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"Imperial" Lawn Statue Small painted statue of a Cyrodilic knight standing with one arm outstretched, holding a ring to tie to a mount's reins.
All Flags Navy Campaign Ribbon Rare vintage officer's campaign ribbon for participation in the naval assault on Thras in 1E 2260.
Antique "Fort Zantonius" Serving Platter Antique Imperial brass serving platter, with wooden handles, engraved with an image of (now-ruined) Fort Zantonius in its prime.
Ayleid White-Gold Compass An antique compass of silver and gold that always points towards the White-Gold Tower in Cyrodiil.
Black Horse Courier Bridle This black leather bridle has silver buckles and the insignia of the Black Horse Couriers etched into the leather.
Bottle of First Era Collequiva An extremely rare vintage, sought after by former Imperial nobility. The symbol of a peach is etched into the bottle.
Child's Ambiguous Doll It isn't clear if this tiny burlap monstrosity represents a frost troll or Clivia Tharn. Its steel button eyes could be resold.
Cloven Centurion's Scutum This cracked Imperial shield is hundreds of years old. A fragile heirloom, now useless for the battlefield.
Colorful Pottery This colorfully painted pottery depicts the fall of the Reman Empire.
Colovian Cipher Device A brass cylinder of rotating disks, engraved with letters and connected by a central axle, used to decipher Colovian messages.
Commemorative Imperial Coins These coins depict the first emperors of Tamriel: from Alessia to Savirien-Chorak.
Crocodile Gravy Boat A gravy boat in the shape of a crocodile, crafted by artisans from central Tamriel.
First Era Imperial Seal An ancient seal bearing the image of Saint Alessia. She's depicted cradling the mythical Amulet of Kings.
First Teeth Pouch A satin draw-string "First Teeth" pouch, in the Imperial tradition. It could be resold once the teeth inside are discarded.
Gold Coast Cleaning Oil A small bottle of oil used by the Gold Coast mercenaries to clean and oil their leather armor.
Gold Coast Ink Stamp A stamp used by the Gold Coast Mercenaries to seal their correspondences.
Gold Coast Spyglass This spyglass was originally intended for nautical use. The symbol of the Gold Coast Trading Company is stamped onto the side.
House Tharn Family Crest This highly-detailed embroidered crest of House Tharn, dating back to the First Era, is of great historical and artistic value.
Imperial Sceptre A rod made of solid gold and adorned with silver etches and jewels. It probably belonged to royalty.
Imperial Strife Board A board of heavy, inlaid wood, set in a series of triangular patterns, used to play the Imperial game, "Strife."
Imperial Writ of Loyalty This writ says the bearer is loyal to the Empire and must be treated accordingly. It's signed by Magus-General Septima Tharn.
Imperial-Style Brass Candlestick Brass candlestick for holding a medium-sized candle, in the Nibenese style, possibly from Fort Zantonius
Jar of Pretty Seashells A glass jar filled with pink and orange shells, labeled "Strident Coast."
Magus-General's Saddle This fancy Imperial saddle is made from fine leather and ebony adornments. It's also shaped to fit Septima Tharn's arse.
Matching Imperial Spice Shakers A set of ivory spice shakers, in stylized shapes of Imperial Knights, made exclusively by crafters in Cyrodiil.
Morihaus' Sled Horn An ancient Atmoran sled horn, rumored to have been blown by Morihaus-Breath-of-Kyne during his taking of the White-Gold Tower.
Phial of Leovic's Blood This tiny phial contains blood of the former Emperor Leovic, supposedly collected at his regicide.
Ruby-Encrusted Tea Set An ancient tea set bearing a representation of the Imperial ruby on every piece.
Seventh Legion Horseshoes These steel-plated horseshoes were forged by Imperial smiths for members of the Seventh Legion.
Seventh Legion Lantern This lantern is forged from Dwarven Steel and engraved with the words: "For your loyalty to the Empire, from Septima Tharn."
Seventh Legion Sash This elegant sash is handed out to Imperial agents so that when the legion arrives, they can prove their loyalty.
Seventh Legion Trowel This silver trowel is used by Imperial archaeologists working as part of the Seventh Legion.
Silver-Plated Tweezers A pair of gleaming tweezers marked by the Imperial ruby. It's possible they once belonged to an Imperial surgeon.
Tasseled Pillow A large pillow emblazoned with the Imperial ruby. Created from a lavish, finely-spun material, it is soft to the touch.
Tharn Family Scroll Case This ostentatious scroll case is used by members of the Empire's ruling family to exchange correspondences.
Vial of Soil from Hrol's Hillock This vial of soil is purportedly from the hillock King Hrol fertilized before his death.
White Rose Prison Tapestry Rolled-up Imperial tapestry depicting a fortification in a teeming swamp, embroidered "Souvenir of White Rose Prison."
White-Gold Wax Tablet A tablet that functions as a portable writing surface. Markings across the top indicate it came from the Imperial Palace.
Wooden Toy Sword This toy sword was carved to match an Imperial gladius. A fence could resell it to bandits in need of training swords.
A nail thought to be from the horseshoe of Silvermere, ridden by Emperor Reman during his campaign against the Akiviri invaders.
This gold embroidered tablecloth was designated for the dining table of Imperial Magus-General Septima Tharn.