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How to get into an RP?

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Joined: 06/21/2012

The RPs on here are set up quite differently than those on other forums. I really like the way that they are set up (story like), but it does leave me rather confused and not knowing how to integrate my characters into the story or if it's even appropriate.

I'd really like to join some on here, but I really don't know how. I have two characters (an Altmer and an Aureal) who I'd really like to get into RPs right now, but I don't just want to barge in on an RP and make a fool of myself. Thanks!

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On TIL, we typically create characters to suit a story, instead of using premade characters. That way, you don't have to try and muscle in a character that doesn't fit. A few rare occasions have brought in cameos from characters in the past, or perhaps a new iteration in a series that was already going on, but for the most part the character is created for an RP and isn't used again. Either that, or the character someone had already made fits into the setting and mood and hey no problem. For example, Jeroic's character Leon fits in nicely with Dusk Era's "over-the-top fate-of-the-world" sort of groove, so it wasn't really hard for him to get into it. Although it would be nice if he posted a bit more often. Shhhh

We used to use character sheets back in ye olden days, but we typically don't anymore. Anything that couldn't be communicated via text and exposition in your first post with the character is usually put in the Workshop thread so everyone can reference it. That's also where people put their questions about things going on.

It's nice to ask permission to join an RP midway, typically those things require some sort of set-up to get done properly. You can't just suddenly appear, you know. Ruins flow.


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Yeah sorry bout that. Epic sad face ---> :(