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High Rock

"Frolicking Trolls of Eastmarch" A copy of this whimsical painting depicts how Bretons imagine the frost trolls of Skyrim: smiling and dancing in the snow.
"Traitor's Tor" Game A travel-sized version of the strategy game that re-creates the last battle in Ranser's War.
Amber Wyrd Charm A good luck charm crafted and blessed by the Wyrd Sisters. It is rare to find such a charm outside the forests of Daenia.
Amorous Incense of Mara An expensive and illegal fragrance used to enhance romantic activity in the bedchambers of wealthy Bretons.
Ancient Breton Deed This document is very old and nearly illegible. The varying ages of the inscriptions imply a rich history of lies and forgery.
Ancient Direnni Chalice An ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel, it is believed to be from the time of the Direnni Hegemony.
Ancient Map of Evermore This antique map shows how the city was arranged when it was first built centuries ago.
Ancient Map of High Rock This ancient map is as notable for its geographical inaccuracies as it is for its age.
Angof's Angry Vines Despite the probable danger, some citizens have begun collecting clippings of Angof's vines to display in their homes.
Antique Breton Hourglass Crystal-clear glass reveals that this impeccably crafted hourglass somehow survived the Seamount invasion of Betony.
Antique Map of High Rock An antique map from the time of the Direnni Hegemony. Though inconsistent with modern maps, the calligraphy is beautiful.
Arkay's Blessed Lantern A lantern used by gravediggers at Pelin's Graveyard. The light is said to turn back the undead—primarily by crooked merchants.
Arzhela's Ivory Prayer Beads The queen has made a habit of handing out these valuable prayer beads to mourning mothers and wives in Evermore.
Azurite Figurine This valuable figurine was among several made by the monks at Pariah Abbey to honor Azura.
Bacon Jerky Drying Rack When the rich and famous brave the wilderness, they bring along Swineherd Wickton's patented drying rack for a taste of home.
Bangkorai Garrison Towels These thick, warm towels were taken from the baths at Bangkorai Garrison.
Bard Hjalif Snow-Song Porcelain Doll When High King Emeric took offense and outlawed dolls with his likeness, an enterprising merchant in Northpoint made a change.
Bazgara's Lucky Horseshoe This decorative, silver horseshoe bears the brand of Bazgara's Horses in Daggerfall and supposedly brings luck to the owner.
Bear-Skin Rug A remarkable bear-skin rug made from an excellent specimen hunted in the Daenia forests.
Bearskin Blanket This large, thick bearskin was earned by a trophy hunter who ventured into Fallen Grotto.
Beldama Foot Rub One of Glenumbra's wandering merchants sells this soothing foot ointment, said to be made by the Wyrd Sisters of Daenia.
Bird Call Whistle A simple aerophone bearing the mark of the Beldama Wyrd Sisters, many foresters carry these to attract birds and fowl.
Bjoulsae River Sand Scrub The fine grains of sand gathered from the bottom of the Bjoulsae River are excellent for keeping one's face looking young.
Blood-Curse Charm A talisman sold in the alley behind Occult Obsession in Shornhelm, it is said to ward off the blood-curse ravaging Rivenspire.
Blood-Curse Talisman A talisman sold in all of Rivenspire's cities, they began appearing shortly after the start of the so-called blood-curse.
Bloodthorn Ampoule A stoppered vial wrapped in thorny vines that bears the symbol of the Bloodthorn cult. It probably contains something dangerous.
Bolt of Silk Sarsenet Bolt of fine fabric, apricot-colored silk sarsenet, bound in a broad ribbon labeled "Northpoint Imports."
Bottle of First Era Blood Wine An extremely rare vintage from the Ravenwatch Vineyards. The symbol of a heart is etched into the bottle.
Breton Cheese Grater A device for grating hard cheeses, crafted in a style made popular by the elite of Daggerfall.
Breton Funeral Urn An urn containing the ashes of a beloved member of a Breton family.
Breton Love Charm A charm believed to improve the love life, especially popular among Breton nobles and merchant lords.
Breton Travel Mug A sturdy pewter mug designed to withstand the rigors of travel. Decorated with symbols familiar to anyone from High Rock.
Bronze Crosswych Alarm Gong A bronze gong and hammer, small enough to fit on a bedside table, makes a noise loud enough to wake the soundest sleeper.
Bronze Windowsill Sundial A sundial made of bronze, small enough to sit on a windowsill, used to track cooking times in complex Breton recipes.
Bronzed Baby Teeth A jar containing the bronzed teeth of young children, saved as remembrances in the Breton tradition.
Burial Mound Etchings Etchings from the ancient crypts at the base of Cath Bedraud.
