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I am called Sveinbjorn. I started playing elder scrolls with oblivion. At the time I was doing a lot of ancestry research on my family and found out most of my family was from Iceland. So I became obsessed with learning the Scandinavian languages and building tents and shields and clothing and things of the sort. Which eventually drew me to an obsession with the Nords lol.  So when skyrim came out needless to say I was ridiculously ecstatic.  I'm in my early 20's, I have played guitar since a very young age, love to listen to Metal (things such as Amon Amarth, Tyr, Nile, Necrophagist, The faceless, Opeth, and too many more to name.) As well as a plethora of other things like Acoustic, Folk music, and all sorts of things. 


Well that's about it. Sjaumst (see ya) :)

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It's a pleasure to be apart of this community. Long time fan of TES, especially Morrowind! Huge fan of the lore (especially Morrowind's lore)!

You get the idea...

BegottenMeridian (BM)

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Hello everyone. My name is LaJaveyon Saunders, but my gamertag is IceFireWarden and my Jel name is Lajasau. I'm currently 16 and have played every single TES game, along with the spin-offs Battlespire and Redguard and the mobile Travels games. Arena was in fact my first PC game.

I've been reading this site for a while, but I haven't made an account until now. I'm really big on lore in videogames, ranging from The Elder Scrolls to Halo to Sonic the Hedgehog. The background history is amazing in videogames and what starts the foundation of a great game. This is why I'm going to be a videogame designer.

I look forward to meeting you all! I'm also writing a novel set after the events of Skyrim that takes place in Black Marsh, and I hope to post it up soon so you all can read it.

Have a good day,


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Hello! It is a pleasure for me to be part of this community.

I'm a girl, 20, from Italy. A newbie fan, really: I started with Oblivion on December 2011. I have played it extensively, with both DLCs, and same goes with Skyrim; I am currently playing Morrowind, looking forward to learning more about the true legendary game in the series. Since I am keenly interested in TES lore, I opened this account to learn from you all, and maybe ask questions.

Thank you!


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Cheers, mates!!

PinkDonuts here. I've been feeding on TES Lore almost since I discovered the awesome game series. Started with Oblivion back then, tried Skyrim, tried Morrowind, I can't say I have finished any of them, or reached half of them for the matter. But the lore is the tastiest moon sugar that you can cover the sweetest sweetroll with. Oh yeah, I also gave some small goes to Daggerfall and Arena.. Long story made short, I've played the games, they're great, but what I really want to say is that the Lore is magnificient.. I mean, I risk saying it and I've done it a lot, TES has the vastest and one of the best Lore in videogame history.

This brings us to today and my registration. I've been acquainted with the Imperial Library for some time now, can't recall too well since when or how I came up to it. Yet, it's a great thing, a great invention. It's kind of a great tool for entertainment, I spend some time around it, clicking that sweet Random Book tab and expecting whatever the vortex of Tamrielic magic will bring to my eyes. (I even check it on my Phone!)

So, yesterday, I discovered this Storyboard thingy, and, to my awe and marvel, it has a RP section! I looked some of them up and they can be short and awesome, and flowing, and that sells the fish. I spent some time reading Tales of The Elder Scrolls: Chapter One, it covers a Heist in Solitude. And I was like, I want IN on this!!

So yeah, registered.

Let's see how this rolls. By the way, PinkDonuts is the nickname for Gabriel, an 18 year old Portuguese guy, university freshman. And one Crazy Adventurer!

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Welcome around!

How is the layout on your phone?

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Well, it isn't a smartphone, so you get most of the drift from knowing that. The screen is 320x240, not that big, and I can either check the website through a watered down, compressed perspective which can either be great font-wise and page-wise or really bad scrambling everything. I select to check the page as it is on the PC. Well, the background shows up white instead of showing the street or pebbles. But it's pretty much the same as it is through the PC, alas, a lot more cramped up together.

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Greetings & Salutations to all TES Lore Buffs! I'm lost. No, really--really--lost. I can't find a Forum Guidelines Sticky, New Members thread (I guess this is it), or find a Guide to the Library Materials/Stacks or Explanation of the Search Engine filters. Help! I dearly hope my directness isn't too forward, but searching these Archives is difficult. It would help greatly if Search keywords were highlighted or bolded within documents to pinpoint references. And if Number of Results were displayed with a way to adjust Results per page. The Search filters need explanatory tags or better names. I can't tell what filters to use for Quest Scripts & Dialogue versus Game Books versus Topical/Subject Articles by the Librarians & Community. And what filters will search Bethesda writers and author interviews? Is that under quotes, pages, story? What is the difference among those filters? 

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You're going to want "book" for all of that. A "story" is a news article, and "quotes" are those little random quote blocks at the top right of the page.  If you want to search for a book that appeared in game, versus an article or an interview, you're going to want to select the game categories in the "Only in the category(s)" menu. I'll include explanations in the new members guide I'm writing, but there's not much to be done with the actual names of the categories. You're looking into the guts of the site, essentially. 

