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Joined: 09/09/2021

Hi, I'm MSE, I read that I need to have a post otherwise my account was deleted. I got into Skyrim back in 2014, loved it. Eventually I played Oblivion, loved it as well. ESO next, ehhhhh (but now that I'm playing it on PC, I'm having an absolute blast with it). Then I got into Morrowind, and well, I wanted to marry it. It's nice to meet all of you and thanks for all the reading material.

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Joined: 09/10/2021

Hey, I’m a writer. I’ve recently written a rewrite of Skyrim where Talos is the primary antagonist instead of Alduin. I wanted to make a post about it but since I can’t, I’ll share it here.

Joined: 09/15/2021

Hi there, I'm a baby lore buff who is currently obsessed with Morrowind and specifically Sotha Sil. I want to write meta posts about allusions and symbolism and stuff, like I did for Seht as Jesus on reddit about a month ago. 

Can I comment on other posts here? Kinda want to add the implications between Nerevar and Dagoth Ur to the LGBTQ+ page from LadyN

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Joined: 09/22/2021

Greetings Outlanders, my name is Virtheon. The first Elder Scrolls game I ever played was Morrowind, and from the second I woke up on that ship, I was hooked. The world was unlike any I had ever encountered. As a person who plays rpg's for the story, characters and worldbuilding, the Elder Scrolls with their incredible lore, and personal stories they allow us to experience as a player, it quickly became my favorite rpg franchise.

Just for entertainment value I want to share my build for my Skyrim character:

Race: Dunmer Male
Archery: 100
Sneak: 100
Two-handed: 100
Speach: 100
Enchanting: 100

Play style:
Sneak Archery sniper, and for melee Two- Handed sword so I can use Mephala's daedric artifact

Guild: Dark Brotherhood

Patron deity: Sithis and Mephala

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Joined: 10/21/2021

Hey, everyone! I guess my name is Tiber Septim. I've been an Elder Scrolls fan for quite a little while now, but I've mostly lurked on the lore side of things that entire time. Lately I've become far more interested, however, and I wanted to join! So yeah, that's about all there is to know about me! Hah.

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Joined: 10/24/2021

This is a very interesting place! I look forward to my time here, and in my furthering of knowledge. Sorry for the random post, but the rules said that to post something here was recommended. Anywho, that is all, just wanted to say hello!


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Joined: 10/26/2021

Hi! I'm the Pale Lady. I'm making this post since it was a requirement for my account to not be deleted. I'll be honest, I'm really new to the TES universe, actually Skyrim was my first and I started playing it about a month ago, so I'm really new to the lore stuff having not played any of the other games.

That said, I have love for all things lore and thus I really hope to get into the elder scrolls lore and get familiar with it!

Joined: 05/27/2021

Hello, I'm Hizium from Brazil. I just starded to help a community project for an ESO br translation and thought it would be nice to have an account here too.
I've been playing the TES series since 2004 and love the lore and ambiance of the series universe.
Nice to meet y'all!

Joined: 12/02/2021

HI I'm Sammy, and I am not a robot =p I dabbled in Skyrim but I fell in love with the lore in ESO so here I am! Also, I work in a library IRL, so I felt like this was necessary XD 


Joined: 12/18/2021

Hello, everyone.

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Joined: 01/01/2022

intro post; i'm gattonero, a pretty new TES fan. i joined so i could read the lore and familiarize myself with it. i might get more active in the forums with time. 

Joined: 12/18/2021

Can someone please tell me how I post to the ”Storyboard” section? It says I’m not allowed to post.

Joined: 01/06/2022

hello !! i'm obviously new here, and i'm mostly here to read up on lore as i'm writing a Skyrim based journal, with some Oblivion references in as well :)

Joined: 01/12/2022

Hi, everyone.

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Joined: 01/16/2022

Shor's bones! A new user on the forum.

