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Banned Orc Tusk Letter Opener This fine yet highly illegal letter opener carved from genuine Orc tusk was probably made before the formation of the Covenant.
Bone Lots A handful of graven welwa knuckle bones, thrown to aid in divination.
Breton Flogging Doll A traditional Orcish children's doll. This one strongly resembles Peveral Stemuseph and appears well-worn.
Burnished Steel Jaw-Harp The Seamount Clan has a very weak musical tradition. It's unlikely that anyone will miss this lovely instrument.
Burnished Steel Mess Kit This well-maintained kit bears Forge-Wife Glesh's mark. Its weight and sturdy construction are astonishing.
Chipped Orsinium Tea Cup An exquisite and surprisingly delicate tea cup from an Orsinium tea service setting, marred by a tiny chip in the porcelain.
Clan Murtag War Canteen This rugged canteen was crafted from dwarven steel and emblazoned with the crest of Murtag Clan.
Clan Tumnosh Drinking Horn An ornately carved drinking horn, decorated in the tradition of the Orc clan Tumnosh of Wrothgar.
Corkscrew-Handle Nail Knife A small, curved blade with a corkscrew handle, designed to keep an Orc's nails neat and trim.
Dra'bul Nail File with Turquoise Handle
Drublog Lotion Warmer, with Cruet Drublog-forged iron lotion warmer stand, with candle holder beneath a circular eyelet to hold the ceramic lotion cruet.
Drublog Peat Hibachi Iron hibachi forged in Dra'bul for trade with the Bosmer, with bowl designed to contain burning peat bricks.
Ebony Whetstone This valuable whetstone once belonged to General Godrun.
Echatare Vellum Imported by boat from Orsinium. This vellum still smells of woodchips and the sea.
Emblazoned Arrowheads Forge-Wife Glesh created a series of these decorative arrowheads to commemorate the birth of Chief Tazgol's daughter, Lokra.
Engraved Pewter Flask This well-worn drinking flask features Seamount Clan motifs etched into the pewter.
Exquisite False Eye A polished marble eye with an emerald inset. A kingly gift from Chief Tazgol to a wounded lieutenant.
Heavy Knitting Needles These needles are composed of Stonetooth steel and are larger than most. A good fit for strong Orcish hands.
Heavy Warcaller's Horn An ancient horn fashioned from an echatere tusk and likely carried into battle by one of Warcaller Targoth's lieutenants.
Iron Orc Arrow Head A souvenir from a battle or a lucky charm found in the wilderness, this arrowhead is clearly in the rough Iron Orc style.
Iron Orc Executioner's Drum An executioner's instrument, in both respects. Clumps of dried blood still cling to the rugged iron counterhoop.
King Kurog Doll A doll modeled after the Orc King Kurog. The ferocious and monstrous look indicates it was probably crafted by a Breton.
Leather Vosh Ball A leather ball used in the Orc sport, Vosh, which translates as "Courage." It is rarely played outside Orcish strongholds.
Lurz's Vampire Repellent Lurz gra-Shatul's odiferous ointment, applied to the neck, keeps a lot more than just vampires away.
Malacath's Promise Token Orc clans in the Dragontail Mountains often leave these ebony tokens in places where they've sworn to return for revenge.
Mauloch Centrepiece A heavy wrought-iron statue depicting Mauloch in battle. The Seamount Clan must have very sturdy tables.
Mauloch's Meditation Mirror A silver mirror of Orcish design, featuring Mauloch's Hammer on the non-reflective side and used in daily affirmation rituals.
Oaken Fertility Totem This finely crafted icon was carved for Hunt-Wife Lurgush. It depicts a pregnant Orc holding a large acorn.
Oiled Straight-Razor This razor has been well-maintained. The wood appears imported, but the blade is clearly the work of Forge-Wife Glesh.
Olive Stoneware Bowl This dish was distributed to all the clan-wives to commemorate the marriage of Hearth-Wife Sholg to Chief Tazgol.
Orc Challenge Stone According to legend, an Orc would place this stone on his shoulder and dare an opponent to knock it off to accept a duel.
Orc Chieftain's Spearhead A souvenir from the Breton-Orc conflicts of the past, this ornate spearhead was probably wielded by an Orc chieftain.
Orc Trunk Guardian A Wrothgar tradition, this tiny trunk guardian statue is guaranteed to protect your stored goods.
Orc Tusk Consolation Medal Catgut strung with a dozen Wood Orc tusks, attached to a bone disc; engraved "Drublog Orc Hunt, Runner-Up."
Orcish Battle Sling A crocodile-hide sling designed to support injured arms while still allowing enough mobility to return a wounded Orc to battle.
Orcish Drinking Horn The solid craftsmanship of this silver drinking horn is unmistakable. In a pinch, it could cap an echatare's broken tooth.
Orcish Ledger of Significant Grudges A record of all of the grievances and insults an Orc family has suffered, with dates, specifics, and planned responses.
Orcish Longevity Candle No one has ever confirmed it, but this massive red candle is said to be large enough to burn for an Orc's entire lifespan.
Orcish Stoneware A set of stone bowls, made in the Orcish tradition, imported from Wrothgar.
Orichalum Pitons These sturdy pitons are masterfully crafted. Climbing the sheer cliffs of Betnikh requires tools of this quality.
Ornamental Hammer Etchings depicting the fall of Orsinium cover this decorative hammer. "Never Forget" is emblazoned on the handle.
Orsinium Pink Zinfandel Decanter A rare crystal decanter from Wrothgar, it shows that Orcs can create delicate and beautiful art when they want to.
Polished Iron Hand A gift from Chief Tazgol to a mutilated would-be usurper. "Better luck next time" is engraved on the palm.
Polished Marble Rolling Pin This otherwise pristine rolling pin bears a large crack. If rumors are true, Hearth-Wife Sholg occasionally uses them as clubs.
Polished Sandlewood Birdcall This masterfully crafted birdcall is one of a select few used by Hunt-Wife Lurgush and her companions.
Pristine Durzog-Hide Napkins King Kurog of Orsinium presented these napkins as a gift to one of the noble houses of Wayrest.
Seamount Clan Law-Stone A lovingly polished stone that was engraved with all the laws of Clan Seamount. Use and age have rendered it illegible.
Seamount Clan Warpaint This dark green paint is thick and remarkably smooth. Perfect for decorating the craggy face of a Seamount warrior.
Silver Vial of Alit Horn Powder A small, delicate silver vial filled with powdered alit horn, used by Orc shamans in fertility rituals.
Snips and Tails Game A travel-sized and much less deadly version of the Iron Orc game, "Cut It Until It Dies."
Ugduk's Meat Skewers A general good merchant in Aldcroft sells these traditional Orc meat skewers, perfect for roasting over a fire.
Whale-Bone Toothpick Mighty Orc tusks require an equally mighty toothpick. This one is larger than most—likely used by a Seamount Clan chief.
Wolf-Hair Ink Brush A fine brush with midnight black bristles. Supposedly the bristles are taken from pelts of Carved Hill wolves.