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The Imperial Palace

Xan, Lady N

And finally after the Eternal Champion retrieved the last piece of the Staff of Chaos, Ria Silmane appeared to them for the last time:


I had expected that with all eight pieces together, the Staff of Chaos would activate and free the Emperor. None of this has occurred, and I finally know why."


Held by Tharn is a gem of the rarest qualities. Legend has that it is a star fallen from the sky, for it glows with an inner flame. This is the Jewel of Fire, and the crucible of Tharn's life force. It is also the thing in which Tharn has suffused all of the energy of the Staff. If you can touch the Staff to this Jewel, the release of that combined energy may be enough to destroy the Staff of Chaos and open the gate between worlds. If you are successful, Tharn will no doubt be destroyed as well. There is only one way to get this Jewel.

You must make your way into the Imperial Palace and find wherever Tharn has hidden it. Be warned, once inside Tharn will throw the full might of the Palace Guards and those creatures made to resemble the Imperial Guard against you. They are but puppets of Tharn's machinations. Have mercy on them, for they know not what they serve. With Tharn however, such care need not be taken. If you are successful a dimensional door should open, freeing the Emperor. With the Jewel drained of energy Tharn should also perish.

There is a problem however with this course of action. Tharn, in his fear, has made the Imperial Palace inaccessible. If you have been there you already know the Guards are under orders to turn all who approach back. I think that I can circumvent this with a Spell of Altering but it will mean the last of the energy holding me in this form. I will gladly sacrifice myself however, so that Tharn can pay for his betrayal.

The spell I cast will alter other's perceptions of your appearence. The Guards posted outside the Imperial Palace should be fooled and allow you entry. I only hope it will be enough. You have done more than a hero could be asked. This is the final step of a long journey. Take heart and go forward with my blessings. I thank you, in the Emperor's name...

And so the final battle in the Imperial Palace began. On the top levels, the Eternal Champion faced imperial kinghts, while in the bowels of the palace litches greeted them instead. Finally, Jagar Tharn himself appeared and fought the Eternal Champion. After taking some critical hits, Tharn surrounded himself with a magical shield. The Eternal Champion wasted no time and went directly to the place where the Jewel of Fire was kept. He touched the combined Staff of Chaos to the Jewel of Fire. Jagar Tharn shouted, "You must not! The Jewel holds my lifeforce!!!" But was too late, and Jagar Tharn melted.


arena_tharn_melt_0.jpg arena_tharn_melt_1.jpg
arena_tharn_melt_2.jpg arena_tharn_melt_3.jpg


From the Jewel of Fire sprouted some lightning bolt that grabbed the Staff of Chaos, turned it, faster and faster, in a circular motion. The circle started glowing, first only from the middle and then in its entire. Two people came out from the glowing circle: Emperor Uriel Septim VII and General Warhaft.


arena_staff_end_1.jpg arena_staff_end_2.jpg
arena_staff_end_3.jpg arena_staff_end_4.jpg
arena_staff_end_5.jpg arena_staff_end_6.jpg


The Emperor said, "Thou art truly a child of the Empire. I thank thee for thy assistance." General Warhaft followed, "It seems, that I am quite in the way. Not only have you managed to save the Emperor, but my life as well. I cannot be but proud of one who has truly earned such renown, and my deepest respect..." Finally the Emperor said:

arena_warhaft.jpg arena_uriel.jpg

I have a particular idea as to the question of your service in mind... From this day forth, thou art named the Eternal Champion. From thy hand shall be dealt the needs of the Empire. I, Uriel Septim, true Emperor of Tamriel do decree, and thus make law. Arise my Champion, and take thy rightful place at my side...

The End