Glarthir’s Notes: Note 2

Author (in-game): Glarthir

Librarian Note:

The first is the note that Glarthir makes if the player has reported that Bernadette Peneles is plotting against him. The second is made if the player reports she is reported as innocent.

Bernadette Peneles is guilty, as I thought! My new agent has proved trustworthy and efficient. We must move quickly before the conspiracy learns that I am no longer alone. I should have proof against Toutius Sextius by tonight.

Bernadette Peneles is not involved in the conspiracy! At least so my new acquaintance tells me. I hope it is true, but my instincts are rarely wrong. But I have no reason to suspect treachery, yet. The report on Toutius Sextius should help me decide where my new friend’s loyalties lie.

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