You might also find the tag/topic search useful. It collects materials for a given topic. 

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Furthermore, if you're having trouble looking for something in particular, feel free to ask at the Circulation Desk. The site's search functions aren't the strongest or fastest, so it's usually easier just to ask.

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Hello there!

It's been several months since I've discovered the Imperial Library. And I was delighted :) Read the Pocket Guides to the Empire, marveled at them as very accurate pieces of propaganda, used the "random book" link as much as I could (a great idea, by the way!) and finally decided to join as a forum/storyboard contributor.


A few words about me : I'm a 23 year old female, I live in France. I'm of lithuanian descent and have both lithuanian and french nationalities. English is not my first language, so pardon me if my sentences sometimes don't make sense. I'll try to force them to :)

I met the Elder Scrolls with the recent Skyrim, fell in love as I've never did before with a game (and I was already a gamer before the Elder Scrolls), and was quickly drawn to the lore-aspect, the history, the people, the religion, politics and such. I've played both Skyrim and Oblivion for several hundred hours (something like 600 or 700 in Skyrim alone), tryed to get into Arena but didn't succeed :) , have yet to try Daggerfall and Morrowind, as I've often heard that both are the best games of the series. However, I'm also totally spoiled now, because as I'm a lore freak, I've read every game book I could find online, even the ones from Morrowind and Daggerfall, and know how the general storyline went in both games. Of course, I don't know the specifics, so I'd still like to play both games one day.


Voilà! Thanks for letting me join the storybord, see you!


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Hello, I'm new to these parts as far as signing up goes, but I've been lurking around for a while, reading all the interesting things you people post here and I finally wanted to be a part of it :) I'm usually more focused on lore relating to Nords and their gods, as well as their counterparts. I'm also obsessed with the Stormcloaks and the civil war, as some of you may have noticed on BSF, for anyone who recognizes my avatar.

One of the things I love doing is converting known lore texts to song, like in this discussion here about the All-Maker and Padomey:

Feel free to pop in there :)


Another example is a song of the Snow Prince. These are from a roleplay I'm in.

Spoiler: Highlight to view

Tale of the Snow Prince


To understand just who I am, you must go back in time,
To a land in an age oh so long ago, an Island called Solstheim,
With axes and shields and hammers and swords,
They went to battle these elves and these nords,
To punish the elves for heinous and ancient crimes,

The nords had long fought back the elves to these shores,
Led by the prestigious Lord Ysgramor,
Off to the island the nords set their courses,
To finish the rest of the enemy forces,

In the finest steel, they were ready to fight,
But an elf like no other rode in in all white,
This magical warrior was a bane of man,
“The Snow Prince is here! Doom is at hand!”

The air was so cold, but his magic was colder,
He was more like a Wight, and less like a soldier,
In front of this mer, few Nords could stand,
“The Snow Prince is here! Doom is at hand!”

When the Snow Prince rode in, the elves would rejoice,
They shouted and cheered all them with one voice,
Why this was so, they could not understand,
“The Snow Prince is here! Doom is at hand!”

The battle commenced, he slayed many with spear,
And magics so cold, his weapons caused fear,
An easy win was once the nord’s plan,
But “The Snow Prince is here! Doom is at hand!”

The victory seemed to fall on the elves,
But he killed the mother of a girl that was twelve,
His doom came from youth, not woman or man,
“The Snow Prince has fallen! Doom is at hand!”

At his back she threw, her weapon would soar,
Her grief gave her strength, the power of Shor,
The Prince’s blood poured, like water or sand,
“The Snow Prince has fallen! Doom is at hand!”

The child had then proved to be born warrior,
This girl’s name was Finna, daughter of Jofrior,
They saw the Prince fall, the elves had all ran,
The Snow Prince has fallen! Doom is at hand!”

The battle was over, finished by a throw,
The Nords laid to rest this worthy elf foe,
But remember this fact once all of you go,
The girls name was Finna. Her last name….Red-Snow!

That's the end of my tale, and now you all see,
Just how I related this story to me,
No matter if it be on land or the sea,
We Red-Snows will fight until Tamriel's free!

So if anyone wants the work of a bard done for their favorite lore text, feel free to message me with requests!


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Just wanted to say hello to all..  I'm new here and been a fan of TES for about 4 yrs now. I have a lot to learn and wade my way across morrowind, Obliv, and Skyrim.. Lost still but I'm learning.

See you all around!

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Welcome one, welcome all...

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Hello everybody. I am new here. I have been a fan of TES since Daggerfall came out. I have recently gotten into the history and lore of the games. I love the khajiit and everything associated with them. If possible, could someone point me in the direction of some good material to learn more about the different types of khajiit and the moon cycles?

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Hi I am Ganjeese MacGruber. Long time stalker of webs here! I am new to forums. Welcome!

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Hello. I've been lurking around off and on for a year or two, and finally decided I should make an account. 

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Airos wrote:

Hello. I've been lurking around off and on for a year or two, and finally decided I should make an account. 

Always glad to have more lurkers step into the light. Welcome!

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Well, hi?

