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Ancient Dwarven Chalice An ornate grail thought to be used as a drinking vessel. It was recovered from the Dwemer ruins of Bthanual.
Dwarven Cog Wrapped in a Note The note reads, "See? I told you! There's Dwarf stuff for the taking in the Armature! —Zendrinn"
Dwarven Puzzle Box Imported puzzle box of Dwarven metal, in a pouch made from the most exquisite mouse fur.
Dwarven Steel Griddle A griddle purportedly found in an ancient Dwemer ruin. According to an inscription on the handle, the Dwemer enjoyed pancakes.
Dwemer Bauble A small spherical device of Dwemer origin that whirs and hisses. Its intended use is a mystery.
Dwemer Coin Collection A scattering of what appear to be ancient Dwemer coins, set and displayed as a collection.
Dwemer Hammer Hilt The hilt of an ancient Dwemer warhammer, retained as an heirloom by some Dark Elf family.
Dwemer Tonal Diagram A schematic utilizing the principles of tonal architecture, indecipherable by any but the lost Dwemer people.
Elaborate Blueprints These sketches are the handiwork of the scholar, Neramo. The images depict the inner workings of a Dwemer automaton.
Gold Finger Cymbals A pair of decorated cymbals emblazoned with Dwemer runes. As valuable to scholars as the gold from which they're made.
Inscrutable Dwarven Device with Blinking Gem Dwemer device, purpose unknown, with seven pistons and a blinking red gem, from the Inner Sea Armature.
Sotha Sil Statuette of Dwarven Metal Dwarven-metal statuette of Sotha Sil as a Dwarven Centurion, inscribed "Crafted by Zephalas at Armature's Upheaval."
Unusual Stone from Northwind Mine This stone might be an ancient Dwemer relic -- or not. Its strange glowing specks make it quite valuable.