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Helseth, Hlaalu, King


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall, TES3: Morrowind Exp: Tribunal.

Hlaalu Helseth, is the first child of Queen Barenziah and the late King Symmachus. He has been adopted by King Eadwyre of Wayrest. He is cunning, a ruthless megalomaniac and paranoid.

Since his early days of his stay in Wayrest, Helseth and her stepsister, Elysana were fighting for the throne of Wayrest. After the death of King Eadwyre, Elysana eventually won the fight and Helseth and his mother, Barenziah were force to leave Wayrest. They were accepted by King Llethan in Mournhold, Morrowind.

Short thereafter, King Llethan died and the throne came to Helseth. Rumor has it that Llethan’s death is not a natural one and Helseth is the one who was responsible. Some underground publisher released phamplet called "The Common Tongue," accusing Helseth of Llethan’s death. In time these underground resistances were vanquished by Helseth’s cunning ways. Also, started from his early reign, he was opposed by Almalexia. Almalexia saw him as a threat of her rule of Morrowind.

Then, the Nerevarine emerged. At first, Helseth saw the Nerevarine as another threat to his new monarchy. His failing attempt to assassinate the Nerevarine forced him to use other methods. Eventually, through a clever manipulation, Helseth managed to pull the Nerevarine to his side and eliminate all the problem of his new monarchy. He rules Morrowind undisputed.

In the Fourth Era, Morrowind was devastated with various disasters – the crashing of Ministry of Truth, the eruption of Red Mountain and the invasion of the Argonian – Helseth’s fate is unkown at this time.