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Joined: 01/17/2022


This is Gaius Julius Anglus, but you can call me Anglus for short. In addition to The Elder Scrolls, I'm an enthusiast of Classical Rome and Greece (Rome in particular), as well as Medieval Calligraphy. This website speaks to my soul on so many levels



Joined: 01/19/2022

So it is that I present myself as myself. I is named "Khaonon" through the arts of travel. I have known many uncertain stars and uncertain parents. My blinks have become lives and my lives have become words. I stare at the mystery beyond the horizon of time and eternity and have begun hoping to find being. I have found myself reading here for three of my eras, thereupon; this is my third era and have found myself speaking in this house of silence. I mantle the wheel of I as I. That (is) the utmost mystery to me as I have yet to know my story. Inversing, I tell no story. My words take the mantle of the true and false languages. The words of my language now cast shadows. My being takes the mantle of my world.  My meaning takes the mantle of my life.  I worship faith and sacrifice my myth.  I close myself and rest upon the board.

Joined: 01/24/2022

Whats up everyone, I'm granfdad. Trying to join every TES related site I can find so here I am :).

Joined: 01/27/2022

Hello everyone!

My name is Maximus Memeicus but you can call me by my real name (Abe) if you don’t want to don’t want to write 53 characters. I fell in love with TES after playing the shit outta Skyrim and morrowind, so I joined this site to read research the lore and interact with you beautiful people.

Joined: 03/14/2022

Hello! My name is knaveoftrades, but y'all can call me knave :)

Joined: 03/28/2022

Hi everyone, I'm GBlaze and glad to be here to learn from this platform. You can call me Blaze. Thank you.

Joined: 04/01/2022

Hello, Outlanders
I was WeAllDevolvedFromMarukh, but I lost access to that account & the username was too long to display properly anyway.

I'm working on my own PnP RPG sporadically (with unique dice/stat mechanics), as well as converting TES into said system on the side. There's also my fanfiction post-Skyrim, that I've reaccessed & will now take place as an AU of sorts with expanded elements from pre-existing lore incorporated. Might do the same with TES:3 & 4.

Is the Forum Scholars Guild for posting apocrypha, that is to say plausible lore contributions?

I saw that admins can edit usernames so if the full Devolved-from-Marukh isn't displaying, by all means feel free to edit out the hyphens.

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Joined: 04/12/2022

I'm Hypo, and you can call me Hypo, I go by many names in-game depending on the gam

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Joined: 04/13/2022

Hello, I'm Marchioness-of-the-flowers! (Call me Flora)

I've always really love lore, and making my own little additions and theories based on it. It started with Fire Emblem (It's kinda a feat to become a lore fan of Fire Emblem, you have to dig 50% of interesting lore from  behind generic bandits and goofy character shenanigans)  and Lord of The Rings (I am a Silmarillion enjoyer :--/ as well...  but like a normal one, I just enjoy me some tragically flawed elves)

It's the tiny hints at interesting lore with no elaboration that make me go crazy,, like Nord weddings are traditionally supposed to be held outside??  Then why does the Dragonborn have to have an Imperial-sanctioned Mara wedding?? Wig. 

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Joined: 04/20/2022

Hello, Cereal here. Hope everyone is having fun browsing through the library. I know I sure am.

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Joined: 05/02/2022

Hi, i'm Stardel. I submit to the Three, the spirits and my lords.

Joined: 05/10/2022

Good evening, ladies and gents.
I am one who would prefer to remain anonymous. You may call me Anon.
I come from TES5, it being my favorite in the series.
I will participate in discussions sometimes, although I would much rather not as that's not exactly something I am comfortable with due to past experiences.
If there is ever roleplay, or even someone looking to assist someone new to ESO (I am relatively new myself but I have the basics), and happens to find this, feel free to reach out to me. I will send you multiple forms of contact, just in-case one is uncomfortable for you to use.

Joined: 05/22/2022

Hello everyone, I'm not new to the Elder Scrolls games but have always wanted to dive deeper into the lore. I wanted to sign up to join in on discussions and help with editing where I can.

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Joined: 07/25/2022

Hi everyone, I am known as the mask3d_band1t on here and The Imperial Library (TIL) discord server.

I have a very extensive knowledge on all of The Elder Scrolls lore.

Please feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions at all and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Look forward to seeing you all around.

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Joined: 08/25/2022

Good morning, everybody!

I'm Septimus Sigma, and I love TES lore nearly as much as I love criticising it. My particular interests are the languages and religions of Tamriel, as the breadth of faiths as depicted across Nirn has driven me to research more into the lorebooks than I ever thought I would. 

Currently, I am re-writing Skyrim to make it, if I may say so, more three-dimensional.

Hopefully I can speak to you all soon, by posting and (if I can figure out how to do it) private messaging.