Cabbage Slicer To the untrained eye, this bronze cabbage slicer appears to be of Dwemer design. Everyone else knows they're made in Daggerfall.
Cambray Hills Academy of Art Sketchbook A sketchbook bearing the mark of the famed art school in central Glenumbra, partially filled with nature drawings.
Carpenter's Folding Saw Portable, folding wood-saw, with "Hammer and Saw, Shornhelm" etched on the handle.
Case of Fine Shaving Articles Leather shaving kit containing a boarbristle brush and a straight razor from The Fighting Edge in Shornhelm.
Casimir Porcelain Dessert Bowl A bowl specifically crafted for serving and consuming the elaborate cakes and confections that King Casimir loves.
Ceramic Shornhelm Chamber Pot A lavishly decorated chamber pot of rich Breton earthenware, only slightly used.
Chef Xavier's Better Spatula An improved version of the essential cooking utensil, crafted and sold by Chef Xavier of Daggerfall.
Chriane's Infused Libation An tasty liquor with a hint of herbs, bottled and sold by Gerrald Chriane in Shornhelm.
Chriane's Mulled Wine Companion One of Gerrald Chriane's much-sought-after goat-head goblets, recommended for enjoying Saturalia Bitter Mulled Wine.
Cloven Silver Circlet An old circlet likely worn by some of Betony's lesser royalty, split in twain by an axe strike and mounted to a plaque.
Cologne of Cumberland This bottle of sweet smelling oil is an exquisite cologne mixed by the royal alchemist for the noble families of Cumberland.
Commemorative Corkscrew After King Ranser's defeat, Emeric threw a party for the nobles of High Rock and handed out these as party favors.
Courtesan's Client List This small book belongs to one of Wayrest's courtesans. A blackmailer would pay well for this list of wealthy clients.
Covert Daggerfall Correspondence This message details supply routes between Stormhaven and Glenumbra. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Covert Shornhelm Correspondence This message details supply routes between Shornhelm and Northpoint. Bandits would pay dearly for this information.
Creepy Stuffed Crow A prized pet crow, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Rivenspire citizens will go to hold onto the past.
Crocodile Charm A charm made from the skin and teeth of a crocodile. They are distributed to the Dro-Dara Plantation's most esteemed visitors.
Crosswych Knotted Rope A length of rope featuring Crosswych knots tied off at regular intervals, making it excellent for climbing.
Crystal Quizzing Glass Crystal magnifying lens mounted on a long brass handle, microscopically inscribed "Davynu's Workshop."
Culanda Reading-Wand Ivory wand surmounted with a glowing culanda stone, labeled "Property of Stormhold Mages Guild."
Curious Royal Painting A painting of an unnamed ancestor of King Casimir. The eyes seem to follow you wherever you go.
Curious Steel Platter Upon close inspection, this centuries-old platter was originally an ornate Breton buckler. Now it's only good for serving food.
Curtain of Crocodile Teeth A room-dividing curtain crafted with rows of giant crocodile teeth, said to have been crafted by the hags of Hag Fen.
Cyrodiil Medal of Honor High King Emeric honors soldiers who return from the War of Three Banners with one of these prestigious silver medals.
Daggerfall Adventurers Club Lapel Pin An ornate pin, traditionally worn on the left collar, it identifies the wearer as a member of Daggerfall's Adventurers Club.
Daggerfall Covenant Hair Pins Fancy hair pins bearing a lion, the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant, found in homes throughout Rivenspire and beyond.
Daggerfall Guard Captain's Whistle A silver whistle engraved with the Daggerfall crest. Many citizens have cheap brass replicas to alert the Guard in an emergency.
Daggerfall Guard Patrol Schedule An unauthorized list of guard patrols and schedules for the Daggerfall Guard during the Bloodthorn crisis.
Daggerfall Royal Stamp This official stamp belongs to Daggerfall's royal family. It could be extremely valuable to a forger.
Dark Witness Skulker's Paste A tin filled with a thick, black-blue paste. Used by the Dark Witness clan, primarily during night-time raids.
Decorative Manicure Set Leather case containing nail clippers, file, and scissors, all in fanciful bird shapes, from Hammer and Saw.
Depleted Enchanting Crystal Enchanting crystal, dull and depleted, mounted on a wrought-iron gem stand engraved "Stoneglow Enchantments."
Diamond Knitting Needle When her children were young, Queen Arzhela liked to personally knit all their clothes. The king gave her many of these needles.
Dreugh-claw candle holder This exquisite candle holder comes from a set that was gifted to Lord Farangel of Menevia.
