merchants Guild.
Halcyon Hairbrush This hairbrush has a handle made of pearls from Halcyon Caverns.
Halcyon Water Pitcher This crystal pitcher was made by the Nereid of Halcyon Lake. Sapphires on the pitcher's handle make it extremely valuable.
Hammerdeath Arena Token A token once used by the nobles of Menevia when gambling in the Hammerdeath Arena.
Handmaiden's Sketch Book The handmaiden to a prominent noble in Evermore filled this book with beautiful sketches before becoming a famous artist.
Harpy Feather-Duster Horn-handled furniture duster of feathers said to come from the harpies of Silverhoof Vale.
Harpy-Wing Kite Modeled after the harpies of Shrieking Scar, these playful kites can often be seen flying atop the Daggerfall highlands.
Herma-Mora Incense Burner The Primeval Seekers offered these Daedric bowls to scholars in Evermore who helped them find Halcyon Lake.
High King Emeric Porcelain Doll Only a handful of these unflattering figurines were crafted and sold before the High King took offense and outlawed the dolls.
High King's Celebratory Token A large coin engraved with the image of High King Emeric, issued to commemorate his coronation and rise to the throne.
High King's Lion A medal shaped like a lion's head, High King Emeric awards the Lion for acts of heroism and special service to the crown.
High King's Nose Warmer A fur-rimmed nose cozy famously modeled after one favored by High King Emeric, it's all the rage among High Rock's elite.
High Rock Quilt This Breton quilt features an embroidered map of High Rock. Southern Bangkorai is included in Evermore's domain.
Hircine's Honor Drum This beautiful drum is made from the wood of a rare tree that only grows in Bangkorai's Fallen Grotto.
Hoarfrost Downs Sash of Office Only the mayor and town officials of Hoarfrost Downs can purchase and wear these stylish, pleated sashes.
House Baelborn Ornate Stein An ornate drinking vessel that bears the crest of House Baelborn of Glenumbra.
House Dorell Carving Fork A large carving fork bearing the symbol of House Dorell upon its stout handle. The matching knife must have been lost.
House Dorell Golden Quill A gold-plated writing instrument bearing the crest of House Dorell of Northpoint.
House Montclair Celebratory Sparkle Stick Stoneglow Enchantments crafted these party favors for Baron Montclair's fortieth birthday, leading to the Great Fire of 1E 580.
House Ravenwatch Doily A doily with the Ravenwatch heraldry, distributed during a rare public banquet held at the secluded castle.
House Ravenwatch Sash A decorative sash bearing the colors and crest of House Ravenwatch of Rivenspire.
House Tamrith Holy Symbol A religious icon bearing the crest of House Tamrith and the Light of Arkay symbol, sparingly distributed to house members.
House Tamrith Prayer Shawl Countess Tamrith's devotion to the Light inspired women throughout Rivenspire to acquire these Arkay prayer shawls.
House Tamrith Winner's Cup A small trophy, awarded for winning the annual riddle contest sponsored by House Tamrith.
House Tamrith's Profound Proclamation The Count of Tamrith continues a long-standing tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Illicit Letters from Daggerfall Steamy correspondences from a Darien Gautier of Camlorn. The frequent references to bread-eating must be some form of code.
Illicit Letters from Windhelm Romantic correspondence from an anonymous author, directed to one Darien Gautier. There is frequent reference to swordplay.
Inaccurate Rivenspire Map A map of Rivenspire containing glaring mistakes. Supposedly commissioned on King Ranser's orders to confuse High King Emeric.
Inspirational Illuminations of the Light Every Breton's desk in Shornhelm has a list of inspirational quotes meaningful to the followers of the Light.
Invitation from Mayor Kerbol This invitation was sent to a sick nobleman's daughter, inviting her to come find healing in Kerbol's Hollow.
Invitation to the High-King's Ball An embossed and elegant invitation to the High King's annual Rivenspire ball.
Kerbol's Blood Jug This ornate silver jug is labeled with ancient runes that can be translated as "For Emergencies Only".
Kerbol's Golden Bridle Mayor Kerbol had several reinforced golden bridles made to ensure she could control her horse even if it got spooked.
Kerbol's Serving Platter The town of Kerbol's Hollow is known for its communal feasts, for which the mayor purchased many golden serving platters.
King Casimir Pardon A discharge of obligations awarded by a Dragon Knight for certain favors discreetly performed for the Daggerfall Crown.
King Donel Candle Tree A multi-stick candle holder from the time of King Donel, noted for having three sticks instead of the five of later eras.
King Donel's Beard Shavings A vial of beard hairs from Donel of Deleyn.
King Eamond's Seal This seal was affixed to all of King Eamond's personal correspondences. It is extremely valuable to a forger.
King Emeric's Golden Toothpick Shaped specifically to fit in the narrow gaps between his teeth, Emeric had several such toothpicks made when he became king.
King Emeric's Nosehair Trimmers Emeric's mother had several pairs of these small, Orichalcum scissors made to ensure her son was well-groomed.
King Gardner's Golden Horseshoes The former king of Wayrest so loved his horses that he had golden horseshoes forged to protect their hooves.
King Ranser Victory Flag A flag bearing the symbol of King Ranser, made to commemorate the victory of Wayrest but perhaps distributed too soon.
King's Observer Signal Mirror A mirror bearing the seal of King Casimir and used to send simple messages between agents of the king's intelligence network.
King's Time Hourglass King Eamond of Evermore believed punctuality was a virtue and was known to give valuable hourglasses to his honored guests.
Knights of Saint Pelin Saddle This weathered saddle was made for the Knights of Saint Pelin.
Leather Armor Wax Resplendent Protection in Aldcroft guarantees this wax will keep your leather smooth and supple.
Lifelike Stuffed Chicken A prized pet chicken, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Daggerfall citizens will go to keep memories alive.
Lighthouse Centrepiece A scale replica of the Koeglin Lighthouse, cast in polished bronze.
Lineage of House Ranser These official papers detail a claim to the Shornhelm throne by a surviving yet distant relative of King Ranser.
Lion Guard Armor Stand A mannequin bearing the seal of the Lion Guard, perfect for storing or displaying a fine suit of armor.
Lion Guard Banner A neatly folded banner bearing the symbol of the Lion Guard and signed by a Lion Guard officer.
Lion Guard Bugle A masterfully crafted instrument, nicked and tarnished from years of campaigning.
Lion Guard Enlistment Form Official enlistment form for the Lion Guard, signed and stamped but with the enlistee's name still waiting to be filled in.
Lion Guard Figurine of Action Since Buttlebye's Toys closed its doors, these lifelike figurines have become quite collectible among Glenumbra's wealthy.
Lion Guard List of Outrageous Offenses A list of personages currently out of favor with the Lion Guard.
Lion Guard Meal Kit Compact eating and cooking utensils for use while camping or participating in military campaigns, popularized by the Lion Guard.
Lion Guard Regrets A personal letter from a Lion Guard officer, informing of the loss of a loved one in service to the High King.
Lion Guard Spyglass This spyglass, engraved with the Lion Guard crest, contains a secret compartment for carrying important items or documents.
Lion Guard Wind-Up Doll A toy Lion Guard soldier, its clockwork gears allow it to march into battle by winding the mechanism with a key.
Long-Handled Bat-Catcher's Net Wide-mouthed net with extensible handle, as used by the famous Crestshade Bat-Catchers.
Lord Diel's Spidersilk Bib Fancy and delicate, Lord Diel popularized the use of these expensive bibs at extravagant dinner parties in Daggerfall.
Lost Hope Quilt A Breton quilt of "lost hope" is crafted, usually by a mother and daughter, to work through past regrets and sorrows.
Lovelorn Comforter A comforter quilted by the We Who Pine for Darien Gautier Quilting Circle. A number of chapters exist throughout Rivenspire.
Lovelorn Quilt A quilt by the We Who Have Loved and Lost Darien Gautier Sewing Circle. A number of chapters exist throughout Glenumbra.
Magnifying Spectacles An experimental pair of magnifying spectacles, just like the ones created for Baron Dorell's tired eyes in Northpoint.
Malachite Thimble Using Malachite to make thimbles is popular among Bretons in Eastern High Rock.
Malachite Tower Vase This tall, thin vase is made from malachite and shaped like a Breton Watchtower.
Manteau Family Handmirror This handmirror once belonged to the wealthy Manteau family from Wind Keep.
Mara's Bosom Aromatic Oil A sweet-smelling oil, burned at night to make a Breton's bedchamber soothing and fragrant.
Matching Doomcrag Bookends These bookends, modeled after the nightmarish peak, so frightened customers that few sets survived the town square bonfires.
Matching Ivory Spice Shakers A set of ivory spice shakers, in stylized shapes of bat-winged men. Considered to be in poor taste by certain Rivenspire nobles.
Matching Silver Spice Shakers A set of silver spice shakers, in stylized shapes of Knights of the Dragon. Made exclusively by Metalworks of Daggerfall.
Memorial Covenant Plate A gold-tinged plate commemorating the formation of the Daggerfall Covenant, issued for the tenth anniversary of the alliance.
Merchant's Levy Tassel A tassel hung from clothing to denote a merchant's good standing with the Royal Tax-Collector of Daggerfall.
Miniature Shornhelm Building Count Tamrith popularized the collecting of models fashioned after actual structures in Shornhelm among Rivenspire's elite.
Murcien's Badge of Courage Sir Etienne of Murcien's Hamlet recognized his officers with these badges if they displayed bravery in the field.
Murcien's Spyglass Military officers stationed in Murcien's hamlet use these spyglasses to watch for signs from across the river in Evermore.
Nedic Sword Pommel The pommel of an ancient Nedic sword, retained as an heirloom by some Breton family.
Nereid's Wisp Lantern This lantern was created by the Neried of Halcyon Lake. It glows with magical light.
Noble House Triangle Chess Set Three-sided board for Triangle Chess, with pieces representing Houses Montclair, Tamrith, and Dorell.
Northpoint Commemorative Spyglass An expensive spyglass, sold in Northpoint and bearing the name and seal of the seafaring city on its polished wood casing.
Northpoint Sealing Wax A stick of sealing wax sold by the merchants of Northpoint and used throughout Rivenspire and beyond.
Official Lion Guard Envelopes Envelopes bearing the official seal of the Lion Guard, suitable for sending important correspondence.
Oiled-Leather Portmanteau Waterproof luggage of tooled horsehide, made for sea travel, with inner tag reading "Sourt's Sacks, Shornhelm."
Oldgate Lancers Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry depicting the Oldgate Lancers in the Charge of the Shornhelm Knights at the Battle of Glenumbria Moors.
Oldgate Location Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward Oldgate in Rivenspire.
Orc Sweat Cologne An expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Aldcroft, popular with wealthy Bretons who want to unleash their inner Orc.
Orichalcum Incense Burner This Orichalcum incense burner was crafted recently in Wayrest and then shipped up the Bjoulsae River to be sold in Bangkorai.
Orichalcum Milking Pail When the Orichalcum mines were showering gold on Wayrest, the king gifted pails like this to the region's prominent farmers.
Original Aldcroft Meat Grinder An antique meat grinder, crafted in Aldcroft, is exceptionally large, with a wide auger and a polished wood handle.
Ornate Dead Wolf Tankard The Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm uses specially crafted tankards engraved with the famous dead wolf with lolling tongue symbol.
Ornate Skull Goblet This was fashioned from the skull of a fallen Bloodthorn Cultist. At least they're good for something.
Painting of the Westwind Lighthouse Framed oil painting of the famous Westwind Lighthouse, signed by the artist, Romain Jurard.
Pearl-Handled Princess Hairbrush King Eamond gave Princess Elara a set of these beautiful hairbrushes for each of her birthdays.
Plaid Cashmere Blanket A warm blanket of plaid cashmere from the goatherds of Hoarfrost Downs.
Porcelain Milk Pitcher A decorative porcelain pitcher, used to store and dispense milk produced by High Rock dairy cows.
Pranks & Pleasures Card Game A specialized deck of cards used to play the game known as "Pranks & Pleasures," popular in Daggerfall and other cities.
Queen Arzhela Doll Ever a favorite of the people, this doll likeness of Queen Arzhela is very popular among young girls in Northern Bangkorai.
Queen Donella Dinnerware A set of plates and bowls bearing the traditional pattern of Queen Donella of the middle Second Era.
Queen's Mourning Barrette After the death of the king and her children, Queen Arzhela had several ebony barrettes made to wear while in mourning.
Rabbit-Hide Waterskin A well-made drinking container, bearing the crafter's mark of Arma Derone of Eagle's Brook in Glenumbra.
Rain Disciple's Flask This flask was given to a Rain Disciple at Halcyon Lake. It's believed to purify any water held within.
Ramina's Table Topping An alchemist in Daggerfall produces jars of this expensive wood cleaner, which uses the same bottle as a popular salad dressing.
Ranser's Lucky Skeever's Foot One of the lucky charms enchanted by the court magician Reezal-Jul, this was likely carried into battle by King Ranser himself.
Ravenwatch Tarot Deck Deck of 78 colorful pasteboard cards, known as the Ravenwatch Tarot, decorated with weird symbols and imagery.
Red Coral Hairpin This old Breton hairpin is still in excellent condition. It was almost certainly worn by a member of King Renwic's house.
Red Rook Neckerchief A colorful cloth, worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to hide the features of a notorious Red Rook bandit.
Red Rooks Missive This sealed scroll, emblazoned with the Red Rooks bandits' symbol, only retains its value to a fence if it remains unopened.
Rivenspire Map Desk Blotter Desk blotter printed with a map of Rivenspire, with an inkblot half-covering Sanguine Barrows.
Rosy Lion Decanter A lavish crystal decanter bearing the symbol of the Rosy Lion Inn in Daggerfall.
Rosy Lion Tavern Dice A pair of marble dice from the Rosy Lion Inn in Daggerfall.
Royal Banner of Evermore After King Eamond's death, these valuable banners were taken down and replaced with black mourning banners.
Royal Correspondence Pouch King Emeric and Duke Nathaniel often exchange their correspondences in fancy leather pouches.
Royal Lineage Papers These official papers detail a distant claim to the Daggerfall throne. A clever fence could easily ransom these documents.
Royal Monogramed Bed Sheets A set of royal bed sheets from Shornhelm, monogramed with the initials of the former ruler, King Ranser.
Royal Monogramed Towels A set of royal towels from the castle in Daggerfall, monogramed with the initials of King Casimir.
Royal Pudding Bowl This is one of a dozen ebony-inlaid pudding bowls that once graced the feasting hall in Wayrest.
Royal Scarf of Daggerfall Stylish neck wrapping featuring the crescent moon pattern of King Casimir, sold exclusively by clothier Kareem Winvale.
Royal Scarf of Shornhelm Stylish neck wrapping featuring the heraldry of King Ranser. Quite popular—prior to the losing effort of Ranser's War.
Royal Wedding Invitation This is an invitation to Duke Nathaniel's wedding to Princess Lakana at Alcaire Castle.
Rustic Wooden Serving Utensils Crafted by woodworkers of Deleyn's Mill, these oversized utensils were popularized by King Casimir at the Feast of Five Days.
Sabretooth Drinking Cups A set of sturdy drinking vessels carved from genuine sabretooth tiger tusks and engraved with Breton symbology.
Saint Pelin Figurine This porcelain model depicts the humble beadle kneeling in prayer to Julianos.
Saint Pelin's Chamber Pot This silver chamber pot was made by the Knights of Saint Pelin as a gift for wealthy donors among Evermore's nobility.
Saint Pelin's Fall Tapestry This tapestry depicts the heroic sacrifice made by Saint Pelin when an army of vampires sieged Bangkorai Garrison.
Saint Pelin's Portrait This striking portrait of Saint Pelin is one of several that formerly lined the halls of Bangkorai Garrison.
Saint Pelin's Prayer Shawl Sisters who pledge themselves to the Order of Saint Pelin often wear these prayer shawls.
Saint Pelin's Scroll Case The Knights of Saint Pelin maintain a library of obscure historical scrolls at Bangkorai Garrison.
Savage Werewolf Marionette A string-operated puppet in the shape of a savage werewolf, now considered somewhat in bad taste due to events in Camlorn.
Set of Tamrith Shot Glasses Set of four shot glasses etched with the crest of House Tamrith.
Shornhelm Cavalry Saddle A saddle bearing the mark of the once-famous Shornhelm Cavalry that used to patrol the Rivenspire roads.
Shornhelm Guard Officer's Canteen An ornate and rather ostentatious drinking vessel awarded to officers in good standing with the Shornhelm Guard.
Shornhelm Players Performance Tickets A pair of tickets for the annual performance of the play, "Ranser! You Madman!" at the Dead Wolf Inn.
Shornhelm Royal Stamp An official stamp used by the Triumvirate of Shornhelm. A forger would pay much for this.
Shornhelm Triumvirate Official Parchment Expensive parchment embossed with the Seal of Shornhelm and used by the ruling Triumvirate for official correspondence.
Shornhelm Triumvirate Swear Jar One of the crystal jars Baron Dorell filled for every swear word he let slip during public sessions. Sadly, this one is empty.
Signed Heraldic Papers These blank heraldic papers are signed by the Daggerfall Court. They would be worth a fortune to a forger.
Silaseli Crystal Candelabra An ancient candelabra retrieved from the ruins of Silaseli. Quite fashionable to Evermore nobles.
Silken Dream Catcher The monks of Pariah Abbey crafted several of these charms to offer as gifts to the children of Stormhaven's nobility.
Silver Hip Flask A lovingly polished flask that still smells of Wayrest brandy.
Silver Hoof Woven Mat A woven placemat crafted by the Silver Hoof tribe and bearing the distinctive horse motif they favor.
Silver Spurs Polished to a glimmering sheen and marked with engravings that identify them as belonging to the house of King Eamond.
Silver-Plated Souvenir Execution Plate Plate embossed with an image of a Wood Orc hanging from a gallows, inscribed "The Hanging of Chief Orhg, Vulkwasten, 2E 578."
Silver-Wrapped Quill King Emeric gifted several of these writing impliments to the monks at Pariah Abbey.
Silverhoof Hackamore Bit-less bridle of topgrain cowhide in the style used by the Horsemen of Silverhoof Vale.
Silverhoof Horse Blanket An exquisitely crafted horse blanket from Silverhoof Vale, decorated with a pastural scene of frolicking horses.
Snuffbox with Montclair Crest Small rosewood box containing piquant, aromatic snuff. The box top is inlaid with the crest of House Montclair.
Spiced Brewet Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve beef roasts prepared in wine and spices for Breton holidays.
Stamped Silver Pitcher An exquisite pitcher that bears the mark of Betony's late master smith, Hervic Fambure.
Strange Shornhelm Keepsakes A collection of Shornhelm keepsakes, obviously important to their owner, including vials of blood and other bizarre items.
Stuffed Rabbit This lifelike doll intended for Breton children couldn't be an actual stuffed rabbit. Could it?
Supernal Dreamers Omen Cards An ornate set of cards, supposedly used by Supernal Dreamers cultists to aid in calling forth Daedric spirits known as Omens.
Talisman of Saint Octavien Bronze talisman depicting the Breton Saint Octavien, a Priest of Arkay slain with a scythe by Daedra-worshipers.
Tamrith Crystal Hand Mirror The handle of this mirror was carved to match a House Tamrith stiletto hilt.
Tamrith's Favorite Tea Pot House Tamrith uses only imported Alik'r tea pots such as this one, sold exclusively at Broken-Yoke Mercantile in Shornhelm.
Tower Paperweight A small, heavy stone tower in the High Breton style, with gemstone windows. Used to keep papers from scattering in the wind.
Trader's Rest Silver Dining Utensils Three meat-forks, two knives—a partial set of silver-plated dining utensils, each engraved with "Property of Trader's Rest."
Untamed Elixirs Silvered Pill Tin A pill tin bearing the mark of the Untamed Elixirs alchemy shop in Shornhelm, provided to its most exclusive customers.
Usurer's Obligation Esiree of Aldcroft distributes these tokens of obligation to remind customers of the debts they owe her.
Vial of Comet Dust A small vial of dust that allegedly fell from the sky when the starry comet streaked over the Iliac Bay.
Vireche's Breath Purifier Alchemist Vireche Kel in Hoarfrost crafts this refreshing concoction that freshens bad breath and tastes great on black bread.
Viridian Decanter This tall decanter was used by the Viridian Sentinel to contain the sap of the forest's oldest trees.
Viridian Sentinel's Monocle Though Viridian Sentinels are known for their longevity, their eyes age at a normal rate, and they require monocles for reading.
Viridian Tree Charm This charm is carved from soft wood and shaped like a tree. The tree's leaves are emeralds, making the charm extremely valuable.
Wart-Away Foot Balm A soothing ointment sold exclusively at Menoit's Emporium in Crosswych, it supposedly removes warts and foot fungus.
Wayrest Love Letter An intimate letter revealing details of an illicit affair involving members of the Virane and Branck families in Wayrest.
Wayrest Medal of Bravery One of many military decorations King Emeric bestowed upon his knights after their victory in Ranser's War.
Welkynd Stone Night Lamp Small night lamp illuminated by a dimly glowing Welkynd Stone from Erokii.
Wyrd Sister Door Stops Carved from the wood of dead trees by the Wyresses of Daenia, they resemble friendly spriggans happy to guard your home.
Wyrd Sisters' Whisk An oak whisk, carved out of a single piece of wood and used to prepare eggs for cooking.
Wyrd Sisters' Wolf Charm This hand-carved wooden wolf charm is sacred to the Wyrd Sisters of Viridian Wood.
  An ornate hourglass held within the claws of a curled dragon with ruby eyes, it dates back to the time of King Anton I.
  Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a black bear, Bretons regularly apply generous amounts behind their wrists and ears.
Bottle of Pyandonean Snake Essence Maormer perfume: the liquid in this bottle has a strong reptilian odor.
Maormer Embassy Inkwell Inkwell with bottle of benthic squid double-black ink, labeled "Property of the Maormer Embassy."
Maormer Goblet This elaborate mother-of-pearl goblet has intricate designs of sea snakes worked into its sides.
Maormer Sea Captain's Ship Model Model of a Maormeri fast frigate fashioned from mother-of-pearl and other precious and exotic oceanic materials.
Maormer Snake-Charmer's Pungi Double reedpipe used by Maormeri serpent-mages to charm snakes of all sizes. Quite rare in the Summerset Isles.
Pyandonean Fork This exquisitely designed jade serving fork appears to be a striking sea serpent, with its two fangs serving as its tines.
Sea Serpent Carving A coral figurine skillfully crafted to resemble the terrifying Pyandonean sea monsters commanded by the Maormer.
"Ebony Flask" Shein Stein Black-enameled limeware tankard with pewter lid, showing the sigil of the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart.
"Field Guide to Lava" Pumice Cube Light stone cube, painted on all six sides, depicting the six most common kinds of lava in Stonefalls.
"Netch, Kwama, Netch" Game A travel-sized version of the Dark Elf drinking game played in corner-clubs throughout Morrowind.
"Sketches from Lukiul Uxith" Folio Folio by the popular artist Andrano Andraneth of his drawings of the "exotic" Argonian town; signed and numbered.
36-Sermon Tableware Set A 36-piece silverplate tableware set with one spoon, knife, or fork for each of Vivec's Thirty-Six Sermons.
Alit Hunter's Silver Whistle Large silver-plated slide whistle, etched with "Bolga's Guaranteed Never-Fail Alit Caller."
Almalexia's Lock This lock of hair was supposedly given as a sign of Almalexia's favor. Why the color has faded is anyone's guess.
Ancient Dagoth Brandy Snifter A glass specifically designed to serve Ancient Dagoth Brandy in, it concentrates the bouquet and intensifies the flavor.
Ancient House Dagoth Goblet Rare goblet displaying the sigil of House Dagoth, the Chimer clan destroyed in the War of the First Council.
Antique Riding Crop A polished, well-made riding crop, from early in the Second Era. Many are stored away as heirlooms by Dark Elf families.
Arch-Mage's Hourglass A timepiece given to students who complete their master exams by the Arch-Mage of the Shad Astula Academy of Magic.
Argonian Scale Beetle Cheese Plate A plate designed to serve scuttle beetle cheese, made from Argonian scales (presumably prior to the formation of the Pact).
Argonian Scale Softener A batch of exotic moisturizing lotion made for Lord Ernil Dres by his Argonian slaves and stored in small vials.
