Incriminating Letter

Author: Author: Maven Black-Briar
Released In:


Maven Black-Briar Dearest Anuriel,

The Jarl has shown great wisdom in choosing you as her steward. A position well befitting your character, as it demands great cunning, grace, and, shall we say, a talent for performing one’s duties tactfully and discreetly.

You have become an important asset to our operation. I trust you found the dress accompanying this letter to your satisfaction. Remember, as I flourish, so too will my friends.

However, I wish to remind you of your pledge to prevent Honningbrew deliveries from entering the city. I am also still waiting for the detachment of city guards to escort my merchandise. I understand it can take time navigating around the delicate sensibilities of your mistress, the great Lalia Law-Giver, but really, I’ve waited long enough.

Provided you continue to serve my interests, I will continue to look after yours.

I trust I’ll be hearing from you soon.


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