Ghost Sighting

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

This book was included in Spell Knight Armor from the Creation Club

I’ve heard a lot of strange tales in the Reach. Witches turning men into frogs, wolves the size of bears, things like that. There’s even a story about an old knight’s tomb, and a ghost haunting the Reach.

Now, normally I brush off such talk. The emptier the bottle, the taller the tale.

But what I saw last night changed my mind. I was heading south toward Dushnikh Yal, to set up camp and mine the hills in the morning. I had just crossed the river, when I saw something come out of the fog.

It was just like in the stories. He looked like a man cast from the moonlight. I could see him, and at the same, I could see right through him. Not only that, he was dressed in some armor I’ve never seen, and bade me to follow him up the hillside.

But I did no such thing. Instead I dropped my knapsack, turned tail and ran. Call me a snowback, a milk-drinker, I don’t care. No good can come from following the dead. There’s is a place no man wants to visit.

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