Ash Mountain Paperweight A heavy stone model of the volcano in Stonefalls, perfect for keeping papers from scattering in a strong breeze.
Ash Mountain Serving Platter Silverware platter with decorative engraving, inscribed "View of Ash Mountain from Senie, with Windmill."
Ash-Slake Ale Pitcher A decorative glass pitcher, used to hold and dispense ash-slake ale and other tasty Dark Elf beverages.
Ashlander Spice Jar An empty spice jar, crafted and sold by a friendly Ashlander tribe from eastern Deshaan.
Aurona's Breath Freshener Alchemist Aurona in Mournhold crafts this refreshing concoction that eliminates bad breath and removes tarnish from silver.
Bag of Imitation Finger-Bone Dice Waxed Hissmir bloat-sac containing 16 "Dunmeri finger-bone" betting-dice—probably imitation. (Probably.)
Bal Foyen Netch-Hide Sackpipes Sackpipes made from flexible Bal Foyen netch hide, with coralwood drones.
Belt of Smaller Carpentry Tools Guar-leather belt carrying an assortment of smaller carpentry tools, labeled "Property of Stonecrush Lumber Camp."
Betty Netch Parasol A rare parasol imported from Morrowind, shaped to resemble a betty netch and carried to repel rain or sun.
Brass "Heen-Hoon" Hunter's Horn Alit-hunter's engraved brass mating-call horn; a blast of "Heen-hoon" is said to attract the amorous male Alit.
Brass Warning Whistle A simple aerophone bearing the mark of a particular Dark Elf house, travelers carry these to call for help or send warnings.
Brave Little Scrib Doll A doll modeled after the beloved baby kwama hero of Dark Elf children's stories, the Brave Little Scrib.
Brazen Minatory Ordinator Bust Brass bust of a disapproving ordinator; its eyes seem to follow one around the room.
Brothers of Strife Gemstone Bookends Sculptural bookends carved from chrysolite to look like the Brothers of Strife, leaning into a row of books from each end.
Brothers of Strife Sculpture Sculpture depicting the Brothers of Strife, carved from a single large feldspar crystal.
Brothers of Strife Spice Shakers A set of matching spice containers fashioned to look like the Brothers of Strife statues in Stonefalls.
Cache of Dunmeri Women's Lingerie Assortment of Dark Elven lingerie of plush, camlet, and sarsanet, all labeled "Klaandi's Back Room."
Centipede-Leg Writing Instrument A common but well-made pen, crafted using the leg of a centipede, can be found atop desks throughout Dhalmora and Bal Foyen.
Ceramic Dark Elf Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich Morrowind earthenware, only slightly used.
Chimer Talisman of Boethiah Ancient copper disc depicting the once-great temple to Boethiah on Ash Mountain.
Cliff Darter Basting Bulb A cooking tool shaped like a cliff darter, it distributes liquid to moisten and flavor food during the cooking process.
Coffin-Shaped Plume Box Coffin-shaped coralwood box containing writing plumes, inscribed "Memento Mori: Othrenis."
Collection of Colorful Ribbons A collection of ribbons of various widths and colors, used to decorate a Dark Elf's hair or clothing.
Color-Changing Ink An unusual ink crafted by alchemists at Good Titrations in Dhalmora, it appears as one color but transforms into another color.
Commemorative Nail Clipper House Redoran nobles received this gift at the celebration on 3rd Last Seed honoring the founding of the house.
Copper Saltrice Steamer Copper-bottomed double-boiler steamer, engraved with the motto "The Finest Saltrice comes from Sathram!"
Courtesan's Notebook This small book belongs to one of Mournhold's courtesans. A blackmailer would pay well for this list of wealthy clients.
Crystal Flin Distiller A crystal distilling device for making tasty and potent flin whiskey in the comfort of your own home.
Dark Elf Life Candle These large, ornate candles are lit when a Dark Elf is born. As long as it burns, the Dark Elf will be blessed with a long life.
Dark Elf Prayer Blanket A finely-woven prayer blanket featuring depictions of the "Living Gods" of the Tribunal.
Dark Elf Rain Shawl Dark Elves who spend any time in Skyrim's colder climes utilize water-proof rain shawls to stay more or less comfy and dry.
Dark Elf Sewing Needles in Pin Cushion Distinctive bone sewing needles traditionally utilized by Dark Elf crafters, stuck into a mudcrab-shaped pin cushion.
Dark Elf Travel Goblet A sturdy drinking vessel designed to withstand the rigors of travel, made of pewter or wood, and decorated with Dark Elf runes.
Dark Elf Wicker Effigy A traditional statue made of wicker, used as a stand-in for the owner in certain rituals no longer sanctioned by the Tribunal.
Davon's Watch Banker's Note The Bank of Davon's Watch provides every client with one of these receipts for items deposited in their vaults.
Davon's Watch Herald's Notes Notes for tomorrow, used by the town criers who announce the news in the squares of Davon's Watch.
Decanter of Preserved Grom Globs Sealed cut-glass decanter containing six grom globs meffed by dreugh at Vivec's Antlers, and preserved in vinegar.
Decorative Goblin Skull with Ruby Eyes Painted ornamental Goblin skull, with ruby eyes, mounted on a plaque that reads, "Former Defiler of Hightide Hollow."
Decorative House Dres Pot Holders Padded mittens for handling hot objects, scenes of Dres masters and their Argonian slaves decorate the quilted surface.
Deepcrag Kwama Charm This charm made from the chitin of a kwama warrior is one of several given to esteemed visitors to the Deepcrag Den kwama mine.
Defaced Tribunal Reredos Magnificent carved three-panel mahogany screen depicting the Tribunal, defaced by claw-marks.
Dhalmora Sleeping Mat A rolled sleeping mat in the Dhalmora style, built for comfort and portability. No backpack should be without one.
Directions to Clockwork City Scouting reports, collected rumors, and suppositions on the true location of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City.
Dres Grandmaster Memorial Medal Golden medal memorializing Grandmaster Thalthil Dres, who established Dres as a Great House by his slave-raid on Thorn.
Dres Guar Saddle and Caparison Fancy silver-chased saddle and caparison for a riding guar, displaying the Kragenmoor Dres crest.
Dres Slaver Shackles A set of House Dres slaver shackles, slightly used.
Dunmeri Battle Sling A guar-hide sling designed to support injured arms while still allowing enough mobility to return a wounded Dark Elf to battle.
Dunmeri Throw Rug A quality throw rug, imported from a small boutique in Deshaan, features an attractive yet simple Dark Elf design.
Dunmeri Travel Writing Instruments A case containing quills, inks, and parchment. Popularized by Morrowind natives, it is perfect for literate travelers on the go.
Dwarven-Metal Serving Utensils Set of serving utensils of iridescent Dwarven metal, engraved "Crafted at Armature's Upheaval by Dalotha."
Ebonheart Temple Priest's Thurible Electrum-clad censer for wafting ancestral ash incense during ceremonies in honor of the Tribunal.
Ebonheart War Toys These tiny Ebonheart soldiers and siege engines are carved from ivory. They fit within a simple mammoth-fur pouch.
Ebony Kwama Scrib This exquisite ebony statue, depicting the hero of the Dark Elf fairy tale, is part of a limited series by the sculptor Nerile.
Elegant Pearl "Veloth's Conundrum" Puzzle Exquisite traditional Dunmeri puzzle game, with an ebony board and pieces of Dwarven metal and nacreous pearl.
Embroidered Vivec's Antlers Pillow Silken pillow with an embroidered image of Vivec drowning the Akaviri invaders at Vivec's Antlers.
Engraved Silver Decanter This is one of several extremely valuable decanters personalized for the merchant-lords of House Hlaalu.
Ever-Dipping Cliff Racer Statuette Exquisite hand-carved cliff-racer statuette that pivots on a hip-hinge, forever dipping its beak and then straightening up.
Experimental Magma-Suit, Damaged Silvery coveralls of an unknown material, partially burned through, labeled "Valdam Andoren, Davon's Watch Guildhall."
Fancy Mazte Pitcher A fancy pewter pitcher designed to hold a favorite Dark Elf beverage, such as mazte or sujamma.
Fancy Redoran Porridge Bowl This is one of a dozen silver-inlaid porridge bowls that once graced the Redoran feasting halls throughout Morrowind.
Field Assistant's Protective Periapt Heimlyn Keep Field Assistant's blessed periapt, inscribed with prayers to protect the wearer from Daedric possession.
Fine Silken Ascot Neckerchief Red and green silk neckerchief with elaborate cursive praises of the Tribunal, and a tag, "Steamfont Laundry."
Fine Washbasin with Sload Soap Gilt-edged redware washbasin with bar of sload soap, unused and inscribed "Dhalmora Fine Goods, Davon's Watch."
First Era Dunmeri Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Dark Elf family heirloom.
Flask from the Flaming Nix The famous corner-club in Mournhold distributes these souvenir flasks to all their best customers.
Fort Zeren Tent A small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Zeren.
Foyen Docks Bill of Lading A bill of lading for cargo delivered to the Foyen Docks, it appears the cargo hasn't been picked up as yet.
Gem-Encrusted Guar Saddle This saddle, studded with precious gems and bearing the scales of House Hlaalu, is one of a select few gifted to master traders.
Gem-Studded Copper "Bedroom Yam" A strangely-elongated copper ash yam, studded with peridot "eyes," discreetly engraved "Avani's Forge, Ebonheart."
Girvu's Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, gold-painted horseshoe bears the brand of Girvu's Stables in Mournhold and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Glazed-Clay Nix-Hound Tureen The top of this well-crafted clay nix-hound can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate serving dish.
Glow Worm Farm A display case filled with loam, which serves as a habitat for a Dark Elf youngster's pet glow worms.
Goblin-Wood Cutting Board A carpenter in Davon's Watch crafts these hardwood cutting boards used by chefs and cooks throughout Morrowind.
Golden Writing Pen A gift from Sotha Sil to acolytes serving in the Tribunal Temple.
Gorapple Muffin Pan This tin pan has enough cups to make exactly three gorapple muffins—a lucky number associated with the Tribunal.
Great House Body Razor A sharp blade designed to maintain a Dark Elf's preferred smooth and hairless physique.
Guar Call Whistle A tiny whistle bearing the mark of Esqoo the herder. He commissioned many, since he's always losing his guar—and his whistles.
Guar Paperweight A small, heavy guar of shaped clay, it is a popular desk accessory in Dhalmora and the surrounding countryside.
Guar Roast Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roast guar meat at Dark Elf dinner festivals.
Guar-Mount Riding Crop Jointed shalk-leg riding crop made for steering a guar by flicking its cheeks, inscribed "Sulfur Pools Farm."
Guroanii's Blazing Brew A tasty ale with a hint of spice, bottled and sold at the Flaming Nix in Mournhold. Great for playing "Netch, Kwama, Netch."
Head Scarf A light and breathable cotton scarf. Great protection against both sun and sandstorm.
Heirloom Ebony Ash Yam Slow Cooker Antique pre-Four Score War ebony double-bottomed ash yam slow cooker, in the Old Ebonheart style.
Hlaalu "Golden Scales" Paperweight Small gold paperweight in the form of a pair of scales, the symbol of House Hlaalu.
Hlaalu Ancestral Ash Statuette Traditional closed-fist statuette of a House Hlaalu ancestor, made of yellow volcanic ash from Ash Mountain.
Hlaalu Merchant's Flin Barometer Hlaalu traveling merchant's combination barometer and whiskey-flask, a portable storm glass filled with flin.
House Hlaalu Marque of Trade A House Hlaalu contract granting a merchant the right to conduct business throughout Deshaan until 31st Evening Star.
House Hlaalu Sealing Wax A stick of sealing wax sold by the merchants of House Hlaalu and used throughout Deshaan and beyond.
House Indoril Shoulder-Mounted Parasol Folding shoulder-mounted parasol of blue-dyed premium netch-hide displaying the symbol of House Indoril.
House Redoran Commendation Scroll emblazoned with the House Redoran crest that bears a heartfelt commendation for an important service to the house.
House Redoran Goblet A redware goblet bearing the sigil of House Redoran. A stamp on the bottom reads "Ebonheart Unified Metalworks."
House Redoran Victory Flag A flag bearing the symbol of House Redoran, commemorating one of the many victories they claim credit for achieving.
Icon of Almalexia Blessing Iliath Temple Icon depicting Almalexia blessing Iliath Temple, with the Lady rendered in geniune gold leaf.
Iliath Temple Paperweight Heavy basalt paperweight carved in the likeness of the Iliath Temple.
Indoril Councilor's Seal Heavy gold seal of House Indoril; used to press the house seal into warm wax when sealing official envelopes.
Inkwell of Dreugh Ink Glass inkwell containing bright blue ink made from dreugh ichor, brewed and bottled in Davon's Watch.
Inspirational Adages of the Three Every Dark Elf desk has a list of inspirational quotes attributed to the Tribunal.
Kagouti Tusk Drinking Cups A set of sturdy drinking vessels carved from genuine kagouti tusks and engraved with House Redoran symbology.
Kindlepitch Powder Pouch A pouch made specifically to carry kindlepitch powder, the quartermasters of Fort Zeren designed it to be fire resistant.
Kinhouse Tassel A tassel hung from clothing to denote a Dark Elf's rank in his or her particular kinhouse.
Kragenmoor Cook Pot A distinctive cooking vessel with a square opening and a round base, it appeals to the aesthetics of the Elves of House Dres.
Kragenmoor Stew Bowls A set of distinctive square-shaped bowls, used to serve stews and soups, originally made popular at the Hissing Guar Inn.
Kwama Cuttle Earplugs A pair of kwama cuttle earplugs, used to muffle snores and other nocturnal noises of Dark Elf sleeping companions.
Kwama Cuttle Nose Plugs A pair of nose plugs fashioned from kwama cuttle, Dark Elves wear them to keep insects from crawling in while they sleep.
Kwama Egg Armillary Sphere Armillary sphere showing the orbits of the Aurbis' celestial objects, etched on an Onkobra Mines kwama egg.
Kwama Mine Lantern Cover A cover that fits over a kwama mine lantern, it focuses and directs the light or completely blocks, depending on your needs.
Kwama Miner Neckerchief A colorful cloth, worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to protect the nose and mouth of workers in kwama mines.
Lizard-Eye Marbles Small, round balls made of agate, used in the Dark Elf children's game, "Keepers," stored in a clear, glass jar.
Lizard-Fist Stormhold Auctioneer's Gavel Auctioneer's gavel made from an Argonian's fused-together fist bones, formerly used for officiating at House Dres slave sales.
Llirala's Amorous Articles Romantic pamphlets secreted away for a Dark Elf noble's lonely nights.
Lucky Foyen Dock Spike This heavy iron dock spike, engraved with the words "Foyen Docks" on one side, is considered to bring good luck to the bearer.
Lusty Argonian Keepsake Pillow The bawdy Lusty Argonian traveling tents of Bal Foyen gift these plush pillows to guests to remember each visit.
Mabrigash Walking Stick One of several walking sticks with carved symbols of the Ghost Snake. Provided as gifts by the Farseer Bodani.
Mabrigash Woven Mat A woven placemat crafted by the Mabrigash and bearing the distinctive pattern of the Ashlander tribe.
Mages Guildmaster's Bookmark Bookmark of platinum foil, an image of Arch-Mage Shalidor on one side, and "Return to Davon's Watch Guildhall" on the other.
Marble Font of the White Kagouti Marble washbasin surmounted by a sculpture of the Legendary White Kagouti, rampant.
Morrowind House Fungus A smaller variety of the large, glowing mushrooms that dot the Morrowind countryside, set in a pot and used to beautify a home.
Morrowind Spice Box A container for holding spices, crafted and sold by a friendly Dark Elf trader in the Rift's Ragged Hills.
Mother Morrowind Fertility Fetish Iridescent green-gold glassite statuette of a beatific Almalexia, arms crossed over her pregnant belly.
Mother Morrowind Meditation Beads Meditation beads used to contemplate the mysteries of the Tribunal, especially the blessings of Almalexia.
Mournhold Ambassador's Doily A doily with the Tribunal heraldry, distributed during a rare public banquet held by the Dark Elf ambassador to Riften.
Mournhold Memento Box A collection of Mournhold mementos, obviously important to their owner, including locks of hair and other sentimental items.
Mystic's Majestic Face Cream No one knows what Bar-Beekus originally intended as the purpose of this emulsion, but Dark Elves love it as a moisturizer.
Narsis Crystal Greef Ewer A rare crystal decanter from Narsis in Deshaan, it demonstrates the delicate and beautiful artisanship of the Dark Elves.
Narsis Dren Portrait This signed, limited-edition portrait of the famed Dark Elf dungeon-delver can be found in the nightstands of ardent admirers.
Narsis Guard Patrol Schedule An unauthorized list of guard patrols and schedules for the Hlaalu Guard in Narsis during the Llodos plague crisis.
Narsis Mushroom Parasol A parasol in the Narsis style, shaped to resemble a Morrowind mushroom and carried to repel rain or sun.
Nilyne's Natural Hand Sanitizer Nilyne Hlor of the Serk sells a lot of this hand soap, marketing it as a way to limit the spread of Llodos and other plagues.
Nix Hound Food Bowl A bowl crafted to hold food for a nix hound, most likely a beloved pet of a Dark Elf living in Bal Foyen.
Nix-Hound Booties Councilor Tredere Redoran commissioned specially crafted footwear for her beloved nix-hound, Flanish.
Nix-Hound Leash A sturdy leather leash used in the training of nix-hounds.
Nix-Hound Treat Cannister A decorated container that hold treats for a Dark Elf's beloved pet nix-hound.
Opulent Dunmer Funerary Jar This expensive container, which harkens back to a style popularized by the Chimer, can be found in many affluent households.
Ordinator Pardon A discharge of obligations awarded by an Ordinator for certain favors discreetly performed for the Tribunal.
Ordinator Signal Mirror A mirror bearing the symbol of the Ordinators. It is used to send simple signals and messages from a distance.
Oversized Souvenir Coin Oversized brass souvenir coin, with a jug of theilul engraved on the obverse, and "Coin Brothers Cornerclub" on the reverse.
Painting of "The Slave-Coffles of Thorn" Small reproduction of the popular and heartbreaking silhouette-painting of the infamous House Dres slave-raid on Thorn.
Personalized Wooden Disc A Dark Elf name, carved into a decorative wooden disc. It's positioned so the owner never forgets what he or she is called.
Portable Tribunal Shrine Diorama box that opens into a triptych for worship of the Tribunal; engraved "Personally Blessed by Disciple Sildras."
Presentation Wooden Training Sword Coralwood Dunmeri training sword, inscribed "Fort Arand Troop Trainer, Ten-Year Award—May the Three Bless You!"
Pristine Netch-Hide Handkerchiefs Iirila Maleran of Mournhold produces these elegant handkerchiefs for the upper echelon of House Hlaalu and House Telvanni.
Provisioner's List A list of groceries that need to be picked up at Mendyn Indrano's shop in Ebonheart.
Red Indoril Ash Statuette Red ash statuette of a great Indoril ancestor; may have come from the Indoril Crypt in Davon's Watch.
Redoran Carving Fork A large carving fork bearing the symbol of House Redoran upon its stout handle. The matching knife is nowhere to be found.
Redoran Carving Knife A large carving knife bearing the symbol of House Redoran upon its stout handle. The matching fork must have been lost.
Ruby-Studded Book Bag A lavishly decorated sack for carrying around books or other personal objects. It bears the symbol of House Hlaalu.
Saint Veloth Charm A common religious charm, this one is devoted to Saint Veloth, patron of outcasts and spiritual seekers.
Saint Veloth Nutcracker A nutcracker in the shape of Saint Veloth, usually only used during Dark Elf holidays.
Saint Veloth Prayer Book A small book of prayers gifted to the visitors to Saint Veloth's Shrine in exchange for voluntary contributions.
Scrib Pestle and Mortar A Dark Elf stone bowl and grinding tool, used to crush kwama scrib into a paste for cooking and alchemical preparations.
Seafood Allspice Preserving Jar An empty mushroom-shaped redware jar. Used to preserve the Davon's Watch seasoning known as "seafood allspice."
Set of Gilt-Edged Mazte Glasses Set of six greenglass mazte glasses with gilded brims, from the Hissing Guar Cornerclub in Kragenmoor.
Shad Astula Graduation Pin A pin given to students who complete their studies at the Shad Astula Academy of Magic.
Shalk-Resin Nail Trimmer A small device made of hardened shalk resin, designed to keep a Dark Elf's nails neat and trim.
Shalk-Resin Window Sundial A sundial made of shalk resin, small enough to sit on a windowsill, used to track cooking times in complex Dunmeri recipes.
Shenanigans Card Game A specialized deck of cards used to play the Dark Elf game known as "Shenanigans."
Silent Mire Hand Warmer A muff crafted by the Argonians of Silent Mire and sold exclusively to the highest echelon of Dark Elf society by House Hlaalu.
Silver-Tined Senie Kalimba Coralwood thumb piano with nonatonic silver tines made by the famous artisan Llamela of Senie.
Sing's Serene Salve A popular ointment said to treat numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by the alchemist Sings-with-Frogs in Ebonheart.
Sotha Sil Erudition Dice Oddly sided dice. Of a design attributed to Sotha Sil for educational purposes, but mostly used in games of chance.
Sotha Sil's Blessed Cogwheel A tiny cog, supposedly blessed by Sotha Sil. Every hour, on the hour, it pulses with a soft yellow light.
Spider-Shaped Trivet A small metal plate, shaped like a spider, with short legs designed to protect a tabletop. This design is popular in Stonefalls.
Spidersilk Kragenmoor Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry of woven spidersilk depicting a street scene in Kragenmoor, with Dark Elves, guar, and Argonian slaves.
Stuffed Bantam Guar A lifelike bantam guar doll intended for Dark Elf children. Either that, or an actual stuffed bantam guar.
Stuffed Guar Head A stuffed and mounted guar head, the eyes surprisingly alert and bright, covered with a fine layer of dust.
Stuffed Kwama Scrib A stuffed and mounted baby kwama. It is undeniably adorable.
Stuffed Nix-Hound Hlanus Hlaalu's son adored his many nix-hounds, so much so that when they died, he had them stuffed.
Swim Flippers and Coral Snorkel Swim flippers of flexible netch-hide, with a snorkel made of land-coral from Vivec's Antlers.
Telvanni Wizard-Painting of Heimlyn Keep Magical three-dimensional painting of Heimlyn Keep, quite old, signed "Keeper Vildras Telvanni."
Temple Clerk's Triple Inkwell Stand Golden stand for holding the three bottles of differently-colored ink used by Temple clerks; presented for 75 years of service.
Temple Location Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold.
Tinted Spectacles in Gemstone Frames Pair of blue-tinted spectacles in silver frames, set with turquoise accents, in a fine tortoise-shell carrying case.
Tribunal Medal of Honor One of many military decorations the Tribunal bestowed upon their best soldiers after defeating the Akaviri.
Tribunal Mourning Stole A brightly colored stole worn to honor the dead, as per the traditions set forth by the Tribunal.
Tribunal Prayer Cards A set of hand-painted prayer cards based on the Homilies of Blessed Almalexia.
Tribunal Temple Seal An official seal bearing the mark of the Tribunal Temple and used to identify temple correspondence.
Triple Bust of the Good Daedra Small sculpture of the heads of Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah carved from basalt, labeled "From Stonefang Temple."
Ulath Ashlander Ceremonial Body Wrap Long gray fungus-linen wrap-shroud, draped many times around a wise-woman's torso during Holy Meditation.
Ulathi Silver Spiderweb Armlet Jewelry of the Ulath Ashlanders, a fine silver armlet worked in the semblance of a spiderweb to honor Mephala.
Unique Rotating Prismatic Window Chimes Etched-Glass rotating prisms that throw rainbows and chime on the nonatonic scale, made by Kragenmoor Khajiiti slave-artisans.
Uveran Promotional Kagouti Bank Ceramic coin-bank in the shape of a painted kagouti, with a coin slot on its back, engraved "Compliments of Uveran Bank."
Velothi Expedition-Staff A distinctive walking staff used by the Chimer during their migration to Morrowind following the prophet Veloth in antiquity.
Velyn Hill Crabshell Mudsled Personal mudcrab-shell mudsled, with leather harness and "Velyn Hill Mud-Luge" inscribed on the seat.
Vivec's Antlers Land Coral Bonsai Living sprig of land coral from Vivec's Antlers, in a redware pot depicting Vivec's drowning of the Akaviri.
