AFFresh: A Healers Curiosity

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After joining the Blades and speaking with Caius you are directed to speak to each of the blades trainers.



Orders: I can't give you official orders, but there is something you could look into for me. As a healer, I see many patients and sometimes their wounds do not match their stories. Such is the case with a recent patient who gave her name as Tavia.

Tavia: A Redguard of medium height and red hair. Neither young nor old. Well practiced with a sword, based on her stance and calluses. She came in with many deep cuts on her arms and two stab wounds in her gut. After I healed her, she claimed that she was attacked by kagouti, but her wounds where clearly from a dagger.

-Continue: She might be in some danger, she might be involved in something criminal, or she might even be a spy. It would ease my mind if you discovered the true cause of her wounds and found out where she went.

Asking again: Try and find out about Tavia and what might have caused her wounds. I am not sure where to start, other than asking people around town.


The player will ask around town about Tavia to try to find out more information.


Dralsea Arethi:

Tavia: I haven't seen anyone like that recently. Have you tried asking at the cornerclubs?


Banor Seran:

Tavia: No, no one like that has been here.



Tavia: What Ra'Virr know of this?


Clagius Clanler:

Tavia: No, I don't know anyone like that.



Tavia: A Redguard here? Maybe. Talk to Bacola upstairs.


Dulnea Ralaal:

Tavia: Yes, a Redguard was staying here not long ago, but she complained of the rooms and went to stay at the South Wall.


Bacola Closcius:

Tavia: No 'Tavia' has been a guest here, but a red-haired Redguard calling herself Ruthara stayed here some time ago. She seemed only lightly injured, but her clothes were bloody and torn. I belive Sugar-Lips may have, ah, glanced in her room.


Sugar-Lips Habasi:

Tavia: You are mistaken. Habasi would never steal from a guest.

Asking about after persuasion: Maybe Habasi found some things and maybe Habasi doesn't want them anymore. Habasi sold the other things.


The player is given two notes. Tavia's Torn Note and Tavia's Bloodstained Note. If the player has previously done the quest “Favors for Orcs” they will reconize the handwriting on the torn note and can head to Caldera to ask for more information from them.


Bugrol gro-Bagul:

Ruthara: The Redguard? She's running glass. Lots of glass. Lots and lots. We have no glass, but we know a man, you know? So we set up deal. She not show up! I hear she show up in Ebonheart trying to hire ship.

Running Glass: You looking for Ruthara? She wants enough for a hundred suits. Going to run it back to Hammerfell. No one has that kind of glass.


Bashuk gra-Bat:

Ruthara: Ruthara was trying to run it. Crates and crates of it. Wanted to take it back to Dragonstar. Didn't ask what for.

Running Glass: Ruthara's running glass. Crates of it. We find a supplier, set up a meet. She skips out on us! I hear she went to Ebonheart.


The player not yet satisfied with his investigation looks to the bloodstained note which point east to the crossroads between Balmora and Pelagiad. Finding your way there you find a pilgrim at the crossroads Tiron Ienith who you can question.


Tiron Ienith:

Tavia: Yes, yes, someone by that description was here, but she said her naem was Lady Othri.

Lady Othri: She claimed to be a traveler, and she was certainly not a Dunmer, but she was too well dressed for the road. Another woman, Braleni, met her here. The two of them left together, and I heard screams shortly after.

-Continue: I tried looking for them, but couldn't find either one in the dark, Neither of them returned.

Braleni: A very wealthy looking sort, but not a devout one. She wore glass boots with tailored, gold-and-ebony embroidered clothes. And yet she refused to support me in any way. She barely spoke to me. Me, a pilgrim! Oh, one thing I remember. Whe she first arrived, she complained about how long the walk was from the plantation. I wonder if she came from teh Dren Plantation? That's just east of Pelagiad.


The player heads out to the Dren Plantation to learn more.


Manos Othereleth:

Braleni: You did not hear this from me. Ask in the shipping house.


