Indirim’s Report, Part 5

Author (in-game): Indirim

From what we’ve been able to learn, Summerset is not being invaded by an overwhelming force of Sload. Instead, a small cabal of Sea Sload—what started out as four, now reduced to three due to the death of one called K’Tora—has infiltrated the island in order to unleash the destructive abyssal geysers and hordes of yaghra and undead. And they appear to be working in conjunction with a group of High Elves that calls itself “the Court of Bedlam.”

* * *
Marine Saruwy slipped on a wet stone and revealed our presence to the Sea Sload. It ordered its yaghra servants to dispatch us. Time to make a run for it. We need to get this report and everything we learned to the Battlereeve.

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