Vivec's Ivory Plaque This small, ivory rectangle contains a verse attributed to the Warrior-Poet and is a common gift among the wealthy of Morrowind.
Vivec's Volcanic Vapors A sweet-smelling oil, burned at night to make a Dark Elf's bedchamber calm and fragrant.
Volcanic Glass Vase A decorative vase. Crafted from volcanic glass that was harvested from the mountains of Stonefalls.
Volcanic Rock Kwama Scrib This exquisite statue, depicting the hero of the Dark Elf fairy tale, is part of a limited series by the sculptor Nerile.
Watch House Tavern Dice A pair of dice from the Watch House Tavern in Davon's Watch.
Wooden Serving Spoon This large wooden spoon features a small guar on the bowl, perfect for when one is making Guar Quiche.
Writ of Bal Foyen Freedom When the Dark Elves freed the Argonian slaves and granted them land in Bal Foyen, these official documents were presented.
A bottle of spiced perfume from the alchemists of House Indoril, which come in different fragrances specific to each house.
Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a giant spider, Dark Elves regularly apply generous amounts to their wrists and ears.


Banned Orc Tusk Letter Opener This fine yet highly illegal letter opener carved from genuine Orc tusk was probably made before the formation of the Covenant.
Bone Lots A handful of graven welwa knuckle bones, thrown to aid in divination.
Breton Flogging Doll A traditional Orcish children's doll. This one strongly resembles Peveral Stemuseph and appears well-worn.
Burnished Steel Jaw-Harp The Seamount Clan has a very weak musical tradition. It's unlikely that anyone will miss this lovely instrument.
Burnished Steel Mess Kit This well-maintained kit bears Forge-Wife Glesh's mark. Its weight and sturdy construction are astonishing.
Chipped Orsinium Tea Cup An exquisite and surprisingly delicate tea cup from an Orsinium tea service setting, marred by a tiny chip in the porcelain.
Clan Murtag War Canteen This rugged canteen was crafted from dwarven steel and emblazoned with the crest of Murtag Clan.
Clan Tumnosh Drinking Horn An ornately carved drinking horn, decorated in the tradition of the Orc clan Tumnosh of Wrothgar.
Corkscrew-Handle Nail Knife A small, curved blade with a corkscrew handle, designed to keep an Orc's nails neat and trim.
Dra'bul Nail File with Turquoise Handle
Drublog Lotion Warmer, with Cruet Drublog-forged iron lotion warmer stand, with candle holder beneath a circular eyelet to hold the ceramic lotion cruet.
Drublog Peat Hibachi Iron hibachi forged in Dra'bul for trade with the Bosmer, with bowl designed to contain burning peat bricks.
Ebony Whetstone This valuable whetstone once belonged to General Godrun.
Echatare Vellum Imported by boat from Orsinium. This vellum still smells of woodchips and the sea.
Emblazoned Arrowheads Forge-Wife Glesh created a series of these decorative arrowheads to commemorate the birth of Chief Tazgol's daughter, Lokra.
Engraved Pewter Flask This well-worn drinking flask features Seamount Clan motifs etched into the pewter.
Exquisite False Eye A polished marble eye with an emerald inset. A kingly gift from Chief Tazgol to a wounded lieutenant.
Heavy Knitting Needles These needles are composed of Stonetooth steel and are larger than most. A good fit for strong Orcish hands.
Heavy Warcaller's Horn An ancient horn fashioned from an echatere tusk and likely carried into battle by one of Warcaller Targoth's lieutenants.
Iron Orc Arrow Head A souvenir from a battle or a lucky charm found in the wilderness, this arrowhead is clearly in the rough Iron Orc style.
Iron Orc Executioner's Drum An executioner's instrument, in both respects. Clumps of dried blood still cling to the rugged iron counterhoop.
King Kurog Doll A doll modeled after the Orc King Kurog. The ferocious and monstrous look indicates it was probably crafted by a Breton.
Leather Vosh Ball A leather ball used in the Orc sport, Vosh, which translates as "Courage." It is rarely played outside Orcish strongholds.
Lurz's Vampire Repellent Lurz gra-Shatul's odiferous ointment, applied to the neck, keeps a lot more than just vampires away.
Malacath's Promise Token Orc clans in the Dragontail Mountains often leave these ebony tokens in places where they've sworn to return for revenge.
Mauloch Centrepiece A heavy wrought-iron statue depicting Mauloch in battle. The Seamount Clan must have very sturdy tables.
Mauloch's Meditation Mirror A silver mirror of Orcish design, featuring Mauloch's Hammer on the non-reflective side and used in daily affirmation rituals.
Oaken Fertility Totem This finely crafted icon was carved for Hunt-Wife Lurgush. It depicts a pregnant Orc holding a large acorn.
Oiled Straight-Razor This razor has been well-maintained. The wood appears imported, but the blade is clearly the work of Forge-Wife Glesh.
Olive Stoneware Bowl This dish was distributed to all the clan-wives to commemorate the marriage of Hearth-Wife Sholg to Chief Tazgol.
Orc Challenge Stone According to legend, an Orc would place this stone on his shoulder and dare an opponent to knock it off to accept a duel.
Orc Chieftain's Spearhead A souvenir from the Breton-Orc conflicts of the past, this ornate spearhead was probably wielded by an Orc chieftain.
Orc Trunk Guardian A Wrothgar tradition, this tiny trunk guardian statue is guaranteed to protect your stored goods.
Orc Tusk Consolation Medal Catgut strung with a dozen Wood Orc tusks, attached to a bone disc; engraved "Drublog Orc Hunt, Runner-Up."
Orcish Battle Sling A crocodile-hide sling designed to support injured arms while still allowing enough mobility to return a wounded Orc to battle.
Orcish Drinking Horn The solid craftsmanship of this silver drinking horn is unmistakable. In a pinch, it could cap an echatare's broken tooth.
Orcish Ledger of Significant Grudges A record of all of the grievances and insults an Orc family has suffered, with dates, specifics, and planned responses.
Orcish Longevity Candle No one has ever confirmed it, but this massive red candle is said to be large enough to burn for an Orc's entire lifespan.
Orcish Stoneware A set of stone bowls, made in the Orcish tradition, imported from Wrothgar.
Orichalum Pitons These sturdy pitons are masterfully crafted. Climbing the sheer cliffs of Betnikh requires tools of this quality.
Ornamental Hammer Etchings depicting the fall of Orsinium cover this decorative hammer. "Never Forget" is emblazoned on the handle.
Orsinium Pink Zinfandel Decanter A rare crystal decanter from Wrothgar, it shows that Orcs can create delicate and beautiful art when they want to.
Polished Iron Hand A gift from Chief Tazgol to a mutilated would-be usurper. "Better luck next time" is engraved on the palm.
Polished Marble Rolling Pin This otherwise pristine rolling pin bears a large crack. If rumors are true, Hearth-Wife Sholg occasionally uses them as clubs.
Polished Sandlewood Birdcall This masterfully crafted birdcall is one of a select few used by Hunt-Wife Lurgush and her companions.
Pristine Durzog-Hide Napkins King Kurog of Orsinium presented these napkins as a gift to one of the noble houses of Wayrest.
Seamount Clan Law-Stone A lovingly polished stone that was engraved with all the laws of Clan Seamount. Use and age have rendered it illegible.
Seamount Clan Warpaint This dark green paint is thick and remarkably smooth. Perfect for decorating the craggy face of a Seamount warrior.
Silver Vial of Alit Horn Powder A small, delicate silver vial filled with powdered alit horn, used by Orc shamans in fertility rituals.
Snips and Tails Game A travel-sized and much less deadly version of the Iron Orc game, "Cut It Until It Dies."
Ugduk's Meat Skewers A general good merchant in Aldcroft sells these traditional Orc meat skewers, perfect for roasting over a fire.
Whale-Bone Toothpick Mighty Orc tusks require an equally mighty toothpick. This one is larger than most—likely used by a Seamount Clan chief.
Wolf-Hair Ink Brush A fine brush with midnight black bristles. Supposedly the bristles are taken from pelts of Carved Hill wolves.
"Deceiver's Dice" Game A travel-sized version of the Nord drinking game played in taverns and inns throughout Skyrim.
"Sheep, Sheep, Goat" Game A travel-sized and much less rowdy version of the Nord drinking game, made popular at the Sober Nord Inn.
Aklief's Alabaster Ale A tasty brew with a hint of fruit and spice, bottled and sold by Aklief at Nimalten's Riverside Inn.
Aleeto's Invigorating Tincture A popular salutary said to treat numerous romantic ailments, sold exclusively at the Uncanny Alembic in Fort Amol.
Aleeto's Soothing Lip Balm A salve that helps seal in moisture to protect lips from the drying effect of cold wind, concocted by Aleeto of Fort Amol.
Ancient Map of Eastern Skyrim This antique map from the time of Queen Freydis is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age.
Antler-Fur's Choice Drinking Mug The select ale brewed at Fort Amol's Deldwine's Inn is only served in these mugs. They are decorated with tiny antlers.
Atmoran Dagger Hilt The hilt of an ancient Atmoran dagger, retained as an heirloom by some Nord household.
Balynor's Worm Repellent Wandering merchant Balynor's odiferous ointment, applied liberally, keeps a lot more than just Worm Cultists away.
Battle Scarf of the Rift Stylish neck wrapping sold exclusively by Tolfari the Tailor as a military accessory, though most say it just gets in the way.
Bleakrock Crow Trio Platter A platter designed to serve crow three ways: stuffed, roasted, and boiled. Crafted by the artisans of Thonarcal's Timberworks.
Bloodthorn Yoke A chain of braided, thorn-covered vines that bites into the flesh, supposedly worn by members of the Bloodthorn cult.
Bottle of First Era Ice Wine This extremely rare vintage from the Stormcloak Vineyards is worth more as an antique than as a consumable beverage.
Broken Nord Helm A cloven Nord helmet, mounted on a cracked longboat oar.
Butterfly Kite An expertly crafted kite shaped like the blue butterflies of Skyrim—quite popular with homesick Nords visiting Auridon.
Cardinal-Feather Quill A common writing instrument, crafted from the feather of an Eastmarch cardinal.
Clerk's Gull-Feather Quill A common but well-made quill, crafted using a seagull feather, can be found atop desks throughout Eastmarch.
Cold-Moon Inn Dice A pair of loaded dice from the Cold-Moon Inn in Windhelm.
Covert Riften Correspondence This message details supply routes between Windhelm and Riften. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Crispy Rabbit Fryer A specialized cooking device, perfect for preparing one of the prime food sources available in the Eastmarch wilderness.
Curtain of Claws A room-dividing curtain consisting of row upon row of oversized claws, said to have been crafted by a hagraven in the Rift.
Cyrodiil Service Medal The Skald-King honors soldiers who return from the War of Three Banners with one of these prestigious gold medals.
Dark Elf Aphrodisiac Flask An imported Dark Elf alchemical concoction in a silver flask, believed to aid older Nords with their nocturnal responsibilities.
Dark Witness War Paint This tin of deep blue war paint is a favorite among Reachmen from the Dark Witness clan.
Decorative Nord Netting A common net decorated in the Nord style, with sea shells, feathers, beads, and other trinkets, creating a hanging work of art.
Depressing Stuffed Goat A prized pet goat, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Riften citizens will go to hold onto the past.
Diamond-Studded Kyne Lapel Pin An exquisite lapel-pin, in the shape of Kyne's soaring hawk and studded with diamonds, is a favorite accessory for any Nord.
Dibella's Bosom Night Favor A bust of the god of beauty and erotic instruction, kept in Nord bedchambers to make nightly activities more ... invigorating.
Diminutive Mundus Stone A wandering merchant who visits Eastmarch once every season sells these small, stone paperweights in the shape of Mundus Stones.
Dragon Cult Walking Stick This walking stick features a coiled dragon wrapped around the shaft and probably belonged to an illegal worshipper of Alduin.
Dragon Gravy Boat A gravy boat in the shape of a dragon, crafted by Ceramic Masterpieces of Skyrim.
Dragonshrine Chalice A sculpted dragon claw grasps the stem. This one of several discovered in and around Skyshroud Barrows.
Dragonshrine Woven Mat A woven placemat crafted by Riften artisans and bearing the distinctive landscape of a dragonshrine grotto.
Earthenware Mead Decanter A ceramic decanter, crafted in the flamboyant style of the Eastmarch Nord clans and sold at Voljar's Meadery.
Earthenware Riften Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich earthenware in the Nordic design, never used. You think.
Engraved Mammoth Tusk Hair Pins Intricately carved hair pins, made from expensive mammoth ivory, depict highlights of the Skald-King's life in minute detail.
Essence of Mammoth An expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Windhelm, popular with wealthy maidens and matrons for special occasions.
Essence of the Rift A distinct and fragrant cologne for the discerning Nord, it's surprisingly crafted from a recipe by Darva the Dark Elf.
Etched Troll Tooth A large tooth taken from the mouth of a troll. An unknown scrimshander etched Kyne's War Prayer into the enamel.
Fallowstone Hall Signet Stamp A metal sealing wax stamp bearing the official seal of Fallowstone Hall.
Fanciful Map of the Rift This map from the time of King Einar is notable for its depiction of fantastic creatures along the edges of the parchment.
Fancy Skald-King Tablecloth Nords don't usually bother with such things, but when they decide to use a tablecloth, one depicting King Jorunn is a favorite.
Fancy Windhelm Pommel Cozy No one who's anyone walks the streets of Windhelm without a cozy to keep their weapon pommel warm and comfy.
Faux Fox Fur Handkerchief Josee Maviniele, the tailor in Windhelm, sells these simulated fox fur handkerchiefs—far less expensive than the real thing.
Feast of Dibella Centerpiece Many Nord families display this silver mirror in the shape of a moth for the annual Feast of Dibella celebration.
First Edition Fjokki A rare copy of the first edition of "The Art of Love and Swordplay" by Fjokki the Bard.
First Era Rank Insignia A rank insignia bar from the First Era, when a now-forgotten king tried to fancify and standardize Nord military wear.
First Era Riften Warm Milk Service An antique service from the First Era for preparing and serving warm milk, obviously a Nord family heirloom.
Flagon from the Withered Tree The famous tavern in Riften distributes these souvenir flagons featuring an engraving of a withered tree to favored customers.
Fort Morvunskar Tent A small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Morvunskar.
Frost Troll Ragamuffin Doll Someone in Windhelm thought these scary, raggedy dolls would be popular with children.
Garden Troll Varmint Defender Carved from ironwood by the Matrons of Shor's Stone, these friendly trolls are happy to protect your garden from unwanted pests.
Gaudy Konunleikar Serving Bowl This is one of two dozen silver-plated serving bowls used at the Skald-King's banquets during the Konunleikar celebration.
Giant's Lucky Thumb A petrified thumb, taken from an unlucky giant and now considered a good luck charm by some superstitious Nord.
Giantskin Pouch Nord clerics who follow the older traditions use these bags to hold ritual components for religious ceremonies.
Golden Braid Band A band of pure gold, designed to secure and decorate the hair braids or beard braids of stylish Nords.
Haunted Wood Candlestick This candlestick, decorated with dancing spriggans frolicking in the Haunted Wood, was purchased at the Tree's Bounty.
Hircine-Blessed Skewers Though they were made by a Dark Witness Briar Heart, these ebony meat skewers are much prized by hunters everywhere.
Holy Symbol of Jhunal A religious icon bearing an owl, the symbol of the god of knowledge, it's rare to find one of these among the warlike Nords.
Horker Tusk Drinking Horn A sturdy Nord drinking cup. Perfect for beer, mead, or ... well, it's mostly for mead.
Illicit Letters from Northpoint Romantic correspondence between a foreign dignitary and a wealthy jarl in the Rift. Blackmailers would pay dearly for this.
Inaccurate Riften Map This map of Riften contains glaring mistakes and was supposedly commissioned on Thane Unnvald's orders to confuse the Worm Cult.
Ink of a Different Color An unusual ink, crafted by the alchemists of the Uncanny Alembic in Fort Amol, great for writing letters of distinction.
Intense Incense of Mara A more powerful and extremely prohibited version of the common calm-inducing scent that permeates most Nord bedchambers.
Invitation to the Thane's Feast An embossed and elegant invitation to the Thane's exclusive annual Riften dinner festival.
Invitation: Drinks with the Jarls An invitation to attend a casual gathering with the jarls of the Rift. It appears drinks will be consumed in large quantities.
Ivory-Handled Whisk A staple of every Nord kitchen, this gravy whisk features a polished ivory handle decorated with Nordic patterns.
Jarl's Best Sleeve Pin An ornate pin, traditionally worn on the right sleeve. It identifies the wearer as a favored servant of a jarl.
Jarl's Favorite Silver Soup Spoon Some jarl, his name lost to time, proclaimed he would only eat soup with a silver spoon. Now, many Nords follow the tradition.
Jarl's Manor Monogramed Bed Sheets A set of luxurious bed sheets from Riften, monogramed with the initials of one of the local jarls.
Jarl's Silver Carving Platter Commemorative silver carving platters, bearing the crest of a specific jarl, are crafted on his or her coronation day.
Konunleikar Book Mark Keepsake The Mages Guild distributed these stylish leather book marks in honor of the Skald-King's Konunleikar celebration.
Konunleikar Certificate of Merit Participants in any of the Konunleikar games received a Certificate of Merit, signed by Thane Mera and suitable for framing.
Konunleikar Drinking Helm The Royal Crafters only made a handful of these commemorative helmets that feature four mugs of ale and a straw to drink from.
Konunleikar Festival Basket Fertab in Windhelm packs and sells these festival baskets, full of everything necessary for a long day of celebrating.
Konunleikar Invitation An invitation to an exclusive Konunleikar party limited to Windhelm's most important movers and shakers.
Lineage of Clan Ironhand Official papers that detail a claim to the Skyrim throne by Clan Ironhand. Is someone trying to promote Thane Unnvald?
Love-Lost Comforter A comforter quilted by We Who Lost Battle Maidens in the most-recent wars. Such sewing circles exist throughout Skyrim.
Magnifying Monocle A single round of magnifying glass, just like the one used to aid Thane Unnvald's tired eyes in Riften.
Mammoth Paperweight A small, heavy mammoth of shaped glass, used to keep papers and other documents from scattering in a cold wind.
Mammoth-Hide Blanket Only the children of jarls, thanes, and wealthy merchants could afford an ostentatious blanket made from the hide of a mammoth.
Mammoth's Foot Lucky Charm A rare, left-footed charm crafted by Jorven Oldhammer, studded with nine bluesnow diamonds—one for each of the Nine Holds.
Map of Eastern Skyrim A map showing the current borders of Eastern Skyrim, though it appears to have a number of errors and inconsistencies.
Mara Fertility Fetish Flower-spouting fertility statuette, usually found on shrines dedicated to Mara throughout the Skyrim territory.
Mara's Floral Star Vase A traditional Nord wedding gift, the four-pointed floral star is a popular symbol associated with Mara, the goddess of love.
Marcy's Kawala Tea This packet of tea comes with its own tea strainer, because the Kawala Tea of Marcy is not strained.
Matching Mammoth Tusk Spice Shakers Mammoth tusk spice shakers, in the stylized shapes of a fox and a bear. Made exclusively at the Ringing Anvil in Riften.
Miniature Bronze Mead Cask A limited-edition bronze cask, once filled with Voljar's Special Recipe. Produced for the meadery's two-hundredth anniversary.
Mystical Mysteries Table Mat A woven placemat crafted by Skyrim artisans and bearing the distinctive symbols associated with Saerdor the Mystic.
Nocturnal Nord Hair Net The only way to protect Nord braids from pillow hair is by using one of these silver mesh hair nets while sleeping.
Nord Battle Wraps These leather wrappings bind and encase wounded body parts so a Nord or like-thinking warrior can rush back into battle.
Nord Ear-Hair Clipper A set of tiny shears designed to keep a Nord's thick ear hairs neat and trim.
Nord Fermenting Jug A jug used to ferment homemade alcohol, usually decorated with animals native to Skyrim or scenes of famous Nord battles.
Nord Fondue Pot A small copper pot used to serve melted cheese, and eaten by dipping bread into it with long-stemmed forks.
Nord Gold-Plated Snow Jars Wealthy Nord households take the tradition of saving snow from each year's Wintertide Festival in sealed jars very seriously.
Nord Guessing Cups A set of three identical metal cups, Nords use them to play the popular game of "Chase the Pea." Which cup is the pea under?
Nord Helmet Serving Bowl This Nord helmet has been refashioned into a serving bowl, with the horns trimmed and shaved so the bowl sits level on a table.
Nord House God An antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass. It depicts one of the "testing gods" the Nords try to keep appeased.
Nord Salted Mutton Platter A platter designed to serve salted mutton, made in the distinctive style of the crafters of Riften.
Nord Scrimshander's Tools A set of tools used to carve large mammoth tusks, made in the Nordic style.
Nord Sharpening Stone A whetstone etched with Nord symbology, used to grind and hone the edges of steel tools and implements.
Nord Snowshoes A well-crafted pair of Nord snowshoes with intricately-woven mesh and polished bentwood frames.
Nord Sweat Cologne An expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Riften, popular with wealthy Dark Elves who want to unleash their inner Nord.
Nord Trunk Guardian A Skyrim tradition comes to Morrowind in the form of this tiny trunk guardian statue, guaranteed to protect your stored goods.
Nordic Bath Rug A fine bath rug, imported from a small boutique in Eastmarch, features an attractive yet simple Nordic design.
Nordic Clan Neckerchief A triangular piece of cloth, decorated with the markings of a Nordic clan, usually worn about the leader's neck.
Nordic Hammer Hair Pins Fancy hair pins with a hammer head and pointed handle, a popular Nordic symbol, found in homes throughout the Rift and beyond.
Nordic Night Candle A traditional night candle, rumored to repel draugr. Also provides a sense of security for Nords who are afraid of the dark.
Nordic Rabbit Fur Bedroll A compact bedroll, accented with rabbit fur in the Nord style. No backpack should be without one.
Orcthane's Victory Flag Some Stormfist Brigade supporter jumped the pig and created a limited number of flags proclaiming Fildgor's victory over Jorunn.
Orkey's Undead Ouster A small pouch containing items blessed by a priest of Orkey, it is said to ward off all sorts of undead creatures.
Ornate Tapped Vein Tankard The Tapped Vein Tavern in Shor's Stone uses specially crafted tankards engraved with the famous motto: Drink, Die, Drink Again.
Painting of the Brief Queen A hauntingly beautiful Queen Nurnhilde stares out from this painting. Every wealthy household owns a copy of the Brief Queen.
Perplexing Ancient Nord Game A game (maybe?) of Nord design, discovered near Skyshroud Barrows. There are no instructions, but the board is nice.
Personal Record of Honor An ongoing chronicle of a prominent Nord's personal legend, including significant successes and failures.
Pinewood Nibble Bowl No prominent Nord household is complete without a set of pinewood nibble bowls—perfect for all-day snacking.
Pinewood Party Platter A large, rectangluar platter of pinewood, perfect for piling high with Nord delicacies for the next Konunleikar.
Polished Dragon-Scale Writing Tablet The polished scale of some huge creature (probably a dragon), used as a portable writing surface by some scholarly Nord.
Precious Kynesgrove Prayer Beads Rare mother-of-pearl prayer beads, dedicated to Kyne and crafted by the keepers of Kynesgrove for wealthy patrons.
Prince Adrien's Silken Scarf When her son came of age and joined in the war, the queen made him wear flashy scarves so the king could protect him in battle.
Queen Freydis' Curly Ringlets A lock of curly red hair sealed in a jar, proclaimed to be from the head of Queen Freydis of Eastern Skyrim.
Queen Mabjaarn's Risque Etching Wild and carefree before taking up the crown, this revealing etching of Mabjaarn Flame-Hair is credited to Fjokki the Bard.
Queen Nurnhilde's Nail Clipping A locket with a nail supposedly clipped from the corpse of Queen Nurnhilde before her interment.
Rabbit Meatball Frying Pan A frying pan that features multiple ball-shaped indentations for preparing perfect rabbit meatballs for hungry Nords.
Rabbit-Fur Ear Warmers A set of rabbit-fur muffs designed to protect the ears from the harsh and biting cold of the Rift.
Raven-Feather Pillow A small head pillow filled with fluffy raven feathers and featuring a traditional Nord design of clinking, overflowing tankards.
