Hugin Ice-Shaper’s Journal

Author: Hugin Ice-Shaper
Released In:

Book added by Nordic Jewelry from the Creation Club. Parts of this book are faded leading to barely legible text.

Finding naturally occurring raw pieces of a suitable size and shape is unlikely re eth ha ot e ed

perha t re are some alter ive methods I hav not yet expl I quickly discovered grinding with traditional methods is nearly impossible, but this material fascinates me. I am determined to incorporate it into my work t lects f the su ce w h

sha are m re l n s e than is Shattering large chunks with an application of violent force after repeated bouts of extreme heating and cooling (note: magical methods are the most viable) yields far more material to select from.

In addition, the shards are more regular in shape than debris left by a pickaxe. The amount of waste is disappointing, but the cost may be offset sel ed a collec n of p ces for f e r c Further shaping by using a second appropriately sized piece of stalhrim yields particularly satisfactory results. The product is quite rough, but has sort of a naturalistic appeal a few des s. Some ng is s ll m s ng

o t t o b h s s of at st a set in quicksilver with a traditional Nordic motif. Perfection. With a bit of hired help, I have adequate materials to reproduce the design and distribute to the mainland.

I will finally make a name for myself!

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