Items of the Second Era: Morrowind

"Ebony Flask" Shein SteinBlack-enameled limeware tankard with pewter lid, showing the sigil of the Ebony Flask in Ebonheart.
"Field Guide to Lava" Pumice Cube Light stone cube, painted on all six sides, depicting the six most common kinds of lava in Stonefalls.
"Netch, Kwama, Netch" Game A travel-sized version of the Dark Elf drinking game played in corner-clubs throughout Morrowind.
"Sketches from Lukiul Uxith" Folio Folio by the popular artist Andrano Andraneth of his drawings of the "exotic" Argonian town; signed and numbered.
36-Sermon Tableware Set A 36-piece silverplate tableware set with one spoon, knife, or fork for each of Vivec's Thirty-Six Sermons.
Alit Hunter's Silver Whistle Large silver-plated slide whistle, etched with "Bolga's Guaranteed Never-Fail Alit Caller."
Almalexia's Lock This lock of hair was supposedly given as a sign of Almalexia's favor. Why the color has faded is anyone's guess.
Ancient Dagoth Brandy Snifter A glass specifically designed to serve Ancient Dagoth Brandy in, it concentrates the bouquet and intensifies the flavor.
Ancient House Dagoth Goblet Rare goblet displaying the sigil of House Dagoth, the Chimer clan destroyed in the War of the First Council.
Antique Riding Crop A polished, well-made riding crop, from early in the Second Era. Many are stored away as heirlooms by Dark Elf families.
Arch-Mage's Hourglass A timepiece given to students who complete their master exams by the Arch-Mage of the Shad Astula Academy of Magic.
Argonian Scale Beetle Cheese Plate A plate designed to serve scuttle beetle cheese, made from Argonian scales (presumably prior to the formation of the Pact).
Argonian Scale Softener A batch of exotic moisturizing lotion made for Lord Ernil Dres by his Argonian slaves and stored in small vials.
Ash Mountain Paperweight A heavy stone model of the volcano in Stonefalls, perfect for keeping papers from scattering in a strong breeze.
Ash Mountain Serving Platter Silverware platter with decorative engraving, inscribed "View of Ash Mountain from Senie, with Windmill."
Ash-Slake Ale Pitcher A decorative glass pitcher, used to hold and dispense ash-slake ale and other tasty Dark Elf beverages.
Ashlander Spice Jar An empty spice jar, crafted and sold by a friendly Ashlander tribe from eastern Deshaan.
Aurona's Breath Freshener Alchemist Aurona in Mournhold crafts this refreshing concoction that eliminates bad breath and removes tarnish from silver.
Bag of Imitation Finger-Bone Dice Waxed Hissmir bloat-sac containing 16 "Dunmeri finger-bone" betting-dice—probably imitation. (Probably.)
Bal Foyen Netch-Hide Sackpipes Sackpipes made from flexible Bal Foyen netch hide, with coralwood drones.
Belt of Smaller Carpentry Tools Guar-leather belt carrying an assortment of smaller carpentry tools, labeled "Property of Stonecrush Lumber Camp."
Betty Netch Parasol A rare parasol imported from Morrowind, shaped to resemble a betty netch and carried to repel rain or sun.
Brass "Heen-Hoon" Hunter's Horn Alit-hunter's engraved brass mating-call horn; a blast of "Heen-hoon" is said to attract the amorous male Alit.
Brass Warning Whistle A simple aerophone bearing the mark of a particular Dark Elf house, travelers carry these to call for help or send warnings.
Brave Little Scrib Doll A doll modeled after the beloved baby kwama hero of Dark Elf children's stories, the Brave Little Scrib.
Brazen Minatory Ordinator Bust Brass bust of a disapproving ordinator; its eyes seem to follow one around the room.
Brothers of Strife Gemstone Bookends Sculptural bookends carved from chrysolite to look like the Brothers of Strife, leaning into a row of books from each end.
Brothers of Strife Sculpture Sculpture depicting the Brothers of Strife, carved from a single large feldspar crystal.
Brothers of Strife Spice Shakers A set of matching spice containers fashioned to look like the Brothers of Strife statues in Stonefalls.
