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Imago Storm


Appeared in: TESL: Battlespire.

Imago Storm was the leader of Dremora during the assault of Battlespire by Mehrunes Dagon. He did not like the decision of Mehrunes Dagon to accept the services from Xivilai Moath (the leader of Frost Daedra), Faydra Shardai (the leader of Fire Daedra) and the group of Seducers. Further more, he thought that the assault of Battlespire was unneccessary, as the Daedra was waiting for another big event as written in the firmament. Therefore he helped the hero of Battlespire by giving him the neonymics of Xivilai Moath, Faydra Shardai and Mehrunes Dagon himself. With this neonymics, the hero managed to banished Mehrunes Dagon to the void and ended the invasion of Battlespire.