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Ingrid the Unfaithful

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Author -  crazycat690

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Ingrid the unfaithful was a most beautiful wench,
unfortunately she had mighty needs that she could never quench.
Never holding onto coin and feeling her man Harald wasn't enough,
decisions had to be made that were going to be tough.
See her husband had a brother Rolf who was quite rich,
for him her husband she would gladly ditch.
Fortunately for Ingrid there was no love between the brothers,
they hated each other like no others.
Rolf would gladly be with her and thrive,
on the condition that his brother Harald would no longer be alive.

So Ingrid the unfaithful started hatching a plan,
where the result would be getting rid of her man.
Poison she thought would be the best way to make him dead,
would also lower the chance for word of the deed to spread.
Problem is that Harald hated the food Ingrid made,
to avoid eating it anything he would trade.
Having him attacked by rabid animals could do the trick,
however training animals to do her bidding wasn't very quick.
Hiring violent thugs would also be quite hard,
considering she had as much coin as a mute bard.

Ingrid the unfaithful was clearly overthinking the matter,
when she could just herself Harald's head shatter.
Not to say when planning the murder she didn't have to be mindful,
an incoming blizzard could possibly be useful.
Hiding the husband's body in the cold and heavy snow,
would be one way to make sure no one about the murder know.
Into the icy and dark forest she would bring the husband and knife,
then get a fresh start from ending a life.
Now she felt confident her deadly plan was strong,
surely nothing could ever go wrong?

Ingrid the unfaithful set out to carry out her mission,
born out of her cold and bitter ambition.
It wasn't hard for her to her husband convince,
as Harald had stopped arguing with her long since.
After she had him on the idea for walking outside sold,
they both ventured outside in the blistering cold.
She grabbed her knife and waited for the right time,
as she was about to cut down a man in his prime.
Now was the proper time to show him what this walk would cost,
as he turned around just in time to see Ingrid once before his life was lost.

Ingrid the unfaithful stood there now with Harald's blood in hand,
cold and bloody she was still feeling absolutely grand.
As the deed was done she now needed to get back to the heat,
so she could start start to think about her new life that was going to be so sweet.
A hard time she was having to find her way back home as the blizzard had gotten worse,
it was almost like on this land had befallen a terrible curse.

After wandering the biting darkness for a few hours,
she could feel how she was losing her bodily powers.
Finally she notices Harald's lifeless body which in her head sets off alarms,
Ingrid the unfaithful feeling cold and defeated and ended up dying in his arms.

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This piece was written for our 20th anniversary fan art contest! It is strictly property of its original creator - you may not modify, publish, or redistribute it without explicit permission from the artist.