Cache of Dunmeri Women's Lingerie Assortment of Dark Elven lingerie of plush, camlet, and sarsanet, all labeled "Klaandi's Back Room."
Centipede-Leg Writing Instrument A common but well-made pen, crafted using the leg of a centipede, can be found atop desks throughout Dhalmora and Bal Foyen.
Ceramic Dark Elf Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich Morrowind earthenware, only slightly used.
Chimer Talisman of Boethiah Ancient copper disc depicting the once-great temple to Boethiah on Ash Mountain.
Cliff Darter Basting Bulb A cooking tool shaped like a cliff darter, it distributes liquid to moisten and flavor food during the cooking process.
Coffin-Shaped Plume Box Coffin-shaped coralwood box containing writing plumes, inscribed "Memento Mori: Othrenis."
Collection of Colorful Ribbons A collection of ribbons of various widths and colors, used to decorate a Dark Elf's hair or clothing.
Color-Changing Ink An unusual ink crafted by alchemists at Good Titrations in Dhalmora, it appears as one color but transforms into another color.
Commemorative Nail Clipper House Redoran nobles received this gift at the celebration on 3rd Last Seed honoring the founding of the house.
Copper Saltrice Steamer Copper-bottomed double-boiler steamer, engraved with the motto "The Finest Saltrice comes from Sathram!"
Courtesan's Notebook This small book belongs to one of Mournhold's courtesans. A blackmailer would pay well for this list of wealthy clients.
Crystal Flin Distiller A crystal distilling device for making tasty and potent flin whiskey in the comfort of your own home.
Dark Elf Life Candle These large, ornate candles are lit when a Dark Elf is born. As long as it burns, the Dark Elf will be blessed with a long life.
Dark Elf Prayer Blanket A finely-woven prayer blanket featuring depictions of the "Living Gods" of the Tribunal.
Dark Elf Rain Shawl Dark Elves who spend any time in Skyrim's colder climes utilize water-proof rain shawls to stay more or less comfy and dry.
Dark Elf Sewing Needles in Pin Cushion Distinctive bone sewing needles traditionally utilized by Dark Elf crafters, stuck into a mudcrab-shaped pin cushion.
Dark Elf Travel Goblet A sturdy drinking vessel designed to withstand the rigors of travel, made of pewter or wood, and decorated with Dark Elf runes.
Dark Elf Wicker Effigy A traditional statue made of wicker, used as a stand-in for the owner in certain rituals no longer sanctioned by the Tribunal.
Davon's Watch Banker's Note The Bank of Davon's Watch provides every client with one of these receipts for items deposited in their vaults.
Davon's Watch Herald's Notes Notes for tomorrow, used by the town criers who announce the news in the squares of Davon's Watch.
Decanter of Preserved Grom Globs Sealed cut-glass decanter containing six grom globs meffed by dreugh at Vivec's Antlers, and preserved in vinegar.
Decorative Goblin Skull with Ruby Eyes Painted ornamental Goblin skull, with ruby eyes, mounted on a plaque that reads, "Former Defiler of Hightide Hollow."
Decorative House Dres Pot Holders Padded mittens for handling hot objects, scenes of Dres masters and their Argonian slaves decorate the quilted surface.
Deepcrag Kwama Charm This charm made from the chitin of a kwama warrior is one of several given to esteemed visitors to the Deepcrag Den kwama mine.
Defaced Tribunal Reredos Magnificent carved three-panel mahogany screen depicting the Tribunal, defaced by claw-marks.
Dhalmora Sleeping Mat A rolled sleeping mat in the Dhalmora style, built for comfort and portability. No backpack should be without one.
Directions to Clockwork City Scouting reports, collected rumors, and suppositions on the true location of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City.
Dres Grandmaster Memorial Medal Golden medal memorializing Grandmaster Thalthil Dres, who established Dres as a Great House by his slave-raid on Thorn.
Dres Guar Saddle and Caparison Fancy silver-chased saddle and caparison for a riding guar, displaying the Kragenmoor Dres crest.
