Items of the Second Era: Elsweyr

Alabaster Scrying Basin with Bug-Parade BrimScrying basin carved from alabaster, brim carved with a line of marching caterpillars, engraved "KA" for Karthdar Artisans.
Ancient Pa'alatiin ChaliceAn ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel, it is believed to be from the time of the Khajiiti state of Pa'alatiin.
Antique Khajiiti TeapotThis finely polished teapot is covered in Khajiiti motifs and smells faintly of sweet grass.
Arenthian Squeeze BoxA hand-held musical reed instrument played by squeezing it in and out, like a bellows. Popular with Colovian travelers.
Baandari Finger PuzzleA popular children's toy with a sinister history. Its ability to tangle up hands has made it a popular tool for thieves.
Baandari Horse PillowThis padded pillow filled with seagull feathers and butterflies keeps a Baandari trader comfortable on long journeys.
Baandari LedgerThis ledger contains evidence of illegal trading by the Baandari. It could be quite valuable to a rival.
Baandari Moon-Sugar BastersThese basters are sold by the Baandari for the express purpose of basting roasted meats repeatedly with moon-sugar syrup.
Baandari PotteryColorful, painted pottery in the Baandari style.
Baandari Stoneware Bowl CalendarBaandari serving bowl and calendar, with two banded rim-rings where stones are placed representing Jone and Jode.
Baandari Trading Post ParasolKhajiiti reed-and-papyrus folding parasol, with "Compliments of the Baandari Trading Post" on the handle.
Baandari Trick DiceA pair of Baandari dice. They seem unevenly weighted to favor one side.
Ball of Royal Ochre Mohair YarnBall of top-quality mohair yarn, dyed with the rare and valuable Torval Royal Ochre pigment.
Bamboo-Twig Whisker SnoodSemi-rigid cheek cauls of flexible bamboo twigs with fur pins; worn to keep whiskers from bending while asleep.
Ban Daar Puzzle BoxAn intricately-fashioned box, thought by the Khajiit to bestow good fortune upon anyone who can remove the luck charm inside.
Bottle of Catnip PerfumeDelicate perfume bottle containing aromatic catnip fragrance, from The Hissing Phial.
Bottle of Red Claw PolishBottle of bright crimson claw polish, with applicator brush, for use when both moons are dark ("Sangiin's Midnight").
Brass Khajiiti Finger-PenBrass nib that fits over a Khajiit's index fingernail, converting it into a fountain pen.
Brass Senche-TigerA skillfully-crafted brass model of a crouching Senche-Tiger. Its sharp teeth and fully articulated jaw can crack walnuts.
Canebrake Market Bamboo Fruit BoxAn empty bamboo box labeled "Canebrake Market," with partitions intended to hold candied pieces of fruit.
Cathay-raht Bedroom AccoutrementsBrightly painted Khajiiti paraphernalia for playing "Hircine's Tiger Hunt," a popular bedroom game.
Claw SharpenersThese are very fine claw sharpeners, useful especially to Khajiit.
Consistently Imprecise CompassThis compass reliably points east-northeast. Carried by Khajiiti travelers who want future pickpockets to get lost.
Curious Khajiiti PipeThis stylish glass pipe smells faintly of moon sugar, and has a thin blue residue on the rim of the bowl.
Dancing Day Silk VeilsLong veils of crimson, scarlet, and lemon yellow, for doing the sprightly Mistral Tarantella on Dancing Day.
Dark Moon Temple BellAncient bronze bell stolen from the Temple of the Dark Moon. It probably lacks the traditional theft-curse placed on such items.
Deadwood KnickknackA chunk of deadwood carved to resemble a monkey and mounted to a block for display, most likely by a Khajiit, just because.
Do'Krin Monastary Candle SnufferA sterling silver instrument bearing the imprint of the Do'Krin Monastary, used to safely extinguish candles.
Do'Krin Monastary TapestryA finely-woven tapestry depicting Alkosh, the First Cat, and the creation myth of the ja-Kha'jay, or Lunar Lattice.
Do'Krin Prayer BeadsPrayer beads carved at Do'Krin Temple. They are valued for their pleasant musk scent.
Elsweyr Serving LadleThis fine wooden serving ladle is painted with a pattern that resembles a senche-tiger's stripes.
Embroidered Silken Baandari PillowSilken pillow embroidered to depict the Great Gate of Corinthe, labeled "Property of Silver Moons Inn."
Enameled Clay Catnip PipeCatnip pipe painted with images from the tale "How Khenarthi Taught the Clouds to Dance."