Ushamph gro-Shamub:

Braleni: If you must talk business, talk to Mash.


Mash gro-Burol:

Braleni: I don't know what she's doing or where she's doing it.

Asking again after persuation: The spotted guar of teh family? Why? You running glass?

Running Glass: It's good business and Braleni gives us a big share, better than any other Dren would. We always have to watch out for spies, though. Hey, maybe you're a spy!

-Say you're a buyer: A buyer? Well, Braleni went to Ebonheart to nursemaid a delivery that wasn't going smooth. She'll be down by the docks or at the Fish.

-Say you're a spy: Oh yeah? A spy wouldn't say that. And it's our day off, so say why you're here or get lost.

-Say you're looking for a spy: Braleni warned us about a Redguard with red hair. I haven't seen one, but Braleni's in Ebonheart if you have information for her. Ask for her at teh docks or at the Fish.


The player heads to Ebonheart to find Braleni and find out more.


Braleni Dren:

Background: My name is Braleni Dren. That should tell you all you need to know.

Braleni: Yes, I'm Braleni Dren. Do you really know who I am, what my name means?

My trade: Mind your business, and I'll mind mine.

Running Glass: Someone needs to have their mouth shut. Maybe it's you.

Lady Othri: I have no time for someone asking questions with obvious answers.

After persuasion: She had some silly story about buying glass for the prince of Dragonstar. She was either a badly trained spy or an amateur over her head. Either way, too risky to do business with. Alas, I was a moment too late getting here. She's on a ship to Solitude if you need to find her so badly.


The player heads down to the docks and attempts to hire a boat to catch up to her.


Nevosi Hlan:

Lady Othri: You're looking for a woman on a ship to Solitude? One just left a few hours ago. My ship, the Chun-Ook, is the hsip you want to catch up to them. But it will cost you. Twenty drakes, upfront.

-Not right now: It will only get further away.

-Take the ship (pay 20 gold): Let's get going.


Nevosi makes good speed and quickly catches up to the other boat but onboard the player finds the crew is almost all dead. Heading below deck the player finds lots of smuggled items among them silver weapons with a note “Silver Weapon Samples“. And of course the player finds Tavia still alive and well.



You! What are you doing here? You're not another Dren are you? You're looking for me? It's a good thing you're here. Soon after we left port, some spell went off and killed the crew. Maybe the tow of us can–wait, did you hear that? Now isn't the time, (race). Let's clear the ship of undead and then we'll talk.


Undead appear around the player and Tavia and they must fight their way back up on deck. After clearing the deck the player can speak to Tavia once more.



Thanks for the help with the undead. This whole trip was cursed from the start. So who are and why are you looking for me?

Background: I'm an agent, working for the Prince of Dragonstar. How I got there is a long, long story.

Lady Othri: I enjoyed being Lady Othri too much, but I was never very good at it. The few people I needed to contact as her saw through me instantly.

Tavia: Yes, or at least you can call me that.

Ruthara: Believe it or not, that's my name.

Running Glass: Yes, I might as well tell you. I was trying to get a large amount of glass armor and weapons or raw glass to take back to Dragonstar. Things seem calm now, but the prince is a very forward-thinking man and he knows Hammerfell will be at war again in a few generation. He had an idea that glass could…well, I couldn't get enough so it doesn't matter. We'll try something else.


After interrogating her you can work together with Tavia to get back to shore.



Looks like we're stuck out here, but maybe the two of us can get this ship to Khuul. Let me know when you're ready to make the attempt.

-Go to Khuul: Don't worry. I'm a Redguard from Hegathe. I know a bit about ships.


The player is dropped off at Khuul and makes their way back to Balmora to report in.



Tavia: Interesting. So you found her and she was trying to get a shipment of glass? And for the prince of Dragonstar? Did she say which one? It might not matter. I'll mention this to Caius. It might eventually be Blades business, but it will be up to whoever is running things in northeastern Hammerfell.

Orders: I can't think of any other orders for you.

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