Dres Slaver Shackles A set of House Dres slaver shackles, slightly used.
Dunmeri Battle Sling A guar-hide sling designed to support injured arms while still allowing enough mobility to return a wounded Dark Elf to battle.
Dunmeri Throw Rug A quality throw rug, imported from a small boutique in Deshaan, features an attractive yet simple Dark Elf design.
Dunmeri Travel Writing Instruments A case containing quills, inks, and parchment. Popularized by Morrowind natives, it is perfect for literate travelers on the go.
Dwarven-Metal Serving Utensils Set of serving utensils of iridescent Dwarven metal, engraved "Crafted at Armature's Upheaval by Dalotha."
Ebonheart Temple Priest's Thurible Electrum-clad censer for wafting ancestral ash incense during ceremonies in honor of the Tribunal.
Ebonheart War Toys These tiny Ebonheart soldiers and siege engines are carved from ivory. They fit within a simple mammoth-fur pouch.
Ebony Kwama Scrib This exquisite ebony statue, depicting the hero of the Dark Elf fairy tale, is part of a limited series by the sculptor Nerile.
Elegant Pearl "Veloth's Conundrum" Puzzle Exquisite traditional Dunmeri puzzle game, with an ebony board and pieces of Dwarven metal and nacreous pearl.
Embroidered Vivec's Antlers Pillow Silken pillow with an embroidered image of Vivec drowning the Akaviri invaders at Vivec's Antlers.
Engraved Silver Decanter This is one of several extremely valuable decanters personalized for the merchant-lords of House Hlaalu.
Ever-Dipping Cliff Racer Statuette Exquisite hand-carved cliff-racer statuette that pivots on a hip-hinge, forever dipping its beak and then straightening up.
Experimental Magma-Suit, Damaged Silvery coveralls of an unknown material, partially burned through, labeled "Valdam Andoren, Davon's Watch Guildhall."
Fancy Mazte Pitcher A fancy pewter pitcher designed to hold a favorite Dark Elf beverage, such as mazte or sujamma.
Fancy Redoran Porridge Bowl This is one of a dozen silver-inlaid porridge bowls that once graced the Redoran feasting halls throughout Morrowind.
Field Assistant's Protective Periapt Heimlyn Keep Field Assistant's blessed periapt, inscribed with prayers to protect the wearer from Daedric possession.
Fine Silken Ascot Neckerchief Red and green silk neckerchief with elaborate cursive praises of the Tribunal, and a tag, "Steamfont Laundry."
Fine Washbasin with Sload Soap Gilt-edged redware washbasin with bar of sload soap, unused and inscribed "Dhalmora Fine Goods, Davon's Watch."
First Era Dunmeri Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Dark Elf family heirloom.
Flask from the Flaming Nix The famous corner-club in Mournhold distributes these souvenir flasks to all their best customers.
Fort Zeren Tent A small, portable tent bearing the symbol of Fort Zeren.
Foyen Docks Bill of Lading A bill of lading for cargo delivered to the Foyen Docks, it appears the cargo hasn't been picked up as yet.
Gem-Encrusted Guar Saddle This saddle, studded with precious gems and bearing the scales of House Hlaalu, is one of a select few gifted to master traders.
Gem-Studded Copper "Bedroom Yam" A strangely-elongated copper ash yam, studded with peridot "eyes," discreetly engraved "Avani's Forge, Ebonheart."
Girvu's Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, gold-painted horseshoe bears the brand of Girvu's Stables in Mournhold and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Glazed-Clay Nix-Hound Tureen The top of this well-crafted clay nix-hound can be removed to reveal its use as an elaborate serving dish.
Glow Worm Farm A display case filled with loam, which serves as a habitat for a Dark Elf youngster's pet glow worms.
Goblin-Wood Cutting Board A carpenter in Davon's Watch crafts these hardwood cutting boards used by chefs and cooks throughout Morrowind.
Golden Writing Pen A gift from Sotha Sil to acolytes serving in the Tribunal Temple.
Gorapple Muffin Pan This tin pan has enough cups to make exactly three gorapple muffins—a lucky number associated with the Tribunal.
