TEST Shadowkey: Glacier Crawl

Stout’s Trading Post

Stout’s Trading Post is located north of Ghast’s Pass. Upon arriving at the post, the Player is greeted warmly by Egrien Stout. He is the only trader of the area that seemingly inhabited with some nasty creatures, such as floaters and wolves.

The Player introduces themselves to the Egrien Stout, which quickly leads to a swapping of tales. As they describe events surrounding Broken Wing, Egrien’s smile broadens.

Egrien Stout

“Cameo? Did you say Rene Violet?”


“I did?”

Egrien Stout

“That girl has dodged more death than a dozen Dragonstar guards. Glad to hear she is still nimble on her feet. Any friend of Rene’s is a friend of mine.”

Egrien gives the Player a discount on goods in his shop. Without wasting more time, the player checks the goods, and one particular armor catches their attention. It’s Ra’Gada Light Helm. This helm gives an unnatural protection to the wielder. Looks like it’s magical.

Afterwards, the player explores the surrounding area, and eventually finds the Glacier Crawl.

Glacier Crawl

In eras gone by they sailed the skies, captured the stuff of stars. One still waits for a hero strong enough… to brush aside the pawns of the shadow wars… and take up this last to take the battle to the heart of the enemy.

This icy caves are inhabited by some nasty snowrays, and ice warriors. Their visage looks like a mix between orc and elf with blue skin, are they the lost race of Falmer? Unfortunately they are not talkative and attack on sight of the player. The player has no other choice than to use their Blaze spell and Magicka Edge Axe.

In some of the ice warriors, the player finds some Frozen Keys. Then they find a control room with some control boxes. There is a unique sign on each box. They use one of the Frozen Keys in one of the boxes. Match. Later they know that these boxes control some of the icy gate, so they use the keys that they recover and open all the gates. There are nine boxes and nine gates.

In one of the corner of the caves, the player finds the Chieftain of these ice warriors. They defeat the Chieftain and his lackeys. From his body, the player recovers a Shadowkey. Nice. Near the Chieftain, there is a chest.

Light explodes from the chest as she opens it. A Star Tooth! This Star Tooth seems more brilliant, or perhaps it gains strength from the nearness of others. Now the player has seven Star Teeth, they are ready to challenge the last corruption of shadow, the Umbra’Keth in the Crypt of Hearts.

The player traces their way back to the entrance. But in the middle of the caves, they hear a slow hum as their newly acquired Shadowkey begins to vibrate. As they examine the ice wall, they notice a small hole in the middle of it, just large enough for a key. They place the Shadowkey in the hole. Shadows bend and twist as the player touches the key to the wall. As they pull the key away from it, they hear a high-pitched, shrieking sound. The ice wall shatters, and a path is cleared.

Inside there is a huge icy area. In the middle of the area, the player spots a wreckage of an Airship. A magnificent view. They examines the wreckage, going up to the deck and tries to enter one of the rooms.

The planks of the vessel groan and give voice, “I have waited long, but perhaps you are not who I wait for. Perhaps you are just a morsel of warmth.” A ghost! The ghost introduces himself as Captain Nym.


“Who are you waiting for?”

Captain Nym

“Ah perhaps I AM waiting for you. Let me peer at you and see if you server wither enemy, Tharn or Asuul.”


“I serve neither.”

Captain Nym

“Incredible! You are truly a hero for the tales. You have deprived my enemies of all the known keys. Perhaps then you will stop their perversion of shadow magics. I shall help you in my small way. Here. (he hands The Player the Star Coif) “The Chieftain kept a Star Tooth in the chest near him. If you have all seven now, then you are ready to challenge the last corruption of shadow, the Umbra’Keth in the Crypt of Hearts.”


“I have seven.”

Captain Nym

(he nods) “They are fire gods, fire gods from the night sky. You haven’t lived until you have chased them… Clouds beneath your feet, wind to your back, crew racing the rigging as you pursue that brilliant flare descending toward the horizon.” (he shakes his head) “But the fire is yours now. I am proud it is with someone so worthy. I will be content with the decks of my ship now.”


“Goodbye captain.”

The player leaves the caves, and heads for the Crypt of Hearts.

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