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Ancient Ayleid Amphora Blue-glazed pointed-bottom urn with two handles, inscribed with the Ayleidoon "E" for Erokii.
Ancient Ayleid Coin This was likely found near Carzog's Demise. After all these centuries, the metal still gleams in the light.
Ayleid Alphabet Pocket Translations Although it touts itself as a guide, this small pamphlet only translates Ayleid letters into the common alphabet.
Ayleid Carving This carving is not authentic, but it looks close enough to the real thing to be valuable nonetheless.
Ayleid Flesh-Sculpting Flenser Ancient, corroded flenser as used by Ayleid "flesh sculptors," engraved with the Ayleidoon "N" for Ne Salas.
Ayleid House Idol An antique-looking statue, about the size of a wine glass, modeled after idols discovered within Ayleid ruins.
Ayleid Paperweight Retrieved from the ruins at Salas En. No one knows its original purpose, but it makes a great paperweight.
Ayleid Ritual Fetish A rare fetish usually found in Ayleid ruins. It would be valuable to scholars studying the ancient Elves.
Broken Crystal Key to Silyanorn Key carved from some kind of blue crystal, with one tooth broken off, engraved with the Ayleidoon "S" for Silyanorn.
Constellation Coaster Tiles Set of twelve glazed ceramic drink coasters based on the Ayleid constellation tiles of Veawend Ede.
Corner of Bewan's Fabled Trinimac Altar Broken chunk of sculpted marble, glowing slightly, said to have come from Bewan's long-lost altar to Trinimac.
Depleted Welkynd Stone Dull welkynd stone, depleted of the ancient magicka that once made it glow, engraved with the Ayleidoon "L" for Loriasel.
Hectahame Sketch An artist's rendering of the mysterious ruin of Hectahame.
Indecipherable Metallic Book Book of strange, indecipherable runes printed on thin foil pages of an unknown metal, labeled "Found in Gandranen."
Leather Laces These laces are just wide enough to see the Ayleid letters burnt into them.
Lorkrata Hills Keepsake A small stone, possibly Ayleid in origin, found in the Lorkrata Hills and kept as a memento.
Nilata Crystal Shard This is a lifeless shard broken off an Ayleid crystal in the Nilata Ruins.
Statuette of Trinimac Statuette of Trinimac the Warrior carved from rose quartz, from the abandoned temple vaults of Bewan.
Untranslated Ayleid Book Rare book from the Reliquary of Stars, bound in mysterious leather, and written in untranslated Ayleidoon.
Unusual Stone from the Lorkrata Hills This stone might be an Ayleid relic … or not. Stones of this kind are highly sought after for their colorful striations.
Welkynd Chip Paperweight Taken from a keystone outside the great Ayleid ruin of Betnikh. It still glows a faint blue and emits a low hum.