Great House Body Razor A sharp blade designed to maintain a Dark Elf's preferred smooth and hairless physique.
Guar Call Whistle A tiny whistle bearing the mark of Esqoo the herder. He commissioned many, since he's always losing his guar—and his whistles.
Guar Paperweight A small, heavy guar of shaped clay, it is a popular desk accessory in Dhalmora and the surrounding countryside.
Guar Roast Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve roast guar meat at Dark Elf dinner festivals.
Guar-Mount Riding Crop Jointed shalk-leg riding crop made for steering a guar by flicking its cheeks, inscribed "Sulfur Pools Farm."
Guroanii's Blazing Brew A tasty ale with a hint of spice, bottled and sold at the Flaming Nix in Mournhold. Great for playing "Netch, Kwama, Netch."
Head Scarf A light and breathable cotton scarf. Great protection against both sun and sandstorm.
Heirloom Ebony Ash Yam Slow Cooker Antique pre-Four Score War ebony double-bottomed ash yam slow cooker, in the Old Ebonheart style.
Hlaalu "Golden Scales" Paperweight Small gold paperweight in the form of a pair of scales, the symbol of House Hlaalu.
Hlaalu Ancestral Ash Statuette Traditional closed-fist statuette of a House Hlaalu ancestor, made of yellow volcanic ash from Ash Mountain.
Hlaalu Merchant's Flin Barometer Hlaalu traveling merchant's combination barometer and whiskey-flask, a portable storm glass filled with flin.
House Hlaalu Marque of Trade A House Hlaalu contract granting a merchant the right to conduct business throughout Deshaan until 31st Evening Star.
House Hlaalu Sealing Wax A stick of sealing wax sold by the merchants of House Hlaalu and used throughout Deshaan and beyond.
House Indoril Shoulder-Mounted Parasol Folding shoulder-mounted parasol of blue-dyed premium netch-hide displaying the symbol of House Indoril.
House Redoran Commendation Scroll emblazoned with the House Redoran crest that bears a heartfelt commendation for an important service to the house.
House Redoran Goblet A redware goblet bearing the sigil of House Redoran. A stamp on the bottom reads "Ebonheart Unified Metalworks."
House Redoran Victory Flag A flag bearing the symbol of House Redoran, commemorating one of the many victories they claim credit for achieving.
Icon of Almalexia Blessing Iliath Temple Icon depicting Almalexia blessing Iliath Temple, with the Lady rendered in geniune gold leaf.
Iliath Temple Paperweight Heavy basalt paperweight carved in the likeness of the Iliath Temple.
Indoril Councilor's Seal Heavy gold seal of House Indoril; used to press the house seal into warm wax when sealing official envelopes.
Inkwell of Dreugh Ink Glass inkwell containing bright blue ink made from dreugh ichor, brewed and bottled in Davon's Watch.
Inspirational Adages of the Three Every Dark Elf desk has a list of inspirational quotes attributed to the Tribunal.
Kagouti Tusk Drinking Cups A set of sturdy drinking vessels carved from genuine kagouti tusks and engraved with House Redoran symbology.
Kindlepitch Powder Pouch A pouch made specifically to carry kindlepitch powder, the quartermasters of Fort Zeren designed it to be fire resistant.
Kinhouse Tassel A tassel hung from clothing to denote a Dark Elf's rank in his or her particular kinhouse.
Kragenmoor Cook Pot A distinctive cooking vessel with a square opening and a round base, it appeals to the aesthetics of the Elves of House Dres.
Kragenmoor Stew Bowls A set of distinctive square-shaped bowls, used to serve stews and soups, originally made popular at the Hissing Guar Inn.
Kwama Cuttle Earplugs A pair of kwama cuttle earplugs, used to muffle snores and other nocturnal noises of Dark Elf sleeping companions.
Kwama Cuttle Nose Plugs A pair of nose plugs fashioned from kwama cuttle, Dark Elves wear them to keep insects from crawling in while they sleep.
Kwama Egg Armillary Sphere Armillary sphere showing the orbits of the Aurbis' celestial objects, etched on an Onkobra Mines kwama egg.
