Introducing the Community Archives

October 24, 2021
Written by: Lady Nerevar

Since 1998, the goal of the Imperial Library has been to preserve all Elder Scrolls lore — including out-of-game material, such as new texts, posts, threads, interviews, and roleplays by developers. The community has always been a large part of what makes Elder Scrolls lore unique, and today we are happy to officially announce a new section of the Library: the Community Archives. Supplementing our expansive developer posts and forum thread archives, the Community Archives will preserve important community-driven media.

This is not to say that the Imperial Library will now be freely hosting fan fiction, mods, roleplays, etc. While we strongly believe that these creations are wonderful, important, and deserving of preservation, the Imperial Library must keep the Archive very selective. To be included in the Community Archives, a work must meet at least 3 of these criteria:

  • Collaboration – it must be a joint creation between fans and representatives (current or former) of Zenimax Media, or a fan project officially sanctioned and approved by Zenimax Media.
  • Notability – it must have made an impact on officially published lore or a significant impact on the discussion of lore.
  • Completion – it must be readable as a self-contained text or collection of texts, rather than an ongoing or open-ended project.
  • Accessibility – the text must be difficult to access elsewhere, in danger of being lost, or presented in a medium that makes it accessible to more people.

We’re kicking the section of with three projects to start: 

  • Loranna’s RP – a forum roleplay that began with the Trial of Vivec and lasted through 2007. In addition to many of that era’s preeminent lore scholars, TES writer Ted Peterson participated in the roleplay, and some of its ideas found their way into the 3rd Pocket Guide to the Empire and into TESIV: Oblivion. 
  • Morrowind Advanced – texts from the Morrowind Advanced mod by Bethesda developer Gary Noonan, created in collaboration with fans. 
  • Critical Role D&D Campaign – Blackwood-themed one-shots played by the Critical Role team as part of ESO:Blackwood promotion. 
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