Dried Royal Bouquet This bouquet of desiccated flowers was carried by one of the bridesmaids at King Emeric's wedding to Queen Maraya.
Duke Sebastien's Distinguished Decree The Duke of Camlorn continues a long-held tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Duke's Edition Plush Towels Bits & Pieces in Aldcroft sells these luxurious bath towels featuring the Duke of Camlorn's crest woven into the design.
Eamond and Arzhela Spice Shakers These rare porcelain spice shakers are painted to look like the king and queen. They were given out at the couple's wedding.
Edrald's Extravagant Party Allurement Nobles throughout Rivenspire often save the lavish invitations to the annual costume party held at Edrald Estate.
Embossed Lion Guard Stationery Special parchment with an embossed Lion Guard symbol, used for official correspondence and documentation.
Embroidered Tavern Pillow Pillow or seat-cushion embroidered with an image of the Dusklight Inn of Hoarfrost Downs.
Emerald-Infused Salts The finest of Wayrest have recently embraced the practice of pouring packets of this expensive powder into their baths.
Engraved Golden Flask This is one of several extremely valuable flasks personalized for the merchant-lords of Stormhaven.
Essence of Ravenwatch House Ravenwatch has been manufacturing and selling this fragrant cologne since before the rise of King Ranser.
Evermore Officer's Sundial This small sundial has diamonds on the gnomon. King Eamond required his generals carry these to ensure their punctuality.
Evermore Parasol Citizens of Evermore traveling into Southern Bangkorai often carry these parasols to protect themselves from the desert sun.
Exquisite Harpy Feather Quill Lord Diel of Daggerfall gifts a limited number of these rare writing instruments every year to colleagues and associates.
Fanciful Map of Rivenspire This map from the time of King Ranser is notable for its extended borders, displaying Ranser's intentions at the time.
Fell's Run Champion Mug A pewter tankard awarded to the weekly winner of the Fell's Run Drinking Competition.
Fine Arkay Talisman This golden talisman may have been worn by Frederique Lynielle. The clasp is broken, but it remains a beautiful piece.
Fine Ceramic Leviathan Pitcher Enameled pitcher in the shape of the legendary leviathan Ithguleoir, said to haunt the seas beyond Northpoint.
Fine Direnni Decanter This delicate vessel dates back to the Direnni Hegemony. Some kind of ancient glamour must be keeping it intact.
Fine Steel Paper Opener A small, dull sword-shaped opener for cutting open envelopes and untrimmed books; engraved "The Fighting Edge, Shornhelm."
Firebrand Lantern A wrought iron lantern bearing the heraldry of the Knights of the Flame.
Firebrand Prayer Book A small book of prayers collected by the Knights of the Flame and gifted to the head of their order.
Firebrand Sealing Wax The Knights of the Flame use this specific type of wax to seal their correspondences.
Firestarter Kit in Waterproof Pouch Waterproof pig-bladder pouch labeled "Oldgate Meat Hut" containing flint, steel, and a quantity of tinder.
First Era Rivenspire Tea Service An antique tea service from the First Era, obviously a Breton family heirloom.
Flask from the Dead Wolf Inn The famous tavern in Shornhelm distributes these souvenir flasks featuring an engraving of a dead wolf to their best customers.
Flayed Flag of Camlorn A fragment of the flag of Camlorn, said to have been carried into war during the Battle of Granden Tor.
Forebears Prayer Dice Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to the Eight of the Forebears, but mostly used in games of chance in Glenumbra.
Framed Butterfly Display A framed display of various butterflies, indigenous to the moors and meadows of Rivenspire.
Framed Duchess Portrait This painting features the late Duchess of Wind Keep—a beautiful woman with eyes that betray a quiet grief.
Frozen Man Folding Fan A decorative hand fan. Unfolding it reveals a scene depicting the legend of the Frozen Man who supposedly haunts Orkey's Hollow.
Garrison Commander's Canteen This bejeweled canteen is engraved with the royal symbol of Evermore.
Garrison Commander's Seal A copy of the seal used by the Bangkorai Garrison's commander to correspond with Evermore.
Giant Bat Skull Paperweight Exotic paperweight made from the skull of a giant bat from Shadowfate Cavern.
Giblets' Particular Food Bowl An ornate bowl with the name "Giblets" stenciled on one side. Rumors claim that many such bowls are hidden around Daggerfall.
Giraud Family Portrait This large portrait features all the members of a large family who were once prominent farmers in Northglen.
Glenmoril Wyrd Leg Cologne The sisters of the Glenmoril Wyrd mix a pungent concoction of herbs and apply it to their legs for the pleasure of their wolves.