Kwama Mine Lantern Cover A cover that fits over a kwama mine lantern, it focuses and directs the light or completely blocks, depending on your needs.
Kwama Miner Neckerchief A colorful cloth, worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to protect the nose and mouth of workers in kwama mines.
Lizard-Eye Marbles Small, round balls made of agate, used in the Dark Elf children's game, "Keepers," stored in a clear, glass jar.
Lizard-Fist Stormhold Auctioneer's Gavel Auctioneer's gavel made from an Argonian's fused-together fist bones, formerly used for officiating at House Dres slave sales.
Llirala's Amorous Articles Romantic pamphlets secreted away for a Dark Elf noble's lonely nights.
Lucky Foyen Dock Spike This heavy iron dock spike, engraved with the words "Foyen Docks" on one side, is considered to bring good luck to the bearer.
Lusty Argonian Keepsake Pillow The bawdy Lusty Argonian traveling tents of Bal Foyen gift these plush pillows to guests to remember each visit.
Mabrigash Walking Stick One of several walking sticks with carved symbols of the Ghost Snake. Provided as gifts by the Farseer Bodani.
Mabrigash Woven Mat A woven placemat crafted by the Mabrigash and bearing the distinctive pattern of the Ashlander tribe.
Mages Guildmaster's Bookmark Bookmark of platinum foil, an image of Arch-Mage Shalidor on one side, and "Return to Davon's Watch Guildhall" on the other.
Marble Font of the White Kagouti Marble washbasin surmounted by a sculpture of the Legendary White Kagouti, rampant.
Morrowind House Fungus A smaller variety of the large, glowing mushrooms that dot the Morrowind countryside, set in a pot and used to beautify a home.
Morrowind Spice Box A container for holding spices, crafted and sold by a friendly Dark Elf trader in the Rift's Ragged Hills.
Mother Morrowind Fertility Fetish Iridescent green-gold glassite statuette of a beatific Almalexia, arms crossed over her pregnant belly.
Mother Morrowind Meditation Beads Meditation beads used to contemplate the mysteries of the Tribunal, especially the blessings of Almalexia.
Mournhold Ambassador's Doily A doily with the Tribunal heraldry, distributed during a rare public banquet held by the Dark Elf ambassador to Riften.
Mournhold Memento Box A collection of Mournhold mementos, obviously important to their owner, including locks of hair and other sentimental items.
Mystic's Majestic Face Cream No one knows what Bar-Beekus originally intended as the purpose of this emulsion, but Dark Elves love it as a moisturizer.
Narsis Crystal Greef Ewer A rare crystal decanter from Narsis in Deshaan, it demonstrates the delicate and beautiful artisanship of the Dark Elves.
Narsis Dren Portrait This signed, limited-edition portrait of the famed Dark Elf dungeon-delver can be found in the nightstands of ardent admirers.
Narsis Guard Patrol Schedule An unauthorized list of guard patrols and schedules for the Hlaalu Guard in Narsis during the Llodos plague crisis.
Narsis Mushroom Parasol A parasol in the Narsis style, shaped to resemble a Morrowind mushroom and carried to repel rain or sun.
Nilyne's Natural Hand Sanitizer Nilyne Hlor of the Serk sells a lot of this hand soap, marketing it as a way to limit the spread of Llodos and other plagues.
Nix Hound Food Bowl A bowl crafted to hold food for a nix hound, most likely a beloved pet of a Dark Elf living in Bal Foyen.
Nix-Hound Booties Councilor Tredere Redoran commissioned specially crafted footwear for her beloved nix-hound, Flanish.
Nix-Hound Leash A sturdy leather leash used in the training of nix-hounds.
Nix-Hound Treat Cannister A decorated container that hold treats for a Dark Elf's beloved pet nix-hound.
Opulent Dunmer Funerary Jar This expensive container, which harkens back to a style popularized by the Chimer, can be found in many affluent households.
Ordinator Pardon A discharge of obligations awarded by an Ordinator for certain favors discreetly performed for the Tribunal.
