Gryphon Fable (Annotated) Page 1

matter how fast we run, the Night follows,” fretted Gray, swishing his tail.

Zariah stared at her friend. “That’s it!” she said. “What the dying man said. Dusk always falls!”

They ran from the tendrils of Night to Castle Duskfall. Gray’s magic cast their movements in shadow. Zariah noticed the curious lines on the scrap of map made the shape of the Treva to the north.

|c990000A castle on the river Treva? Could this be about the overlook tower? I’ve never heard it referred to by that name. Regardless, we’re in the Rift! |r

“Are you certain this will work?” said Gray, keeping lookout as Zariah dug at the base of the highest tower. “Stealing the Gryphon’s treasure—”

“And blaming it on the Lady of the Night,” said Zariah. “Yes.”

“You really ought to keep your voice down!” Gray fretted, hopping back and forth.

But Zariah just laughed. “What haunts this old keep doesn’t care what we say.”

But Gray’s eyes were keen, and what Zariah saw as simple crows Gray knew to be something much, much worse.

Just then, Zariah’s shovel hit something hard, and Gray yipped as the Night’s Messengers began to

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