Glenumbra Moors War Toys Tiny soldiers and siege engines, carved from ivory and modeled after the Battle of Glenumbra Moors, held in a fox-fur pouch.
Gold-Trimmed Dust Cloth The Merry Maids of Daggerfall use these distinctive dust cloths when cleaning the homes of wealthy nobles in the city.
Golden Anvil of Zenithar A small, golden anvil, awarded to members in good standing of the Daggerfall Merchants Guild.
Halcyon Hairbrush This hairbrush has a handle made of pearls from Halcyon Caverns.
Halcyon Water Pitcher This crystal pitcher was made by the Nereid of Halcyon Lake. Sapphires on the pitcher's handle make it extremely valuable.
Hammerdeath Arena Token A token once used by the nobles of Menevia when gambling in the Hammerdeath Arena.
Handmaiden's Sketch Book The handmaiden to a prominent noble in Evermore filled this book with beautiful sketches before becoming a famous artist.
Harpy Feather-Duster Horn-handled furniture duster of feathers said to come from the harpies of Silverhoof Vale.
Harpy-Wing Kite Modeled after the harpies of Shrieking Scar, these playful kites can often be seen flying atop the Daggerfall highlands.
Herma-Mora Incense Burner The Primeval Seekers offered these Daedric bowls to scholars in Evermore who helped them find Halcyon Lake.
High King Emeric Porcelain Doll Only a handful of these unflattering figurines were crafted and sold before the High King took offense and outlawed the dolls.
High King's Celebratory Token A large coin engraved with the image of High King Emeric, issued to commemorate his coronation and rise to the throne.
High King's Lion A medal shaped like a lion's head, High King Emeric awards the Lion for acts of heroism and special service to the crown.
High King's Nose Warmer A fur-rimmed nose cozy famously modeled after one favored by High King Emeric, it's all the rage among High Rock's elite.
High Rock Quilt This Breton quilt features an embroidered map of High Rock. Southern Bangkorai is included in Evermore's domain.
Hircine's Honor Drum This beautiful drum is made from the wood of a rare tree that only grows in Bangkorai's Fallen Grotto.
Hoarfrost Downs Sash of Office Only the mayor and town officials of Hoarfrost Downs can purchase and wear these stylish, pleated sashes.
House Baelborn Ornate Stein An ornate drinking vessel that bears the crest of House Baelborn of Glenumbra.
House Dorell Carving Fork A large carving fork bearing the symbol of House Dorell upon its stout handle. The matching knife must have been lost.
House Dorell Golden Quill A gold-plated writing instrument bearing the crest of House Dorell of Northpoint.
House Montclair Celebratory Sparkle Stick Stoneglow Enchantments crafted these party favors for Baron Montclair's fortieth birthday, leading to the Great Fire of 1E 580.
House Ravenwatch Doily A doily with the Ravenwatch heraldry, distributed during a rare public banquet held at the secluded castle.
House Ravenwatch Sash A decorative sash bearing the colors and crest of House Ravenwatch of Rivenspire.
House Tamrith Holy Symbol A religious icon bearing the crest of House Tamrith and the Light of Arkay symbol, sparingly distributed to house members.
House Tamrith Prayer Shawl Countess Tamrith's devotion to the Light inspired women throughout Rivenspire to acquire these Arkay prayer shawls.
House Tamrith Winner's Cup A small trophy, awarded for winning the annual riddle contest sponsored by House Tamrith.
House Tamrith's Profound Proclamation The Count of Tamrith continues a long-standing tradition by presenting special certificates to deserving citizens every season.
Illicit Letters from Daggerfall Steamy correspondences from a Darien Gautier of Camlorn. The frequent references to bread-eating must be some form of code.
Illicit Letters from Windhelm Romantic correspondence from an anonymous author, directed to one Darien Gautier. There is frequent reference to swordplay.
Inaccurate Rivenspire Map A map of Rivenspire containing glaring mistakes. Supposedly commissioned on King Ranser's orders to confuse High King Emeric.
Inspirational Illuminations of the Light Every Breton's desk in Shornhelm has a list of inspirational quotes meaningful to the followers of the Light.
Invitation from Mayor Kerbol This invitation was sent to a sick nobleman's daughter, inviting her to come find healing in Kerbol's Hollow.
Invitation to the High-King's Ball An embossed and elegant invitation to the High King's annual Rivenspire ball.
Kerbol's Blood Jug This ornate silver jug is labeled with ancient runes that can be translated as "For Emergencies Only".
Kerbol's Golden Bridle Mayor Kerbol had several reinforced golden bridles made to ensure she could control her horse even if it got spooked.