Riften "Hunting Horn" A horn made from a mammoth tusk. Silver filigree lines the rim. The hidden compartment within smells faintly of skooma.
Riften Cavalry Saddle A saddle bearing the mark of the once-famous Riften Cavalry that used to patrol roads throughout the Rift.
Riften Jarl's Stamp An official stamp created especially for the jarls of Riften. Forgers would find this extremely valuable.
Riften Location Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward the city of Riften.
Risque Boudoir Portrait A portrait of a buxom young Nord wearing nothing but a horned helmet and a provocative smile.
Royal Accolade of the Hunt A golden recognition medal from the Skald-King, awarded to the master hunters of Skyrim.
Rustic Wooden Mead Mugs Crafted by woodworkers at Sand and Dust, these oversized drinking vessels were popularized by Thane Unnvald at his inauguration.
Saarthal Burial Urn A relic from the first city built by Atmoran settlers in Skyrim, destroyed by the Snow Elves in the Merethic Era.
Saltrice Paddy Muck Shovel Muck shovel with a solid Nord-forged blade, and coralwood haft with "Hrogar's Hold" burned into the wood.
Savage Nord False Beard and Mustache Comically hirsute false beard and mustache, worn when playing the "Strapping Skyrim Skald" game.
Scent of Serenity Silvered Pill Tin A pill tin bearing the mark of the Scent of Serenity alchemy shop in Riften, provided to its most exclusive customers.
Set of Chamois Hand-Cloths A set of four soft deer-chamois hand-cloths, stamped on the corners, "Riverside Inn, Nimalten."
Shor's Stones Tokens A collection of Shor's Stones tokens, obviously important to their owner, such as gaudy cloth patches and other nostalgic items.
Shrunken Hagraven Head An ancient, shrunken head of a Hagraven, thought by Reachmen to be a powerful talisman of good luck.
Signed Heraldic Document These blank heraldic documents are signed by Thane Unnvald of Riften. They would be worth a small fortune to a forger.
Signed Konunleikar Event Schedule A broadsheet featuring the daily schedule of events for the Konunleikar festival. This one was signed by King Jorunn.
Skald-King Commemorative Plate A hand-painted souvenir plate commemorating the coronation of Jorunn, the Skald-King.
Skald-King Moppet Doll A silk doll fashioned after Jorunn the Skald-King, albeit with an enlarged head and disproportionately smaller body.
Skald-King's Drinking Horn King Jorunn gifted each Tribunal leader with an ornate drinking horn, which was duplicated and sold to Mournhold's elite.
Skald-King's Sonnet Jorunn rarely gets to flex his bardic muscles any more, but he sometimes pens a poem as an acknowledgment for a personal favor.
Snow-Bourne Plate An elegant crystal dinner plate bearing the crest of the Snow-Bourne clan, probably brought all the way from Windhelm.
Snow-Squatter's Wrap Some say only milk-drinkers use these fur-lined wraps when relieving themselves at night, yet most Nords keep one by the door.
Sober Nord Obligation A token bearing the mark of the Sober Nord in Windhelm. It identifies the bearer as carrying a tab at the tavern.
Sovngarde Woven Place Settings Woven placemats decorated with idyllic scenes of Sovngarde. They are too beautiful for common Nord feasts.
Stormfist Brigade Silver Flask A silver drinking flask bearing the symbol of the Stormfist Brigade from western Skyrim.
Stormfist Style Flatware Cutlery produced by Stormfist clan artisans, most likely dating back to before the reign of Jorunn the Skald-King.
Thane Fjora's Winner's Cup A small trophy, awarded for winning the annual riddle contest sponsored by the Lady of Nimalten.
Thane Icehammer Doll Only the children of opulence own a Thane Icehammer doll—complete with oozing side wound and extra-sharp battle-axe!
Thane Jeggi's Drinking Tankard A large, ornate flagon bearing the mark of Thane Jeggi Gap-Tooth. It is said he has these hidden throughout the Nine Holds.
Thane Unnvald's Potent Proclamation The Thane of Riften continues a long-standing tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Thane's Falcon Feather Quill A writing instrument made from the majestic feather of a falcon, most often used by the thanes and jarls of the Rift.
Thane's Owl-Feather Quill Quills crafted from the feathers of snow-owls are for the exclusive use of the Thanes of Skyrim.
The Bastard's Last Will and Testament Many versions of the last will and testament of Yoregg the Bastard have turned up, but none have been deemed authentic. Yet.
The Brief Queen in Profile A portrait of Queen Nurnhilde, dressed in full battle regalia, depicting her calm reflection before the siege of Windhelm.
The Brief Queen Porcelain Doll Only a handful of these haunting figurines were crafted and sold before the Skald-King took offense and outlawed the dolls.
Thulvald's Ebony Log Splitter A triangular ebony wedge, perfect for splitting wood. It bears the symbol of Thulvald's Logging Camp.
Tribunal Walking Stick Vivec gifted Jorunn and his thanes with ornate walking sticks, which were duplicated and sold to Windhelm's elite.
Trinket of Queen Freydis A small, topaz bead said to have fallen from Queen Freydis' battle cloak during her bid to conquer Cyrodiil.
Unspoiled Spidersilk Napkins Fancy and delicate, almost every wealthy Nord household owns a set—but, being Nords, they never use them.
Venison Jerky Drying Rack When the wealthy brave the wilderness, they bring along Chef Alskar's patented venison drying rack for a taste of home.
Voljar Gift Certificate A certificate that can be redeemed at Voljar's Meadery in Eastmarch for bottles or casks of mead.
Voljar's Corkscrew with Inlaid Handle This limited-edition corkscrew celebrates the famous meadery's one-hundredth anniversary.
War Trophy of Kyne's Admiration For defeating twelve or more enemies while fighting to defend Skyrim's honor, a Nord warrior received this cup of distinction.
White Lion Tankard An iron-wood cup, carved to resemble a white lion's head. A maker's mark on the base indicates it was crafted in Lower Yorgrim.
Windhelm Salad Tongs It is now common practice for Nord households to stock a set of salad tongs for use when unexpected Dark Elf visitors drop by.
Wool-Filled Pillow Eastmarch sheep produce a soft, fluffy wool—perfect as a filling for these comfortable travel pillows.
Yorran's Yarns of Cyrodiil, Illustrated Edition Amusing and often bawdy anecdotes detailing a Nord's adventures in the Imperial City, complete with explicit illustrations.
Ysgramor's Palace Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward Ysgramor's Palace in Windhelm.
  A chunk of stone from the damaged Palace of Ysgramor. A number of these have illegally found there way into Nord homes.
  A framed display of various snowflakes, lovingly mounted and catalogued by a diligent Nord – before they melted.
  A heavy earthenware crock tinged with gold, designed to store strong and pungent Nordic cheeses – without stinking up the house.
  A stuffed doll made of rags, crudely modeled to represent Jorunn the Skald-King, multiple needles skewer its head and torso.
"Ancestors" Music Box An Altmeri-styled music box that, when wound, plays a tinkly "Ancestors' Waltz."    
"Ancient Ezduiin" Painting Framed painting of the site of Ezduiin, depicting it as it appeared before it was ruined in the Mallari-Mora incident.    
"Fists of Thalmor" Seal Stamp A bronze seal stamp embossed on its face with a "Fists of Thalmor" symbol.    
"Lay of Firsthold" Music Box Clockwork music box of brass and tin that plays the "Lay of Firsthold" while tiny swan ships sail in a circle.    
"Summer Sun" Music Box Wind up this mechanical contraption and it plays "The Summer Sun Sets on Summerset."    
"Unforeseen Queen" Homecoming Banner Bright silk banner displaying the Altmeri eagle, prepared for Ayrenn's return to Summerset by way of Firsthold.    
Alchemical Igniter This gold-plated device, designed to ignite a smoking pipe, was crafted by the great Telenger, and bears his mark.    
Aldmeri Ceremonial Saber A purely ornamental saber. The refined artistic design is matched only by the fragility of its construction.    
Aldmeri Cutlery This Aldmeri cutlery is finely filigreed and fit for the Queen herself.    
Aldmeri Nautical Waystone A magical stone used to guide Aldmeri ships to their destinations in ancient times.    
Aldmeri Ship Model A perfect scale model of one of the ships of the Aldmeri fleet.    
Aldmeri Snuff Box Made specially for Aldmeri officers of high-breeding, this snuff box is lined with gold and covered in Dominion motifs.    
Aldmeri War Toys These tiny Aldmeri soldiers and siege engines are molded brass. They fit within a simple silk pouch.    
Altmer Heritage Stacking Puzzle Stacking puzzle or game in which pieces representing ancestors are stacked in pairs. Breeding mismatches result in tumbles.    
Altmer Travel Mug A sturdy drinking cup designed to withstand the rigors of travel, made of pewter or wood, and decorated with High Elf symbols.    
Amberware Peacock Pitcher Delicate ceramic pitcher in the shape of a peacock, from Culinary Imports in Skywatch.    
Ancient Brass Sackbut Antique brass trombone engraved with flowing floral motifs, said to have been found in Torinaan.    
Ancient Rilis Guard Binder Ancient and fragile copper buckler, originally carried by a member of the Royal Guard of Kinlord Rilis, the First of Firsthold.    
Antique Rilis VIII Hunting Horn Antique gold-filigreed minotaur hunting horn dating from the reign of Kinlord Rilis VIII.    
Auri-El Priestess Worship Wings Wide shoulder-mounted worship wings constructed from the many-colored flight feathers of thousands of jungle birds.    
Banker's Everfull Double Inkwell Bronze pen-stand, engraved "Skywatch Coinhouse," with two auto-replenishing inkwells, one black, one red.    
Battlereeve Urcelmo Doll This surprisingly accurate wooden doll faithfully captures Battlereeve Urcelmo's likeness.    
Blue Satin Goblin House-Slave's Suit Blue satin sailor's-suit with white lace trim, for a Goblin slave serving the nobility on feast days.    
Bolt of Royal Cloth-of-Gold Bolt of glimmering cloth-of-gold, with a repeating embroidered pattern of the Seal of House Rilis.    
Book of Erotic Stories A collection of erotic fiction, featuring pairings of prominent Aldmeri Dominion figures, including Queen Ayrenn and Urcelmo.    
Bottle of Kinlord's Flagstaff Vigor Pills Large green-glass bottle of Kinlord's Flagstaff vitality lozenges, "concocted from rare ingredients" by Aldmeri Essences.    
Bottle of Vintage Sylph-Mead Unopened bottle of vintage sylph-mead, quite valuable to connoisseurs, from the now-abandoned Glister Vale Hiveworks.    
Box of Calligrapher's Pen Nibs Ivory box containing copper pen nibs of assorted widths, labeled "Property of the Altmeri Embassy Clerks' Office."    
Bronze Blue Bunting Perch Broad-based bronze bird perch for a blue bunting, with a slim brass chain and anklet, engraved "Brightsteel Armory" underneath.    
Brown Bear Sleeping Furs Bear-fur sleeping blanket, lined with flannel in a floral print. A label reads "Snip and Stitch Outfitters, Skywatch."    
Canonreeve's Ruby-Throated Nonesuch Moonstone-fretted silversilk ruby-throated nonesuch. The amber tail-label reads "Property of the Thalmor."    
Canonreeve's Silken Handkerchiefs Pair of off-white silken handkerchiefs, trimmed with lace and embroidered with the arms of the Dawnbreak Canonreeve.    
Canonreeve's Silken Parasol Silk-paneled sun umbrella displaying the symbol of the Thalmor, from Island Woodworks in Skywatch.    
Castle Rilis Brass Candelabra Antique three-armed brass candelabra, in the "Sinuous Serpent" style, recovered from the ruins of Castle Rilis.    
Clockwork Brass Alarm Rooster Clockwork brass rooster that crows thrice at dawn, with three volume settings, from Swan's Grace Enchantments.    
Clockwork Toy Soldier This wind-up clockwork toy was crafted by Telenger the Artificer himself, and was probably gifted to the child of a noble.    
College of Aldmeri Propriety Acceptance Letter A letter of acceptance into the Thalmor training program at the College of Aldmeri Propriety.    
Commemorative Skywatch Festival Dice A pair of brass dice, whose poor construction tends to favor one side. Gamblers would pay a fair price for these.    
Counterfeit Dominion Passport A high quality forgery of a passport bearing Thalmor Inner Council seal. Smugglers would pay dearly for this.    
Crystalline Glass A glass that bears Altmeri writing in golden text across the bottom.    
Delicate Ceramic Bud Vase White and rose pink bud vase of subtle floral curves, from Skywatch Mercantile.    
Dimly Glowing Malondo Stone Nearly-depleted Malondo Stone emits a faint golden glow; engraved "Souvenir of Quendeluun."    
Double-Sided Nightcap Toasting Mug Rare double-sided amberware mug, used by kinlords and kinladies for toasting each other with a nightcap at bedtime.    
Dressmaker's Sewing Mannequin An adjustable lady's mannequin dress form bearing the insigna of Queen Ayrenn's Royal Dressmaker.    
Eagle's Strand Welcome Mat Tawny welcome mat woven of saltrice straw, with a pattern depicting Eagle's Strand.    
Elaborate Model Swan Ship Model, in wood, fabric, and twine, of a Firsthold swan ship, detailed down to the tiny ballistas on the poop.    
Envelope Opener with Rilis Sigil This platinum-chased envelope opener bears the sigil of House Rilis on its pommel.    
Errinorne Ancestry Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry depicting the noble ancestry of House Errinorne, dating back to the Late Merethic Era.    
Errinorne Impskin Wallet Pouch-wallet of finest lavender impskin, embossed with the sigil of House Errinorne of Skywatch.    
Ever-Blooming Bonsai Tree Rectangular pot containing a living bonsai, a miniature Auridon Gorapple perpetually blossoming pink blooms.    
Eyes of the Queen Disguise Kit A kit of false beards, mustaches, noses and other prosthetics. A small marking indicates it was made for the Eyes of the Queen.    
Fine Porcelain Chamber Pot A prime example of High Elf craftsmanship, this pot appears to have been recently cleaned. The only scent you detect is roses.    
First Auridon Marines Medal A sterling silver veteran's medal presented to those who have served in the First Auridon Marines.    
Firsthold Painting A richly textured oil painting of the first settlement of Auridon.    
Fish Ephemera Counter-Censer Nautilus-shaped silver incense burner, used on fishing parties by Thalmor Canonreeves to mitigate piscine odors.    
Forged Painting A very good forgery of a very famous Aldmeri painting.    
Galatite Manacles A sturdy pair of High Elf manacles. The key appears to be missing.    
Genuine Psijic Stole Simple attire may have belonged to a member of the Psijic Order, secretive monks devoted to the esoteric study of the Elder Way.    
Goblin-Sized Weighted Shackles Heavy leg-irons for restraining Goblin slaves who are flight risks. Etched with the symbol of The Watcher's Forge, Skywatch.    
Gold-Framed "Two Beacons" Diptych Diptych, two oil paintings in a dual gilded frame, one of the South Beacon at dawn, the other of the North Beacon at night.    
Gold-Plated Napkin Holder Set A very rare set of gold-plated napkin holders used at the feast celebrating the coronation of King Hidellith.    
Guarskin Conga Drums Pair of conga drums with guarskin heads, made by Ebonheart Argonians but in Dunmeri style for sale to the Dark Elves.    
Guide to Approved Methods of Procreation Illustrated folio from the Thalmor depicting methods of coition "that properly reflect our Altmeri heritage."    
High Elf Lineage Toys Tiny, wood-carved High Elf aristocratic figures that fit within a silk pouch and help teach the complexities of heritage theory.    
High Elf Songbook The songs are written in Old Aldmeris, and would be of great value to historians.    
High Kinlady's Diamond-Tipped Spurs Diamond-tipped silver spurs for the riding boots of a High Kinlady, in the style worn in Skywatch and Firsthold.    
High Priest's Orison Orrery Jeweled rotating and counter-rotating orrery, used by Altmeri high priests to determine which Aedric planet to worship.    
High Priest's Portable Auri-El Altar Elaborate tin folding altar to Auri-El, gilded and bejeweled, with a relief of Auri-El's Bow that emits a golden glow.    
Kinlord Rilis Nesting Dolls Thirteen nesting dolls of painted bamboo, representing Kinlord Rilis the First through Thirteenth.    
Kinlord's Pearlescent Inkwell Bottle of rare pearlescent ink, as used by Altmeri Kinlords to calligraph official decrees on blue silk.    
Marble Bust of Prince Naemon Bust of Queen Ayrenn's younger brother sculpted from white marble by Aurelenya of Firsthold.    
Marble Bust of Queen Ayrenn Bust of the Queen of Alinor sculpted from white marble by Aurelenya of Firsthold.    
Marine Officer's Platinum Whistle Platinum three-note officer's whistle, engraved with the seal of the First Auridon Marines.    
Miniature Lighthouse A miniature of one of the beacons of Auridon.    
Miniature Portrait of Queen Ayrenn The queen has never looked more stunning in two dimensions than in this locket-sized portrait.    
Naemon Commemorative Matriculation Token Gold token commemorating Prince Naemon's matriculation to the Sapiarchs' Labyrinth in 2E 573.    
Nobles' Soil-Repelling Dreugh Wax Jar of expensive mildly-enchanted soil-repelling boot polish, made from rare dreugh wax by Starfall Arcana.    
Ornate Shaving Mirror An ornate hand-held shaving mirror crafted from fine silver and inscribed the names of Aldmeri deities.    
Overlook Inn Royal Stirrup Cup Crystal-and-silver stirrup cup sporting the royal seal, traditionally presented at the Overlook Inn before a House Rilis hunt.    
Painting of King Hidellith Framed oil portrait of Queen Ayrenn's father, the late King Hidellith.    
Painting of the First Altmeri Landfall Gilded sunwood framing an oil painting depicting the ships from Aldmeris at Nine Prow Landing, with Torinaan stepping ashore.    
Perpetual Motion Gyroscope This remarkable toy will spin forever, with no apparent source of power. It bears the mark of Telenger the Artificer.    
Phaer Tapestry This tapestry is elegantly woven, depicting an idyllic scene in the village of Phaer.    
Quartz Crystal Tower Paperweight Quartz paperweight in the shape of a miniature Crystal Tower; glows faintly in the dark, gradually changing colors.    
Queen's Eye Toy Figures A complete set of figurines for children to act out the adventures of the Queen's Eye.    
Quire of Official Thalmor Stationery 24 sheets of highest-quality vellum, each bearing the distinctive eagle watermark of the Thalmor.    
Reliquary with Ancient Prophet's Finger Holy reliquary, a small glass-covered box containing one of the fingerbones of the Prophet Ciroloth of Ancient Quendeluun.    
Rilis Tabard A hand-embroidered coat of arms.    
Roast Peacock Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve peacock roasts prepared for High Elf festivals and banquets.    
Royal Battlereeve's Command Baton This symbol of command for a Royal Battlereeve is fashioned of yellow sunwood and capped with a glowing Malondo Stone.    
Royal Hussar's Wing Sashimono Feathered back-banner shaped like a great eagle's wing, worn by the Royal Altmeri Hussars.    
Royal Masquerade Invitation A gold-filigreed invitation to the Grand Masquerade of Alinor, a High Elven event that only takes place every 150 years.    
Royal Progress Commemorative Brooch Silver and diamond brooch worn to celebrate Queen Ayrenn's current Royal Progress through Auridon.    
Royal Rilis Galliard Carpet Hand-knotted wool carpet used for dancing the Royal Rilis Galliard, with footprints indicating proper foot placement.    
Set of Crystal Dram Glasses Set of six crystal shot glasses engraved with an image of the Overlook Inn.    
Seventeen Songbird Warble-Fife Small flute that can be played seventeen different ways to imitate and attract every species of songbird native to Auridon.    
Shimmerene Magnifying Glass Magnifying lens of imported Shimmerene glass in a brass setting with a carved tigerbone handle.    
Ship In A Bottle A finely-crafted model of the Abecean Monarch, an Altmer ship of the All Flags Navy, constructed inside a small-necked bottle.    
Silk Map of Summerset Isles Sailors and collectors alike would covet this delicately woven map of the Summerset Isles.    
Silver Gravy Boat The craftsmanship of this vessel is exquisite. It appears to be the work of a Skywatch silversmith.    
Skywatch Festival Advertisement A hand-drawn advertisement for the celebration in Skywatch.    
Sload Pustule Lancet A rare item of Sload manufacture, left behind after their long occupation of Errinorne Isle.    
Summerset Isles Map Scroll A wooden scroll case containing a beautifully hand-painted cloth map of the Summerset Isles.    
Summerset Isles Nautical Depth Chart A highly detailed nautical chart of ocean depths and hazards in the strait separating Auridon and Summerset.    
Summerset Silk Neckerchief A colorful cloth made of the finest Summerset silk and worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to protect from sea spray.    
Summerset Vintage A very old, very valuable bottle of Summerset wine.    
Swan-Satin Bathing Thong Sleek and sensuous singing-swan style satin string sporting silver sequins, from Snip & Stitch, Skywatch.    
Thalmor Authenticated Silk Sheets These sheets are fit for Queen Ayrenn herself to lie on.    
Thalmor Canonreeve's Sigil Pendant Jeweled eagle pendant worn as a symbol of office by a Canonreeve of the Thalmor.    
Thalmor Signet Set A small gold case containing a set of official Thalmor signet stamps and a parcel of sealing wax.    
The Egg of the World Crystal replica of the fist-sized gem Kinlady Entila Errinorne was searching for in the mine now called Entila's Folly.    
Veiled Heritance Codebook A codebook used by the Veiled Heritance to communicate in secret.    
Visual Guide to Auridon Flora A handy guide to Auridon plants. Of interest to poisoners is the chapter "A Publication of Malefic Aldmer Essences, 2E 561."    
Vulkhel Guard Harbor Painting The detail of this painting is so vivid, one can practically hear the waves lapping against the docks.    
Willow Branch Toasting Fork Iron toasting fork wrought into the shape of a delicate willow branch, from the Guard's Forge.    
Windup Flying Nightingale Delicate clockwork nightingale that, when wound up, can fly across the room, singing; labeled "Galarniel, Firsthold Artisan."    
Wizard's Ruby Syrabane Talisman Ruby talisman carved to represent the Ring of Syrabane, said to increase the efficacy of spells, from the Eldritch Seal.    
"Cheesemaker of Goldfolly" Engraving Framed engraving of the famous scene showing the making of bat-cheese from the long-lost giant dairy bats of Goldfolly.
"Daily Jagga Shot" Matching Glass Set Set of seven enameled mudcrab-chitin shot glasses, with gilded rims, one for each day of the week.
"Hearty Hoarvor" Jagga Tankard Tankard made of alit cuir bouilli infused with the distinctive aroma of jagga; displays the crest of the "Hearty Hoarvor."
"King Camoran" Music Box A small wind-up device that plays the propaganda tavern song "King Camoran, It's You I'm Adorin'."
"Undead Repelling" Arkay Talisman Pouch talisman bearing the symbol of Arkay, said by the Keepers of the Ossuary of Telacar to repel the undead.
"Watching Silvenar" Hand Mirror Ivory-handled hand mirror in which the viewer always sees the beatific face of the Silvenar over her shoulder.
"Where's Falinesti?" Boardgame Folding boiled-leather board with pouch of turquoise game pieces for the "Where's Falinesti?" casual boardgame.
"Xarxes' Memory" Worship Candle Leg-sized tallow candle, the kind used in the annual "Rites of Xarxes' Memory" at Southpoint Cathedral.
Air Plant Shoulder Harness Leather harness supporting four small ceramic pots for sacred epiphytes, air plants collected from Treehenge.
Amber Bedside Grub-Cage Carved amber grub-cage with chrysoberyl stopper for containing live snack-larvae.
Antique Clyster with Platinum Filigree Antique Bosmeri First-Era tin clyster with platinum filigree, reinforced croc-leather spout, and ivory pump handle.
Assortment of Cosmetic Horns Cuir-bouilli box containing various prosthetic forehead-horns, with beetle-glue to affix them.
Autographed Green Lady Silhouette Silhouette graven on copperplate of the late Green Lady, personally autographed by Her Verdant Highness.
Baandari Elder's Bear-Fur Fez Glossy black bear-fur fez with squirrel-tail tassel in the style favored by the Master Pedlars of Redfur Trading Post.
