Indirim’s Report, Part 3

Author: Indirim

A cloaked and hooded High Elf paid a clandestine visit to the Sea Sload in Welenkin Cove while we made our observations. The figure spoke softly, but a few words reached us on the seaborne breeze. It seems that B'Korgen is one of a small number of Sea Sload currently active in Summerset's shadows. They call themselves "the Abyssal Cabal" and they appear to have partnered with a group of High Elves that calls itself "the Court of Bedlam." The Battlereeve will want to find out more about this subversive group.

* * *
From what I could glean of the conversation, the geysers are just part of a larger plan to wreck havoc across Summerset and eventually sink the island so the Sea Sload can reclaim it.

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