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IANTH: A New Non-TES Project Founded By Me, Is Recruiting!

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Joined: 09/27/2013
“Greetings in blood, companions! If you're reading this than you are either a part of the writing team developing I Am Not The Hero (shortened to the acronym IANTH), a person trusted with the reviewing of its lore and story, or a new recruit! The main goal of this world-building project is to create a fluid and realistic universe in a steampunk/dark fantasy setting with Lovecraftian elements, where everything feels alive and natural, in order to create a work of literature that possesses an amazing narrative and fantastic illustrations that is a fusion of Western and Eastern literary storytelling and design through creative ingenuity and teamwork. To clarify, what I mean by a fusion of Western & Eastern storytelling is that this novel will be told in two separate ways - via full length written chapters accompanied by Victorian Era illustrations which will be used for character focus and narrative exposition, and fully drawn manga/comic chapters (utilizing an artstyle combining the artistic directions of Dragon Ball Z and Cowboy Bebop while still having an antiquated, gritty feel) that will be used to convey one-on-one battles or large-scale conflicts that would either be too hard to visualize or are too fantastic to demonstrate through written words.
I've personally taken to calling it a novanga myself in jest, but that's a sentiment that's open to discussion and change amongst everyone on the team.
What we’re really working for with the story of this universe is to create something that has a feel of uniqueness and freshness, which doesn't contain a lot of the standard clichés and tropes found throughout all forms of fictional media. While this cannot be completely avoided due to the nature of fiction, which is the art of retelling the same stories over time with a new flavor (which means some major storytelling tropes will eventually crop up in our world), we can still strive to avoid having some of the rather common and ridiculous ones (like the Power of Love/Friendship, Villain Monologuing, Serial Escalation in regards to new enemies and conflicts that advance the plot, Fanservice that is unneeded and serves no relevance to the plot, Adults Being Useless, etc.) popping up.
If a character or a group of characters win a fight, it’s because they were able to successfully work out a plan that utilizes their abilities to the fullest instead of relying on ‘inexplicable power ups’ or ‘my badass is simply stronger than yours’. If a story element is introduced, it will be relevant to the plot in some way or fashion and won't be tossed aside or become a plot hole. Fights will be visceral and engaging, with enemies having their own unique advantages and quirks that will make them genuinely challenging to our heroes; if a main character can't realistically win a fight, then they won't win the fight. Deus ex Machinas will also, naturally, be reduced or not even used in the grand scheme of things.
Through hard work, luck, ingenuity, a little bit of procrastination, debate, and the will to succeed, we can and will be able to create a groundbreaking work that will leave its mark on all fictional media for years to come. But only if we do our best, and have some fun while doing it.
And with that said, let's get to work. As I've always said, give me a pen and I'll build you a world.” - LaJaveyon Saunders (IceFireWarden), Project Founder
Interested in the themes of dark fantasy, steampunk, and Lovecraftian horror? Fond of telling grandiose, epic stories revolving around realistic and intriguing characters trying to find their place in the universe? Good at illustrating amazing works of art that capture the emotion, tone, and thoughts of what is being depicted in a scene? Then you might be a great fit for joining Project Requiem and helping make the world of IANTH not only a reality, but a work of fiction that people all around the world can experience and enjoy!
If interested, or if you know someone who might be, then please visit our Google Drive folder ( and peruse our documents. Our official meeting hub (which can be accessed below) and email addresses can be found in the Organization document, in case you want to contact us about joining or have any questions. We hope to see you soon!