Kerbol's Serving Platter The town of Kerbol's Hollow is known for its communal feasts, for which the mayor purchased many golden serving platters.
King Casimir Pardon A discharge of obligations awarded by a Dragon Knight for certain favors discreetly performed for the Daggerfall Crown.
King Donel Candle Tree A multi-stick candle holder from the time of King Donel, noted for having three sticks instead of the five of later eras.
King Donel's Beard Shavings A vial of beard hairs from Donel of Deleyn.
King Eamond's Seal This seal was affixed to all of King Eamond's personal correspondences. It is extremely valuable to a forger.
King Emeric's Golden Toothpick Shaped specifically to fit in the narrow gaps between his teeth, Emeric had several such toothpicks made when he became king.
King Emeric's Nosehair Trimmers Emeric's mother had several pairs of these small, Orichalcum scissors made to ensure her son was well-groomed.
King Gardner's Golden Horseshoes The former king of Wayrest so loved his horses that he had golden horseshoes forged to protect their hooves.
King Ranser Victory Flag A flag bearing the symbol of King Ranser, made to commemorate the victory of Wayrest but perhaps distributed too soon.
King's Observer Signal Mirror A mirror bearing the seal of King Casimir and used to send simple messages between agents of the king's intelligence network.
King's Time Hourglass King Eamond of Evermore believed punctuality was a virtue and was known to give valuable hourglasses to his honored guests.
Knights of Saint Pelin Saddle This weathered saddle was made for the Knights of Saint Pelin.
Leather Armor Wax Resplendent Protection in Aldcroft guarantees this wax will keep your leather smooth and supple.
Lifelike Stuffed Chicken A prized pet chicken, stuffed and mounted for display, shows how far wealthy Daggerfall citizens will go to keep memories alive.
Lighthouse Centrepiece A scale replica of the Koeglin Lighthouse, cast in polished bronze.
Lineage of House Ranser These official papers detail a claim to the Shornhelm throne by a surviving yet distant relative of King Ranser.
Lion Guard Armor Stand A mannequin bearing the seal of the Lion Guard, perfect for storing or displaying a fine suit of armor.
Lion Guard Banner A neatly folded banner bearing the symbol of the Lion Guard and signed by a Lion Guard officer.
Lion Guard Bugle A masterfully crafted instrument, nicked and tarnished from years of campaigning.
Lion Guard Enlistment Form Official enlistment form for the Lion Guard, signed and stamped but with the enlistee's name still waiting to be filled in.
Lion Guard Figurine of Action Since Buttlebye's Toys closed its doors, these lifelike figurines have become quite collectible among Glenumbra's wealthy.
Lion Guard List of Outrageous Offenses A list of personages currently out of favor with the Lion Guard.
Lion Guard Meal Kit Compact eating and cooking utensils for use while camping or participating in military campaigns, popularized by the Lion Guard.
Lion Guard Regrets A personal letter from a Lion Guard officer, informing of the loss of a loved one in service to the High King.
Lion Guard Spyglass This spyglass, engraved with the Lion Guard crest, contains a secret compartment for carrying important items or documents.
Lion Guard Wind-Up Doll A toy Lion Guard soldier, its clockwork gears allow it to march into battle by winding the mechanism with a key.
Long-Handled Bat-Catcher's Net Wide-mouthed net with extensible handle, as used by the famous Crestshade Bat-Catchers.
Lord Diel's Spidersilk Bib Fancy and delicate, Lord Diel popularized the use of these expensive bibs at extravagant dinner parties in Daggerfall.
Lost Hope Quilt A Breton quilt of "lost hope" is crafted, usually by a mother and daughter, to work through past regrets and sorrows.
Lovelorn Comforter A comforter quilted by the We Who Pine for Darien Gautier Quilting Circle. A number of chapters exist throughout Rivenspire.
Lovelorn Quilt A quilt by the We Who Have Loved and Lost Darien Gautier Sewing Circle. A number of chapters exist throughout Glenumbra.
Magnifying Spectacles An experimental pair of magnifying spectacles, just like the ones created for Baron Dorell's tired eyes in Northpoint.
Malachite Thimble Using Malachite to make thimbles is popular among Bretons in Eastern High Rock.
Malachite Tower Vase This tall, thin vase is made from malachite and shaped like a Breton Watchtower.
Manteau Family Handmirror This handmirror once belonged to the wealthy Manteau family from Wind Keep.
Mara's Bosom Aromatic Oil A sweet-smelling oil, burned at night to make a Breton's bedchamber soothing and fragrant.
Matching Doomcrag Bookends These bookends, modeled after the nightmarish peak, so frightened customers that few sets survived the town square bonfires.