Baby Ape Dress-Up Doll, with Clothing Mummified baby ape with painted-on Elven features and a varied wardrobe of rich and exotic doll garments.
Bat-Bone Whistle A light and delicate bone from a giant bat, carved into a harmonious whistle by a Wood Elf crafter.
Blank Marbruk Builder's Permit A permit to build in the city of Marbruk. It could be worth a lot to a forger.
Blessed Horker Tusk on Gilt Plaque Horker tusk carved with spiraling prayers to Y'ffre with three blessings from the Silvenar, mounted on a gilt wall plaque.
Bolt of Iridescent Spidersilk Bolt of iridescent spidersilk from the Scuttle Pit. It seems to be every color at once, or no color at all.
Bone Carved Handbroom A Wood Elf's handbroom, carved from the bone of a small animal. Its bristles are hair.
Bone Carving Tools A Wood Elf's tools for carving implements out of bone.
Bone Dishware Bosmer dishes, carved from the bones of large game.
Bone Orchard Memorial Arrow After burial in the Bone Orchard, the bereaved family is presented with a memorial arrow made from the deceased's ulna.
Bosmer Cutlery A set of finely shaped cutlery made entirely of silver. Sets like these are highly valued by Bosmer who follow the Green Pact.
Bosmer Fishing Rod An ingenious mechanical fishing rod carved from bone.
Bosmer Wood Polish An aromatic lacquer used to polish wooden tables and chairs.
Bosmeri Noble's Omnium-Gatherum Combination folding corkscrew, pipe-cleaner, and crystal quizzing glass, with the crest of House Caerllin, in a chamois pouch.
Bottle of Vintage "Old Repugnant" Rotmeth Unopened bottle of Old Repugnant rotmeth, vintage 544, "Green Leaf Brewers, Cormount."
Box of Y'ffre's Sacred Incense Meerschaum box containing twelve sticks (a year's supply) of the Verdant Incense of Y'ffre, one for each month's firstday.
Bramble-Band of Brackenleaf's Briars Armband of living, interwoven bramble-vines. It symbolizes those brave enough to qualify as one of Brackenleaf's Briars.
Branch of Falinesti One of many counterfeit branches of the legendary moving tree of Falinesti.
Broken Ornamental Half-Helm Half-helm, broken, ornamented with semi-precious stones, with maker's-mark of "Defender's Domain."
Butcher's Tools A perfect set of Wood Elf butcher's tools.
Cache of Forbidden Fruits Jade box labeled "Jathsogur Smoking Powder" containing an assortment of taboo sweets: candied plums, cherries, and apricots.
Camoran Bat-Wing Bumbershoot Ivory-handled black folding umbrella fashioned from the waxed wings of giant bats, with the red Camoran Royal Seal.
Camoran Chamberlain Badge Platinum lapel badge displaying the sigil of the Camoran Dynasty, as worn by the royal chamberlains.
Camoran Coronation Banner Carefully-folded royal banner with silversilk embroidered fringe, from Aeradan Camoran's coronation.
Camoran Dynasty Private Stock Bugsmoke Pouch containing a double-handful of the special bugsmoke mix prepared exclusively for the royal family.
Camoran Throne-Tattoo Codex Gilt-edged hand-drawn folio depicting the Wood Elf tattoo patterns that may only be worn by members of House Camoran.
Carved Bone Sand-Shaker A small bone box with pierced lid for sanding finished documents, carved with images of Imga.
Ceremonial Shawm for Royal Feast Days Double-reed bass shawm, of highly-ornamented alit bone, as played during fetes by the Royal Elden Root Consort.
Champion of Silvenar Figurine with Gold Spontoon Late-First-Era ceramic figurine of a Champion of Silvenar, gilded and bearing a solid-gold spontoon.
Cloisonne Thunderbug-Head Spittoon Enameled head-carapace of a thunderbug, with mandibular spout and leather anti-skid feet, labeled "Phynaster's Stride, Haven."
Common Wood Elf Insults It would be better not to repeat the insults contained in this book. The inside cover claims it is of a very rare edition.
Corimont Mouth-Plover Cage Sturdy birdcage for a Corimont Mouth-Plover, which high-status Argonians use to clean their fangs after dining.
Corundum Tooth File A popular Wood Elf luxury item. Perfect for achieving a clean, predatory smile.
Crimson Cove Torrid Tango Scrimshaw Scrimshaw leviathan tooth, carved to depict two Bosmer dancing the Torrid Tango, signed "Cap'n Kathner."
Crimson Sealing Wax A stick of cherished Grahtwood beeswax, dyed a deep red.
Cut-Glass Slug Terrarium with Elden Tree Delicate terrarium for pet slugs with three cut-glass sides and a ceramic Elden Tree sculpture for the slugs to climb on.
Dancing Duo Green Lady Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional iridescent green garb of the Green Lady, used in the Memorial Duo Dance.
Dancing Duo Silvenar Bone Marionette Marionette of monkey bones dressed in the traditional cloth-of-silver robes of the Silvenar, used in the Memorial Duo Dance.
Dancing Mammoth Music Box Music box that, when wound, plays "Threnody for King Eplear" as three clockwork mammoths dance around Treehenge.
Dancing Spriggan Thumb Puppet Ingenious spriggan puppet carved from articulated bone by Menthorn of Haven; pressure on the base makes the puppet "dance."
Deck of Commemorative Playing Cards Stiff parchment playing cards with an image of the Green Lady and Silvenar on the backs to commemorate the Handfasting.
Deepwoods Thunderbug Serving Platter Serving platter of lacquered thunderbug carapace, painted to depict the Green Lady Shrine in Deepwoods.
Ebony Treehenge Bookends A pair of heavy ebony bookends, each cast in the shape of the Green Lady Treestone from Treehenge.
Edifying Illusio-Scope Bulging device with inward-facing goggles and a crank that, when turned, shows the viewer moving images of Bosmer procreation.
Elaborate Clockwork Hurdy-Gurdy Fine string instrument that can be played with a bow, or cranked to automatically play the Camoran March.
Elden Tree Golden Acorn Plaque Fist-sized golden acorn mounted on a wall plaque, reading "Winner, Annual Elden Tree Speed Climb."
Embroidered Silk Silvenar Pillow Silk-covered throw-pillow with embroidered scene showing a procession of Spinners being carried through Silvenar.
Erotic Green Pact Drawings A collection of plant life drawings that are strangely suggestive.
Exotic Bosmer Spice Shakers Something smells ... off ... about these spice shakers, but they should fetch a good price from gourmets.
Falinesti Idol A small carving of the mysterious moving tree of Falinesti.
Feathery Finery Shawl Wood Elves consider this shawl made of blue-bunting feathers to be stylish, while most everyone else think it looks ridiculous.
Filigreed Falinesti Acorn A fist-sized acorn preserved with a coat of dark lacquer and trimmed with gilt edging around the cap.
Fine Ceramic Wash Bowl Heirloom personal wash bowl painted with scenes from "The Naming Story of Y'ffre" around the rim.
Fine Waterproof Stilt-Boots Waterproof snakeskin stilt-boots for fishing in the shore-swamps, crafted at Vineshade Lodge.
Golden Holy Symbol of Y'ffre This solid gold symbol bearing the symbol of Y'ffre, the Forest God, was sparingly distributed to his priests, the "Spinners."
Golden Royal Fishing Statuette Gold-plated statuette of a leaping trout engraved "Royal Camoran Fishing Tournament, 2E 561."
Graht-Oak Rolling Pin This heavy rolling pin crafted from the trees of Valenwood has some heft, perfect for flattening dough.
Great Seal of Silvenar Heavy, fist-sized silver stamp embossed with the Municipal Seal of Silvenar, which still shows traces of green wax from use.
Green "Official Decree" Inkwell Jade inkwell containing the green iridescent ink used for writing official decrees from the Silvenar.
Green Lady Corkscrew A brass corkscrew with a jade handle shaped in a stylized representation of a reclining Green Lady.
Green Lady Fertility Fetish An exaggerated jade statuette from the Green Lady Shrine in Deepwoods.
Green Pact Prayer Card Several prayers to the Green are inscribed on this card, which is made from very finely-cut bone.
Greenshade Tunnel Map An extremely detailed map of the cave networks under Greenshade. It would be useful to anyone traveling in secret.
Handmade Green Lady Doll A handmade child's doll with intricate embroidery and beading, fashioned to look like the Green Lady.
Hollow Scorpion Carapace Wood Elves make a game of trying to hollow out a scorpion carapace without damaging the shell. This one survived intact.
Hunter's Hircine Good-Luck Talisman Small brass totem of an antlered Wood Elf, with a green gem pendant on its chest.
Imported Bosmeri Eye-Spoons Incomplete set of 5 copperplate Bosmeri pointed eye-spoons, in display case labeled "Ottaesa's Imports."
Imported Steel Desktop Book Stand Steel desktop stand for holding a book open for reading, inscribed "Imported by Orabess, Cormount."
Jagga Tart Fluted Ring Pans Fluted ring pans for making jagga tarts, a Wood Elf delicacy consisting of fermented pig's milk and squirrel preserves.
Jagga-Junga Nesting Mugs Set of eight jagga mugs, each larger than the last, for the progressive drinking game Jagga-Junga; the largest is for spew.
Jaqspur Captain's Arboreal Spotting Scope Brass folding telescope with wristband, used by arboreal archers for spotting targets; made by Greenwarden Forge.
Jester's Day Dribble Tankard Hilarious joke tankard with a dribble-hole below the brim, bearing the crest of The Sloshing Tankard Inn.
Kollopi Root Mouth Freshener The dry taste of the kollopi root may not be pleasant, but it absorbs all odors, leaving one's breath smelling perfectly fresh.
Kwama Scrib-Head Bugsmoke Ashtray With the failure of the Burroot Kwama Mine, the owners tried to recoup by fashioning items from kwama carapaces.
Large Rotmeth Fermentation Alembic Sizeable double-glass alembic for fermenting meat juices to make rotmeth; etched "Made by Enthoras, Master Alchemist."
Leather Flask The leather surrounding this flask is supple to the touch, and enscribed with intricate Bosmeri writing.
Living Model of Elden Root This painstakingly accurate model of the city of Elden Root was created using an actual, still-living miniature tree.
Longhaven Saddle A master-crafted saddle that is as comfortable to sit on as its gold embroidery is valuable.
Magnificent Grahtwood Beetle Collection Glass-covered box containing a collection of over a hundred mounted beetles, arranged in prismatic order from red to violet.
Mahogany "Dancing Duo" Serving Platter Serving platter of imported mahogany, painted with a stylized depiction of Silvenar and Green Lady dancing a sarabande.
Mammoth-Rib Nord-Striders A pair of curiously straightened stilts, taken from the ribcage of a living timber mammoth—an odd gift of the Green.
Maulborn Plague Seal An engraved seal bearing the official stamp of the Maulborn, used to mark those afflicted with the Llodos plague.
Meerschaum Sweetgnat Kiseru Long-shanked, small-bowled pipe carved from meerschaum, used in Karthdar for smoking small dried bugs like sweetgnats.
Moonhenge Meditation Mat A colorful mat used by devout Wood Elves to meditate at the mystical spot known as Moonhenge.
Mudcrab Shell Dinner Plates A set of sturdy dinner plates fashioned from genuine mudcrab shells and engraved with Wood Elf symbology.
Mudcrab-Chitin Rotmeth Pitcher Chitin rotmeth pitcher, with spout-strainer to keep in the chunks, etched "Phynaster's Stride, Haven."
Mummified Monkey Paw Considered an item of good fortune by the Wood Elves, this mummified monkey paw is nevertheless kind of creepy.
Mystic Moons Torchbug Lanthorn Filigreed mesh torchbug cage with attached juice-dripper vial and embossed tag labeled "Mystic Moons Imports—Vulkwasten."
Nightmare Nuzzle A rag doll in the shape of a stylized ghost, Wood Elves take the nuzzle to bed when they want to experience bad dreams.
Nimare's Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, crimson horseshoe bears the brand of Nimare's Noble Steeds in Marbruk and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Noble's Comb and Brush Set Jade comb, ivory-handled hair brush, and silver-plated scissors, in a lacquered box embossed with the arms of House Dothriel.
Ornamental Taxidermied Alit Head Carefully-preserved alit head, tanned skin stretched over skull, painted with Green Pact symbols, with emeralds for eyes.
Pactbreaker's Arm-Flute A flute carved from the arm-bone of someone who broke the Green Pact. Now quite illegal, but still valued by collectors.
Pair of Crystal Jagga Chalices Jagga chalices, used for traditional wedding toasts, inscribed "Congratulations Thalrinel & Dardir."
Pair of Elden Tree Scroll Weights Smooth marble weights, oval, for holding a scroll open on a desk, each engraved with an image of the Elden Tree.
Pearl-Oyster Eternal Waterfall Sculpture Copper-tube eternal waterfall sculpture, with pearl-inset oyster basins and Dwemer everpump, from Greenwarden Forge.
Porcelain Beetle Tureen The top of this well-crafted porcelain beetle can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate Wood Elf serving dish.
Potted Valenwood Flytrap A rare carnivorous plant found only in the deepest forests of Valenwood. Its leaves are a powerful aphrodisiac.
Pouch of Amber Buttons A handful of buttons, fashioned from ancient graht-oak resin.
Rare Fossil This well-preserved ammonite was likely found on the beaches outside Haven.
Red Sateen Vestments of Z'en Red vestments of a Priest of Z'en, worn when declaring a Wood Elf Mourning War begun or ended.
Royal Camoran Travel Teapot Self-heating brass travel pot for boiling beetle-tea, bearing the sigil of the Royal House of Camoran.
Royal Mahout's Ceremonial Ankus Bejeweled ankus of the First Era formerly used on holidays by a mahout of the Royal Camoran Timber Mammoth Corps.
Royal Wasp Wrangler's Capture Net Collapsible net of strong Scuttle Pit spidersilk for live capture of giant wasps by the Camoran Royal Wasp Wrangler.
Scorpion Shell Peeler A double-bladed Wood Elf tool for peeling the carapace from a scorpion to get to the succulent meat inside.
Scorpion Shell Pig-Milk Pitcher A decorative pitcher made from a scorpion's shell, used to store and dispense milk produced by Wood Elf hogs.
Seaside Sanctuary Harbor Rights A forger or a smuggler could make some coin selling these docking rights to Woodhearth's harbor.
Set of Chamois Hand-Towels A set of four fine deer-chamois handtowels, stamped on the corners "Trader's Rest, Velyn Harbor."
Set of Four Guar-Egg-Poaching Ramekins Four star-shaped enameled ceramic ramekins for poaching bantam guar eggs, from the Southpoint Inn.
Set of Monkeybone Bug Tweezers Case of six fine tweezer utensils used for eating live bugs, carved from flexible monkeybone and inscribed "Silvenar Supplies."
Set of Silvenar Marrow Spoons Set of six heirloom silver-plated marrow spoons, each stamped with the Great Seal of Silvenar in its bowl.
Set of Six Frog-Kebab Skewers Set of fancy frog-kebab skewers of twisted wrought iron, from the Greenwarden Forge in Elden Root.
Signed "Trees of Brackenleaf" Folio Signed folio of engravings depicting the leading trees of Brackenleaf, with their names and brief histories.
Silver "Perchance Acorn" Puzzle Game Classic Wood Elf acorn-hiding puzzle game, with acorn, cups, and board of silver, engraved "Silversmith Menthorn, Haven."
Silver Boar Censer A silver, boar-shaped censer used to burn animal fat in various Green Pact rituals.
Silver Hoarvor Pipeworm Canister Noble's silver canister in the likeness of an engorged hoarvor, and filled with the finest Strid-Bottom Pipeworm.
Silver Horseshoe Serves little function, but worth its weight in silver and it's studded with jewels that mark it as property of Camoran royalty.
Silver Vinedusk Ranger Birdcall A silver birdcall gifted to members of the Vinedusk Rangers by King Camoran, and used to send innocuous signals.
Silver-Plated Juggling Forks Set of three long silver-plated forks for the juggling game "Forks Akimbo," popular at Redfur Trading Post.
Snakeskin Umbrella A clever Wood Elf invention, designed to keep travelers dry during rainstorms.
Spinner's Ceremonial Gilding Gilded accessories attached to a Spinner's ceremonial portage. Often provided as gifts on festival days.
Spinner's Ceremonial Portage Harness Hand-tooled timber-mammoth-leather harness for carrying a Spinner between two porters.
Spinner's Ivory Silvenar Puppet A painted ivory marionette in the image of the Silvenar, with jointed limbs for simulated bowing and blessing.
Spinner's Ruched Silken Furbelow A Spinner's ruched and flounced furbelow of turquoise silk and golden chamois, with gilt edging.
Spinner's Skin Drum Upon the death of a revered spinner, a skin drum is occasionally commissioned to celebrate the spinner's life.
Sterling Silver Orc-Forged Candlestick Portable silver candlestick, with finger-ring and tallow candle, etched underneath "Shakul, Barkbite Forge."
Stinkbug Ink A rare Bosmer ink. When exposed to heat, the shimmering of the ink almost makes up for the horrid smell.
Stuffed Monkey A lifelike doll intended for Wood Elf children. This is definitely an actual stuffed monkey.
Sturdy Wood Elf Waterskin This supple waterskin was fashioned from a wild boar's stomach.
Tall Trunk Rotmeth Flask Silver-chased leather flask embossed with an image of the Tall Trunk Tavern and the words "Galithor's Tall Trunk Rotmeth."
Tanglehaven Scalp-on-a-Stick Scalp dangling from an arm-bone, used for playing the traditional Tanglehaven game "Which Head, Whose Head?"
Tattooed Mammoth-Ball Trophy Grapefruit-sized leather ball, hairy, tattooed with "Silvenar Rangers, Mammoth-Ball Champions, 2E 565."
The Key to Velyn Harbor Large hollow brass key that can be played like a fife, engraved "First Seed Presentation: The Key to Velyn Harbor."
Thunderbug-Shell Pipe An enameled bug-smoking pipe with a capacious bowl formed from a thunderbug's carapace.
Timber Mammoth Ivory Comb A fine-toothed ivory comb carved with a relief showing King Aeradan accepting the Camoran crown.
Transferable Promissory Note I.O.U. drawn on the general funds of the Treasury of the Tree, made out to "Bearer."
Treehenge Compass Twig Gilded graht-oak twig; suspended from a short cord, it turns slowly and stops, always pointing toward Treehenge.
Treethane's Ceremonial Gorget Symbol of office, a Treethane's neckpiece, sporting an avian design picked out in iridescent feathers of green and turquoise.
Treethane's Ebony Baton of Office Treethane's symbol of office, a ceremonial ebony baton with a gold finial anchoring the Seven Gold Chains of Responsibility.
Treethane's Seal A replica of Treethane Fariel's official seal. A forger would find this quite valuable.
Treethane's Splinted Thunderbug Sash Treethane's crimson sash of enameled thunderbug splints, traditionally worn for Y'ffre's Naming Day.
Troll Skull Slumgullion Serving Bowl Serving bowl made from a troll skull, with jawbone ladle, for serving Jaqspur's Slumgullion, i.e., Whatever-We-Caught-Soup.
Twig-of-Falinesti Compass A twig hangs from a silken strand. Supposedly from Falinesti; said to always point to the Walking City, it spins uncertainly.
Velyn Harbor Leviathan Oil Lamp Lamp for burning leviathan oil. Inscribed on bottom: "Another Fine Product from Trader's Crescent."
Velyn Harbor Mages Guild Stationery Two-score sheets of fine stationery, blank except for the symbol of the Mages Guild and script reading "Velyn Harbor Guildhall."
Vinedusk Rangers Tent A small collapsible tent bearing the symbol of the Vinedusk Rangers.
Warped Oaken Flatware These plates appear to have been "sung" into existence using Wood Elf magic.
Wasp Netting A mesh made from ogre sinew. Some Wood Elves swear it provides unmatched protection from the giant wasps of Green's Marrow.
Wilderking Doll Myth or reality? This child's doll depicts the legendary Wilderking as an enormous Elf with antlers.
Wilderking Sketch A rare sketch of the legendary Wilderking, and worth a great deal to collectors and myth-hunters.
Wood Elf Dance Shawl Traditional attire for engaging in Wood Elf ritual dances, the frolicker usually wears this diaphanous cloth—and nothing more.
Woodhearth Nose Flute "Woodhearth" style three-finger-hole nose flute with flaring mouth.
Woodhearth Sewer Map A smugglers' map of the Woodhearth sewers.
Y'ffre Camp Guardian Wood Elves construct these tiny effigies of sticks and twigs, bless them to Y'ffre, and place them to protect their camps.
Y'ffre's Bones Prayer Dice Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to Y'ffre, though few besides Wood Elves know how to interpret them.
You-Know-What Distiller A distilling device for making potent You-Know-What whiskey (a favorite among the Wood Elves) in the comfort of your own home.

These items don't belong in a particular province or to a particular culture. 

"Amorous Giantess" Royal Ensemble Set of bedroom stilts and large furry mittens for enacting the erotic charade "The King and the Amorous Giantess."
"Ancient" Clay Goblet A simple grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel. Any claims it was found in ancient ruins are probably just that.
"Authentic" Dragon Claw This curved object is dark black and has a very sharp point. Rumored to be a dragon claw, its authenticity has not be verified.
"Cavorting Dremora Among the Ruins" This whimsical painting depicts what wealthy citizens must imagine Dremora are like: All smiling and dancing in an unnamed ruin.
"Lusty Argonian Maid" Art Folio A well-worn book of stimulating images illustrating the popular tale of "The Lusty Argonian Maid."
"Shalk Blue" Tattoo Ink Tattoo ink obtained by milking bloated shalks. Slightly more blue than common tattoo ink.
"Skooma Surprise" Canteen A simple tin canteen. When the spigot is twisted three times, it connects to a secondary, much smaller reservoir.
"Stillrise Stagger" Timer Top Elaborate tortoise-shell top spun while playing "Stillrise Stagger" to determine how long a player must hop without falling.
Abstract Silver Centerpiece The sculptor may have begun molding this centerpiece with a specific likeness in mind, but he must have later abandoned it.
Aetheric Lodestone This extremely rare, perfectly round orb is highly magnetic and threaded with veins of glowing blue Aetherium.
Akatosh Dragon Eye "By the eyes of Akatosh" takes on new meaning when you have one of these expensive dragon eye gems blessed to the god.
Akaviri Lord-Marshal's Baton Ivory baton capped with the carved head of a polar bear. The carving indicates a Kamal Akaviri Lord-Marshal's symbol of command.
Alchemist's Measuring Jar A jar with marks on the inside for measuring alchemical powders and liquids, as used at Linnea's Liniments in Bleakrock.
Alchemist's Scale A device for measuring the weight and volume of alchemical components, as used in Scent of Serenity in Riften.
Amber-Encased Torchbug This unfortunate torchbug was caught in a flood of sap a long time ago. Polished to a shine, it is now an amber paperweight.
Ancient Map of Unknown Land This antique map clearly shows a land currently unknown by modern cartographers and explorers.
Antique Sewing Kit Spools of fine thread and an array of steel needles rest inside this polished cherrywood kit.
Antique Sewing Kit with Adamantium Needles Imported netch-leather case containing splendid antique sewing kit, with adamantium leather-needles.
Antique Silver Flatware Four place settings of antique silver flatware set into a velvet-lined wooden box.
Antler Headdress A purely decorative headdress affixed to the heads of statues on holy days.
Area Rug Dark red with an intricate navy pattern sewn into the border, this medium rug is soft to the touch.
Aristocrat's Alabaster Perfume Bottle Alabaster perfume bottle with squeeze bulb and brass atomizer, half full of "Eau de Boar Bacon."
Arkay Meditation Beads These meditation beads are often used by Priests of Arkay when consecrating the dead.
Arkay Mourning Shawl A dark-colored shawl worn to honor the dead, as per the traditions set forth in the "Cycles of Arkay."
Arkay's Undead Repellent A small pouch containing items blessed by a priest of Arkay, it is said to ward off all sorts of undead creatures.
Artificer's Hand Drill A miniature, hand-cranked mechanical drill used for extremely intricate work on clockwork mechanisms.
Artificer's Loupe A finely made type of jeweler's loupe, this magnifying device can clearly reveal small details.
Ash Drinking Cup A simple and elegant cup, carved from a single piece of heartwood.
Baan Dar Whittling Knife Ostensibly designed for whittling, Khajiit and Wood Elf alike are known to employ these blades in popular tavern games.
