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Partial Interview With Vivec

Librarian Comment: 

Short interview with Vivec, conducted by Striker. This interview appears here courtesy of Michael Kirkbride.

All answers © Bethesda Softworks.

This partial interview was done by Striker and was found with his possessions. Tragically, he was unable to complete the interview, so the following is all that could be found.

Striker, Khajiti Scholar
A million thanks to you, Lord Vivec, for agreeing to answer some of my questions. I am surely humbled to be in the presence of the Warror-Poet of the Tribunal, and proud that you see me fit to take up some of your valuable time.

During your numerous years residing as one of the rulers of Morrowind, you travelled to the Imperial City to meet with Tiber Septim. May I ask what this meeting was about?

No man can give a million thanks, much less mean them all. Most cannot give one with any sincerity, so set watch before there come wolves.

I have been to the Imperial City many times, moonson. And I have met with the two-headed king more than once, in most of his recent incarnations. Which meeting do you refer to? The creation of the Armistace? Our supper where I was present in all three aspects? The reorganization of the Anumidum? The time I killed him? Which?

The time you killed Tiber Septim? Most scholars would disagree with you - since the records point to Tiber Septim dying in the early years of the Third Era. Please, elaborate on what you mean, I'm sure many people would be interested in this story!

But surely that same history records my role in the Armistace, specifically those measures whereupon Septim was granted the Numidium?


I rest my case.