Matching Ivory Spice Shakers A set of ivory spice shakers, in stylized shapes of bat-winged men. Considered to be in poor taste by certain Rivenspire nobles.
Matching Silver Spice Shakers A set of silver spice shakers, in stylized shapes of Knights of the Dragon. Made exclusively by Metalworks of Daggerfall.
Memorial Covenant Plate A gold-tinged plate commemorating the formation of the Daggerfall Covenant, issued for the tenth anniversary of the alliance.
Merchant's Levy Tassel A tassel hung from clothing to denote a merchant's good standing with the Royal Tax-Collector of Daggerfall.
Miniature Shornhelm Building Count Tamrith popularized the collecting of models fashioned after actual structures in Shornhelm among Rivenspire's elite.
Murcien's Badge of Courage Sir Etienne of Murcien's Hamlet recognized his officers with these badges if they displayed bravery in the field.
Murcien's Spyglass Military officers stationed in Murcien's hamlet use these spyglasses to watch for signs from across the river in Evermore.
Nedic Sword Pommel The pommel of an ancient Nedic sword, retained as an heirloom by some Breton family.
Nereid's Wisp Lantern This lantern was created by the Neried of Halcyon Lake. It glows with magical light.
Noble House Triangle Chess Set Three-sided board for Triangle Chess, with pieces representing Houses Montclair, Tamrith, and Dorell.
Northpoint Commemorative Spyglass An expensive spyglass, sold in Northpoint and bearing the name and seal of the seafaring city on its polished wood casing.
Northpoint Sealing Wax A stick of sealing wax sold by the merchants of Northpoint and used throughout Rivenspire and beyond.
Official Lion Guard Envelopes Envelopes bearing the official seal of the Lion Guard, suitable for sending important correspondence.
Oiled-Leather Portmanteau Waterproof luggage of tooled horsehide, made for sea travel, with inner tag reading "Sourt's Sacks, Shornhelm."
Oldgate Lancers Tapestry Rolled-up tapestry depicting the Oldgate Lancers in the Charge of the Shornhelm Knights at the Battle of Glenumbria Moors.
Oldgate Location Talisman A small charm, imbued with an enchantment that always points it toward Oldgate in Rivenspire.
Orc Sweat Cologne An expensive fragrance created by alchemists in Aldcroft, popular with wealthy Bretons who want to unleash their inner Orc.
Orichalcum Incense Burner This Orichalcum incense burner was crafted recently in Wayrest and then shipped up the Bjoulsae River to be sold in Bangkorai.
Orichalcum Milking Pail When the Orichalcum mines were showering gold on Wayrest, the king gifted pails like this to the region's prominent farmers.
Original Aldcroft Meat Grinder An antique meat grinder, crafted in Aldcroft, is exceptionally large, with a wide auger and a polished wood handle.
Ornate Dead Wolf Tankard The Dead Wolf Inn in Shornhelm uses specially crafted tankards engraved with the famous dead wolf with lolling tongue symbol.
Ornate Skull Goblet This was fashioned from the skull of a fallen Bloodthorn Cultist. At least they're good for something.
Painting of the Westwind Lighthouse Framed oil painting of the famous Westwind Lighthouse, signed by the artist, Romain Jurard.
Pearl-Handled Princess Hairbrush King Eamond gave Princess Elara a set of these beautiful hairbrushes for each of her birthdays.
Plaid Cashmere Blanket A warm blanket of plaid cashmere from the goatherds of Hoarfrost Downs.
Porcelain Milk Pitcher A decorative porcelain pitcher, used to store and dispense milk produced by High Rock dairy cows.
Pranks & Pleasures Card Game A specialized deck of cards used to play the game known as "Pranks & Pleasures," popular in Daggerfall and other cities.
Queen Arzhela Doll Ever a favorite of the people, this doll likeness of Queen Arzhela is very popular among young girls in Northern Bangkorai.
Queen Donella Dinnerware A set of plates and bowls bearing the traditional pattern of Queen Donella of the middle Second Era.
Queen's Mourning Barrette After the death of the king and her children, Queen Arzhela had several ebony barrettes made to wear while in mourning.
Rabbit-Hide Waterskin A well-made drinking container, bearing the crafter's mark of Arma Derone of Eagle's Brook in Glenumbra.
Rain Disciple's Flask This flask was given to a Rain Disciple at Halcyon Lake. It's believed to purify any water held within.
Ramina's Table Topping An alchemist in Daggerfall produces jars of this expensive wood cleaner, which uses the same bottle as a popular salad dressing.
Ranser's Lucky Skeever's Foot One of the lucky charms enchanted by the court magician Reezal-Jul, this was likely carried into battle by King Ranser himself.