Bag of Gemstones These gemstones should sell nicely on the black market.
Barkbite Ever-Burning Dark Lanthorn Exquisitely-forged lantern with painted, sliding shutters, containing a firebowl of ever-burning "Nirnpith Kindlepitch."
Beachcomber's Basket A tightly woven basket filled with polished shells and seaglass, collected from the coast.
Bear Skin Rug The bear's head is remarkably preserved. There can be no mistake: this rug is looking at you with its beady glass eyes.
Bear-Claw Parchment Clasp A clasp cleverly crafted from the claw of a snow bear to hold sheets of loose parchment together.
Bed Warmer A round metal contraption for warming the bed with hot coals on frigid winter nights.
Bedside Fertility Censer Silver bowl decorated with symbols of Mother Mara, for burning incense said to encourage conception.
Beeswax Heart This beeswax heart details the long life of a loving couple. A fence could melt it down and resell the fine wax to forgers.
Beetle Drippings Thinking Oil A bottle of pungent oil rubbed into the scalp. The vapors are said to help concentrate on repetitive tasks.
Beetle Shell Cheese Plate A plate designed to serve cheese, made from the shell of a giant beetle.
Beetle-Be-Gone Guaranteed to keep biting insects out of your bed linens. It works great if you don't mind your bed smelling like rotten limes.
Beetle-Leg Clothes Hanger A sturdy clothes hanger fashioned from the leg of an assassin beetle.
Beetle-Scale Throw Rug A small rug used to cover a portion of a bare floor. The spongy nature of the beetle scales makes it particularly comfortable.
Bejeweled Eye-Patch Scraper A fancy, specialized tool to keep one's eye-patch clean. Perfect for the fashionable privateer on the go.
Bilboquet This wooden children's toy consists of a wooden cup on a handle and a ball attached by a string.
Bird-of-Paradise Writing Quill Elaborately-plumed quill with silver nib and tooled-hide hip-belt quill-holster.
Bizarre Daedric Text Attempts to read this book leave the reader nauseous and disoriented. The runes constantly shift and change.
Black Lace Kerchief This kerchief has the faint smell of wood smoke, as if from a pyre.
Blacksmith's Hammer A sturdy hammer for crafting metal.
Blank Leatherbound Journal The pages of this well-bound book are stiff and empty.
Blessed Spade This digging spade is decorated with semi-precious stones and was blessed by a priest of Zeht.
Blood-Orange Peeler A double-bladed tool for peeling the skin from a blood-orange or other fruits with hard rinds.
Bloodgutter Tattooed Tambourine Tambourine with silver zils. The tanned skin drumhead sports a tattoo of a pirate ship and the words "Bloodgutter Bosun."
Bloodsport Pass A small wooden plaque, bearing the symbol of the Hammerdeath Arena, provides entry to the bloodsport events.
Blue Satin and Velvet Caul Patterned hair-snood of bright blue satin and darker blue velvet, with a light crespine to hold it on.
Boar-Bladder Hand Warmer An enchanted triple-sealed bladder. When squeezed, the fist-sized bulb warms rapidly.
Boarbristle Brush This simple brush is surprisingly stiff. It could just as easily be used to brush a mount.
Bolt of Red Fabric Soft to the touch, only a small square has been cut from the corner of this bright red fabric.
Bone Knitting Needles These knitting needles are sturdy and exquisitely-carved.
Bone Knitting Needles These knitting needles are sturdy and exquisitely-carved.
Bone Ship Carving The details of this ship are as pointed as the jagged bone that forms it. It was probably created by a skilled craftsman.
Bottle of First Era Golden Wine An extremely rare vintage, considered to be an antique. The symbol of three coins is etched into the bottle.
Bottle of First Era Sancre Tor Red An extremely rare vintage, quite valuable to collectors. A symbol of a runestone is etched into the bottle.
Bottle of First Era Snowfire Wine An extremely rare vintage, considered priceless by some collectors. The symbol of a flame is etched into the bottle.
Bottle of Five-Filtered Eel Unguent Fancy green-glass bottle of eel unguent filtered five times through cheesecloth for purity.
Bottle of Torchbug Ink Bottle of glowing ink that, when applied to parchment, draws greenly luminous letters.
Braided Feather Ornament An elaborate ornament featuring a splash of feathers, cowry shells, and dyed reed ribbons.
Bramblebreach Pipe A long and heavy pipe, constructed of smooth wood. The skilled craftsmanship sets it apart from others of its kind.
Brandy Snifter A glass curved to trap the aroma of brandy. Alas, it is empty.
Brass Calipers These simple handheld calipers can be used to measure, grip, or hold down loose papers.
Brass Candelabra This candelabra stands empty, its three branches devoid of candles or any leftover wax residue.
Brass Candelabra This candelabra stands empty, its three branches devoid of candles or any leftover wax residue.
Brass Candle Snuffer Although a little sooty inside, this polished candle snuffer is the perfect size for putting out small desk candles.
Brass Candlestick Holder Shiny and functional, these candlestick holders are extremely versatile, able to hold both candles and candle-shaped things.
Brass Hourglass Alarm A brass hourglass with a pressure-sensitive plate inside that triggers a wind-up bell when a certain amount of sand falls on it.
Brass Navigator's Quadrant Brass device used by a ship's navigator to help determine its location; engraved with the name "Albatross."
Brass Oil Lamp This simple brass oil lamp can provide light for hours. With a little polishing, it would be as good as new.
Brass Ship's Sextant A finely made nautical sextant of polished brass.
Brass Spyglass There's hardly a dent in this beautiful spyglass.
Brass Wedding Pin This simple pin symbolizes an eternal bond of love. If its bestower wasn't so cheap, it would be worth more for resale.
Brass Windup Clockwork Frog Windup clockwork amphibian that croaks and shoots out its tongue at the sound of a certain tone.
Brewer's Flask This sturdy glass flask is used to mix yeast when brewing.
Bright Butcher's Cleaver A fat cleaver with a notch designed specifically for scraping meat from bones.
Brightly Colored Scarf A striped, multicolored, knitted winter scarf that seems absurdly long.
Broken Akaviri Hoplite's Helm Akaviri spearman's steel burgonet, broken and missing its visor, a souvenir of the recent invasion.
Buca's Tasty Tooth Polish Paste made from torchbugs and other natural ingredients, formulated to clean and polish teeth. Available at The Subtle Philter!
Burgundy Kerchief This fashionable pocket cloth is extremely soft and dyed a rich burgundy.
Burnished Silver Handle Does a wardrobe really need a handle? Not when a fence can resell it for silver scrap.
Burnished Spyglass A finely polished collapsible telescope.
Calf-Skin Baby Shoes A pair of baby shoes, never worn.
Calf-Skin Hand Warmer A muff purportedly created by "indigenous tribal crafters" and sold exclusively in high-end shops throughout Tamriel.
Camoran Banner A tall and tattered banner that's obviously seen battle. It still stands proudly, and could be useful to smugglers.
Canary Down Neck-Pillow A small, soft pillow that makes sleeping out in the wilds almost feel like home.
Candles of Mara Used to celebrate the passing of another year of marriage, these candles are a symbol of love and devotion.
Canteen Cozy Used by travelers and soldiers alike, this simple cozy will keep a canteen's contents warm for hours.
Caravan Master's Scale Merchants claim this type of scale features a degree of accuracy that lesser instruments do not.
Caravan Minder's Mirror This is a small mirror carried by caravan guards and used to keep an eye out for any ambushes coming from the rear.
Caravan Schedule These simple maps and notes appear to reveal a future caravan's route and schedule. A fence could resell these to bandits.
Caravaneer's Canteen A sturdy steel canteen, emblazoned with the caravaneer's guild heraldry. A valuable tool in trade negotiations.
Carved Dragon Figurine A devotional carving representing the dragon-god Akatosh.
Carved Ivory Lotion Bottle Ornamental carved ivory bottle labeled "Green Witch Brand Wrinkle Remover" and containing a glowing chartreuse unguent.
Carved Mahogany Walking Stick An elegant walking stick. Perfect for a low-impact Sundas stroll—or for making an impression at parties.
Carved Pumice Stone This block of abrasive rock has been carved to fit the hand, making it easier to erase ink from parchment.
Carved Shell Dish This intricately carved seashell can be used as a tray to hold jewelry.
Celestial Mirror This ancient mirror is framed by images carved into its surface resembling the celestial constellations.
Celestite Drinking Glass A finely-wrought drinking glass made from a cool blue geode.
Ceramic Dibella Figurine Fingerprints cover this well-worn but masterfully crafted statue.
Ceramic Urn An urn painted with idyllic scenes of farm life in Tamriel. It should resell nicely once the ashes are dumped out.
Ceremonial Cauldron-Stirring Hand-Spoon Ceremonial long-handled cauldron-stirring spoon shaped from a skeletal forearm and hand encased in beetle-amber.
Ceremonial Decanter A porcelain vessel emblazoned with the symbols of the Eight Divines.
Charmed Crystal Decanter This crystal decanter is magically charmed to heat or cool liquor to its optimum drinking temperature, based on its type.
Chaste Harpy Keepsake Pillow The infamous Chaste Harpy fest hall gifts these plush pillows to discerning guests upon the conclusion of their visit.
Cheaply Bound Journal This journal contains private thoughts and personal details. A fence may be able to resell it to a blackmailer.
Cherrywood Morsel Bowl A small, wooden bowl, usually filled with tiny nibbles and set beside the bed for late-night snacking.
Chicken-Mudcrab Thing Why anyone would attach the head of a chicken to the body of a mudcrab is anyone's guess, but somebody will probably buy it.
Child's Drum Though incredibly common, simple drums such as this one are still in high demand among bandits in need of inexpensive signals.
Children's Wooden Bowls These small glass bowls are adorned with cute little monkeys playing in the trees.
Chipped Imperial Tea Cup An exquisite tea cup from an Imperial tea service setting, marred by a tiny chip in the porcelain.
Chitin Box with Toothpick Collection Box of thunderbug chitin containing a collection of 341 toothpicks: ivory, bugshell, bone, imported wood, and even flint.
Chitin Soup Bowl This finely crafted, large bowl holds enough soup to be shared between three to four people.
Chrysamere Letter Opener This solid gold letter opener is an miniature replica of the ancient Paladin's Blade "Chrysamere."
Clay Cup This simple clay cup is in perfect condition. There are no nicks or blemishes.
Cloth-of-Gold Torchbug Hair-Cage Glittering cloth-of-gold net with flexible band; it is snugged over one's hair, and then filled with a dozen winking torchbugs.
Club Insignia A small pumice worry-stone, carved with the symbol of an exclusive club of merchants and traders.
Coffer of Light from the Dawn Era Sealed jade box, said to be lined with mirrors and containing an eternally-reflected gleam of light from the Dawn Era.
Collar of Bones This strand was taken from the neck of the Child of Bones. It's surprisingly cold.
Collection of Belaying Pins Curious collection of sailing ship belaying pins, each one labeled with the name of a shipwreck.
Collectors' Sload-Carved Leviathan Tooth Rare Eltheric leviathan tooth, even more sought-after due to it being carved with looping, untranslatable Sload script.
Colorful Tapestry An elaborate woven tapestry depicting scenes of knights and mages doing battle with mudcrabs.
Colovian Reserve Wine A vintage bottle of wine that will only get better with time, if you can avoid drinking it.
Combination Letter Opener and Rodent Skewer Small slim blade the length of an index finger, weighted for throwing across the room, but harmless to all but small rodents.
Commemorative Spyglass An expensive spyglass, handed out at a noble's party as a gift to favored guests.
Common Buckle There is nothing flashy about this buckle. Its previous owner was likely of modest or practical temperament.
Compilation of First Concerns A list of the day's priorities, in order of importance. The reverse is blank, and could be reused.
Concealed Alabaster Skooma Pipe An imported marlwood box labeled "Spatula Set (Extra)" holds an elaborately hand-carved alabaster skooma pipe.
Concealed Valuables Pouch A black silk pouch with attached hooks and wires, allowing it to be hidden within a variety of furniture.
Constellation Guide A handsome reference book about the constellations. The Star-Gazers issue these to senior members.
Copper Measures This set of fine copper measures is often used by merchants to charge by weight.
Copper Soup Ladle A copper ladle for serving soups and sauces.
Copper Spice Grinder The teeth of this copper spice grinder are still sharp while a soft squeaking emanates from the turn handle.
Corundum Drinking Flask A strangely shaped flask made from corundum.
Creepy Monkey Puppet This hideous grimacing puppet is likely used to scold misbehaving children. The brass castanets could be resold.
Cricket Cage A small weasel-bone cage, lovingly crafted and occupied by a single cricket. It remains eerily quiet.
Croc-Tooth Dice and Dice Cup Hardwood dice cup containing a set of dice made from crocodile teeth, from Fishcatcher's Inn.
Crow Feather Quill This quill is made from the large feather of a crow.
Crow Mother Cursed Quill Pen Writing plume from Crow's Wood that will write only curses, blasphemies, and vile oaths.
Crystal Candleholder These candleholders are perfect for an elegant table setting.
Crystal Candlestick Holder The crystal of these candlestick holders casts a brilliant pattern of light and shadow when the candles are lit.
Crystal Punch Bowl Complete with ladle, this crystal punch bowl can hold a lot of liquid.
Crystal Sweetroll Whomever carved this trinket clearly had a deep love and appreciation for sweetrolls.
Crystal Wine Decanter A stoppered wine decanter of fine crystal.
Crystal Wine Glass This glass has a tiny maker's mark etched into the base.
Curious Family Portrait A painting of an unnamed ancestor of a wealthy family, the eyes seem to follow you wherever you go.
Curious Parchment This parchment bears a disturbing resemblance to human skin. It's probably just calf-skin. Right?
Cutting board A solid cutting board with only a few knife nicks in the wood.
Cyrodiil Badge of Honor A prestigious gold medal given to warriors wounded in the Three Banners War.
Cyrodiil Battle Tassel The distinctive tassel is often worn for luck by warriors preparing to enter battle in war-torn Cyrodiil.
Cyrodiil Combat Canteen An ornate and rather ostentatious drinking vessel provided to those who volunteer to fight in the Three Banners War.
Daedric Candlestick This candlestick, decorated with dancing scamps and banekin frolicking in a Daedric circle, might be a novelty—or cult fetish.
Daedric Tarot Cards A set of hand-painted Tarot cards featuring depictions of the various Daedric Princes.
Dark Den Remembrance Pillow The infamous Dark Den fest hall and brothel gifts these plush pillows to discerning guests upon the conclusion of their visit.
Decorative Cheese Crock A heavy, earthenware crock tinged with gold, designed to store strong and pungent cheeses for later consumption.
Decorative Ink Well This finely etched vessel is full of fresh ink.
Deerbone Comb This simple comb is well-polished. None of the teeth are missing.
Deerskin Dustpan This dustpan was made using multiple layers of deerskin so that it's both flexible and sturdy.
Deerskin Gold Pouch A small pouch made of embroidered deerskin, designed to hold gold or other valuables.
Delicate Brass Birdcage Fanciful birdcage of brass wire, with a chain and eyelet for hanging, labeled "Sabir's General Goods" underneath.
Deluxe Desk Blotter A deluxe version of a common desk blotter for the desk of a wealthy patron, perfect for absorbing excess or spilled ink.
Desert Cologne Opening this gilded and polished bottle of liquid releases an overwhelming smell. At least you can sell the bottle.
Desktop Concentration Censer Bronze desktop censer for burning sandalwood incense, said to help sharpen concentration, in a package labeled Starfall Arcana.
Desktop Nine-Holes Game Desktop nine-holes set, base made of thunderbug carapace, with finely-carved bone pieces.
Diamond-Studded Julianos Lapel Pin An exquisite lapel-pin, in the shape of Julianos' triangle and studded with diamonds, is a favorite accessory for any mage.
Dibella Napkin Holders Each of these fashionable napkin holders was molded into a voluptuous depiction of the goddess of beauty.
Dining Table Dung Beetle House Small pearl- and agate-studded pod-house used to contain the large dung beetle released to clean up the table between courses.
Disquieting Family Portrait A somewhat disturbing portrait. Perhaps it's the way their eyes follow you. Or the rictus grins. Or the additional tail.
Disreputable Correspondence A collection of scandalous correspondence between rival merchants attempting to defraud their Alliance.
Disreputable Dispatches A collection of dispatches revealing two competing merchants and their conspiracy to fix prices.
Disreputable Memorandums A collection of memorandums detailing a merchant's attempt to cheat a rival merchant out of a price-fixing scheme.
Dog Training Pamphlet Excessive barking? Running away? Chasing the cat? This pocket-sized pamphlet will help you train your problem dog!
Downy Pillow This pillow is made of high quality duck down.
Dowsing Femur This expertly carved divining rod is a popular tool for luckless hunters.
Dragon Paperweight A small, heavy dragon of shaped glass, used to keep papers and other documents from scattering in a strong breeze.
Dragonbone Comb This comb, seemingly made of dragonbone, is carved as a stylized dragon head with the comb's teeth coming from its maw.
Dragonscale Purse This small purse, purported to be made of real dragonscale, features a silver clasp in the form of a stylized dragon.
Dragonstar Caravan Company Bill of Lading Transportation charges with a summary of cargo and weight for a single delivery. It could be valuable to smugglers.
Draugr Dice A set of dice carved from mammoth tusk ivory, used for the popular game "Draugr, Draugr, Lich."
Dremora Ragamuffin Doll It seems someone thought this scary, raggedy doll would be popular with children.
Dreugh Wax Crescent Candles Pair of disc-shaped candles, one pink, one blue; when burned they melt away to a crescent shape.
Dreugh-Claw Paring Knife This small cooking knife appears to be an antique.
Driftwood Flummery A chunk of driftwood carved into the shape of a sweetroll and mounted to a small block for display.
Dwemer Compass Made of simple copper, this dwemer relic is used to measure or maintain orientation.
Dwemer Grocery List This old list contains various ingredients that can no longer be found in Tamriel but may still be of interest to a historian.
Eagle Feather Quill This fine feather would be of great value to collectors.
Eagle-Bone Chopsticks A set of polished eating utensils, made from carved eagle bones.
Eagle-Shaped Gravy Boat A simple, themed gravy boat. Useful and aesthetically pleasing.
Eagle's Gaze Monocle A corrective lens used to enhance the vision in only one eye, enchanted to increase it's magnification a dozen-fold.
Earthenware Jar This earthenware jar is surprisingly sturdy.
Ebony Mephala Idol This priceless little idol is shaped like a spider and used in the secret worship of the Daedric Prince, Mephala.
Ebony Spoon It's hard to imagine who would waste ebony ore to forge a spoon, but that doesn't make it any less valuable.
Ebony Vessel of the Abyss Conical black vase used for meditation; a look into its interior is like peering into an endlessly-deepening black nothingness.
Ebony Wood Musical Calliope A hand-cranked musical calliope of exquisite craftsmanship. Its construction is of a rare ebony wood.
Elaborate Feather Lure This huge fishing lure looks far too large and ungainly to use. It's covered in beads, feathers, mirrors, and large steel hooks.
Elder Down Pillow This supple leather pillow is filled with the downy feathers of an aged duck.
Elegant Waterskin A supple leather pouch that boasts silver engravings. It can hang at your side, fit in your pack, and quench your thirst.
Embroidered Pot Holder A quilted pot holder with an intricate embroidered floral pattern.
Embroidered Purse A supple leather pouch with a fish embroidery stitched in fine blue thread.
Enchanted Broom An otherwise unremarkable broom, enchanted to sweep an entire room by itself when its owner claps thrice.
Engraved Stein A polished steel stein featuring an elaborate engraving of a man fighting a bear.
Errinorne Valet's Two-Way Hand Mirror Silver-chased hand-mirror, devised so a valet can see from its back what it's reflecting in the front, for proper holding.
Etched Iron Tenderizer A heavy kitchen tool used to prepare meat. The handle features a stylized wolf skull engraving.
Etched Silver Decanter This is one of several extremely valuable decanters personalized for the merchant-lords of Tamriel.
Etched Steel Bridle A sturdy and well-crafted harness.
Everburning Spice Candle A candle enchanted to release the pleasant aroma of spices while burning "forever," according to the tiny label.
Exquisite Bone Stylus An antique writing tool carved from a wolf's mandible.
Faded Wanted Poster A wanted poster from a distant city with exceptional artwork. A fence may purchase this as decoration for an outlaws refuge.
Falcon Feather Stylus A writing stylus made from the sharpened plume of a falcon feather.
Falcon's Hood A high-quality leather hood designed to fit over the head of a trained falcon.
Falconhead Work-Hammer The steel head of this work-hammer is molded into the shape of a broad-billed river falcon.
False Eye Made of roughly carved glass, this garishly painted eye could never be mistaken for the real thing.
Fancy "I Hate Morndas" Kaveh Mug Insulated mug for hot beverages, made of turtle shell inlaid with a mother-of-pearl epigram.
Fancy Desk Blotter A fancy version of a common desk blotter, perfect for absorbing excess or spilled ink. The ivory handle is made from whalebone.
Fancy Porridge Bowl An extravagant and finely decorated bowl that seems almost too fancy for serving simple porridge.
Fancy Royal Tablecloth Most households don't usually fuss with such things, but when they use a tablecloth, one depicting favored royalty is preferred.
Fancy Waving Octopus Jewelry Stand Jewelry and ring stand, a taxidermied octopus waving all eight tentacles aloft, with jeweled eyes and silver beak.
Fang Polishing Kit A kit of specialized tools for cleaning, sharpening, and polishing vampire fangs.
Fanisea Kwama Egg A kwama egg of porcelain and gem stones, crafted by the artist Fanisea. Not one of her fancy works, but beautiful all the same.
Farziseh's Harpy Egg A harpy egg of porcelain and gem stones, crafted by the artist Farziseh. Not one of her fancy works, but beautiful all the same.
Fast-Running Hourglass A common time-keeping device. This one's sand runs a bit fast.
Feather Pillow This long, fluffy pillow looks brand new, like no head ever rested upon it.
Fermenting Jug A jug used to ferment homemade alcohol, usually decorated with animals native to specific parts of Tamriel.
Festive Fingerbone Mouth Harp Musical instrument, a set of reeded pipes of varying lengths carved from fingerbones and painted with bright festival hues.
Fig Slicer An unnecessarily complicated contraption. Almost certainly a wedding gift.
Filigreed Ash Urn with Portable Altar Ancestral ash urn, pewter with gold filigree, with folding altar stand to enable worship on one's travels.
Filigreed Serving Spoon A spoon for serving very fancy puddings, stews, soups, or casseroles.
Finds' Whiskey Distiller A device for making potent almost-a-poison whiskey in the comfort of your own home, it has Finds-Fine-Drinks' stamp of approval.
Fine Crystal Pitcher Light striking this crystalline pitcher breaks into myriad directions and a spectrum of colors.
Fine Leather Coin Purse Someone spent a great deal of gold here. Judging by the state of the linens, it's best not to think about what they spent it on.
Fine Leather Waterskin An empty waterskin made of supple leather and stoppered with a cork.
Finely-Crafted Violin Crafted from the finest spruce and maple and stained to a luxuriant reddish-brown, this is a fine instrument.
First Era Illuminated Manuscript A gorgeous illuminated manuscript from the First Era, decorated with gold and silver leaf, containing prayers to the Divines.
First Era Replica Tea Service A tea service modeled after one from the First Era, obviously a family heirloom.
Fish-Bone Shears This pair of fish-bone shears are remarkably light and very, very sharp.
Fish-Skin Parchment The pages of this catfish-skin parchment are remarkably wide. The beast must have been massive.
Flat Brass Rotating Lunolabe Device with rotating brass rings for figuring the phases of the moons on any day of the year.
Flatiron This simple flatiron can be used to press clothes. In a pinch, it can squash a skeever flat.
Floral Vase Form follows function. This vase is used to hold flowers and it has flowers painted on it.
Folding Lean-To A small, portable shelter with three cloth walls and a roof, used to create a quick camp in the wilderness.
Folding Leather Tent This leather tent has been folded carefully to make it easy to transport.
Four Imp-Repelling Pinwheels When placed in the cardinal directions around a camp, these elaborate pinwheels are said to repel imps from the area within.
Four-Jar Spice Rack Wire rack holding four empty glass jars, each labeled a different mineral spice: sea salt, kindlepitch, verdigris, and rust.