Ordinator Signal Mirror A mirror bearing the symbol of the Ordinators. It is used to send simple signals and messages from a distance.
Oversized Souvenir Coin Oversized brass souvenir coin, with a jug of theilul engraved on the obverse, and "Coin Brothers Cornerclub" on the reverse.
Painting of "The Slave-Coffles of Thorn" Small reproduction of the popular and heartbreaking silhouette-painting of the infamous House Dres slave-raid on Thorn.
Personalized Wooden Disc A Dark Elf name, carved into a decorative wooden disc. It's positioned so the owner never forgets what he or she is called.
Portable Tribunal Shrine Diorama box that opens into a triptych for worship of the Tribunal; engraved "Personally Blessed by Disciple Sildras."
Presentation Wooden Training Sword Coralwood Dunmeri training sword, inscribed "Fort Arand Troop Trainer, Ten-Year Award—May the Three Bless You!"
Pristine Netch-Hide Handkerchiefs Iirila Maleran of Mournhold produces these elegant handkerchiefs for the upper echelon of House Hlaalu and House Telvanni.
Provisioner's List A list of groceries that need to be picked up at Mendyn Indrano's shop in Ebonheart.
Red Indoril Ash Statuette Red ash statuette of a great Indoril ancestor; may have come from the Indoril Crypt in Davon's Watch.
Redoran Carving Fork A large carving fork bearing the symbol of House Redoran upon its stout handle. The matching knife is nowhere to be found.
Redoran Carving Knife A large carving knife bearing the symbol of House Redoran upon its stout handle. The matching fork must have been lost.
Ruby-Studded Book Bag A lavishly decorated sack for carrying around books or other personal objects. It bears the symbol of House Hlaalu.
Saint Veloth Charm A common religious charm, this one is devoted to Saint Veloth, patron of outcasts and spiritual seekers.
Saint Veloth Nutcracker A nutcracker in the shape of Saint Veloth, usually only used during Dark Elf holidays.
Saint Veloth Prayer Book A small book of prayers gifted to the visitors to Saint Veloth's Shrine in exchange for voluntary contributions.
Scrib Pestle and Mortar A Dark Elf stone bowl and grinding tool, used to crush kwama scrib into a paste for cooking and alchemical preparations.
Seafood Allspice Preserving Jar An empty mushroom-shaped redware jar. Used to preserve the Davon's Watch seasoning known as "seafood allspice."
Set of Gilt-Edged Mazte Glasses Set of six greenglass mazte glasses with gilded brims, from the Hissing Guar Cornerclub in Kragenmoor.
Shad Astula Graduation Pin A pin given to students who complete their studies at the Shad Astula Academy of Magic.
Shalk-Resin Nail Trimmer A small device made of hardened shalk resin, designed to keep a Dark Elf's nails neat and trim.
Shalk-Resin Window Sundial A sundial made of shalk resin, small enough to sit on a windowsill, used to track cooking times in complex Dunmeri recipes.
Shenanigans Card Game A specialized deck of cards used to play the Dark Elf game known as "Shenanigans."
Silent Mire Hand Warmer A muff crafted by the Argonians of Silent Mire and sold exclusively to the highest echelon of Dark Elf society by House Hlaalu.
Silver-Tined Senie Kalimba Coralwood thumb piano with nonatonic silver tines made by the famous artisan Llamela of Senie.
Sing's Serene Salve A popular ointment said to treat numerous bodily ailments, sold exclusively by the alchemist Sings-with-Frogs in Ebonheart.
Sotha Sil Erudition Dice Oddly sided dice. Of a design attributed to Sotha Sil for educational purposes, but mostly used in games of chance.
Sotha Sil's Blessed Cogwheel A tiny cog, supposedly blessed by Sotha Sil. Every hour, on the hour, it pulses with a soft yellow light.
Spider-Shaped Trivet A small metal plate, shaped like a spider, with short legs designed to protect a tabletop. This design is popular in Stonefalls.
Spidersilk Kragenmoor Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry of woven spidersilk depicting a street scene in Kragenmoor, with Dark Elves, guar, and Argonian slaves.
