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Imperial Roleplay

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Joined: 07/18/2017

I have created a character with the intention of having his RP be extremely focused on his imperial service and ties to the empire.

Problem is, the CW questline in itself is like, what, 7 relatively short quests where the battles are won whether you participate or not?

So far I've tried clearing out places that I imagine the imperial garrison would deem a hazard, clearing forts to allow the empire to re-claim them, and doing duties for the city guard captains from the mod Jobs of Skyrim.

Any other ideas or suggestions on mods that would enhance the RP? I've got Jobs of Skyrim and Immersive Patrols. I've had a look at Warzones, but after the install guide mentioned a host of 3rd party programs I need to install and run before I can even think of getting the mod, I gave up on it for now.