Fox-Bone Chime These hollow bone chimes sing a soothing song when blown by the wind.
Foxtail Book Marker A thin sliver of fine wood used to mark one's place in a book, this one also has a fox-tail attached at the top.
Fragrant Perfume Bottle The bottle says this scent is called "Brooding." It smells like rotting crabapples.
Fresh Vellum The pages are fresh-cut and smooth to the touch.
Fruit Jar full of Goblin Teeth Jar for preserving fruit containing a collection of several hundred Goblin teeth.
Gargoyle-Skin Wallet Fashioned from the hardened skin of a gargoyle, this wallet could stop an arrow from piercing one's heart.
Gem-Studded Snowflake Hat Pin An exquisite hat-pin, shaped like a snowflake and studded with fine gems, is the perfect accompaniment to any bonnet.
Gem-Studded Triquetra Hat Pin An exquisite hat-pin, shaped like a three-sided knot and studded with fine gems, is the perfect accompaniment to any bonnet.
Ghost Orchid Perfume A crystal vial of perfume scented with ghost orchid, one of the rarest and most coveted flowers in all of Tamriel.
Giant Bat Kite A kite shaped and decorated to resemble a giant bat, perfect for flying on the breeze on warm, sunny days.
Giant Wasp Thorax Shoehorn Fancy and flexible shoehorn fashioned from the thorax of a giant wasp, with a long wasp-leg handle set with a blue zircon.
Gilded Conch A prodigious shell trumpet, polished and lined with gold leaf.
Gilded Eagle Lamp A brass lamp with gold accents, shaped to resemble a screaming eagle in flight.
Gilded Soup Bowl A kingly bowl, perfect for expensive soups served at extravagant parties.
Gilded Terrarium A glass bowl with a shining, golden rim that could serve as a home for tiny animals or insects.
Glass Bone Saw Because sometimes amputation is the only option.
Glass Cupping Set Typically used by doctors, these cups are coveted by vampires as a means of collecting and transporting meals.
Glass Eye of Distinction A glass eye stored in a fine wooden box. The color of the iris changes based on the mood of the possessor.
Glass Owl Curio This clear glass owl is small, but fine detail shows each feather and talon.
Glass Pedestal Cake Stand Complete with a glass dome to keep unwanted pests away, this pedestal cake stand is perfect for displaying fresh cakes or pies.
Glass Pickling Jar A blown glass jar used for pickling ... something.
Glass Serving Tray This tray is carefully placed and bears a thin layer of dust.
Glazed Jug This glazed jug has a thick sheep's bladder stopper that can keep its contents sealed.
Goat-Hair Butterfly Net A net, woven from the finest goat hair, designed to catch butterflies.
Gold Astrolabe This instrument is worth its weight in gold to the merchants of Tamriel. Also of use to astronomers or mages.
Gold Censer A censer that gleams with a polished surface. It's fit for religious use or as an expensive paperweight.
Gold Leaf Stationery A mere glint of light turns this gilded stationery into a shining parchment.
Gold Plated Bowl A bowl that looks like the noontime sun under full lighting. It's difficult to stare at until one fills it with food.
Gold Tassels These tassels would look good in any room. They would sell well to the right buyer.
Gold-Blink Torchbug-Dance Pinwheel Silver pinwheel with blinking gold-glow finial that attracts dozens of torchbugs, enchanting them into a circling dance.
Gold-Filigreed Compass This compass fits neatly into a pocket or pouch, and gleams like a guiding star.
Gold-Flecked Ink The flecks of gold in this ink make it valuable to those looking to make an impression. Or forgers, pretending to be them.
Gold-Plated "Roasting Fruit" Gold-plated sculptural pear placed in the mouth of roast suckling wild boar during the Rain's Hand Revels.
Golden Candle Holder A family heirloom, no doubt. It is both light and well-polished.
Golden Cow Bell A cow bell of solid gold. One of several created by Tuvor the Goldsmith for the finest of Lord Hannudra's prized cattle.
Golden Goblet The perfect cup for someone with too much gold and not enough places to pour their wine.
Golden Gorapple Replica An exact replica of the rare specimen of fruit, sculpted with the utmost care.
Golden Pill Tin A pill tin plated with solid gold, it must belong to a very wealthy sick person.
Good Body's Unsightly Unguent A popular ointment that treats numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by a traveling merchant who arrives once every season.
Good Luck Charm A talisman sold in back alleys and shadowy stalls. It is said to protect the possessor from ill fortune and bad luck.
Gorapple Peeler A double-bladed tool for peeling the skin from a gorapple or other fruits with hard skins.
Granite Wash Basin The cut and polish of this stone is impeccable ... but that doesn't make it any less heavy.
Green Clay Eyepads Eyepads placed over the eyes at night to help prevent wrinkles. Less expensive than the magicka-infused variety used by nobles.
Guar Sun Catcher Colorful pieces of transparent glass have been carefully shaped into a small guar.
Guardian Stones Three alabaster stones depicting the three guardian constellations.
Hand-Crank Butter Churn Just add cream to this small glass butter churn and turn the crank for a delicious buttery spread.
Hand-Drawn Constellation Map A meticulously detailed map of the stars. The Warrior, Mage, and Thief are the most prominent constellations.
Hand-Stitched Flag A heavy woolen flag. A giant serpent with the head of an Orc is skillfully embroidered onto the cloth.
Handheld Loom This loom's small size makes it easily transportable, and the needle is constructed of a valuable ebony.
Helga's Actual Polish A jar of polish, specifically formulated for use on refined metal objects. "The shine is literally spectacular!"
His and Hers Makeup Case Hand-tooled leather makeup case containing matching maquillage tools for him and her.
Hoarvor-Sac Bagpipes Musical instrument, fine bagpipes made from a hoarvor's bloat-sac and probosces, decorated with parrot feathers.
Holiday Antler Circlet, with Bells Child-sized birthday wear: a croc-leather brow circlet mounted with forehead antlers, and a silver bell hanging from each point.
Hoops & Holes Mallet Set A custom set of long-handled wooden mallets in a fine deerskin bag, used to play the noble's game "Hoops & Holes."
Horrible Mummified Banekin Grotesque mummified body of a small humanoid Daedra; a label around its ankle reads "Proof of the existence of Broken Tusk!"
Houndsman Wolf Whistle Brass whistle on a gold chain, engraved with a howling wolf and full moons. It seems to make no sound when winded.
Household Napkin Holder A metal band displaying a family motif to decorate and identify the owner of a particular linen napkin.
Hunter's Golden Charm This small golden bear figurine is said to have been blessed by Hircine himself.
Ill-Gotten Daedric Candle A thick, red candle, nestled atop a bone tray. Covered with embossed Daedric runes and symbols of bats.
Illustrated "Vade Mecum of Love" Brochure "The Vade Mecum of Love," a wordless brochure on gilt-edged vellum illustrated with inspiring and instructive engravings.
Imitation Elf Ears These imitation High Elf ears would sell well as part of a disguise.
Impassioned Messages from Auridon Romantic letters exchanged between star-crossed paramours in opposing alliances. Either that, or coded messages from spies.
Imported Cheese-Toasting Fork Steel two-tined fork with a long haft and a mahogany handle, metal blackened at the end.
Indistinct Marble Bust This marble bust appears to be of a bald Elf. The features are too generic to make out who it is.
Invisible Ink The label says "invisible ink." The bottle looks empty.
Invitation: Drinks with the Neighbors An invitation to attend a casual gathering with neighboring nobles. It appears drinks and small bites will be served.
Iron Citrus Juicer This sturdy iron juicer still has a faint lemon scent about it.
Iron Lizard Crate An iron cage designed to hold pet lizards and train them to empty their bladder outside.
Ivory Comb An ornate comb, carved from a horker tusk.
Ivory Doll A doll dressed in a handmade floral dress, with yarn for hair.
Ivory Egg Peeler This bizarre device peels eggs of every size and shape with the greatest of ease.
Ivory Hairpins These hairpins are made from mammoth tusk and have a decorative tassel on each end.
Ivory Hircine Totem A small white figurine, carved to resemble Hircine, flanked by a stylized wolf.
Ivory Lamb Skewers A pair of long steel skewers used to prepare kabobs. The handles are made of genuine horker tusk, carved to resemble sheep.
Ivory Lapel Pins These delicate lapel pins have strange symbols carved into their delicate curves.
Ivory Mixing Bowl A polished mixing bowl carved from a young mammoth's tusk.
Ivory Quill The shaft of this quill has been encased in ivory mammoth tusk, the colorful plumage sticking out of the top.
Ivory Shoehorn An expertly carved mammoth-tusk shoehorn.
Ivory Teeth Someone is missing their false teeth.
Ivory Three-Hole Spine Sharpener Hollow ivory paperweight with three tapered sharpening-holes of different diameters.
Ivory Wood Noddy Peg Board A carved peg board of rare pink ivory wood, bearing the signature of the woodworker Yana, used to play the card game "Noddy."
Ivory-Gripped Honing Steel The ivory used in this tool's handle is curious. Perhaps it was taken from one of the great beasts of the Abecean Sea?
Ivory-Handled Eel Flensers Set of razor-sharp ivory-handled eel knives for tableside skin-flensing; in a handsome presentation box.
Ivory-Handled Plume Trimmer A small, slim pair of scissors that fold into a handle of timber-mammoth ivory.
Ivory-Handled Reading Glass A well-maintained glass lens with an ivory handle.
Jade Finchbone Toothpick A jade toothpick carved to look like a finchbone. Perfect for picking meat from between one's teeth.
Jade Fish Hook Despite its beauty, this fish hook has definitely seen some action.
Jade Serpent Figurine A serpent-shaped statuette covered in a light dusting of red-orange specks.
Jade Vase This wide vase is delicately carved with small flowers. It has a distinct green coloring to it.
Jar of Frog Ink A glazed clay jar filled with frog ink. How the ink was extracted remains a mystery.
Jar of Fungal Grotto Mushroom Unguent Ornamental limeware jar of fungal emollient; exudes a heady fragrance redolent of deep grottos.
Jar of Live Centipedes A green glass jar containing four large live centipedes with a bow around it.
Jar of Scrib Why someone would collect a jar full of dead scrib is unknown, but the untarnished glass might be worth something.
Jar of Sun Cream A jar of thick white paste. According to alchemists, daily application can lessen the effects of Aetherial exposure.
Jester's Day "Platform Boots" Hilarious attachable prank stilts for standing in deep puddles to make them seem shallow. "Gets 'em every time," says the label.
Jester's Day Ox-Hoof Cleats When attached to boots, these cleats leave prints like oxen for Jester's Day pranks; they still smell slightly of ox-dung.
Jeweled Dice Box This splendid gem-encrusted box is inscribed "Administrative Decision Makers" and contains two golden, gem-pipped dice.
Jeweled Elven Ear Cuffs Long ear cuffs of silver wire with small topaz accents.
Jeweled Goblet Made from silver, this goblet has a handful of small red jewels attached to the cup.
Jeweled Kaleidoscope A beautifully ornate kaleidoscope, trimmed in gold and encrusted with multicolored gems.
Jeweled Lensatic Egg-Sculpture Strange heartwood sculpture of a lens-shaped egg inlaid with veins of copper and stones of orange chalcedony.
Jeweled Toothbrush A gaudy toothbrush, encrusted with valuable jewels, commissioned by foreign royalty.
Jeweled Treethane Castanets Gem-studded carapace castanets, two pair, used by treethanes in a glittering staccato flurry to call a meeting to order.
Jungle Camouflage Skin paint. Perfect for blending in with heavily foliaged terrain. It would be highly useful to an adventurer or mercenary.
Kindlepitch Pouch A pouch of kindlepitch, for igniting fires when you don't feel like using steel and flint.
Knotted-Rope Frame The pieces of knotted rope set in this small frame depicts various types of nautical knots.
Lady A's Amorous Articles Romantic pamphlets secreted away for a noble's lonely nights, written by the anonymous Lady "A."
Lamb's Wool Blanket A high quality blanket made of lamb's wool.
Lamia Singing Stone A small, egg-shaped stone that is smooth to the touch. A faint glow hints at some magical potency locked within.
Lamia-Scale Moon-Sugar Pouch A pouch used for keeping moon-sugar safe and dry. Its Lamia-scale construction is illegal throughout most of Tamriel.
Lead Sieve This lead sieve is used to strain liquids when cooking. A fence could resell it to skooma brewers.
Leather Bouncing Ball This large leather ball is inflated with air so that it bounces. It's a popular toy for children.
Leather Dice Cup A gambling dice cup, made from carefully stitched, cured leather.
Leather Pouch Typically used to hold coins, this pouch has already been relieved of its contents. The fine leather might be worth something.
Leather-Bound Sketchbook A small, tightly bound sketchbook. It is full of charming charcoal drawings of common woodland animals.
Lefthanded Pincer-Crab Claw Scissors Scissors made from the howdy-claw of a Striped Pincer Crab, left-handed, with child-safe tips.
Lifelike Stuffed Dog A prized pet dog, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy citizens will go to keep memories alive.
Linen Tablecloth A simple tablecloth, excellent for picnicking.
Lion's Mane Candelabrum A weighty iron candle holder, bearing the shape of a lion's head.
List of Priorities A list of the day's priorities, peculiar to the author.
Little Black Journal A book filled with the names and addresses of both men and women. There is a 1 to 5 star rating system.
Lizard-Leather Fishing Creel Bag of waxed lizard-leather with shoulder strap for holding fresh-caught fish.
Lizardskin Wallet A wallet crafted from soft, fine lizardskin.
Lucky Nereid's Foot Blue-skinned and web-toed nereid's foot, expertly taxidermied, reputed to bring its owner good luck.
Lucky Wolf's Foot A huge wolf paw affixed to a sturdy iron chain. It would be worth much to bandits and other tacky dressers.
Luminescent Bookbinding This netch-skin bookbinding was obviously imported and still retains a cool blue glow.
Luxurious Pony Guar Grooming Set Splendid ivory-handled set of implements for grooming a pet pony guar, including scale picks and chamois buffing spoon.
Magistrate's Certificate This certificate verifies the credentials and authority of the local magistrate. It would be valuable to a forger.
Magnificent Leatherbound Blank Oghma Blank life-journal of gilt-edged, bleached vellum pages. The hand-tooled gargoyle leather binding is from "Remarkable Leathers."
Magnus Cult Wicker Effigy A traditional statue made of wicker, used as a stand-in for the owner in certain rituals performed by followers of Magnus.
Mahogany Lawn Bowling Set Leather case containing balls of imported mahogany for lawn bowling, with a note reading "Game next week at the Run Inn."
Malevolent Cultist Candle A thick, dark candle, nestled atop a bone tray and engraved with Daedric runes. A fence will pay well to attain this.
Mammoth Snout Surprise Snorkel A rubber-lined mammoth snout snorkel. A label reads, "Delight your friends with Doubts-the-Moon's submerged mammoth surprise!"
Mammoth Tusk Jewelry Box An intricately-carved jewelry box crafted from an enormous mammoth tusk.
Mammoth-Ear Suede Coverlet A suede blanket made from the finest chamois timber-mammoth ear. Embroidered script reads "Silver Moons Honeymoon."
Mammoth-Hide Falconer's Gage A well-made falconer's glove made of finely-stiched mammoth leather.
Mara's Hands Vase This porcelain vase was molded to look like a pair of clasped hands nurturing the flowers within.
Masser's Hour Clock The glass bulbs of this hourglass are encased in a silver stand. The sand within is a dark red, and measures an hour's time.
Master Painter's Set An ornate wooden box inlaid with ivory, containing a set of oil paints, fine brushes, a painting knife and a palette.
Matching Troll Bookends These bookends, modeled after the nightmarish creatures known as trolls, so frightened customers that few sets still exist.
Measuring Wand A small length of tapered wood featuring incremental slashes used for determining the measure of things.
Meat Strip Drying Rack When the wealthy brave the wilderness, they bring along a drying rack to make their own jerky in the wild.
Memento Mori A collection of personal mementos: a lock of hair, a small chip of bone, a scale fragment, and other sentimental items.
Memorial Broken Arrow Plaque A broken arrow mounted on a mudcrab-shell wall plaque. "In Loving Memoriam" is burnt into the shell.
Mephala Spidersilk Prayer Shawl Spun from expensive spidersilk, this prayer shawl is used in rituals honoring the Spider God, Mephala.
Metal Back Scratcher A back scratcher for taking care of those hard-to-reach itches.
Metal Decanter The craftsmanship on this decanter is simple, but precise.
Metal Meat Skewers Long, thin skewers of steel and brass, designed to impale chunks of meat and vegetables to cook over an open fire.
Metal Shovel A sturdy metal shovel, useful to any serious adventurer.
Miner's Blanket A thin, light blanket is perfect for covering rocks or hard ground. It provides miners a clean place to sit.
Miniature Abacus A small wooden counting frame, used to make simple mathematical calculations.
Miniature Chalice of Mara These tiny, bejewelled facsimiles of the famous relic were given out as prizes for winners of the Mid-Year Festival Games.
Miniature Crystal Wine Bottle A limited-edition tiny wine bottle produced for a local winery's hundredth anniversary.
Miniature Tavern Some wealthy citizens collect models fashioned after actual taverns and inns found throughout Tamriel.
Mirror of Youth This ornately-framed mirror is magically charmed to show a more youthful image of the person peering into it.
Monkeybone Fruit Peeler A thin, curved tool made from monkeybone and designed to peel fruit.
Monocular Loupe Perfect for the appraiser of fine art and jewelry. Lacking a chain, it is not recommended for the easily shocked.
Moon Pool Hand Mirror This mirror is actually a shallow, shimmering pool of water magically contained within its oval, opalescent frame.
Moonstone Cabinet Guardian A small warrior figurine made of moonstone and placed by superstitious homeowners inside their cabinets to ward off thieves.
Moonstone Washbowl A polished basin, filled with fresh-smelling rosewater.
Mosaic Glass Bowl The tiny stones that make up this colorful bowl take the shape of a redwort flower.
Mother-of-Pearl Incense Box Box of carved mother-of-pearl containing a selection of incenses: myrrh, sandalwood, and frankincense.
Mounted Bat's Head A massive bat head, mounted on a stone plaque. The fangs are still sharp.
Mounted Gargoyle Head As difficult as killing a gargoyle may be, removing one's head is even harder, making this noble's trophy extremely valuable.
Mounted Stag Head Inanimate, but still imposing. It would make an excellent decorative piece on any mantle.
Mounted Troll Head Though it makes an unsightly trophy, someone was clearly very proud of killing this young she-troll and mounted her head.
Mounted Trophy Slaughterfish This large slaughterfish is displayed on a simple wooden mount. A plaque underneath claims it to be the largest ever caught.
Mournhold Folding Fan A decorative hand fan. Unfolding it reveals a scene of the Lord, the Mother, and the Wizard in all their glory.
Mudcrab Claw Memorial A serrated mudcrab claw, mounted to a decorative board beneath the inscription, "It Got My Toe, I Got Its Claw."
Mudcrab Serving Platter This broad silver platter has several indentations for propping up steamed mudcrabs.
Mudcrab-Shaped Dustpan A short-handled shovellike utensil used to remove dust and dirt, shaped like a mudcrab and crafted by Sanabi the Carpenter.
Multicolored Sea Glass A fair-sized piece of colorful sea glass set on a small stand and displayed as a household ornament.
Mummified Finger A finger gnarled in a way to suggest the hand it belonged to was gripping something.
Musk-Scented Sealing Wax A stick of pink insect wax with a pronounced musky aroma.
Natural Hand Soap A bar of sweet-smelling soap, used throughout Tamriel to wash hands and other particularly grubby body parts.
Nedic Cup An ancient stone cup—still in use. Faded Nedic motifs are just barely visible on the base.
Nedic Snake Fetish This aged figurine depicts a coiled snake in the Nedic style. It is in remarkably good condition.
Netch-Hide Quill Holder A stylish desk accessory that holds up to a dozen quills, crafted from genuine netch hide.
Nix-Guar Thing Why anyone would attach the head of a nix to the body of a guar is anyone's guess, but somebody will probably pay gold for it.
Noble's Fancy Compass The previous owner of this ornate compass took good care of it, as evidenced by its glossy surface and glistening display.
Nocturnal Musings Other than a boldly written title within the front cover, the pages of this journal are empty.
Nord Cheese Chopper A polished metal chopping blade designed to slice chunks from massive cheese wheels. The hilt is carved to look like a dragon.
Notched Candle The notches carved into the side of this candle indicate how much time has passed.
Obsidian Orc Lamp A polished obsidian lamp, carved to resemble a snarling Orc.
Oil Paints These small tins contain the medium of an aspiring artist, mixed with care.
Onyx Serpent Carving A carving that's dark as the night, and cool to the touch.
Opulent Family Funerary Jar This expensive container, which harkens back to a style popularized in the First Era, can be found in many affluent households.
Orichalcum Work-Hammer A worker's hammer crafted from Orichalcum for extra durability.
Ornamental Bone Saw A bone saw with an imported blade and an elaborate ivory handle inscribed "In Loving Memory."
Ornamental Crocodile Skull Superb decorated crocodile skull, ornamented with golden fangs, amethyst-geode eyes, and bird-of-paradise feathers.
Ornamental War Horn This ornate war horn was given as a gift to a retiring general.
Ornate Ink Blotter A fine oaken blotter, capped by a brass lion handle.
Ornate Place Setting The embroidery on this place setting is extraordinary. It appears to use a mix of fine gold and silver thread.
Ornate Vellum Stationery This gold-flecked stationery is smooth to the touch, and would serve as a fine writing surface.
Otter-Skin Cheese Strainer This finely stitched sling has seen a lot of use in the making of rodent cheeses.
Out-of-Tune Theorbo 14-string bass theorbo with ivory pegs and soundboard, badly out of tune.
Outdated Map of Tamriel This map of Tamriel was drawn before the Alliance War began. However, it still accurately depicts geography and distance.
Outdated Military Documents While these documents are no longer useful for military strategies, a historian might find the papers intriguing.
Oven Mitts A pair of novelty oven mitts fasioned to look like cats' paws.
Over-Sized Tavern Dice A pair of over-sized dice from a tavern somewhere in Tamriel.
Oyster-Shell Drawknife This woodworking tool was deftly constructed. Its nacre blade shimmers in the light.
Packet of Envelopes Untarnished envelopes perfect for keeping prying eyes at bay when secured with sealing wax.
Packet Of Moon Ripened Squash Seeds A packet of enchanted squash seeds. When planted under moonlight, they will grow fully by the next day's dusk.
Painting of the Unknown Queen A hauntingly beautiful woman stares out from this painting, known only as the Unknown Queen. Every wealthy household has a copy.
Parrot-Feather Shawl Light chamois shawl decorated with hundreds of parrot feathers woven in a floral design.
Peacock Plume Writing Quill This exquisite writing quill has a gold-chased adamantine nib that never blots or needs sharpening.
Perfumed Letter This heavily perfumed scroll contains a very suggestive missive from one noble to another. It is signed with a kiss.
Pewter Beer Stein This stein could hold a substantial amount of refreshing liquid.
Pewter Decanter This pewter decanter smells faintly of spoiled milk.
Pewter Gravy Boat This gravy boat is shaped like an actual boat.
Pewter Paperweight It's heavy and it just sits there—the perfect paperweight.
Pewter Portrait Frame This small pewter frame can hold a miniature portrait or drawing.
Pewter Seal The owner of this seal probably feels very important when he uses it to stamp his initials into the wax that seals his letters.
Phial of Lamp Oil A ceramic cask filled with pure oil.
Pilferer's Ward A small charm placed with valuable objects to repel thieves, burglars, robbers, and other criminal elements.
Pink and Green Finger-Trap A children's novelty toy made from multicolored twine.
Platinum Calligraphy Set An exquisite calligraphy set containing platinum nibs, graht-oak nib holders, and a crystal ink vial.
Plumed Quill A quill made from a colorful feather. It's hardly been used.
Plush Hagraven Doll This doll is in near-perfect condition because children found it difficult to love.
Pocket Knife Too small to be used in combat, this small knife would be perfect for general daily use while out and about.
Polished Harvest Jug A heavy, but lovingly polished ceramic jug. It smells like a mix of fine whiskey and cheap jagga.
Polished Marble Comb The teeth on this shiny marble comb are surprisingly strong.
Poplar Bark Headache Strips A bottle of chewable strips of poplar bark, designed to relieve headaches. It's increasingly poplar!