Extensible "Strangler Teaser" PoleSeven-part extensible rod of horn and antler, used by the youth of Karthdar in their charming game of "Strangler Teaser."
Fine Steel Skinning KitAn imported Khajiiti skinning kit, only lightly used.
Five Claws CardsAn ornate set of Khajiiti playing cards, used in a variety of games in which the highest hand is a Five Claw Flush.
Five-Pronged Pirate HookFor a Khajiiti pirate, one claw is never enough.
Fur Grooming KitThe perfect kit for dapper cats and feline dandies.
Fusozay CushionA Kahjiit novelty cushion that, when placed on a chair and sat upon, produces an embarrassing flatulence sound.
Gaudy Baandari Budi ShawlLinen shawl with a bright floral print, typical of Baandari Pedlars, and labeled "Serious Stitchery, Redfur Trading Post."
Glass Spice ShakersA pair of spherical glass shakers painted to resemble the Tamrielic moons. They appear to be of Khajiiti origin.
Gobbet Bowl with Hackwing PicksCoral-rimmed bowl with bird-bone fang-picks. After meals, diners pick uneaten food from their fangs and place it in the bowl.
Golden Azurah IconGolden icon depicting Azurah as a Khajiit with eight-pointed pupils in her wide, oversized eyes.
Golden Rid-Thar-ri'Datta IdolA golden idol fashioned in the likeness of Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, the first Mane of the Khajiit.
Golden SpikeballThis solid-gold decorative spikeball is awarded annually to the most valuable Spikeball player at Hadran's Caravan.
Grandma Singa's Hairball RemedyA bottle of Singa-dra's Digestive Aid and Hairball Remedy Elixer. Now in delightful Cod flavor!
Grooming BrushThis bronzed Khajiiti hand-brush is perfect for grooming both fur and manes.
Hadran's High Roller ChipsThe highest denomination of gambling chips from Hadran's Caravan, worth a great deal at the betting tables.
Imported Bronze Grit SieveBronze sifter for removing lumps from a grit-box, engraved "Imported from Senchal by Ranabi" on the handle.
Imported Khenarthi's Wool BlanketSoft ivory-colored blanket of wool from Khenarthi's Roost. The label reads "Imported by The Handy Haversack."
Intricate Spring TrapThis incredibly complex mouse-trap is of Khajiiti design, but features a great many Dwemer parts.
Ja'khajiit Picture BookA simple picture book with ten images of mischievous kittens. Each picture is composed of a single unbroken line.
Jone and Jode BellA silver bell engraved with an image of the big moon and the little moon. Khajiit ring it to ward off night spirits.
Khajiit Monkey CallA simple aerophone bearing the mark of a Khajiiti hunter, it produces an amazingly lifelike monkey call.
Khajiit Tail SlingA snake-skin sling that supports the proud Khajiit tail. It protects tails from injury or cradles injured tails while they heal.
Khajiit Travel SkilletNo Khajiit journeys into the wild without sticking one of these cooking vessels in her pack. Perfect for making fried sweetcake.
Khajiit Windowsill Sun ReflectorA mirrored plaque placed on a windowsill, reflecting sunlight into a dot that senche-tigers (and some Khajiit) love to chase.
Khajiiti Cast-Iron Baking PotCast-iron casserole pot with cover for slow-baking sweet pastries, labeled "Property of Sathram Slave Quarters."
Khenarthi's Roost PaperweightChunk of rose quartz cut into the shape of the island, inscribed "Compliments of Mistral Treasury" on the bottom.
Long-Handled Mudcrab FlipperBroad wooden spatula with long bamboo handle; used by Roost beachcombers to flip mudcrabs onto their backs.
Lucky Senche-Tiger ClawA claw with three naturally occurring, parallel streaks on one side. Said to impart good fortune upon the owner.
Moon-Sugar Sipping CupImported from Senchal, this tawny-clay, spill-proof cup allows young Khajiit cubs to discover the wonders of moon-sugar tea.
Moon-Sugarcane MacheteBroad-bladed steel tool for harvesting moon-sugarcane. "Windcatcher Plantation" is burned onto the haft.
Pamphlet of Erotic EngravingsKhajiiti pamphlet showing various forms of erotic dalliance, illustrated by stylized drawings of astoundingly lithe cat-people.
Pearl-Handled HairbrushA fine quality hairbrush with a pearl handle. Upon closer inspection, the bristles appear to be made from giant whiskers.
Pet Monkey Red Vest and FezTiny embroidered red vest and tiny red fez with yellow tassel; a label inside the lapel reads "Noryariel, Tailor."