Ravenwatch Tarot Deck Deck of 78 colorful pasteboard cards, known as the Ravenwatch Tarot, decorated with weird symbols and imagery.
Red Coral Hairpin This old Breton hairpin is still in excellent condition. It was almost certainly worn by a member of King Renwic's house.
Red Rook Neckerchief A colorful cloth, worn around the neck, it can be pulled up to hide the features of a notorious Red Rook bandit.
Red Rooks Missive This sealed scroll, emblazoned with the Red Rooks bandits' symbol, only retains its value to a fence if it remains unopened.
Rivenspire Map Desk Blotter Desk blotter printed with a map of Rivenspire, with an inkblot half-covering Sanguine Barrows.
Rosy Lion Decanter A lavish crystal decanter bearing the symbol of the Rosy Lion Inn in Daggerfall.
Rosy Lion Tavern Dice A pair of marble dice from the Rosy Lion Inn in Daggerfall.
Royal Banner of Evermore After King Eamond's death, these valuable banners were taken down and replaced with black mourning banners.
Royal Correspondence Pouch King Emeric and Duke Nathaniel often exchange their correspondences in fancy leather pouches.
Royal Lineage Papers These official papers detail a distant claim to the Daggerfall throne. A clever fence could easily ransom these documents.
Royal Monogramed Bed Sheets A set of royal bed sheets from Shornhelm, monogramed with the initials of the former ruler, King Ranser.
Royal Monogramed Towels A set of royal towels from the castle in Daggerfall, monogramed with the initials of King Casimir.
Royal Pudding Bowl This is one of a dozen ebony-inlaid pudding bowls that once graced the feasting hall in Wayrest.
Royal Scarf of Daggerfall Stylish neck wrapping featuring the crescent moon pattern of King Casimir, sold exclusively by clothier Kareem Winvale.
Royal Scarf of Shornhelm Stylish neck wrapping featuring the heraldry of King Ranser. Quite popular—prior to the losing effort of Ranser's War.
Royal Wedding Invitation This is an invitation to Duke Nathaniel's wedding to Princess Lakana at Alcaire Castle.
Rustic Wooden Serving Utensils Crafted by woodworkers of Deleyn's Mill, these oversized utensils were popularized by King Casimir at the Feast of Five Days.
Sabretooth Drinking Cups A set of sturdy drinking vessels carved from genuine sabretooth tiger tusks and engraved with Breton symbology.
Saint Pelin Figurine This porcelain model depicts the humble beadle kneeling in prayer to Julianos.
Saint Pelin's Chamber Pot This silver chamber pot was made by the Knights of Saint Pelin as a gift for wealthy donors among Evermore's nobility.
Saint Pelin's Fall Tapestry This tapestry depicts the heroic sacrifice made by Saint Pelin when an army of vampires sieged Bangkorai Garrison.
Saint Pelin's Portrait This striking portrait of Saint Pelin is one of several that formerly lined the halls of Bangkorai Garrison.
Saint Pelin's Prayer Shawl Sisters who pledge themselves to the Order of Saint Pelin often wear these prayer shawls.
Saint Pelin's Scroll Case The Knights of Saint Pelin maintain a library of obscure historical scrolls at Bangkorai Garrison.
Savage Werewolf Marionette A string-operated puppet in the shape of a savage werewolf, now considered somewhat in bad taste due to events in Camlorn.
Set of Tamrith Shot Glasses Set of four shot glasses etched with the crest of House Tamrith.
Shornhelm Cavalry Saddle A saddle bearing the mark of the once-famous Shornhelm Cavalry that used to patrol the Rivenspire roads.
Shornhelm Guard Officer's Canteen An ornate and rather ostentatious drinking vessel awarded to officers in good standing with the Shornhelm Guard.
Shornhelm Players Performance Tickets A pair of tickets for the annual performance of the play, "Ranser! You Madman!" at the Dead Wolf Inn.
Shornhelm Royal Stamp An official stamp used by the Triumvirate of Shornhelm. A forger would pay much for this.
Shornhelm Triumvirate Official Parchment Expensive parchment embossed with the Seal of Shornhelm and used by the ruling Triumvirate for official correspondence.
Shornhelm Triumvirate Swear Jar One of the crystal jars Baron Dorell filled for every swear word he let slip during public sessions. Sadly, this one is empty.
Signed Heraldic Papers These blank heraldic papers are signed by the Daggerfall Court. They would be worth a fortune to a forger.
Silaseli Crystal Candelabra An ancient candelabra retrieved from the ruins of Silaseli. Quite fashionable to Evermore nobles.