Porcelain Bowl This porcelain bowl has a lovely irridescent color.
Porcelain Sheep Tureen The top of this well-crafted porcelain sheep can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate serving dish.
Porcelain Stew Bowl A fine porcelain stew bowl, used to serve venison or rabbit stew.
Porcelain Teacup This dainty teacup rests comfortably in the crook of one's finger.
Porcelain Teapot A unique mixture of clay was heated until it became smooth and translucent and then meticulously painted to create this teapot.
Portable Chamber Pot A chamber pot of rich earthenware, designed for use in the great outdoors when a tree just isn't good enough.
Pouch of Bronzed Acorns While it's not clear what purpose they served, this handful of acorns is secured by the drawstring of this satin pouch.
Pouch of Candied Gorapples The contents of this pouch are pungent and inedible. Some thieves use them to throw off the scent of pursuing animals.
Pouch of Thumb Tacks This pouch of thumb tacks can be used to post handbills, keep maps in place, or cause great amounts of posterior distress.
Precious-Color Eye Shadow Maquillage Case Bright frogskin makeup case containing shiny "precious-color" eye shadow of crushed pearls and gold dust.
Prettifying Night Cream Imported from distant lands, this expensive moisturizing cream is believed to keep nobles looking young and beautiful.
Prismatic Quill Pen A well-maintained quill, plucked from a particularly colorful cardinal.
Pristine Mummy-Wrap Handkerchiefs Only the most exclusive shops sell these elegant handkerchiefs crafted from genuine mummy wrappings.
Pristine Writing Slate This smooth writing surface has yet to be touched by chalk or charcoal.
Proscribed Daedric Candle A thin, black candle, fastened onto a bone tray. Engraved with Daedric runes and symbols of dragons.
Quire of Fine Vellum Twenty-four sheets of smooth ivory-colored kidskin parchment.
Rare Flowering Violet A well-nurtured violet plant. Its purple flowers are quite lovely.
Rare Owl-Feather Quill Quill crafted from the feathers of the rare burrowing pixie owl of western Tamriel.
Reading Glass The craftsmanship on this reading glass makes it of great value to bibliophiles.
Reaper's Milk Jug A thick glass jug with "Reaper's Milk" embossed upon the side.
Red Asp Head Potion Opener This petrified red asp head has the fangs exposed to help pry corks from potion bottles.
Red Brittle Wamasu A stylized wamasu, carved from a fragile chunk of red brittle, also known as nirncrux.
Red Heavens Lamp When this oil lamp is lit, the hundreds of embedded rubies produce a mesmerizing depiction of the constellations.
Red Oak Cutting Board A freshly sanded and well-oiled cutting surface.
Reinforced Ankle-Wraps Often worn by dancers to prevent injuries, these ankle-wraps have thin iron strips woven into the fabric.
Replica Staff of Magnus Only a mage could tell the difference between this and the authentic staff. A smuggler or con artist could find much use for it.
Resolutes of Stendarr Pin A silver pin identifying its wearer as a member of the group "The Resolutes of Stendarr." A thief or a conman would prize this.
Riding Crop Heirloom An elaborate riding crop, at least a century old. The suggestive patterning implies it never saw the inside of a stable.
Risque Etching This revealing etching of a masked courtesan was deemed too provocative to display in mixed company.
Ritual Daedra Skull A scamp skull, carved with strange glyphs and arcane symbols, most likely for unlawful ritualistic purposes.
River Stone Inkwell This inkwell was made by hollowing out a stone found in the Bjoulsae River.
Rock-Climbing Gear Explorers and adventurers could find great use for this gear.
Rolling Bone Back Massager Bear-bone back massager made of six polished and clear-lacquered vertebrae in rolling sockets.
Rosewood Hand Mirror A small silver mirror with an ornate frame of polished rosewood.
Rosewood Lute Though quite old, this lute is still in excellent condition. There are no noticeable scratches in the lacquered wood.
Royal Beeswax Earplugs A pair of ear plugs, purportedly infused with the royal jelly of a hive's queen. Not for use in regions with a bee population.
Royal Guard Boot Shine Kit Brushes, sponges, buffers, and tins of polish in an elegant mahogany box with a footrest, bearing the symbol of the Royal Guard.
Royal Seraglio Perfumed Oil A bottle of fragrant oil that some find to be a mild aphrodesiac. Others find its smell appalling.
Sabre Cat Walking Stick A finely-crafted wooden walking stick with a silver tip and a handle carved in the appearance of a sabre cat's head.
Sabre-Skin Caddy Sack A small sack made of oiled sabre-cat skin, perfect for holding and organizing personal items.
Satin Roses These delicate flowers were made by hand out of red satin. The long green stems look to be made of wood.
Scale Model Dominion Catapult A small working model of a siege catapult. Miniature meatbags sold separately!
Scamp-Head Camp Alarm Enchanted scamp head mounted on a staff that squawks whenever a creature approaches the outskirts of a camp.
Scandalous Letters A collection of unseemly letters between two members of rivalrous noble families that would be embarrassing if brought to light.
Scent of Magicka Cologne A bottle of flowery perfume. The label promises to make anyone smell like a powerful magic-user.
Scented Candle When lit, the candle exudes the faintest scent of cardamom. A fence could resell it for certain necromantic rituals.
Scorpion Shell Whistle A loud whistle fashioned from the shell of a dead scorpion.
Scorpion-Tail Bookmark This dried scorpion tail has been flattened to act as a bookmark.
Scroll of the Lonely Traveler This parchment, neatly rolled and tied with leather, keeps adventurers company during long, lonely nights on the road.
Sea Glass Frippery A chunk of colored sea glass carved into the shape of a mudcrab and mounted to a small block for display.
Sea Glass Knickknack A chunk of colored sea glass carved into the shape of a lion and mounted to a small block for display, just because.
Seal-Skin Buoy A tightly stitched inflatable bladder. "Maiden's Breath" has been branded onto the side.
Sealing Wax A partially-melted stick of red wax, used for sealing letters.
Secreted Valuables Pouch A cleverly designed pouch designed to be hidden within clothing so as to avoid the attention of pickpockets.
Secunda's Minute Clock The glass bulbs of this hourglass are encased in a gold stand. The sand within is a grayish white and measures a minute's time.
Seeker's Meditation Stone This black meditation stone has been molded by the Primeval Seekers into a likeness of Hermaeus Mora.
Seeker's Onyx Key The bits on this ornamental onyx key are jagged, long, and irregular.
Set of Brass Dice These dice are quite heavy. The gleaming brass offsets the dots carved on each side.
Set of Kwama Scrib Dining Spikes Six quartz-handled spikes. Good for impaling kwama scribs to wooden plates so they may be eaten alive—as is tradition.
Set of Mineral-Based Paints of Rare Colors Sectioned shellmold box containing eight bottles of bright mineral-based paints in rare colors, quite valuable.
Sheaf of Blank Parchment Each piece of parchment is unstained, unmarred, and unfolded.
Sheep's Gut Rope Rope woven from sheep's gut, extra strong.
Sheepskin-Covered Jug Sheepskin covers this porcelain jug to keep its contents from spoiling.
Sheet Music Folio Contains sheet music for such classics as "Lusty Argonian Maid" and "No Way Am I Going to Eat this Stew."
Shellbug Jewelry Tray Polished to a smooth shine, this piece of Shellbug Chitin could be used to hold jewelry or coins.
Signaling Sun Dial This sun dial serves two purposes: it tells time but also doubles as a heliograph to send messages across the battlefield.
Signed Coat of Arms Document These blank documents bearing the coat of arms of a noble house and signed by a house officer would be worth a lot to a forger.
Silk Handkerchief Thankfully, this handkerchief does not appear to have been used.
Silk Rope A strong and lightweight coil of rope.
Silk Sheets These sheets have been woven from the secretions of insects who make their cocoons on the mulberry tree.
Silken Arm-Sling This sling was crafted to help a wounded soldier care for a broken arm.
Silken Tablecloth A fine silk cloth with lace trim, lovingly maintained.
Silver Bell A small bell with a light and cheerful jingle.
Silver Carving Platter Heirloom silver carving platter, it bears the crest of a specific family of wealth and means.
Silver Crab Cracker A hinged tool of silver, used for cracking mudcrab shells.
Silver Dowsing Rods If you can't use magic to find water, you can use these rods. Or is this magic, too?
Silver Drinking Flask A screw-top flask of fine silver engraved with a scrollwork pattern.
Silver Etched Cake Platter The floral design etched into this cake platter is very elegant. You would not serve just any cake on this platter.
Silver Herb-Scissors These valuable scissors include multiple sets of blades to better shred herbs for cooking.
Silver Ladle A polished spoon with a date skillfully engraved on the handle.
Silver Moondial This small silver tool is covered in stylized constellations that glow in the dark. It provides direction on moonless nights.
Silver Moondial This small wooden device resembles a horse bit, but is actually to help prevent teeth-grinding at night.
Silver Nine-Shells Set An antique board game, complete with a lacquered pine board and polished silver pieces.
Silver Sash A shining sash made from a finespun, fragile material and studded with rubies on its ends.
Silver Serviette Holder A set of eight serviette holders, decorated with delicate filigree.
Silver Shaving Razor A shave doesn't get much closer with this silver razor.
Silver Skewers Skewers that would valuable to a werewolf hunter — if they weren't made of orichalcum, and painted silver to look less valuable.
Silver Tea Tray This tea tray has been polished so well you can see your reflection in it.
Silver Tweezers The elegance of these tweezers suggest they are used for plucking only the finest hairs from noble heads.
Silver-Chased Three-Tea Samovar A three-bellied copper samovar. Each silver-chased urn has its own spigot for serving the Three Respectful Teas.
Silver-Handled Mirror The polished silver engraved onto the handle is almost as reflective as the mirror itself.
Silver-Trimmed Bridle Silver buttons and buckles decorate this fancy horse bridle.
Silverweave Small Clothes These silverweave small clothes appear quite comfortable. What they lack in style, they make up in volume.
Simple Abacus This wooden abacus features white and black beads. Merchants who have difficulty tallying might find this tool useful.
Skeever Trap A trap designed to catch unwanted skeevers. A large chunk of cheese sits patiently in the center of the contraption.
Skooma Refinement Tools Tools for the refinement of skooma. Valuable to both criminals and law enforcement.
Small Aquarium This simple glass bowl would make a good home for a pet fish—or tomorrow's dinner.
Small Canvas Portrait The man in this portrait has eyes that follow you. Luckily, it is small enough to be shoved in a bag before becoming too creepy.
Small Compass This pocket-sized compass fits in the palm of its user's hand and consistently points north.
Smelling Salts Plain smelling salts, for awakening the faint of heart.
Smuggler's Doll This ratty, stained bear doll has a hidden pocket that smells faintly of skooma.
Snake-Sword Hilt The hilt of an Akaviri weapon, undoubtedly a souvenir taken from a fallen Snake during the war.
Snakeskin Concertina This attractive instrument is masterfully crafted using the skin of a Hooped Tree Viper. The sound it makes is ... interesting.
Snakeskin Cuffs One loop of these snakeskin bindings can be adjusted to fit a wrist or an ankle. The other is fitted for a common bedpost.
Snakeskin-Head Conga Drum Dark wooden conga. The giant snakeskin drumhead is held on by a shiny brass tension-ring.
Snow-Owl Kite A kite shaped and decorated to resemble a snow owl, perfect for flying on crisp, clear winter days.
Soapstone Snuff Box Enameled box carved from soapstone, containing a quantity of aromatic powdered-insect snuff.
Soldier's Shaving Mirror Your reflection peers back at you from within the mirror.
Solid Gold Cutlery A set of shining eating utensils composed entirely of gold. It's fit for use by a royal family.
Solid Oak Armor Stand A sturdy armor stand made from solid oak.
Souvenir Cyrodiil Hammer Head A souvenir from a battle in the War of the Three Banners, this detached warhammer head makes a compelling paperweight.
Souvenir Imperial Heater A souvenir from a battle with Imperial forces, this cracked and dented shield has been mounted to a plaque.
Spelunking Tools Valuable to any adventurer or cave delver, these spelunking tools are in excellent condition.
Spice Rack Tiny tins of spices fit in a simple wooden rack.
Spider-Leg Clothes Hanger A frame and hook fashioned from the leg of a giant spider and used to drape a garment upon when not in use.
Spidersilk Box Kite A high-performance box kite made with light wooden struts and multicolored spidersilk.
Spidersilk Food Net Travelers often use these nets when camping to suspend their food above the reach of any bears.
Spidersilk Handkerchief A forest green handkerchief of fine spidersilk.
Spidersilk Parasol A brightly colored collapsible parasol of fine-spun spidersilk with an intricately-carved mahogany handle.
Spidersilk Twine A coil of rope braided from a thousand strands of silk meticulously gathered from spiders' webs.
Spool of Fishing Line This long spool of fishing line needs only to be attached to a rod in order to haul in a delicious meal.
Spool of Twine This tightly wound spool of twine has many uses, although its original owner probably used it to tie packets of letters.
Spry Spriggan Twirling Hoop This large wooden hoop is spun overhead as part of the popular children's game known as "Spry Spriggan."
Steel Farming Shears A critical tool in any farmer's arsenal, these shears are designed specifically to cut invasive vines.
Steel Lantern Panes of glass keep the flame safe from wind. The filigree pattern on the metal causes wild shadows to dance on the walls.
Steel Sugar Bowl This elegant sugar bowl comes complete with a matching spoon.
Steel Warming Pan A steel bed warmer, cool to the touch but full of fine charcoal ash.
Stendarr Pendant A pendant on a silver chain, worn to invoke the protection of Stendarr.
Sterling Silver Croc-In-The-Box The toy of a noble's child. When cranked, this box of sterling silver plays a simple melody until a stuffed crocodile pops out.
Sterling Silver Fife A small high-pitched flute with six finger holes, fashioned from the finest sterling silver.
Stoneware Serving Tray Perfect for bringing food to the table, this stoneware serving tray has a handle on each side for easy transportation.
Strange Nereid Centerpiece An expertly crafted pewter centerpiece depicting the legendary Nereid, Shada. Something about the eyes is profoundly unsettling.
String of Thrassian Pearls Precious stones of radiant blue from the Coral Kingdoms, where no Man or Mer dares tread, passed down from the First Era.
Stuffed Bat It seems someone fired an arrow right through this bat's head, then had it stuffed and mounted for bragging rights.
Stuffed Fox A stuffed, taxidermied fox mounted on a polished mahogany base.
Stuffed Giant Centipede with Googly Eyes An arm's-length centipede stuffed with pinfeathers. The painted quail's-egg eyes seem to follow you.
Stuffed Pony Guar Is it a lifelike doll or an actual stuffed pony guar? And does it really matter anyway?
Stuffed Troll Head A stuffed and mounted troll head, the eyes surprisingly alert and bright, they seem to follow you with hungry anticipation.
Suction-Sealed Water Jug A heavy clay water jug with a well-designed rubber seal. Clever thieves remove the seal and use it as clandestine climbing gear.
Suede Pouch with Fine Bone Dice Six dice carved from Wood Elf knuckles in a variety of polyhedral shapes, in a pouch of violet suede with a golden drawstring.
Sweetroll Pastry Pan This pastry pan has enough cups to make exactly nine sweetrolls—one for each of the Eight with a bonus pastry for good luck.
Tabletop Coin Well This small, silver ornamental tub is designed to sit on a dining table where coins can be dropped in for good luck.
Tall Wooden Stilts These stilts make for fun entertainment. They also allow one to reach high objects—such as second story windows.
Tamriel Festival Ribbons Traditional Tamrielic ribbons for participating in festivals, balls, and other formal celebrations.
Terrapin-Shell Lantern A fine lantern, fashioned from a polished turtle shell and lined with copper leaf.
Three Banners War Game A triangular board and carved wooden pieces make up this three-player game that re-creates battles between the three alliances.
Three-Tier Serving Tower Made of clear glass, each tier of this serving tower is smaller than the preceding one.
Thunderbug Climbing Cleats Ankle gaiters with in-turned cleats made of thunderbug mandibles, used for climbing trees to archery platforms.
Tinderbox The battered box appears mostly full. The flint, firesteel, and straw are all supplied.
Toad Cleaning Kit An array of precise cutting tools used in the preparation of Aojee-Sakka—a popular, albeit extremely dangerous culinary dish.
Toad Muffin Pan This pan bakes exactly seven toad muffins—a number that is generally considered good luck.
Today's Tasks A list of the day's chores, peculiar to the author.
Tomorrow's Obligations A list of the tasks to be performed the next day, peculiar to the author. Of some value to burglars.
Tooth Sharpener A tooth sharpener, employed by those who eat a great deal of meat.
Torchbug Hair Tonic A clear jar full of glowing liquid distilled from torchbugs, some young men and women apply it to try to make their hair glow.
Torchbug Jar A sealed glass jar with holes punched into the lid. Perfect for catching torchbugs.
Torchbug Makeup Who would put makeup on a torchbug?
Torchbug Pestle and Mortar A stone bowl and grinding tool, used to crush torchbugs into a paste for cooking and alchemical preparations.
Tormented Spire Lava Spoon Basalt spoon that, when stirred in a liquid withershins, heats up and warms the liquid, even to boiling.
Tortoiseshell Monocle This monocle's lens is now missing, but the frame made of tortoiseshell gleams like new.
Trained Torchbug in a Jar When you shake the container, the torchbug inside this clear glass jar flies in a pattern depicting five of the constellations.
Traveler's Shaving Kit A high-quality shaving kit in a leather case, consisting of a folding straight razor, a horse hair brush, and a shaving bowl.
Tribal Elder's Shellback-Gammon Box Wood-and-shell box, folds open to become a board for the game of shellback-gammon, with deluxe kwama-carapace tiles.
Troll Bone Measuring Stick This long, perfectly straight troll bone has been notched to help measure short lengths.
Troll Musk A jar of acrid black liquid used by troll hunters.
Trollfight Arena Certificate of Merit The troll hair in this pouch makes it much easier to start a fire in the wilds.
Trunk Guardian A tiny trunk guardian statue, guaranteed to protect your stored goods from fire, mold, and greedy thieves.
Tuft of Hair These wispy blond strands are tied with a purple ribbon. The ribbon is high enough quality to resell.
Tusk-Carved Mammoth A stylized mammoth, carved from a single shard of mammoth tusk, it is obviously someone's prized possession.
Two Moons Disappearing Ink This small jar of ink vanishes when it dries, and can only be seen under the light of the two full moons.
Two-Tined Carving Fork A large carving fork with a stout handle and two sturdy metal tines.
Undead Expulsion Pouch A small pouch containing blessed items. It is said to ward off some types of undead creatures.
Unknown Holy Symbol A religious icon from an earlier age, the god it represents has been long forgotten.
Unopened Vial of Glue An unopened vial of adhesive made from rendered Skeever skins.
Unspoiled Butterfly-Wing Napkins Fancy and delicate, almost every wealthy household owns a set—but it's rare to find a set that hasn't been used.
Velvet Bedroll A fine velvet bedroll lined with soft sheep's wool, suitable for camping in high style on chilly nights.
Velvet Curtains These velvet curtains are so soft.
Vial of Vampire Blood A small vile of dark, viscous blood. This would be quite valuable to a necromancer, or a desperate alchemist.
Vibrant Paint Set Three small tins tied together with a bit of string. Each cup contains one of the three primary colors: red, blue, or yellow.
Vintage Snake Sweat Perfume Fine crystal perfume bottle containing bladder-aged "snake sweat," vintage 2E 555.
Vizier's Golden Tassel A golden tassel traditionally attached to the robes of the king's viziers.
Voluminous Volcanic Vapors A sweet-smelling oil, burned at night to make one's bedchamber calm and fragrant.
Walla-ri's Skooma Recipe A complex recipe for an extremely pure and unusually strong form of skooma. A fence could sell this to many wealthy clients.
Warhorse Porcelain Doll A delicate and beautiful representation of a warhorse, displaying the creature's majesty and grace.
Wasp-Head Balero with Chiming Ball Balero, or cup-and-ball, with a giant-wasp-head cup and a copper-mesh ball with a chiming silver bell inside.
Wasso-Leaf Napkins A roll of light and aromatic napkins fashioned from the leaves of a prized wasso plant.
Wax Ear Pellets A sealed jar of soft wax pellets intended to be used as earplugs while sleeping.
Wax Paper Wax paper for composing letters.
Wax Portrait Card This wax portrait card depicts simple but compelling artwork. A fence could resell this to collectors.
Werewolf Claw Clippers A set of silver claw clippers used to trim a werewolf's fast-growing, jagged claws.
Werewolf Knot Rake A steel comb especially designed to untangle matted knots that accumulate in a werewolf's fur.
White Crocodile Hide Valise A medium-sized travel bag fashioned from the hide of an extremely rare white crocodile.
Whittled Cat Head A knob of wood whittled into the shape of a cat's head.
Wicker Effigy A traditional wicker statue, used as a stand-in for the owner in dark rituals no longer sanctioned by most religions.
Wind Chimes The light wooden rods of these chimes have been hollowed out to produce deep tones when blown by the wind.
Wine Carafe The smooth lines of this carafe are very aesthetically pleasing.
Wisp Light Globe A small glass globe containing a tiny captured wisp, intended to be used as a nightlight.
Wolf Pelt Sleeping Bag Lined with fur on the inside, this sleeping bag is both soft and warm. Water resistant lacquer has been painted on the outside.
Wolfskin Blanket A well-tanned wolfskin, complete with fur and lined with linen. It can serve as a blanket or a makeshift mantle.
Wooden Building Blocks Children spend hours stacking these painted wooden building blocks. They spend minutes knocking them over.
Wooden Drinking Goblet A drinking goblet carved from a single piece of Smokefrost Rosewood.
Wooden Guar Pull-Toy A child's wooden pull-toy with round wheels and a pull-string.
Wooden Hangers These sturdy wooden hangers look strong enough to hold the heaviest winter coat yet smooth enough to display silk lingerie.
Wooden Horse and Cart A toy favored by the children of traveling merchants, the cart features moving wheels while the horse attaches to the front.
Wooden Kynareth Talisman This talisman looks well-traveled. Strands of worn leather dangle like hanging moss.
Wooden Letter Opener A small ship is carved into the handle of the dark wooden letter opener.
Wooden Marionette The marionette wears a blank expression. Its maker's symbol is burned into the bottom of its left foot.
Wooden Serpent Totem A rough-hewn totem shaped to resemble the Serpent constellation.
Woolen Blanket A warm blanket, valuable to adventurers and travelers.
Woven Blanket This blanket is perfectly soft and not at all itchy.
Xeech'ki Doll A small "seed doll" carved by a talented Wasseek'haleel artisan.
Zenithar Negotiation Beads Prayer beads used by followers of Zenithar to call forth good luck and success in all types of negotiations.
Zuttag's Alchemical Kindlesticks A silver container of fire-lighting sticks tipped with kindlepitch, manufactured by the incomparable Zuttag the Alchemist.
  A bowl made out of a repurposed claw – one that once belonged to a massive scorpion.
  A certificate given to the trainer of trolls who have survived ten or more fights at Hadran's Caravan.
  A common time-keeping device, this one's sand runs a bit slow.
  A dried pig's ear, believed by some to bring good luck – to everyone other than the pig.
  A fragile vessel – almost certainly antique.
  A half-dozen Customs Inspector's cargo tags, marked "Pre-Inspected – Do Not Delay." A smuggler would pay a premium for these.
  A lavish writing tool, barely used.
  A plush wollen bundle, dyed a deep blue.
  A single lionhead earring, fashioned from semi-precious stones, its mate appears to have been lost somewhere along the way.
  A souvenir from a battle with Pact forces, this shield has a prominent crack in the turtle-shell casing.
  Perfume distilled from the musk of a werewolf, some use it as a fragrance, others as a way to avoid prowling werewolves.
  The chimes on this instrument have a bright and cheerful jingle. It almost makes you forget that it's made of giant tick's skin.
  This cast iron skillet is practical and well-made - a must-have for any chef.
  This jagged chunk of cold, blue rock apparently fell out of the lights in the sky - along with other unusual objects.
  This scarf is made of thin gauze and used to cover one's mouth to ensure spies cannot glean information by lip reading. This scroll case still smells of ancient vellum and ink.
  This tool is hewn from marble and very well-maintained. It still smells vaguely of mint and coriander. '
  Though its function may not be glamorous, the gleam and polished handle were clearly constructed by a master smith.