Indirim’s Report, Part 2

Author: Indirim

At the center of the strange geyser, we discovered one of the sea gems the Sapiarchs have named "abyssal pearls." It radiated a foul magic that not only appeared to anchor the geyser, but seemed to serve as a lure of sorts for the yaghra. Upon destroying the pearl, the terrible event came to an abrupt end.

* * *
We tracked the Sea Sload to its hiding spot in Welenkin Cove. The creature called itself B'Korgen as it addressed its yaghra servants with a combination of its guttural verbal language and by speaking directly into their minds. If we got close enough, the mind magic seeped into our own heads. It was a strange and defiling experience.

* * *
B'Korgen appeared to be tending to a bed of growing abyssal pearls. It drew strange sigils in the water around the pearls and even upon their lustrous surfaces, and added alchemical mixtures to the water that made the sea glow with an arcane light. I'm sure this is the source of each pearl's magic.

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