I'm Cloudy and I have been prowling the  IL for a while now. My interests lie in anything relating to the dragon breaks and the dwemer.  My favorite TES game storywise is Morrowind. Gameplay wise, Skyrim.

In real life I am a 20 year old studying medicine, and one of my goals is to someday next year make a mod for Skyrim.

So yeah, happy new year guys, and I hope you had a good Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate, if you even celebrate one, in which case I guess happy Winter vacation?)


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Cloudy0713 wrote:



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hello eryone!

Just recently got into TES mainly just to screw around, but have been immersing myself in as much knowledge and lore as i can possably get my hands on!!! 

anyways, im working on learning draconic, and my main gaem is skyrim.

Joined: 01/01/2014

Hello everyone!

I'm Elenia (not my real name, I just use it for char names at every single RPG I play. Boring, I know.) and I started playing TES in '09, with Oblivion. It's also my favorite... but that may be just the nostalgia talking. Anyway, my main goal in life is becoming a powerful, all knowing loremaster. Ok, my real main goal in life is making a decision - neonatal nurse or doctor - (I'm already 20 and I still don't know. Kill me.) Besides playing videogames and trying to make up my mind, I read and listen to music (at the same time) all day long.

IL is the best place for lore freaks like myself, so thank you all librarians for creating this space. Is awesome.

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Technically Xanathar created the space. But that's just me being a pedant and the librarians are definitely deserving of thanks for (fairly significant) upkeep. 

But yeah. Welcome everyone. 

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Hiya, I'm Markel, I go by starwarsgal on the Beth forums but I go as Markelius on every other website so yeah. Anyways I'm TESlore fangirl and I like making Morrowind mods and developing lots of headcanons. I basically joined here because it's like the most well known website for being a repository for TESlore and I think it's really cool. I'm not going to lie, I also joined because I have questions to ask people hahaha.

Anyways greetings all and I hope we'll get along. :)

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Hi folks!

I'm planning to run a play by post campaign on Skyrim, and I've come here to ask a couple of question!

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Arparrabiosa wrote:

Hi folks!

I'm planning to run a play by post campaign on Skyrim, and I've come here to ask a couple of question!


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Hello everyone.  I've been playing Elder Scrolls since 2008 when my husband bought the Oblivion Game of the Year edition. Since then, I have spent a lot of time playing the game, with every possible variations of character I could. When Skyrim came out, we got the Special Edition, and numerous more hours were spent in Tamriel. The past couple of years, I've become more interested in the Lore of ES, partially as a way to fill in background material for fan fiction or character Bio's.  I am currently working on understanding what happened to Yngol's Tomb. It is a very unique dungeon in some ways, and I am trying to find out why it was so different. If I meet standards, I'd like to submit it some day.

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Hello everybody!


My name is Andrey, I'm  16. And I'm from Brazil.   Also I have way too much time on my hands so I found myself wanting to discover more about TES Lore, and so I found this website. Only problem is that my understanding of TES Lore is terrible and I have no ideia where should I start looking. 


It all began as I was researching about Sheogorath and I discover that the Champion of Cyrodill actually becames Sheogorath, and as I have an unhealthy power-lust in video games I decided to play Oblivion after having played Skyrim a dozen times. But as I  went deeper into discovering the nature of the creatures of Tamriel, it's creation and Lore related information I found myself drowning with information. But I don't know where to begin! One could say that the best place to start looking is at the creation of Mundus and Anu, Trinimac, Magnus and othes canonic figures. Problem is that after that there is just too much to know. So my question is... From where should I begin?

( I apologize for any grammar mistakes :) )

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I just noticed that this thread exists, so I might as well introduce myself (even though I've been here for close to a year :P). Here it goes:

I'm Twisted Logic on most fora, having pulled Dagoth Relnav completely out of my [chocolate] when I was registering here before class one day. I started playing TES with Morrowind back in '04 when I saw a cool-looking Xbox cover on my mom's friend's game shelf. I started playing it, and my mom's saw that I loved it so much that he let me keep it!

Outside of the internet, I am a nuclear engineering student with pet interests in abstract mathematics, history, linguistics, music (especially singing), and making funny noises. I joined TIL because I don't know anyone that shares my favorite fandom, so I came looking for people with whom to talk about it. :)

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Hello everyone.

Making my "humanity submission" here. I stumbled onto the Bethesda Forums a while back which brought me to their lore forums which then brought me to TIL by means of the "how to become a lore buff" thread. (I can't resist a challenge)

Needless to say, I've been reading the crap out of TIL for the last week. I checked up on a couple of the threads over at the lore discussion forum here, and I have to say that I'm not quite at that metaphysical level of discussion yet, so I'll keep reading.

Beyond that, I'm a pol-sci major from Belgium with some down-time on my hands. I play classical guitar, I enjoy Terry Pratchett and Tolstoy and I write short stories. Needless to say, I came to the TES lore much like Paul finding God in the desert :p. Also, I think I was born with a compulsive need to shush people in libraries, so I hope I'll fit in.