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Lady Nerevar
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Creatures that bear some resemblance to humans or used to be human. Often intelligent.

Ash Ghoul

TES3: Morrowind

The third 'evolution' of Dagoth Ur's servants. A single trunk-like appendage has sprouted from the hole in an Ash Zombie's head, and it now wears robes. They have considerable magical ability. There are three uniquely named Ash Ghouls in Morrowind: Dagoth Velow, Ganel, and Mulyn.

Ash Slave

TES3: Morrowind

The weakest of Dagoth Ur's servants. They poses considerable magical ability.

Ash Vampire

TES3: Morrowind

"Ash Vampire" is a collective term for the high ranking members of House Dagoth who have been preserved through the power of the heart. Their beard is reminiscent of the Dwemer, and, since they have been preserved since the 1st era, their styling is suggestive of fashion at the time. Their individual names are Dagoth Araybys, Endus, Gilvoth, Ordos, Tureynul, and Vemyn. Each one is somehow tied to Ur: for each Dagoth killed, Ur looses 5 points of strength, willpower, and speed, as well as 50 fatigue and health, and 250 magica points. All Ash Vampires die automatically once Dagoth Ur is slain.

Ash Zombie

TES3: Morrowind

The second stage of 'evolution' for the servants of Dagoth Ur. It appears identical to the Ash Slave, with the exception of a gaping hole at the top of its head. It seems to have no brain.

Ascended Sleeper

TES3: Morrowind

Likely the final evolution of the servants of Dagoth Ur, this creature's head is entirely made up of trunk-like tentacles. These tentacles have holes along their height, and concept art indicates that they can be played like pipes. It is dressed in elaborate robes, and carries all blight diseases.


TES2: Daggerfall


TES2: Daggerfall, TES3: Morrowind, TES4: Oblivion (Land Dreugh)

The Dreugh is an aquatic race found in the waters surrounding Tamriel. Although they spend the majority of their lives in water, they travel on land for one year, in a process called karvinasim. After this year is up, they return to the water and devour the organs needed for walking on land. They then vomit them back up as a ball of fibrous substance known as grom. The number of arms and posterior appendages, as well as the difference in facial appearance, may be due to differences in life stages. According to the 1st Sermon of Vivec, they lay eggs.

Dunmer mythology claims that Ruddy Man, a child of Vivec and Molag Bal, is the 'father' of the Dreugh. The 36 Lessons of Vivec claim that the Dreugh had an advanced civilization, complete with "castles of glass and coral," in the early 1st era. It also credits the Dreugh with changing the reproductive organs of Vivec's mother so that she might give birth to him as an egg.

Corpus Beast

TES3: Morrowind

A mer infected with Corpus, the "divine disease." The left image depicts a victim early in the infection; the right image shows the body after the disease has had time to develop.


TES1: Arena, TESA: Redguard (Goblin, Elite Goblin), TES3: Tribunal (Goblin, Goblin Bruiser, Goblin Handler, Goblin Officer, Goblin Warchief), TES4: Oblivion (Goblin, Goblin Skirmisher, Goblin Beserker, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Warlord)

The Arena manual describes goblins as "vile, nasty creatures, short in stature and almost rodent-like in their frenzy to feed. Very stupid but dangerous to the inexperienced." Later games paint a very different picture. The goblins of Redguard, Tribunal, and Oblivion have a rudimentary tribal structure, and are capable of manufacturing and adapting tools and armor. Their armor consists of leather and bone, plus scavaged iron armor. They are capable of weilding weapons and some can cast magic.

The Tribunal goblins are imorted by Helseth from Summurset Isle, where they are trained and kept as soldiers. They have two war chiefs, Durgoc and Kurog, who lead all forces. The goblins of Cyrodiil are untrained, and divided into several tribes across the land. These tribes are Bitterfish (living in the ruin of Miscarand), Bloody Hand (in Cracked Wood Cave), Dust Eater (in Barren Mine), Rock Biter (in Timberscar Hollow), Sharptooth (in Derelict Mine), Skull Breaker (in Wenderbek Cave), Three Feather (in Plundered Mine), and Whiteskin (in Goblin Jim's Cave, led by a Breton named Goblin Jim). Each tribe has its own totem and sigil, and they will attack eachother if they come into contact.


TES3: Bloodmoon

The Grahl is referred to as an "Ice Troll" in the game files. The Grahl prefers to attack with its tusks and claws, and may hunt in packs.


TES2: Daggerfall

Requires Mythril or better weapons to harm.


TES2: Daggerfall, TES5: Skyrim

Ginats are over twice the size of a typical human, and pose a considerable threat to any adventurer. They have the rudiments of culture, though the exact level of their intelligence is unclear. In Skyrim, giants herd mamoths, produce mamoth cheese, and live at permanent campsites. They are nonhostile, and will wave you away if you approach. If you do violate their personal space, or attack their mamoths, they will attack full force. Giants are capable of comunicating - in Daggerfall, they speak a langauge named "Giantish."

There is a common legend that states that the Dwemer were named "Dwarves" by a race of giants. These were not the same giants that we encounter in game, but rather the mythical Ehlnofey, ancestors of men and mer.

The 6th Fight of the Aldudagga further elaborates on the giants. It supports the notion of giants as Ehlnofey, and states that the modern giants devolved into their current state during a period of separation from the Nords. In order to keep the giants happy and keep them from wrecking ones homestead, the Nords leave offerings painted with swirls. This tradition survies into the fourth era: the player can find a farmer escorting a painted cow to the camp of giants, and a giant traveling alongside a painted cow.

Giant, Frost

TES3: Bloodmoon (Karstaag)


TESA: Redguard


TES2: Daggerfall


TES2: Daggerfall, TES4: Oblivion


TES2: Daggerfall

Lizard Man

TES1: Arena

This creatures appears only in Arena, where it is described as follows:

Once thought to be distant cousins of the Argonians, it was soon evident that those lizardmen had nothing human within them whatsoever. They are a race of carnivorous reptiles, whose use of language stretches only far enough to communicate the location of their prey to the rest of their hunting party, which then move to attack and feed.


TES1: Arena


TES1: Arena, TES4: Oblivion (Minotaur, Minotaur Lord)

Arena describes Minotaurs as "cruel man eaters" who are "not particularly intelligent, but can track a man by scent alone." Although Arena's minotaurs have a weakness to magic, Oblivion's do not. The Minotaur Lord is an apparently older, gray version of the Minotaur, with longer horns and a gold nose ring.

Belharza the Bull, the son of Alessia and Morihaus, and the 2nd emperor of the First Cyrodiilic Empire, is thought to be a minotaur.


TES2: Daggerfall


TESA: Redguard (Goblin King), TES4: Oblivion


TES3: Bloodmoon (Riekling, Riekling Raider)

Some believe Reiklings to be the descendants of Falmer.


TES2: Daggerfall, TES3: Bloodmoon, TES4: Oblivion


TES1: Arena, TESA: Redguard (Green Troll), TES3: Bloodmoon (Udyrfrykte), TES4: Oblivion, TES5: Skyrim