Stuffed Bantam Guar A lifelike bantam guar doll intended for Dark Elf children. Either that, or an actual stuffed bantam guar.
Stuffed Guar Head A stuffed and mounted guar head, the eyes surprisingly alert and bright, covered with a fine layer of dust.
Stuffed Kwama Scrib A stuffed and mounted baby kwama. It is undeniably adorable.
Stuffed Nix-Hound Hlanus Hlaalu's son adored his many nix-hounds, so much so that when they died, he had them stuffed.
Swim Flippers and Coral Snorkel Swim flippers of flexible netch-hide, with a snorkel made of land-coral from Vivec's Antlers.
Telvanni Wizard-Painting of Heimlyn Keep Magical three-dimensional painting of Heimlyn Keep, quite old, signed "Keeper Vildras Telvanni."
Temple Clerk's Triple Inkwell Stand Golden stand for holding the three bottles of differently-colored ink used by Temple clerks; presented for 75 years of service.
Temple Location Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward the Tribunal Temple in Mournhold.
Tinted Spectacles in Gemstone Frames Pair of blue-tinted spectacles in silver frames, set with turquoise accents, in a fine tortoise-shell carrying case.
Tribunal Medal of Honor One of many military decorations the Tribunal bestowed upon their best soldiers after defeating the Akaviri.
Tribunal Mourning Stole A brightly colored stole worn to honor the dead, as per the traditions set forth by the Tribunal.
Tribunal Prayer Cards A set of hand-painted prayer cards based on the Homilies of Blessed Almalexia.
Tribunal Temple Seal An official seal bearing the mark of the Tribunal Temple and used to identify temple correspondence.
Triple Bust of the Good Daedra Small sculpture of the heads of Azura, Mephala, and Boethiah carved from basalt, labeled "From Stonefang Temple."
Ulath Ashlander Ceremonial Body Wrap Long gray fungus-linen wrap-shroud, draped many times around a wise-woman's torso during Holy Meditation.
Ulathi Silver Spiderweb Armlet Jewelry of the Ulath Ashlanders, a fine silver armlet worked in the semblance of a spiderweb to honor Mephala.
Unique Rotating Prismatic Window Chimes Etched-Glass rotating prisms that throw rainbows and chime on the nonatonic scale, made by Kragenmoor Khajiiti slave-artisans.
Uveran Promotional Kagouti Bank Ceramic coin-bank in the shape of a painted kagouti, with a coin slot on its back, engraved "Compliments of Uveran Bank."
Velothi Expedition-Staff A distinctive walking staff used by the Chimer during their migration to Morrowind following the prophet Veloth in antiquity.
Velyn Hill Crabshell Mudsled Personal mudcrab-shell mudsled, with leather harness and "Velyn Hill Mud-Luge" inscribed on the seat.
Vivec's Antlers Land Coral Bonsai Living sprig of land coral from Vivec's Antlers, in a redware pot depicting Vivec's drowning of the Akaviri.
Vivec's Ivory Plaque This small, ivory rectangle contains a verse attributed to the Warrior-Poet and is a common gift among the wealthy of Morrowind.
Vivec's Volcanic Vapors A sweet-smelling oil, burned at night to make a Dark Elf's bedchamber calm and fragrant.
Volcanic Glass Vase A decorative vase. Crafted from volcanic glass that was harvested from the mountains of Stonefalls.
Volcanic Rock Kwama Scrib This exquisite statue, depicting the hero of the Dark Elf fairy tale, is part of a limited series by the sculptor Nerile.
Watch House Tavern Dice A pair of dice from the Watch House Tavern in Davon's Watch.
Wooden Serving Spoon This large wooden spoon features a small guar on the bowl, perfect for when one is making Guar Quiche.
Writ of Bal Foyen Freedom When the Dark Elves freed the Argonian slaves and granted them land in Bal Foyen, these official documents were presented.
A bottle of spiced perfume from the alchemists of House Indoril, which come in different fragrances specific to each house.
Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a giant spider, Dark Elves regularly apply generous amounts to their wrists and ears.

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