Ildari’s Journal, vol. II

Author (in-game): Ildari

I am stronger now. The heart stone kept me alive after Neloth’s butchery. I can feel the bones in the ash calling to me. I can call back to them too. With the heart stone I can bind the spirits to bone and ash and raise a servant to do my bidding.

Tonight I will seize control. These miners and fortune seekers are pawns of Neloth. I can feel them staring at me. I’m sure they are sending him messages, reporting on my every move. The only ones I can trust are the voices. They’ve never lied to me. They’ve shown me that these fools plan to betray me, just like Neloth.

When they are all asleep, I will raise my ash spawn. Their brute of a leader will die first. I can see the lust in his heart. He may act all kind and generous, but I know what he wants, what they all want. They want the heart stone.

I’ll keep a few prisoners. I need test subjects for my experiments. There is more that the heart stone can do. I just need to try out a few ideas.

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