AFFresh: Hul’s Hull

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When wandering around Balmora the Player may encounter Hul who will ask the player for help if spoken to.



Spare a few coins for an sailor with no ship?

Sailor with no ship: I was a sailor, yes, but the ship I was on ran aground. I've been here ever since. Not much use for an Argonian sailor here. I beg and do odd jobs. It keeps me fed. Spare a coin?

-Here (give 10 septims):  Kynareth's blessing upon you, (Race).

-Tell me about your ship: The ship? It was the Lady Lamia. A smuggling ship I'm shamed to say. We ran around in a storm on one of those little island east of Vivec, just north of some Daedric ruins. The captain got a new ship, the Harpy, but most of the old crew is as deserted as the ship, scattered to the four winds. I sometimes wonder if any of the ebony is still there, but I don't know if I could even find hte ship now. It's been years.

Asking again: I miss the sea, especially the Inner Sea and Topal Bay. They can both be treacherous, but they are calm and beautiful much of the time. I don't think I could go back.


The player set out in search of the ship and finds 4 peices of ebony in a crate on the ship. The player can report back to Hul upon this discovery.



Sailor with no ship: What? You actually went there? Did you find any ebony?

-Yes, take a share(give 2 raw ebony): You're…just giving me some of the ebony? I don't know what to say. I don't know what I'll do.

Asking again: I am wealthy, Player. much wealthier than I ever expected to be.


The player will leave and after a few days will return to find Hul with fancy clothes surly her luck has changed.


After a few more days the player will return to Balmora and this time will find Hul without any clothes at all. Talking to her will start Hul's Skulls quest.




Alternatively the player can report no Ebony was found. This will prevent the player from getting the sequel quest.



Sailor with no ship: What? You actually went there? Did you find any ebony?

-No, nothing there.: Ah, well ,it is not surprising that it was lost or someone else found it. Thanks for letting me know.


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