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Bottle of Pyandonean Snake Essence Maormer perfume: the liquid in this bottle has a strong reptilian odor.
Maormer Embassy Inkwell Inkwell with bottle of benthic squid double-black ink, labeled "Property of the Maormer Embassy."
Maormer Goblet This elaborate mother-of-pearl goblet has intricate designs of sea snakes worked into its sides.
Maormer Sea Captain's Ship Model Model of a Maormeri fast frigate fashioned from mother-of-pearl and other precious and exotic oceanic materials.
Maormer Snake-Charmer's Pungi Double reedpipe used by Maormeri serpent-mages to charm snakes of all sizes. Quite rare in the Summerset Isles.
Pyandonean Fork This exquisitely designed jade serving fork appears to be a striking sea serpent, with its two fangs serving as its tines.
Sea Serpent Carving A coral figurine skillfully crafted to resemble the terrifying Pyandonean sea monsters commanded by the Maormer.