Ildari’s Journal, vol. III

Author (in-game): Ildari

These warrens are well suited to me. I can plot my vengeance undisturbed. I’ve created many ash spawn and summoned atronachs to do my bidding. Yet I know it isn’t enough. Neloth is a wily old wizard. I need more power.

I’m out of test subjects, except for Niyya. I saved her for last. She pretended to be my friend when I first came here. But now I know the truth. The voices have told me all about her lies and betrayal. She works with Neloth to bring me down. I’ve saved a special experiment just for her. It will take quite a while to complete.

I can’t attack Neloth directly, he’s too powerful. But I can make his life uncomfortable. I’ve killed his steward. I’ve withered his home. Maybe I should poison his precious tea. I’ll need a more capable servant for that. The ash spawn are too clumsy for such delicate work.

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