Play SwordThis wooden saber is remarkably well-made. Perfect for the young and aspiring warrior, waiting for the call of Rahni'Za.
Polished Woodblock StampThis hand-carved stamp produces an ornate Khajiiti design when inked and pressed to paper.
Portrait of the ManeThe great spiritual leader of the Khajiit is here captured in simple artistic style.
Rahni'Za WhetstoneAn expertly cut whetstone, given to students at the Rahni'Za sword school.
Rajhin Desk IdolA hand-carved idol of the trickster god. Said to ward away thieves when its belly is regularly rubbed.
Rajhin's Final CupsThis is supposedly one of the clay cups used in the fabled drinking contest between the Khajiiti trickster god and Sanguine.
Rajhin's Shadow Pocket IdolA small figurine carved to depict one of Rajhin's shadows. When carried, the owner is said to be safe from pickpockets.
Red Squirrel PawThe preserved paw of a rare red squirrel, considered by many Khajiit to be a good luck charm.
Renrijra Captain's Perspective GlassFine brass folding telescope of Khajiiti manufacture, marred slightly by salt-water corrosion.
Rubber Squeeze MouseRealistic squeaking mouse, twice life-size, fashioned from cooked gray rubber at The Hissing Phial.
Senche Whisker BrushThe head of this beautifully carved ink brush is composed of hundreds of genuine Senche whiskers.
Senche-Jaw HairbrushA hairbrush made from the jawbone of a senche-tiger.
Senche-Skin Overnight BagThis fancy luggage item is made from the skin of a Senche Tiger. The tiger's claws and teeth are used as fasteners.
Senche-Stalked EarplugsA pair of earplugs which hiss softly when senche-tigers approach within thirty paces. Indispensable for light outdoor sleepers.
Senche-Tiger SaddleIf someone were to ride a senche-tiger, this is what they'd use.
Senche-Tiger Training HarnessA training harness, only slightly gnawed.
Set of Syrup Dram GlassesSet of seven cut-glass jigger cups, used for sipping fermented syrups, from the Vitriarch at Cat's Eye Quay.
Seven Satin Tail-BowsSeven superb tail-bows, each in the traditional color associated with a day of the week.
Silk Sugar DauberA square of folded silk used to daub moon-sugar onto Khajiiti tongues. Called a "hairball hankie" by ignorant foreigners.
Skooma PipeThis skooma pipe would sell well on the black market.
Stonefire Molag Bal EffigyA likeness of Molag Bal, intricately carved from solid obsidian with ruby eyes. Used by Stonefire Cultists in dark ceremonies.
Stuffed Mouse ToyA favorite among playful Khajiit, crafted by stuffing a dead mouse with cotton and sewing a small bell to its tail.
Suthay-raht Riding CropRiding crop made of a tanned and cured Khajiit's tail, ending in six short knotted leather strips.
Teahouse Comfort FanThis simple silk fan is imprinted with an ancient Khajiiti rune, quite fashionable at the tea parlors of Dune.
The Wilderflowers of ElsweyrAn illustrated guide to the various species of wildflowers found throughout Elsweyr, hand-painted by the artist Guta-dar.
Thizzrini Grand Champion MedalThis medal, in the shape of a three-sided pyramid, is engraved with depictions of a swordmaster, sorceror and summoner.
Three-Temples Picture Book"Khenarthi's Roost: Isle of Three Temples," a folio of engravings depicting ancient sacred sites.
Thulie's Five Card Wisp Master SystemThis foolproof system for beating the Five Card Wisp dealers at Hadran's Caravan is enciphered. Code book sold separately!
Top Quality Clamming ForkShort-handled steel spade fork for digging up clams, with non-warping mangrove handle, from Moonfire Forge.
Twelve Moons Sweet-BoxThis lacquered wooden box contains twelve separate partitions for different varieties of moon-sugar.
Two Moons KeyAn ornamental key from Two Moons temple. Con artists could convince a mark that it opens something valuable.
Two Moons PlatterA silver-plated platter embossed with the images of Jone and Jode.
White Senche Tiger RugA tiger skin rug made from a large and very rare white senche tiger.
Woven Baandari BlanketThis Baandari-style blanket has a colorful and exotic look.
Wrought-Iron Claw FileA double-sided claw file. One side is coarse, the other fine. Engraving on the handle says "Moonfire Forge."
 Antique brass spoon with retractable fork tines, said to have been found deep in the Temple of the Mourning Springs.
 Perfumed oil distilled from the musk of a monkey, Khajiit regularly apply generous amounts behind their tail and ears.
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