Grenwulf’s Note

Author: Grenwulf
Released In:

This book was included in The Contest from the Creation Club

Holrik thinks there’s things I can’t punch through. But I’ve punched through walls, and I’ve punched through men.

I don’t care how thick your armor is, my knuckles are thicker. They’re hard and calloused and ugly as a Dremora, but they get the job done, no matter what.

I once met a warrior who claimed to have the most impenetrable armor ever known to man. But when we fought, I punched him so hard the shockwaves rearranged every bone in his body, to the point his toes were coming out of his ears.

So even if the armor doesn’t give, the man inside is as soft as jelly. A spider ain’t much different. It’s got hard parts, and it’s got soft parts. When I ball my fist and put all my weight on my back foot, there’s nothing anyone can do.

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