Graht-Planked Dreugh

Released In:

Capture a dreugh, the usual kind. It is important for the meat to be fresh. Keep him in a storage tank or stasis spell as close to the kitchen as possible.

Cut as many planks of grahtwood as you have guests.

Obtain enough daedra hearts and fire salts to serve approximately a quarter portion per guest.

Obtain one kwama egg.

The night before, soak the grahtwood planks in a barrel of water. Put rocks in the barrel to hold them below the water line.

Shortly before the guests arrive, make a large fire and a grill or platform to place the planks. Cut the daedra hearts into very small cubes.

As soon as the guests arrive, remove the planks from the barrel. Whisk the kwama egg and spread a little on each plank.

Kill the dreugh. They decay quickly, so you must work very fast. Slice long, thick slabs from the dreugh's legs and arms and lay them on the planks.

Spread a little more kwama egg on top of each slice of meat and arrange the daedra heart cubes around the slabs. Place the planks on the grill.

Watch the dreugh slabs closely and remove from the fire as soon as they're done.

Sprinkle the fire salts over each one and serve.

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