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Gothryd, King


Appeared in: TES2: Daggerfall.

King of Daggerfall. His father, King Lysandus, was killed at the end of the War of Betony. His wife is Aubk-i, former Princess of Sentinel. His mother is Mynisera and his grandmother is Nulfaga.

During the War of Betony, right after the death of Lysandus, he took control the command of the Daggerfall army. He gave new inspiration to Daggerfall army, and they fight with new spirit. The following day the leader of Daggerfall knights killed Camaron, the king of Sentinel and force Sentinel to surrenders. Gothryd requested the daughter of King Camaron to be his wife, in order to secure the relation between the two kingdoms.

King Gothryd is one of the seven wielders of the Numidium. A strange time-warping effect known as Warp in the West made all seven parties of Iliac Bay retrieve the Totem of Tiber Septim, an essential tool to control Numidium. By utilized Numidium, Daggerfall conquered most of the northern Iliac Bay. The map of High Rock was changed.