Agents and Reagents: Ingredient Classification 5: Unrefined Ore

Although the mountains of Mundus are brimming with veins from a hundred different minerals, with a thousand different uses, alchemists have narrowed down jasper and lazurite as having particularly powerful properties when it comes to concocting potions. Learn the rudimentary ways of mining (or at the very least, take a capable skivvy with you), and attack the rockface with vehemence.

As with the collection of gems, be certain the ore hasn’t been refined. For these purposes, pretend the ore smelter is coated with a pox; ingots of jasper and lazurite elicit little more than a weary sigh from the Master and a polite navigation to the blacksmith’s forge. On the other hand, ferrying great sections of escarpment isn’t necessary either; so bring chiseling equipment and chip away extraneous stone that covers any larger deposit you may come across.

The payment for unrefined ore is dependent on the weight and shape of the piece, as well as the quality. Pickaxe markings are tolerated, but charred marks and other more permanent stains are frowned upon. Take the severed head of a male goat in your left hand, and the jasper or lazurite in your right, and measure the weight; the task is to ensure your ore is the same weight as the head, in order to obtain the usual price for your pickings. Larger or smaller pieces are priced accordingly.


A wondrous and sparking ocean blue, usually found close to sulfur deposits, usually embedded within walls of limestone. Artists use crushed lazurite in their paintings.

Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):

  • Fortifies your vitality and your constitution.
  • Bolsters your armor and the damage you inflict while combat rages.
  • Conjures a mystical bolt to penetrate the enemy, and a magical immunity about your being. 
  • Augments your abilities to move with the shadows, and your senses to spot those silently creeping. 

The base ore from which chalcedony is derived. Expect brown, red, or even green iron deposits within this opaque but smooth mineral.

Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):

  • Fortifies your vitality and your spell casting.
  • Fortifies your spell casting and your constitution.
  • Bolsters your armor while combat rages, your prowess while wounding a foe through armor.
  • Conjures a protective ward and a mystical bolt to penetrate the enemy.
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