This is a collection of every Handbill found in Oblivion. Some of them are only found in the data, and cannot be picked up in game.

Handbills: Anvil

The Flowing Bowl is a great place to eat. For this week only, we are putting twice as many leeks into our soup as normal. Why not stop in for a bowl? Bring a friend!

The beds at the Count’s Arms are the softest in Anvil. We wash them after every third customer, no matter how soiled. Our pillows are twice as soft as those at the Flowing Bowl.

Lelle’s Quality Merchandise has the best prices and the largest inventory in Anvil. Don’t bother with those other shops. We’ll beat their prices everytime.

Having trouble keeping the peace at home? Come to Morvayn’s Peacemakers. One look at our maces and your neighbors will ask before taking your goat.

A night at the Fo’c’c’le is a night you’ll never forget. Our tea and crumpets taste better and last longer than any in Anvil. And there is always a wench to keep you company.

The Fo’c’s’le features warm beds and great company. Our tea and crumpets taste better and last longer than any in Anvil. The serving wenches are always available for conversation.

Handbills: Bravil

Bay Roan Stables has what you need. Horses, horse, horses. Don’t be content to walk. Ride with style on a Bay horse from Bay Roan Stables.

The Lonely Suitor Lodge is ideal for all Bachelors and Bachelorettes. Our rooms are private and soundproof. Our staff asks no questions and tells no tales. Reasonable rates for food and lodging.

When your mother-in-law comes to visit, put her up at Silverhome-on-the-Water. We offer moderately priced, clean rooms. Chamberpots are available for a small fee.

Looking for a fair deal? Come to the Fair Deal! We won’t cheat you, we promise. We buy and sell everything.

Wizard’s beware! If you are using supplies from some place other than A Warlock’s Luck, you may be taking your life in your hands. Don’t compromise your spellcraft. We won’t.

The Archer’s Paradox has everything a hunter might need. If it’s sharp and pointy, the odds are we have it, and at a better price than anywhere else.

Handbills: Bruma

Don’t settle for a weak horse. The Wildeye Stable’s Paint horses are tougher and meaner than any in Cyrodiil. What good does a faster horse do you if it can’t carry the load? We also have the best prices around.

Olav’s Tap and Tack is changing business! Instead of providing for all your horse needs, we will provide for all of yours! Great food! Soft beds! Rousing company! We have it all!

Tired of the noisesome din of the common tap room? Stay at Jerall View. Peaceful, tasteful, and only for the most discerning of customers. Everyone knows, quality comes at a price.

Buying? Selling? Who cares? We’ll do either at Novaroma. We’ll do whatever it takes to make the sale.

Do you believe that the clothes make the man, but you don’t look it? Come to Nord Winds for a complete make-over. We’ll put you at the height of fashion.

The streets of Bruma can be a dangerous place. We can sell you protection at reasonable prices. Every citizen should have a warhammer from the Hammer and Axe. Don’t leave home without it.

Handbills: Chapels


The Chapel of Dibella welcomes visitors to Anvil. Come and share the quiet grace and joy of the Goddess of Love.

“My spirit rises up, sweet Dibella. My spirit praises you in the happiness of my heart.”


The earnest believer may improve both spriit [sic] and mind with the dedicated clerics of Mara. Visit our altars for health and inspiration. Meditate upon the Mysteries of Nirn and the Nine in quiet contemplation. Seek instruction in Restoration and Speechcraft from our wise and patient trainers.

“Praise us in our ministry, O Mara, that we may serve you and your people.”


Citizens of Cheydinhal! Children, saints, and travelers! Come to the Chapel, and drink deep of the waters of the Spirit. The Altar of the Nine shall make you hale and whole! The Nine Altars shall refresh your spirit, and fill you with the Gods’ glories! Arkay’s servants shall train you in the mysteries of Restoration and Alteration!

“Not a stone, stem, or spirit below but sings of Your Wonders!”


Come! Contemplate the Nine and their Glories! Begin at the Altar of the Nine, where the world’s wounds are washed away, and the corruptions of the spirit and body are made clean. Then step along the Stations of the Nine — Stendarr, Arkay, Mara, Zenithar, Talos, Kynareth, Dibella, Julianos, and Akatosh — and see what bright inspiration springs from Devotion to the Great Lords of All!

“My heart and spirit are full! Where e’er my eye turns, there shines thy Glories!”


Take a break from your labors! Work is sacred, but rest and restoration are sacred, too! Sit in quiet contemplation, or seek counsel from Zenithar’s servants. Gather together with your friends and neighbors, and send up hymns of praise to the Nine.

“Take strength from my altars, and comfort, and wisdom. These gifts I have prepared for you, when you rest from your labors.”


Training in the Restoration Arts is now available from Sister Marie Palielle at the Skingrad Chapel. Arrangements should be made with Sister Marie herself. Scheduling is flexible.

