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Daggerfall Covenant

Bjoulsae Racing Oar Racing rowboats up and down the Bjoulsae River has been a popular pastime for centuries. This oar was made for this purpose.
Bjoulsae River Ladle This long-armed ladle was designed for drawing water from the deepest part of the Bjoulsae River.
Covenant Blue Sash A silken sash, dyed a deep ocean blue.
Covenant Chamber Pot This silver plated chamber pot is engraved with the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant. Fortunately, it has never been used.
Covenant Commemorative Saucer This saucer was decorated with the royal crest to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Covenant Tankard A standard-issue steel tankard. No Daggerfall Covenant officer would be caught dead in the field without one.
Crystal Candlestick Holder A distinctive parasol with dangles and frills, made popular by wealthy matrons during the first Daggerfall Covenant.
Dagger Whiskey Distiller A distilling device for making tasty and potent Dagger whiskey (a favorite among the Covenant) in the comfort of your own home.
Daggerfall Covenant Correspondence Sheets A stack of stationery featuring the embossed seal of the Daggerfall Covenant. What it was doing in Eastmarch is anyone's guess.
Daggerfall War Toys These tiny Daggerfall soldiers and siege engines carved from wood fit within a simple wool pouch.
Lady Laurent's Silk Kerchief The renowned voyager employs these kerchiefs to keep her hands clean in old tombs. Stibbons has lost hundreds of them.
Lady Laurent's Trowel This ornate but rugged trowel is made of Dwarven steel. It's one of several made for Lady Laurent.
Letter of Marque This letter authorizes a ship captain to attack and loot Dominion ships in support of the Sentinel Navy.
Perfumed Letter from Lady Laurent Famed explorer Lady Clarisse Laurent wrote and signed this letter, seeking funding for her latest dungeon-delving expedition.
Pouch of Parrot Food Captain Lerisa's love of pets is well-known. This mixture of exotic seeds and nuts was made special for her prized parrots.
Sapphire-Studded Book Bag A lavishly decorated sack for carrying around books or other personal objects. It bears the symbol of the Daggerfall Covenant.
Sea Drake Flask This silver flask was given to every member of Captain Helane's crew before their maiden voyage. Only a few remain.
Sea Drake Sextant This finely tuned sextant bears the mark of the Sea Drakes and was likely owned by one of Captain Helane's midshipmen.
Tarnished Medal of Valor A golden emblem bearing the Covenant's heraldry, cast aside and forgotten.
Tarren Tolk's Tall Tales Amusing and often bawdy anecdotes and fables detailing a Breton's adventures in Alik'r.