Silken Dream Catcher The monks of Pariah Abbey crafted several of these charms to offer as gifts to the children of Stormhaven's nobility.
Silver Hip Flask A lovingly polished flask that still smells of Wayrest brandy.
Silver Hoof Woven Mat A woven placemat crafted by the Silver Hoof tribe and bearing the distinctive horse motif they favor.
Silver Spurs Polished to a glimmering sheen and marked with engravings that identify them as belonging to the house of King Eamond.
Silver-Plated Souvenir Execution Plate Plate embossed with an image of a Wood Orc hanging from a gallows, inscribed "The Hanging of Chief Orhg, Vulkwasten, 2E 578."
Silver-Wrapped Quill King Emeric gifted several of these writing impliments to the monks at Pariah Abbey.
Silverhoof Hackamore Bit-less bridle of topgrain cowhide in the style used by the Horsemen of Silverhoof Vale.
Silverhoof Horse Blanket An exquisitely crafted horse blanket from Silverhoof Vale, decorated with a pastural scene of frolicking horses.
Snuffbox with Montclair Crest Small rosewood box containing piquant, aromatic snuff. The box top is inlaid with the crest of House Montclair.
Spiced Brewet Serving Platter A large, ornate platter, traditionally used to present and serve beef roasts prepared in wine and spices for Breton holidays.
Stamped Silver Pitcher An exquisite pitcher that bears the mark of Betony's late master smith, Hervic Fambure.
Strange Shornhelm Keepsakes A collection of Shornhelm keepsakes, obviously important to their owner, including vials of blood and other bizarre items.
Stuffed Rabbit This lifelike doll intended for Breton children couldn't be an actual stuffed rabbit. Could it?
Supernal Dreamers Omen Cards An ornate set of cards, supposedly used by Supernal Dreamers cultists to aid in calling forth Daedric spirits known as Omens.
Talisman of Saint Octavien Bronze talisman depicting the Breton Saint Octavien, a Priest of Arkay slain with a scythe by Daedra-worshipers.
Tamrith Crystal Hand Mirror The handle of this mirror was carved to match a House Tamrith stiletto hilt.
Tamrith's Favorite Tea Pot House Tamrith uses only imported Alik'r tea pots such as this one, sold exclusively at Broken-Yoke Mercantile in Shornhelm.
Tower Paperweight A small, heavy stone tower in the High Breton style, with gemstone windows. Used to keep papers from scattering in the wind.
Trader's Rest Silver Dining Utensils Three meat-forks, two knives—a partial set of silver-plated dining utensils, each engraved with "Property of Trader's Rest."
Untamed Elixirs Silvered Pill Tin A pill tin bearing the mark of the Untamed Elixirs alchemy shop in Shornhelm, provided to its most exclusive customers.
Usurer's Obligation Esiree of Aldcroft distributes these tokens of obligation to remind customers of the debts they owe her.
Vial of Comet Dust A small vial of dust that allegedly fell from the sky when the starry comet streaked over the Iliac Bay.
Vireche's Breath Purifier Alchemist Vireche Kel in Hoarfrost crafts this refreshing concoction that freshens bad breath and tastes great on black bread.
Viridian Decanter This tall decanter was used by the Viridian Sentinel to contain the sap of the forest's oldest trees.
Viridian Sentinel's Monocle Though Viridian Sentinels are known for their longevity, their eyes age at a normal rate, and they require monocles for reading.
Viridian Tree Charm This charm is carved from soft wood and shaped like a tree. The tree's leaves are emeralds, making the charm extremely valuable.
Wart-Away Foot Balm A soothing ointment sold exclusively at Menoit's Emporium in Crosswych, it supposedly removes warts and foot fungus.
Wayrest Love Letter An intimate letter revealing details of an illicit affair involving members of the Virane and Branck families in Wayrest.
Wayrest Medal of Bravery One of many military decorations King Emeric bestowed upon his knights after their victory in Ranser's War.
Welkynd Stone Night Lamp Small night lamp illuminated by a dimly glowing Welkynd Stone from Erokii.
Wyrd Sister Door Stops Carved from the wood of dead trees by the Wyresses of Daenia, they resemble friendly spriggans happy to guard your home.
Wyrd Sisters' Whisk An oak whisk, carved out of a single piece of wood and used to prepare eggs for cooking.
Wyrd Sisters' Wolf Charm This hand-carved wooden wolf charm is sacred to the Wyrd Sisters of Viridian Wood.
  An ornate hourglass held within the claws of a curled dragon with ruby eyes, it dates back to the time of King Anton I.
  Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a black bear, Bretons regularly apply generous amounts behind their wrists and ears.