And while you’re at the chapel, don’t forget…

“Seek forgiveness for your sins, O ye faithful! Offend not against the laws of Man or God. For none but must tremble, when ye contemplate that Julianos is Just!”

Handbills: Chorrol

The North Country Stables is the areas finest purveyor of Chestnut horses. Why ride a paint horse or bay horse when you can ride a Chestnut from North Country Stables?

Eat at the Grey Mare tonight. Why cook your own meals when Emfrid can do it for you? We specialize in Orcish cuisine.

The Oak and Crosier. If you need to ask why, then you’ve obviously never dined there. We cater to the best.

Need a fur coat? Need new candles? Look no further than Northern Goods and Trade. We have the best from Skyrim and beyond.

You can always find what you are looking for at Renoit’s Books. Whether you need Barenziah’s latest adventures or a guide to the city, we’ve got it.

Nothing says ‘Howdy, villain’ like a sharp axe from Fire and Steel. And once you’ve dented your blade on his skull, we can sharpen it for you, too!

Handbills: Imperial City

If you need quality arms and armor, you have to shop at A Fighting Chance. We specialize in custom-fitted armor.

At The Main Ingredient, we only stock the finest alchemical ingredients and potions. We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best.

First Edition is a supplier of books for the Imperial Library. If the Emperor trusts us, so can you. We have a widest selection of tomes and histories in all of Cyrodiil.

Staffs are not for everyone. Only the most talented of wizards can use a staff. If you have what it takes, come see us at Rindir’s Staffs. We can sell you the right staff for the right occasion.

Edgar’s Discount Spells will beat any Mages Guild price for spells. Why pay more for the same spell?

The Copious Coinpurse has goods from beyond the shores of Anvil. All manner of exotic items are available on our shelves. We have the widest inventory in the city.

Stonewall Shields specializes in armor of all sorts, and shields in particular. We use the best steel for quality armor. Viator Accius trained with Orc smiths for 9 years to learn their secrets.

Red Diamond Jewelry is the only jewelry store in the nine cities. We have the best gems and silver in Cyrodiil. We also have the best guards, so don’t even think about it.

When you’re hungry, stop by the Feed Bag. Please.

Jensine’s “Good as New” Merchandise will beat any price at the Copious Coinpurse. We also buy and sell used goods.

Three Brothers Trade Goods has a sterling reputation for honesty. We will always pay what your trade goods are worth, and always charge you a fair price for what you buy.

When you dress, do you wear Divine Elegance? You should. A first impression is priceless. That’s why you won’t see prices marked on our clothing. If you need to ask, you shouldn’t be shopping at Divine Elegance.

Mystic Emporium is the only enchanter’s shop in all of Cyrodiil. We import the rarest items from Black Marsh, Skyrim, and Morrowind. Come see what we have in stock today.

Slash ‘N Smash makes weapons. Really good weapons. You should buy some.

The Gilded Carafe is an Alchemy shop of distinction. We are distinctly CHEAPER than those other guys! Don’t pay more! Shop at the Gilded Carafe!

When you need protecting, wear armor made at The Best Defense. We’ll keep you safe from the sharpest blades.

Handbills: Leyawiin

Rooms and food at the Five Claws Lodge. Let someone else watch the hatchlings tonight. We’ll serve you fresh fish. We’ll even cook it for a extra fee.

Let the Three Sisters hunt for you. After your meal, try one of our soft beds for the night. Locks and keys are available for small fee.

If it can be made or found, you can buy it or sell it at Best Goods and Guarantees. We’ll match any competitor’s offer.

Exotic adventures from the Southern kingdoms. Histories of ancient heros. We have it all at Southern Books. We buy used books, too.

Is that dent in your greaves making it hard to sit down? We’ll pound it out for you at The Dividing Line. If we can’t fix it, we’ll sell you a new set.

Handbills: Skingrad

Horses! Horses! Horses! You know you want one. Come to the Grateful Pass Stables and pick one out today. All horses are for riding only. Grateful Pass Stables does not condone selling horses for food under any circumstances.

A free bath with every night’s stay! Only at the Two Sisters Lodge. Meals and drinks are extra.

Fine dining is a rare experience, unless you eat at the West Weald Inn. We use only the freshest truffles, and our goat’s milk yogurt is considered the best in Cyrodiil.

Colovian Traders. We have goods from beyond Black Marsh. We buy and sell almost anything. Browsers are always welcome.

Need fresh Bloodgrass? Out of Harrada? We keep them in stock. Husband snores at night? We have silence potions as well. All Things Alchemical. The only shop for potions and rare herbs.

Hammer and Tongs has been in business for 87 years. Seven generations of smiths have passed down their secrets to Agnete. If he can’t forge it, you need to talk to the Last Dwarf.

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