Agents and Reagents: Ingredient Classification 4: Unpolished Gems

Attack the rock face of a mine, and you usually chip away at iron, silver, or ebony. But if you know where to look, you can occasionally find gem veins still shrouded in their rock shawls. While other precious minerals are prized for their different properties, alchemists desire but two specific crystals when brewing potions in their cauldrons and more delicate laboratory stations. Be certain you keep your eyes open for embedded chalcedony and porphyry on your travels.

Embarking upon a mining expedition is somewhat different from hunting for pelts or cutting wild mushrooms from the forest floor. Firstly, be sure your mine isn’t abandoned for a reason; trolls, wolves, or more canny creatures prefer these cool confines. Secondly, be certain you are not trespassing on another’s claim (or if you are, bring appropriate weaponry). And finally, and most importantly, bring a pickaxe sharp enough to pry out these stones, but without cracking them or otherwise chipping away at their value.

“Refine your stones, the alchemist groans,” as the Master likes to say: Many ignore the qualities of unrefined gemstones, preferring to remove impurities once the gem slabs are mine. As these shavings of the gems are necessary for the alchemical refinement, do no increase the value of the gems by polishing them. Although the luster and normal value improve, the residue of the deposits is lost, which is critical to the process. Barter with a different trader if your porphyry gleams instead of remaining half buried in stone.


A translucent form of quartz with a waxy luster, found in a great many hues from pale blue to deep brown.

Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):

  • Fortifies your vitality and your spell casting.
  • Bolsters your armor and the damage you inflict while combat rages
  • Conjures a protective ward, a mystical bolt to penetrate the enemy, and a magical immunity about your being. 
  • Augments a faster pace of running and your senses to spot those silently creeping. 

A mass of deep purple or dark red, embedded with feldspar crystals, all encased in hard igneous rock.

Proven Benefits (in Alchemy):

  • Fortifies your vitality and your constitution.
  • Fortifies your spell casting and your constitution.
  • Fortifies your vitality, your spell casting, and your constitution.
  • Bolsters your armor while combat rages, your prowess while wounding a foe through armor.
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