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Have you ever tried to make *you*?/Nuzlocke Challenge

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When you play your favorite Elder Scrolls game, have you ever created a character that is most similar to you in race, only use skills that you are skilled in (with minor exceptions taken into consideration for the lack of "magicka" in our world)? Things like that? I am working on a file for Skyrim that follows this thought process and wanted to see if I was the first. 

Just so I'm not asking some ambiguous "yes or no" question let me give my experience and you guys can reply with yours.

In Skyrim, I like to play "hardcore" mode, wherein if my character dies, I delete the file. I wanted to see how far I would get if I were put into this situation so I started building myself. I imagine myself as a Breton, due to my abstract thinking and less-than-warrior-like body type (I'm very skinny, most describe me as "streamline" and "graceful").  I am, if you convert our calendar to theirs, born under the sign of the Tower, so I wouldn't use any other birthsign until I find that stone. As for skills, I typically like to use 6 when I play Skyrim (utilizing one-third of the skills as to not spread thin or be a one-trick pony). The skills I have chosen for myself are Sneak (my agility in real life has led my family and friends to know me as quite the sneak), Speech (I've worked sales almost my entire life and am quite silver-tongued), Archery (I'm a proud gun owner and with perks like Power Shot and Quick Shot, it's only fitting), Alteration (I am an avid lucid dreamer and my main "power" is telekinesis. All the other spells are just a bonus), Illusion (an extension of my Speech where I am able to Calm or give Courage to one through "false means"), and I have yet to pick a 6th skill...

I wanted to see if I was the only who did this type of thing/if this is the first time you've ever even thought of this, how do you think you would build yourself? Assume you can only use "Man" races, translate your birthday over and find out your actual birthsign and discuss.

P. S. For the lore junkies out there, go as far as listing political and religious beliefs. I would worship Vaermina, seeing as my character is based on powers and such that I acquires via lucid dreaming. I'm a bit of a drug user in real life, and would probably be a fan of Skooma and Sleeping Tree Sap, in game. Get deep, no secrets.

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No, I like to role play not self play. Though I'm sure plenty have self played since the dawn of the RPG.

If I were to self play in an ES title however, I'd probably revolve around the speechcraft skill and mercantile (have to go old school).

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I've based some of my characters off of myself, but when I do I tend to restrict myself gameplay-wise. For instance, I'll spend weeks cutting wood to save up enough money to go to the College of Winterhold, and then mostly just do the repeatable "fetch an item for enchantment" quests for spare cash (school books, training, etc.).

I definitely tend towards magic-based play when I try this, which I credit largely to my amusement at the "azimuthal vectors" quest in Daggerfall and reading Liminal Bridges - As a student pursuing a degree in mathematics, I definitely resonate with quests given by crazy old chair-polishers (I've actually experienced the "oh yeah, get that book for me, will you?" quest, although the bloodthirsty undead were noticeably absent).

I think the craziest thing I've done relating to this is create lineages. I'll start out playing Arena or Daggerfall, and then work my way up through Skyrim, all with one family going through the series. I remember one spare afternoon I ended up making an Altmer genealogical chart spanning the Dawn through the fourth era, including notes on important individuals throughout history ("this one fought the Sload in the All Flags Navy, this one betrayed his liege in Firsthold and defected to Skywatch, etc.").

EDIT: For my sign I used my Indian lunar sign ("Ashlesha", meaning coiled serpent) which nets me the Serpent in Tamriel terms. When I combine this with my birthday falling on Tamriel's Witches Festival, I usually try to work in some Mephala worship - it's only reasonable. ;)

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I've done the same with my charectors, (making a family that span the whole of the series that is) as have my brother and we have them meet and other such role-play'ish things as this. though i have never made myself in my longtime playing the games.

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Well, I will sometimes make decisions based on what I would do but I never really saw my characters as me. Maybe I think of them as my ancestors or decendants.

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Ah, this is interesting to think about. I admit I have never truly made myself, but if I had to do it.....

Let's start with what race I would be: Probably bosmer or khajiit, but if it had to be a man-race then Imperial. My sign is the Lord, which actually fits eerily well considering how I very rarely get sick (canon says that those born under the Lord are healthier than others).

As to what skills I would have: Lockpicking, archery, speechcraft, light armor, mercantile.... and I don't really know what else. I know basic lockpicking, I'm quite good with a bow, and I've been told I'm fairly well-spoken. Light armor because it's what I use at LARP so I'm somewhat used to the feel. 

As for religious and political beliefs: I would probably worship either Clavicus Vile or Mephala. Although I am fond of Sheogorath, his unpredictability scares me too much for me to worship him.

I don't much care for politics; to be honest, I would probably attempt to join either a gang of bandits or mercenaries and just follow whatever whims I had. Or I would join the Thieves Guild.

Or the Dark Brotherhood. I'm not just saying this to be hardcore either; I fully support the ideal that some people can only be fixed by death.

I'll have to try and make a personal playthrough now, just to see if I could actually make it in Tamriel.



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Will be doing this sometime soon, when i get a ps3 with elder scrolls (i'm currently skyrim-less, oblivion-less, and morrowind-less. But not scroll-less.)

Given it some thought, i would be a nord, given my love for cold weather, mead, and weapons.

Nords are based on vikings, i happen to be drawn to their history and believes too, so the racial choice makes sense.

As for skills? The regular one hander here (i own a few swords. "blades sword" or whatever the katana like weapon was called to have it match mine)., light armour because i can't carry heavy objects for long due to a slipping disc. Speechcraft since i can be quite convincing to other people, and tell a good story.

High hp since my pain threshold is pretty decent but my stamina happens to be less.

All i can say is i love this idea and can't wait to try it!

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>>>I did this in a basic sense with my first character without really realising it. Aside from making my character a female (I have some serious identity issues). I constantly made decisions in quests based on "What would I actually do?".

>>>Though as my interest in Role-playing developed I became more interested in playing a character I'd deliberately constructed. This still ended up being a female bosmer rogue, nothing changed there. But now I took into consideration my character's back-story, her ties that aren't exactly able to be established in the game, and make decisions to reflect her character rather than my own. Even so far as sometimes accompanying the khajiit caravan to it's next location in case they run into trouble on the road, deliberately sabotaging entire questlines to fall in line with the character's beliefs, and stealing from people or killing those close to them if they're said something annoying to me in passing. 

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I've always done this to some extent with each character, some being more based on myself than others.
Dragonasi is always my main character name and has always been the character that is the most reflective of myself. He is almost always a Dunmer (except for whatever reason I made him a Altmer in oblivion) and I feel like I personally feel a certain connection to the way Dunmer are portrayed in the games.

Dragonasi is a vampire which if possible I would do in a heartbeat (or lack thereof) in real life. He isn't a vampire because he wants to be this monster of the night but rather to prolong his life indefinitely. The longer he lives the more knowledge he can obtain, which is something that I personally place a lot of value in.

Primary skills are frost magic, conjuration and alteration.
I've always been fascinated with offensive magic such as frost spells and I've always loved the idea of having another creature do my bidding, which in the case of TES games is generally atronachs or the undead. Alteration seems like a school of magic that would be extremely intriguing to study.